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Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster Way

Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster Way

Hey Chasters. After a tumultuous weekend last week, I figured I would take a breather this week and catch up on some Charice videos from her DFF Asia Tour which I still havenai??i??t gotten to, as well as the vids from her most recent performances. Iai??i??ve casually read through the various discussion threads regarding what some here perceive to be arrogance on the part of some Chasters in their ai???overzealousai??? support of Charice, while others have taken offense to even the mention of another artist like Jackie Evancho being brought up in some of the threads. Iai??i??ve resisted the urge to post my thoughts, until I just read a comment by one who was very upset that NBC had aired a commercial about the Rockefeller show without any mention of Charice, and a follow-up comment proclaiming that Chariceai??i??s ethnicity was the sole reason why she did not have the same type of popularity and album sales as all the other non-Asian artists in the U.S. music scene. This is where I feel the need to bring up some facts: Bruno Mars1 Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster WayYes, Charice is the first Asian artist to ever debut an album in the Billboard Top 10. So why are some continuing to discount this tremendous achievement? Charice has already broken ground, and paved the way for other Asian artists to follow in her footsteps. Granted she had some very powerful influences behind her promoting her new album, but now, the doorai??i??s been opened for this to happen again to another Asian artist. Weai??i??ve already discussed here at length the sound reasons why ai???Pyramidai??? didnai??i??t chart well on the Billboard Hot 100 or Top 40 radio airplay charts. None of them had anything to do with her being Asian. Furthermore, itai??i??s hard to make an argument currently that being Asian precludes you from having a hit single in the U.S., as two Asian artists have had tremendous success just recently on Billboard/Top 40 radio (Bruno Marsai??i??half-Filipino, a #1 single and still charting at #7, and Far East Movementai??i??all Asian artists, also a #1 single and still charting at #3).

Far eastern movement Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster Way

Think about this: what other debut artist, without a Top 40 HIT (and Iai??i??m not talking about the dance remix hitting #1 on the dance charts) has EVER had the kind of success and recognition that Charice has achieved so far in such a short period of time at the start of her international music career? Chariceai??i??s debut international album came out this past May, just over half a year ago. Since then, beyond her Top 8 album debut on Billboard, sheai??i??s had countless summer radio concerts, appeared on several U.S. and international T.V. talk shows/magazines, co-headlined several sold-out HUGE David Foster and Friends shows both in the U.S. and Asia, and had a significant new role in one of the most popular T.V. shows in the U.S., Glee, receiving tremendous praise and accolades for her performance in the season opening episode. This is not even bringing up the Gold Record she achieved in Japan and the success in other international markets. So itai??i??s difficult for anyone to argue that because Charice is Asian, she has not gained the same kind of popularity or success in the U.S. like other non-Asian artists in the industry. Recall what Liz Rosenberg said during her Fantalk interview, how the music industry is so difficult to predict, and how some of the most talented artists never attain commercial success, while some not-so talented artists achieve tremendous success. There is a legitimate argument that had Oprah and D. Foster not gotten behind Charice 2 years ago, then she may not have had the opportunities to break into the U.S. music/entertainment industry since that fateful encounter in Chicago in the Spring of 2008. There is no doubt that Oprah and D. Foster have opened so many amazing doors for Charice to walk through, and now, the entire world gets to share in what only those in the Philippines had the privilege to experience previously. To make the argument now that Charice is not gaining popularity and success ai???fast enoughai??? in the U.S. because she is Asian is a difficult one to justify. I think the easier argument to be made is that Charice is gaining such amazingly quick success and recognition in Asia and particularly in the difficult to penetrate Japanese market BECAUSE of the fact that she IS Asian, as all of Asia is so proud that one of their own has finally broken through the previously-existing barriers in the U.S. music/entertainment industry and has opened the doors for those who are to come after her down the road. Charice Grammy Block Party 01 300x198 Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster WayThere is no doubt that Chasters are some of the most passionate fans of any music artist out there today. But Iai??i??m pretty sure all Chasters would agree that we seek one thing, to support Charice and her career regardless of what obstacles may lie in front of her. I told Charice during the first time I met her at the Grammy Block Party meet and greet to keep following her dreams, and that we as her Chasters would support her all the way to the top of the

Pyramid, and do whatever we could to help her achieve her dreams. And that is clearly being done here on CM both on the front-page and behind the scenes with the efforts of all the Chasters to promote Charice and all that she stands for. We as her Chasters are How much benfotiamine for neuropathy a reflection of her, and as we all know, she herself is a reflection of humility, perseverance, grace and selflessness. So when some of us start ranting about how she isnai??i??t receiving enough recognition just six months into her international music career, after the release of just one mainstream single which did not attain success on Top 40 airplay, then we donai??i??t come off as a reflection of our own Charice who has exuded nothing but patience, perseverance and determination during all her years of just struggling to get noticed on the big stage before the time was ripe for her introduction to the world. Writing to television stations demanding that Charice be featured in their promos (even though itai??i??s hard for me to imagine that NBC really featured nine of the ten

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scheduled performers on the commercial and solely left out Charice as one commenter claimed), and also telling them that Charice would be the only one in the Rockefeller show line-up ai???to really blow the viewers minds away,ai??? even in a lineup that includes some truly remarkable voices does not add credence to our reasoned support of Charice. This type of ai???supportai??? just makes us sound irrational and somewhat reflects the ai???entitlement syndromeai??? which is apparently a mark of the current generation or so Iai??i??ve heard. As so many more eloquent commentators have written before me, letai??i??s just all take a deep breath, relax, and let Charice just ai???do her thingai???. It is simply REMARKABLE what she has accomplished during the short period from her album debut in May to now preparing to sing alongside the likes of Mariah Carey and Josh Groban (both of whom have sold millions of albums) on the biggest Christmas tree lighting show in the entire U.S. Before seeing the DFF show in Las Vegas in October, I was somewhat guilty of having the attitude that I really didnai??i??t care about seeing the other performers at all, since I was only there to see Charice. And of course, I definitely would not have paid the most Iai??i??ve ever spent on a concert ticket to see the show if it were not for Charice, even though I knew she would only sing 2-3 songs. However, as I sat there in the audience, anxiously waiting for Charice to come out on stage, I found myself captivated by the amazing talents of all the artists that night, as well as the majesty of David Fosterai??i??s ability to weave all those gifted performers into one unforgettable show. Charice Jackie Evancho Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster WayI know there has been a lot of discussion back and forth here about the supposed ai???competitionai??? between Jackie Evancho and Charice, which Iai??i??ve found to be a tad bit ridiculous (no offense). There isnai??i??t any competition between the two artists, as they are in two completely different genres of music, and furthermore, their build-up to this point in their young budding careers has also been completely divergent. Yes, both were discovered on Youtube, but both arrived to where they are today through very different channels. Yet, on that very same stage in Las Vegas in October, I heard David Foster tell the audience of a young girl who had the ai???voice of an angelai??i?? one of the most amazing voices heai??i??s ever heardai???, and of course, I immediately thought to myself, finally, here is Charice coming out, and I actually yelled out ai???Charice!ai??? Yet, to my utter and complete surprise, it wasnai??i??t Charice who came out but a really young Caucasian girl who I had never seen before (I donai??i??t watch much t.v.). D. Foster had brought out a wooden box for the singer to stand on during the performance, and I recall thinking to myself that yes, Charice is kind of short, but she doesnai??i??t need to stand on a box to sing! icon smile Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster Way Well, the box wasnai??i??t for her, but was for Jackie Evancho. I was quite skeptical about what kind of voice could come out of that little girlai??i??s mouth, but from the first note of that first song, I as well as everyone else in the concert hall, was completely dumbfounded by that truly angelic voice which sounded like it came from the heavens. Now why am I spending so much time in this article talking about Jackie Evancho and not Charice? Because the two of them remind me so much of each otherai??i??Jackie Evancho came off so humble and secure in herself that evening as well as in her subsequent appearances on Oprah, just like our very own Charice. In fact, Jackie makes me think of what it would have been like had Charice made her international debut at the age of 10 and not 18. Now does that mean that every Chaster must now suddenly be a Jackie Evancho fan too? Of course not, in fact, though I was blown away by her voice that night, I just canai??i??t see myself going completely out of my way and taking plane rides just to see her sing in person, nor staying up until the wee hours of the night watching youtube clips of her performances like I have (and still do!) for Charice. There is something about Charice beyond just the music that captivates all of our hearts, that something which may not be able to be put adequately into words, but that something which makes us all Chasters. Clearly, much has to do with the precious heart behind that little girl/young woman who is slowly taking the world by storm. And yes, now here, Iai??i??m talking about Charice! icon smile Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster Way So in this Christmas season, letai??i??s just remember to keep the Spirit of Christmas at the forefront, and as Chasters, know that whether we intend to or not, we are always reflecting Charice through our actions and words to the very people whom we seek to share our Chaddiction with. Just as Charice has maintained her humility and patience throughout this unbelievable year, letai??i??s all strive to do the same, to keep our feet (and expectations) also firmly planted on the ground, even as Charice and her stardom rises up towards the heavens. Charice, as you step out on that grandest of stages at Rockefeller Center in NYC, know that we are all so proud of you for what youai??i??ve already accomplished, and more so, for who you remain to be, a model of humility, perseverance, and grace for all the world to emulate in this Christmas season! We Chasters are, and will always be behind you all the way, to the top of the Pyramid, one small step or one big leap at a time! By LAfan,

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  1. Jaju says:
    Thank you LAfan. I feel the same way but I could not say or write it eloquently as you always do. I am your number one fan when it comes to things like this as I am and will always be number one fan and follower of Charice and her music. Please continue to write letter or enlightenment to us all. You are the only one who can bind the chasters together about this matter. God Bless yu more.

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  2. Don says:
    Charice in my mind has a gift that no other singer has. She just hasn’t got the right hit that will attract the younger singer yet, but it will happen. I don’t understand sometimes why they didn’t write a better song to begin with,but I am not in the music business. It is to bad that many of the other singes are only popular because of their looks. Shame that looks sell CD’s more than talent. I know some of you know what I mean. Having fame handed to them without working hard has always bugged me, but my opinion doesn’t matter. I just know in my heart that Charice will be famous all over the world with young and old and in between because not only because of her talent, but because of her humble,loving,caring attitude of life and her love of her fans, and this is the honest to God’s truth.

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  3. fef says:
    Thanks LAFan for doing these very eloquent eye popping view of what negative comments can reflect/do to our girl Charice. As we observed she’s a happy, well contented, gracious of what is going on around her.As we always heared from her she is just starting, still hoping for our great support, we know she will be going very far so we have to enjoy every chance we can have, remember she has her own personal dream, to be a lawyer, probably someday her own family. GOD Bless Us Always.We are individuals & unique, we can appreciate/recognize & love talents of all sort so pls. respect it.

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  4. Pure Brown44 says:
    well said La Fan…peace on earth!

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

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  5. ntony9 says:
    Wow Your article was an eyeopener. Let’s be grateful for all the blessings Charice is experiencing right now. Everything has a reason and in due time she will breakthrough. Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride. Once again a great commentary worthy of the Pulitzer price. Merry Xmas to all of us.

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  6. LAfan says:

    Again, thanks Chasters for your kind words. I just saw the Rockefeller show on my DVR, and I just couldn’t believe that our own Charice was included on that star-studded lineup, on NBC, on the biggest Christmas show in the U.S.!

    First, seeing her name flash on my screen after Mariah Carey, Susan Boyle, Josh Groban, Sheryl Crow, just huge stars, and yet, our Charice was the only “teen-sensation” given the privilege of singing and appearing on this show. What an honor, and what a testament to how far she’s already come, and how much of an inroads she’s already made into the fabric of American pop culture.

    To think, she’s only been on Glee ONCE, and she’s supposed to be on 10+ episodes right? As long as that holds true, Charice will essentially be on every episode in the second half of the season after the huge Super Bowl episode. With the response she got after just appearing on one episode, there’s really no telling what things will be like come early next year. Talk about the calm before the storm. And let’s not even begin to mention the next dance single…

    On one last point, no one’s denying that racism still exists, not only in America, but across the world. Yet I find it hard to believe that a young teenager in America is listening to the radio, hears “Pyramid” playing, and then thinks, “hmm, that’s a pretty cool song, let me check if the singer is Asian before I decide to download it on iTunes…”

    As has always been the case, the vast majority of people who ‘buy’ music and call into radio stations are teens, and they just gravitate to what they deem to be ‘good’ music (thus the recent #1 singles by Bruno Mars and Far East Movement discounting the whole ‘can’t be hugely successful in America if you’re an Asian artist’ argument). And radio stations/music labels are all about the bottom-dollar, and they’re going to play/promote songs which will generate ad buys/ratings/profits for their respective companies, regardless of the ethnicity of the artist behind the song.

    Though we all loved “Pyramid”, it was just caught in between several genres of music and got kind of lost in the mix. Hence, the change of course by Team Charice to go the clear dance/R&B route for her next single. Again, I still think there’s a strong reason why her team has withheld “Nobody’s singing to me”, “In Love So Deep” and “Nothing” from her live shows… hopefully keeping them in the queue for subsequent release, after Charice has made her mark on Top 40 radio with her next dance single. Just my hope, as it’s way too early to dismiss the collective strength of the songs from her first international album. But here I digress again…. Thanks again Chasters, and Merry Christmas to all!

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    • haynakuubosnanamanorasko says:

      Exactly my thoughts regarding those songs on the first album. There is a REASON why these songs are not being sung live by Charice. I think, just like you, the management is keeping it on the backburner and waiting for the opportune time to finally unleash it to the public. By then, we will all have an exhilarating ride to the top!

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  7. coronado75 says:
    I’m with you LA fan. Let’s just enjoy the ride wherever our darling Charice will take us. With her God given talent, time will tell. There is no denying our Cha. Let’s just be patient and I’m pretty sure that whatever she does, it will be AWESOME! God bless and Happy Holidays to all.

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  8. chit says:
    LA fan, those are very wise words you’ve said and I hope that they opened some eyes. Narrowmindedness is making some people very impatient and negative. Let’s look at the others who came before Charice-it took them a few years to get to where they are this day. Their success wasn’t overnight. We can’t derail Charice’s hard work to gain recognition, not only for herself but other people she loves by being negative.(Focusing on her outfit, hair because you happen not to like them is very unproductive. Instead let’s look at the bigger picture- her singing!) Let’s rejoice at Charice’s accomplishments, shall we?

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  9. tsuki says:
    I completely agree with you, LAFan. Let us enjoy the ride until Charice reach the top of pyramid.

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  10. TonyVernsky says:
    Hi LAfan,

    I like your very nice and informative articles/stories that you sent & you’ve been sending & sharing in “Charicemania” especially this recent one, “Keeping the Spirit of Christmas, the Chaster Way”
    which, for me, is the best and the most enlightening. It’s like a father or brother or best friend sending a good, honest & sincere advice or reminder to “correct or guide someone who is going
    in a wrong direction”.

    I for one, sometimes, feel a little bit guilty on the way I sent my comments afterwards, maybe in my choice of words which makes one feels I’m overprotective or very defensive like a father when it
    comes to Charice. But, honestly, just like you & all the Chasters, my intention is sincere and that is to support her. She’s really an inspiration, not only that she can sing amazingly, but on the way
    she handled & survived all the many hardships & difficulties she experienced in life at a very young age. And that hard & sad moment in her life when somebody told her the reason she lost in that
    singing contest was because “she’s not pretty and has no star quality” which is totally irrelevant, unfair & uncalled for.

    Further, as you have stated, “there is something about Charice beyond just the music that captivates us all.” Her humility, patience, perseverance, kindness & other good qualities endeared
    her to me and to us all.

    Also, if you’ll allow me to call you “Best Friend” instead of “LAfan”, I’d like to say thank you, Best Friend, for the reminder or “pat on my shoulder”. And lastly, for your genuine concern to
    keep the spirit of Christmas among us, Merry Christmas to you and to all Chasters!

    Again, thank you Best Friend.


    Tony Vernsky

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  11. zen58 says:
    Thanks LAfan for another enlightening and great article.Bravo!!! I do relate to your sentiments,Fellow Chasters let us all be happy with Charice Achievements.Happy Holidays and Peace to all.

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  12. artemis gibran says:
    BRAVO LA Fan. Articles like this maake this fansite muc more ALIVE.

    As I have said before, CHARICE has BROKEN son many BARRIERS, NORMS, STATUS QUO, RECORDS…and will continue to do a lot more DAMAGE in the RECORDS in the near future.

    As Iyaz said, her VOICE is out of this world… and you have heard Josh G, Andrea B., Celine, and of course DF and Oprah say about her

    YOu may hear other good artists sing, but as I shared in one exclusive CHASTERS gathering (lol..the identities of the CHASTERS that I met are to be kept CONFIDENTIAL… yet…lol) no one touches our HEARTS and SOULS like CHARICE.

    I have heard very GOOD singers like Sarah Brightman, Hayley Westenra, Emmy Rossum, but I they have never given me those moments when I just find myself with TONS of GOOSEBUMPS. Suffice it to say that it is almost every performance. Fast songs… Ballad songs…Hard Rock…Mellow or Jazz…the likes of AT LAST (by Etta James) name it, and CHARICE made those songs as if they are meant to be sung by ANGELS. She performed them with so much GUSTO and PASSION that you will ask yourself if you are already in HEAVEN ( ha ha ha ).

    Seriously, I always pinch myself just to put myself back to reality that we are still on EARTH. SURREAL. It is almost always like a CELESTIAL moment.

    It is a JOURNEY. We rejoice in the KNOWLEDGE that we (CHASTERS) journey with her. She will stay STRONG and filled with so much LIFE. So let’s enjoy the journey and hold hands. Our LOVE and CARE for her will go a LONG… LONG WAY.

    Maybe not today…maybe not TOMORROW…but surely, we will see the DREAM and the DREAMER embrace as ONE.

    love and prayers,

    artemis gibran

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  13. TOPGUN says: had dissected the matter quite thoroughly and such is the unfolding scenario.
    A lot of fans wanted so much too soon to happen to Charice that some of them forget that the real joy and ‘revelations’ in the continuing saga of Charice’s career/life/adventure lies in the journey itself….and not the ultimate goal of…reaching the top. Because what is there afterwards?……..after reaching the top? By the way, I am certain that Charice will realize the culmination of this dream.

    Charice’s quest for her dream gives us the inspiration, the will, the hope that, no matter who you are or what others perceive you to be…you can do it if you give it your best shot.
    Thus, the fans are all in this and much more. Some want Charice to remain humble, grounded, well-groomed, fashionably dressed, always on top of her singing, dancing, talking and mannerisms, blah..blah..blah. Thank God Charice is so strong willed and focused on her talent otherwise, she would have lost it along the way due to all the expectations and pressure of this biz.

    When I was a little boy, I used to cuddle my cute little puppy (which I thought was the best puppy in the world) and never let him out of my sight and my reach. Until I noticed that when I release the puppy to walk when I so allow him, the puppy staggers and seemed unbalanced. I learned then and early in life that, one has to let someone you love to breath, have some space, some grow and develop according to the nature of things and God’s plan….not only on your own plan. Hopefully, some of the fans pick up something from this little story. It is not your age but, your experience in life that will reveal your appreciation and understanding of what life is all about. Look at the big picture whenever you can.
    Merry Christmas !!!

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  14. hermiemel says:
    Charice is 18 and has been in the American music scene for 3 years now. I’ve seen this lady worked her behind so hard to be in it. And DF and her team was in there in the foxhole with her all the way. She is making it look so easy because of her natural talent. She is taking us with her on the ride of her life.

    Nowadays, seeing her do her thing is the best thing for me. She has been astounding all the way. And her majesty just keeps on getting bigger and better each performances.

    Charice will be here for a long time. Why? Because she was made here in the USA where the music business is so huge and competitive. She may be from PI but that is not an issue. American loves her nonetheless because she is Charice. She is showing us that she is here to stay and being the cream of the crop of talents available, she will rise to the top. Just my 2 cents.

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  15. dadartful says:
    I was compelled to post this comment on the Rockefeller commercial not mentioning Cha brought up by several people on different posts. I viewed it and 4 of 10 artists including Cha weren’t mentioned as performers. The other three were Jessica Simpson, Katherine Jenkins and Annie Lennox. These 3 have impressive resumes, esp. Annie Lennox with 10 Grammys. Just saying do your homework before saying things like “everyone except Cha was on the commercial” especially on a nation wide comment column, such as the NBC site. We Chasters know what Charice can do with her charisma and singing talent, so let Ming do her thing at the Rockefeller today. “Jingle Bell will ROCK”!!!!!!! Merry Xmas and Peace to All!

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    • dadartful says:
      LAfan I read and evaluated every word in your post, and it was superbly written. I praise you and hope that every supporter of Cha absorbed the thoughtful meaning of it. Thanks and Aloha!

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  16. cybill says:
    Thanks for this article. One of the reasons I stopped chatting here is the constant chatter about Filipino artists and pitting Charice against them. Some people don’t even know who those artists are and they are mentioned over and over that it gets old and tiring.
    Any mention of disapproval of Charice, whether it’s her hair, outfit or performace will earn someone the title “crab”. Heaven forbid that I’d say I didn’t like Charice’s hair or outfit during a performance – people will send me to you know where. Being a Charice fan doesn’t mean I can’t dislike her hair or a dress she wore but that is not the mindset here. Yet, those same people who label others crab also tear down other artists and it can get downright rude and nasty. Someone said that the chat here sometimes gets really low class and I would have to agree.
    Now it’s Jackie Evancho v. Charice – OMG! Folks, this is not Philippine showbiz where television stations compete with one another and you can’t be a fan of both. Or being a fan of one artist means you have to hate another. Or Charice’s album didn’t make Top 40 because she’s Asian. Give me a break! It took years for Celine Dion to make it to the top. Lady Gaga started out as a dancer then lyricist. It took at least 5 years for her to be recognized nationally. Same with Madonna whose popularity took at least 7 years to become globally known. Charice has done extremely well in the last 3 years so people need to chill with their remarks.
    Apologies for the tone of this post. It’s not meant to antagonize anyone

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  17. visamolly says:
    Very eloquently said, LAfan, my hat’s off to you.

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  18. Ate Lina says:
    BRAVO LAFan for the enlightening article! I confess that I am one of those fans that got ‘stinged’ when watching that NBC promo for tonight of not mentioning Charice. I got also somewhat get frustrated for her continious non appearance in Glee. Your article is an eye opener for me and for sure to some Chasters as well. Thanks LAfan and looking forward for more article write up from you. Just one word before I end, PATIENCE to all Chasters like me is good!

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  19. Stockpicker says:
    LAfan, wow bravo bravo!! Excellent read for all Chasters, the good, the___and the___. Thank you very much for this write up which I hope will enlighten others. You are indeed, a statesman, one of a kind! Charice is so lucky to have you in her side.

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  20. yoly says:
    Let’s be happy with Charice Achievements. I know I am one of those people always saying she’s Asian thats why they didn’t mention her on that comercial, but now I realized after reading La fan write up I am thankful That God gave her to us and I’m always proud of her. I will be a supporte till the end. Merry christmas to all. I love all Chasters in the world. THANKS lafan. You are one of a kind. God bless.

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  21. haynakuubosnanamanorasko says:
    I totally agree with you!!!! No more bridge burning please!!!!!PLEASE!

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  22. Daniel says:
    @LAfan – share your sentiments regarding Chasters and Charice career.
    BTW, that nice poster signed by Charice at the Grammy Block Party
    was given away during the trivia games at Terranova Restaurant after the Citadel concert to a lucky girl who came all the way from Utah with her family. Let’s have Peace on CM site, let’s just enjoy the blessing Charice is having right now and don’t worry about who’s number one, who’s popular, why she’s not being mentioned because to be honest with everyone, Charice has paved a milestone for an Asian
    artist and I am very happy with all her achievement….just keep supporting Charice because we have no ocntrol all these circumtances.

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