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Charice on Hot Seat in Billboard.comai??i??s Live Q&A; Performed Impromptu at The Darby

Charice on Hot Seat in Billboard.comai??i??s Live Q&A; Performed Impromptu at The Darby put Charice, GLEEai??i??s Sunshine Corazon, on the hot seat as she answered viewer questions LIVE. Here are some of the highlights of the 30-minute affair, which tackled her career plans, her personal life, her rumored romance with American Idol runner-up David Archuleta, and her new chic hairstyle!

The interviewer commented on Charice new hairdo, saying that the young singer looked “fierce”.

Charice has left her old flowing curls for a new hairstyle that’s reminiscent of Beyonce and that of Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama, who portrayed the role of a high school student-slash-mafia-bodyguard from the hit movie Kill Bill.

Charice said she loves trying new things, and boy, were we surprised.

Charice new hairdo Charice on Hot Seat in Billboard.comai??i??s Live Q&A; Performed Impromptu at The Darby

Fame or Education

Charice was asked about what she think she would be if she didnai??i??t become a singer.

ai???Iai??i??d probably be a student,ai??? Charice said.

Charice added, ai???I always wanted to be a singer but

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if they would make me choose between education and being a singer, I would choose education.

Charice said she still spends two hours every day for studying. She revealed that she has shifted from Communication, her original major, to IT (Information Technology).

ai???I actually took BA Communication but (laughs)ai??i?? Iai??i??m a computer addict so IT is perfect Purchase lady era review for me. Itai??i??s hard at online school, itai??i??s really hardai??i?? but I really have to do it. Iai??i??m a scholar and I donai??i??t want to lose it,ai??? Charice said.

The term ai???scholarai??? is an English Filipino-ism, which refers to someone who studies under a scholarship grant.

Acting Ambitions

The conversation shifted onto the latest movie that Charice watched.

Charice cited Christina Aguileraai??i??s ai???Burlesqueai???, which she said she loved very much. Charice then went on to sing a freestyle line from the movie, mimicking Christina Aguileraai??i??s voice.

ai???I was so inspired by that movie,ai??? Charice said.

The interviewer was pleasantly shocked, saying “I just got so many goosebumps when you did that. That was awesome.” Then he asked Charice about what kind of film she would want to be in.

Charice said, ai???Iai??i??d want to be in a horror

The interviewer was speechless, then grinned.

ai???You know the movie ai???Orphanai??i??? I want to be like that, the kidai??i?? or maybe the Grudge. I just want to try different kinds of said Charice.

Charice added,ai??? People know me as a simple, quiet, very ai???Sunshine Corazonai??i??. I want to show something different so theyai??i??ll be like, ai???Oh! Wow, thatai??i??s a different side of Charice!ai??i??ai???

Charice-David A. Shippers

Charice David Archuleta LA Grove 300x184 Charice on Hot Seat in Billboard.comai??i??s Live Q&A; Performed Impromptu at The DarbyA fan asked,” When you sing love songs, do you think of special persons? Is it David Archuleta?ai???

Charice was surprised and observably disconcerted.

Charice composed herself and said, ai???I think about friendsai??i?? about familyai??i?? but not David Archuleta! (laughs) I was with him a couple of days when ago when we did the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Grove (LA). And, uhm, heai??i??s a great guy; heai??i??s a great artist.

Much to the disappointment of fans, Charice categorically denied that she has a budding romance with American Idol runner-up Archuleta. She explained that David is a nice person, but thereai??i??s nothing going on between the two of them.

So yes, Charice-Archuleta isnai??i??t likely to happen anytime soon.

Charice and Archuleta were rumoured to have a romantic liking for each other, after fans observed that the latter always heaps praises for Charice. Archuletaai??i??s off-key singing in the coupleai??i??s duet in the Grove LA last November 21 was attributed by some observers to a classic case of nerves, as it was their first performance together.

Aside from Charice fans, MTV and the newspaper USA Today were also tuned to the interview. The two media giants also wondered why Charice has not been on the GLEE set for so long, and were also interested on the “status quo” of the rumored David-Charice romance.

Q&A Playlist:

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502332 charice live q a 617 409 Charice on Hot Seat in Billboard.comai??i??s Live Q&A; Performed Impromptu at The Darby
Photos: Charice Behind-the-Scenes, click here

Sunshine at New Yorkai??i??s ai???The Darbyai???

In a related development, the New York Post reported that Charice performed impromptu in The Darby, a new Long Island restaurant, Saturday night , November 27th.

Charice delivered hair-raising, goose bump-inducing versions of Michael Bubleai??i??s ai???Swayai??? and Michael Jacksonai??i??s ai???Iai??i??ll Be

Charice received a standing ovation from the crowd, which included American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, according to the New York Post.

by Rj Nieto,

Quiz Charice on Billboard Live Q&A Session, November 29

charice billboard 75x75 Charice on Hot Seat in Billboard.comai??i??s Live Q&A; Performed Impromptu at The DarbyTired of watching Charice in silence? Now, itai??i??s your chance to pose a question directly to Charice in the Billboard Live Q&A session on Monday, November 29. All you need to do, is Tweet your questions now to @billboarddotcom using the hashtag >> continue reading

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  1. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I’m quite sure I will learn a lot of new stuff right here!

    Good luck for the next!

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  2. Ate Lina says:

    I’m happy and excited of Charice’s new bangs. It is a new fad. Some of the young friends I have had this new hairdos 2 mos. ago. It really fits her fierce looking new image. She’s hot! She did the BB interview very well. She’s natural. The interviewer looks like he’s getting “magnitized” by

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  3. Earthquaker12 says:
    …some people are finding it hard to believe when Charice said that she finds it more difficult to sing in the Studio than performing live on stage… I believe her!!!.. Awww!!.. cmon you guys, until now you still don’t grasp fully her life story?. Singing on stage was her routine to to put food on the table for her family and she was doing that pretty much as early since when she was 7 years old. She’s like a true pro in regards to singing on stage. She’s now new in this big music biz and singing at a recording studio to please producers or whatever you may call them that has a say if the music is bad or good while you are dubbed as the most talented kid in the world… Yeah… no pressure there, duh.

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  4. mpearlf96 says:
    does anyone has a video of her singing at the darby? i couldn’t find one..go Charice!!

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  5. lucyCha says:
    OMC if you Dating David A..You’re so lucky He’s never been kissed, cause he’s waiting for his Kind of perfect *.* . He definetly knows how to treat a girl.. I just listen he’s new song My kind of perfect, he’s   definetly   saying in the song that charice  is his kind of perfect lol

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  6. jimfan155 says:
    Charice can definitely impersonate Christina Aguilera’s voice. Who’s next?

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  7. Artjay says: –Heres The Behind the scene fooage of charice in Billboard Q & A…

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  8. YellowEngr says:
    Guys, we still don’t have any videos of Charice in The Darby.

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  9. GLEEfan says:

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  10. minbeauty8 says:
    I love David Archuleta teaming up with Charice. They are young but look how far they have gone to reach people through their God’s gift voices. Their humble beginnings and demeanors helped them climb to reach that top part of their lives but through hardwork. For me it is ok David dating Charice, right folks? I believe they both deserve each other.

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  11. unicorn says:
    OH my god
    some days ago i changed my hairdo like this one i mean with straight bangs
    now i visited this site and saw that charice has this hairdo too

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  12. abeng1127 says:
    ummm ,,, anone … charice looks hapone and so sweet

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  13. TonyVernsky says:
    I saw the interview in you tube. Isn’t it very long? Anyway, Charice looks stunning in the video. She is blossoming into a pretty young woman or shall I say, an Asian beauty.

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  14. redsoxcitizen says:
    whoa! she looks stunning in that getup and hair.

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  15. yawn says:
    Can anyone share link to the billboard behind-the-scene video? I lost the link. I wanna watch the video again. The one uploaded on youtube is an unlisted video and does not show up when you search for it. Please, kindly share the link here. Thanks!

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  16. EZ says:
    Please David Arch, IF EVER you and Charice really become an item, YOU BETTER TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER, because you have something VERY VERY VERY special here. You don’t get anyone LIKE THAT in a MILLENIA. Millions will be having their eyes on you and making sure that you always keep her happy…..or YOU WILL BE REALLY SORRY…..just imagine that she’s like a daughter to MILLIONS of fathers and mothers ALL OVER THE WORLD! That’s how her fans love her.

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  17. GLEEfan says:
    like i said before, if charice want to keep her relationship with david a secret , more power to her!!. i cannot wait to see her in glee again.

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  18. Anthony says:
    Charice’s performance tonight was superb! David Foster could not be more than proud of her and is shown by DF’s reaction during the whole performance! What a fun night for us all Chasters! Great outfit, great hairdo, and best of all great, great performance! Atta girl! Her voice keeps getting better and better as she matures…can’t wait for what’s instore for her!

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  19. GLEEfan says:
    lot of people on youtube are saying about her not speaking english right, i watched her interview videos, i understand clear what she is saying. with your new hair do, i think she looked older and wiser, you go girl!!!!.

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  20. nautilus_hologram says:
    Love her haircut. Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Go Charice! Go Go Charice!!!
    Go Charice! Go Go Charice!!!
    Go Charice! Go Go Charice!!! (cheering squad)

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  21. GLEEfan says:

    charice is doing a new movie next year. i don’t why she is denying that she is dating david and again david is denying it too, i guess they want to keep their relationship a secret!.

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    • lola-elrem says:
      when a couple is in its earliest stage of dating, most of the time they deny anything more than friendship. it is like a testing stage if something more will evolve. let us just wait a few months more. they look cute together though, and hey the chemistry is there!

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  22. GLEEfan says:

    i love charice hair cut!! she is totally dating david archuleta.

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  23. Char0101010 says:
    Charice look Japanese here. I prefer the long hair over bangs because she looks like a child with that cut. Don’t get mad at me because i am also a big fan like you but just sharing my opinion.

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  24. Char0101010 says:

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  25. Moira_Inori says:
    Love her new hairdo. She’s so beautiful and beautifully Asian. And of course, Charice would rock the house anytime, anywhere. She’s Charice. ^_^

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  26. TinTin says:

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    • lola-elrem says:
      why be bothered with charices command of the english language. you know the girl was raised in a small village in laguna. you know that english is not her first language. and you know that she is only 18, you know. here in america, i see a lot of immigrants who could hardly speak a straight english sentence. pinoys are much much better english speaker than the rest of the non-english speaking world.

      so you know, will you please give the girl a break and leave her alone!!

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      • lovelyrcf says:
        with much respect to all the chasters, i noticed that she kept saying “you know” too much, too. i also do that, you know. (i mean, i keep saying “you know”) ;) i guess it’s just one of the things charice can improve on and we all want her to be the best.

        and i don’t mean to add fuel to the fire here, but the part where “not being fit” was mentioned kind of made me wonder. it came across as “false humility” and i understand that us pinoys grew up in a place where if given a compliment like “ang ganda mo,” the correct response is “hindi naman po.”

        but like i said, this is just constructive criticism and i want the best for charice like all chasters.

        love the Christmas EP by the way. BUY IT! ^__^

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        • antonjuan says:
          Charice did great in the interview. period. could you do even better? i don’t think so. It’s an interview, she was CHARMING! this is real life, people. people are different! people are unique.
          So, you know, IT does not matter! Listen to the content of her answers, which is what matters. For me, she has a great exotic accent, if anything else.
          So, mga kababayan ko, stop it with the accent and you know stuff. IT DOES NOT MATTER. :)

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      • LuckyRain0rig says:
        This is what I notice.
        The very people who are commenting about the way Charice speaks English are her very own people (NOT ALL OF YOU GUYS,SO PLS. DON’T GET MAD @ ME. Here in North America, as long as we understand the person, it’s OK. In actuality, Charice maybe have a little difficulty speaking English, however, we can perfectly understand her.

        You are right lola-elrem…well said!

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    • antonjuan says:

      ohhh mmMMYY lLLOOORDD!

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  27. saudi_charistic says:
    Actually, I like charice because of her eyes. Her syes is so cute.
    I hope that they have really a like each other (charice-archuleta) because they are so much perfect to each other. I think Mr. Archuleta is a nice person as charice said. If in case charice would fall in love, I’d rather archuleta will be the man. Actually, they are good on screen…

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  28. srigala says:
    wow! a positive reaction from ryan seacrest? i already had goosebumps just reading this article…

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  29. Nsanitee says:
    Love her new hairdo. Would love to watch her singing at The Darby. Videos, anyone?

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    • chit says:
      Yes, Darby Video anyone? I especially want to see Ryan Seacrest’s reaction if there is any in said video. I’m very curious how Ryan might have reacted after hearing Charice’s soaring voice. Please someone, post a video of that event. PLease, please, please!!! And THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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      • TinTin says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • nautilus_hologram says:
          I think Ryan Seacrest is one of the fans of Charice. He has supported Charice in a charity cause for Operation Smile. The event was in Paypal and it was called “Regift the Fruitcake” for Operation Smile.

          Seacrest wrote in his December 22 Facebook shout out: “Support Charice and our efforts to win $20,000 for Operation Smile! Regift the fruitcake I tell you!”

          To more about it you can read the article from through the link below:

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        • Joy Co says:
          @Tin Tin, if Ryan Seacrest does not like Charice’s talent does not mean he is a racist. I have seen him with colored people and there is no indication that he is one. Please be careful about labeling people.

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          • eve says:
            and it’s very subjective how one person might interpret another’s facial expression as an “insulting smile.” Ryan is a professional TV host and Top 40 radio announcer. He’s not likely to reveal much by his facial expression or tone of voice on whether he likes or dislikes a person. Hollywood is probably the most liberal town on the planet in terms of accepting people of all races, gender and sexual orientation.

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            • ceedum says:
              Totally agree eve! I’m baffled with the oddest speculations that some fans here come up with!

              Anyway speaking of Seacrest, the 10th season of American Idol coming up next month. I wouldn’t be surprised if Charice appears as a guest on the show to launch her new single during the finals. She’ll also be back on Glee and with her appearances on both shows, she’ll truly hit the stratosphere early next year! This could timed before her Feb concert in Japan. Now that’s very exciting!

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  30. ceedum says:
    Thank you RJ for the recap! Yay! I love Charice’s new do! Totally fierce! Speaking of horror films, perhaps M. Night Shyamalan or Sam Raimi might wanna cast her in one of their upcoming movies.

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