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Charice Wears Nerd Glasses – A Stylish Nod to the Geek-Chic Trend

Charice Wears Nerd Glasses – A Stylish Nod to the Geek-Chic Trend

You first saw Charice wearing those big and black-rimmed glasses on the first episode of Glee Season Two complete with cute pigtails and a Sunshine-y smile. You might have thought, ai???Right, another Asian typecast as a nerd or a But you breathed a sigh of relief when she sang ai???Listenai??? with just a cool and simple outfit topped with a beret ai??i?? then Charice started popping up in interviews and events still wearing those ai???ugly and nerdyai??? glasses. So youai??i??re now asking a big ai???Why?!ai???

For the younger Chasters out there, you may already know that these Nerd Glasses are actually very trendy right now. For the older ones, those glasses that you regretted wearing decades ago are going back in style; and everyone, from Hollywood stars, recording artists to fashionistas and random people on the street, are sporting this latest eyewear trend.

Charice and her nerd glasses Charice Wears Nerd Glasses   A Stylish Nod to the Geek Chic Trend

Some of the female celebrities spotted wearing nerd glasses are Taylor Swift, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Cate Blanchett, and Renee Zelwegger ai??i?? and they all look amazing wearing those glasses! And of course, men donai??i??t want to be left behind in style matters, and just some of the wannabe-Clark-Kents are Justin Timberlake, Josh Hartnett, Joe Jonas, Kanye West,, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, and closer to Glee-home, Finn as Brad in the Rocky Horror episode. Looks like Charice is in good company when it comes to eyewear taste.

Celebrity nerd glasses3 Charice Wears Nerd Glasses   A Stylish Nod to the Geek Chic Trend

And it shouldnai??i??t even matter if Charice is wearing something very trendy or not, as long as sheai??i??s comfortable and likes it a lot. It seems sheai??i??s enjoying a lot and is proud of wearing these nerd glasses based on this twitpic by Chuck Harmony (music producer) where they swapped eyeglasses. Those nerd glasses actually just look like Wayfarers with clear lenses, right? So if you donai??i??t like how ai???nerd glassesai??? sound; you can just call them Wayfarers with clear lenses ai??i?? and they sound cooler already.

Also, appearing in the first episode of Glee with those glasses has made a mark on peopleai??i??s minds already. And Charice is capitalizing on that trademark look so that people will always connect her and be reminded of Sunshine Corazon from Glee, who blewAi??everyone away with her amazing voice. Plus, those glasses make her look really cute, and of course, very young and now ai??i?? perfect for the demographic Cell spyware, Phone call tracker. of music fans sheai??i??s trying to win over and introduce to her own brand of music.

Does Chariceai??i??s geek-chic style makes you want to buy and wear your own nerd glasses? Or do you think itai??i??s just a passing fad sheai??i??ll get tired of in the future? Tell us what you think by leaving your comments below.

By Sofia Carrera,

48 Responses to “Charice Wears Nerd Glasses – A Stylish Nod to the Geek-Chic Trend”

  1. Brandyy says:

    I love nerd glasses they make Alonzo B. look like Usher

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  2. Blah says:
    I have about 60 pairs of these glasses… Want some? Haha.

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  3. alice says:

    hi guys i have the same glasses justin bieber wear the thick ones my friends say to me that i look like justin when i wear them and iwant to say for justin that your song(where are you now) is so imotionl i feel how you feel cuze my dad traveled. so ya justin bieber i got the bieber fever and you r doc.bieber.

    i am one of your fans will you please come to Qatar.

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  4. chasterdad says:
    Just got back from the Philippines and went to some “Baratillos” aka flea market ot “Pasar Malam” at Greenhills. These Sunshine glasses were everywhere and for just P100/pair. For other Hollywood celebs who wear these nerd glasses, you would notice by now that they are not the oversized ones like Charice’s which by the way are those being rampantly sold at flea markets in the PI and Thailand. Now mind you that not everyone can wear these humoungous frames and get away with it looking fine. In Charice’s case and being petitely small, she by wearing outsized specs made her look even more cuter like a Japanese anime character. In fact. a lot have commented that indeed she looked cute as Pikachu…….which to me is a good indicator due to the fact that Pikachu is a global icon to many especially this generation. So now Sunshine and those outsized glasses becomes synonimous as one. Coema a day when just by showing you a doodle or image of such eyewear will translate at once to Sunshine. Macdonald has its golden arc, Oakley its elongaterd “O”, 7/11 and other namebrand have each their own identifying marks…….Charice.Sunshine will have the outsized nerd glasses.

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  5. ebjohns11 says:
    yeah i would get one like that! Even if its not a trend anymore, just because i luv Charice.
    so I read Charice will re -appear on January, that seems to long but you never know , she might surprise us.

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  6. ethliin says:
    those “nerd glasses” will always remind me of Charice a.k.a. SUNSHINE CORAZON and NINOY AQUINO. :)

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  7. TonyVernsky says:
    Charice’s so-called “Nerd Glasses” makes you look really stylish & genius-looking. Also, when Charice performed in Asian countries with DFF, a lot of her fans are now wearing the same eyeglasses especially in Thailand. It seems that “Sunshine Corazon” eyeglasses is now becoming her identity aside from her amazing, angelic voice, lol.

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  8. gabe says:
    I thought that the cool glasses that she wore even in DF&F concerts’ press conferences were part of her promo with Glee. I even bragged in other Glee website that she’s helping Glee by wearing the nerdy look of Sunshine in Asian cities. Unfortunately, Glee is throwing off viewers by delaying too much on her re-appearance.

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