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Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly

Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment weekly listed Charice as one of the top guest artist in the FOX hit show GLEE, surprising topping other music greats who appeared on the said show. Chariceai??i??s sole appearance so far (Season 2 Pilot: ai???Auditionsai???) has earned her a position higher than those of music legends Britney Spears and Olivia Newton-John. Entertainment Weekly described Charice as: ai???The tiny powerhouse is perhaps the one age-appropriate rival who makes Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) nervous (which is why Dame Berry sent her to a crack house instead of the choir room). As exchange student Sunshine Corazon, she added another ballad to the New Directions repertoire with a powerful version of ‘Listen’ that was so impressive, it caused Vocal Adrenaline to snatch her up before her first McKinley In an earlier interview with Popstar Magazine, Charice said that she loves working with the GLEE cast, as they were very nice to her. Because of her diminutive stature, both cast and crew consider this young Filipina as ai???something like their babyai??? on the set. Vocal Adrenalineai??i??s new coach, Cheyenne Jackson, was 14th on the list, while the former coach who also portrayed Rachel Berryai??i??s biological mother, Idina Menzel, ranked 6th. Both Jackson and Menzel are Broadway veterans.

“Glee”: Ranking the Best Guest Stars

Glee Ranking Best Guest Stars Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly

Chariceai??i??s GLEE Return

Fans aired their frustration in the comments section of the webpage, as they were anxious for the return of the tiny girl with the big voice. Fan sites are speculating about Chariceai??i??s next glee song, which some suspect to be Celine Dionai??i??s “Because You Loved Me”, which Charice sang during Eric Vetroai??i??s early holiday party, where she was accompanied by GLEEai??i??s resident pianist, Brad Ellis. Eric Vetro is a top celebrity vocal coach, whose portfolio includes Zac Efron and most of Disneyai??i??s High School Musical cast. Charice declined to give out a definite date as to when sheai??i??ll re-appear in the show. However, she said that she would definitely be back. Based on the storyline, Charice is likely to come back during the regional glee club competitions, which will air in as early as January 2011. While not on GLEE, Charice is busy with a flurry of scheduled appearances in various holiday events. On November 19th, she performed in the David Foster Foundation’s Fundraising Gala, whose beneficiaries are organ transplant patients. Guests include boxing legend Muhammad Ali and American Billionaire Warren Buffett. On November 20th, Charice performed in

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the 9th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Event in Los Angeles’ Citadel Outlets, in front of a jam-packed audience. A day later, she sang a duet with American Idol’s David Archuleta in a Grove LA special. Her next performance will be at NBC’s “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” Special, which will take place on November 30th in New York City. She will also be releasing a holiday season mini-album, “Grown-up Christmas List”. Time-Warnerai??i??s Entertainment Weekly (EW) is a nationally circulated celebrity insider magazine in the US, which was started back in 1990. The article was published on Nov 16 in EWai??i??s official website. by Rj Nieto,

Welcome Glee Fans!

Charice Glee Fans 75x75 Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly  You were most likely blown away by Chariceai??i??s debut on Glee which is why you are here. Welcome to the best Charice fansite there is! If you are looking for more outstanding Charice performances, look no further. We have compiled the very best >> continue reading


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  1. bong says:

    truly, charice adds more viewers on Glee…many offers will follow soon to appear in tv/movie musical/drama and a movie for her is possible…it can be a “bodyguard”-like movie of whitney or her life story itself…congratulations charice…

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  2. Perry pc says:
    Glee or not it doesn’t matter to me since I only watch Glee if Charice is on it and I think it is also true to other people.

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  3. peakarach says:

    First of all Britney is not and will not be a legend in music industry. Charice on the other hand will be a legend someday if she can keep it up.

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