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Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly

Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment weekly listed Charice as one of the top guest artist in the FOX hit show GLEE, surprising topping other music greats who appeared on the said show. Charice’s sole appearance so far (Season 2 Pilot: “Auditions”) has earned her a position higher than those of music legends Britney Spears and Olivia Newton-John. Entertainment Weekly described Charice as: “The tiny powerhouse is perhaps the one age-appropriate rival who makes Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) nervous (which is why Dame Berry sent her to a crack house instead of the choir room). As exchange student Sunshine Corazon, she added another ballad to the New Directions repertoire with a powerful version of ‘Listen’ that was so impressive, it caused Vocal Adrenaline to snatch her up before her first McKinley practice.” In an earlier interview with Popstar Magazine, Charice said that she loves working with the GLEE cast, as they were very nice to her. Because of her diminutive stature, both cast and crew consider this young Filipina as “something like their baby” on the set. Vocal Adrenaline’s new coach, Cheyenne Jackson, was 14th on the list, while the former coach who also portrayed Rachel Berry’s biological mother, Idina Menzel, ranked 6th. Both Jackson and Menzel are Broadway veterans.

“Glee”: Ranking the Best Guest Stars

Glee Ranking Best Guest Stars Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly

Charice’s GLEE Return

Fans aired their frustration in the comments section of the webpage, as they were anxious for the return of the tiny girl with the big voice. Fan sites are speculating about Charice’s next glee song, which some suspect to be Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me”, which Charice sang during Eric Vetro’s early holiday party, where she was accompanied by GLEE’s resident pianist, Brad Ellis. Eric Vetro is a top celebrity vocal coach, whose portfolio includes Zac Efron and most of Disney’s High School Musical cast. Charice declined to give out a definite date as to when she’ll re-appear in the show. However, she said that she would definitely be back. Based on the storyline, Charice is likely to come back during the regional glee club competitions, which will air in as early as January 2011. While not on GLEE, Charice is busy with a flurry of scheduled appearances in various holiday events. On November 19th, she performed in the David Foster Foundation’s Fundraising Gala, whose beneficiaries are organ transplant patients. Guests include boxing legend Muhammad Ali and American Billionaire Warren Buffett. On November 20th, Charice performed in

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the 9th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Event in Los Angeles’ Citadel Outlets, in front of a jam-packed audience. A day later, she sang a duet with American Idol’s David Archuleta in a Grove LA special. Her next performance will be at NBC’s “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” Special, which will take place on November 30th in New York City. She will also be releasing a holiday season mini-album, “Grown-up Christmas List”. Time-Warner’s Entertainment Weekly (EW) is a nationally circulated celebrity insider magazine in the US, which was started back in 1990. The article was published on Nov 16 in EW’s official website. by Rj Nieto,

Welcome Glee Fans!

Charice Glee Fans 75x75 Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly  You were most likely blown away by Charice’s debut on Glee which is why you are here. Welcome to the best Charice fansite there is! If you are looking for more outstanding Charice performances, look no further. We have compiled the very best >> continue reading


41 Responses to “Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly”

  1. Alert says:

    hello i know that this is not appropriate for this page but i just wanted to report that Anti-Charice Pempengco Facebook hate page is disrupting and creating chaos to charice’s fan pages in Facebook.
    Recently, it attacked the Charice Thailand Facebook page and the people are so disappointed that why would fellow Filipinos initiate this Hate Page and even join the FanPAge of Charice in Thailand.

    just a report. i don’t know what to do. just expressing my disappointment with some filipinos.

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  2. Ohyayay123 says:
    Darren Criss is on the top only because the episode is interesting to watch. And So many teens have crush on him. :) But when it comes to talent? CHARICE is on the top of the list! :)

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    • cubbie says:

      Darren Criss has a large following because he’s incredibly talented as well. How many 20-year olds do you know who can write/arrange/produce/perform in a musical? Charice’s talent goes w/out saying, but why do Chasters continually feel the need to marginalize other artists? Seems to me there’s a lot of glass house dwelling people throwing rocks. That or a healthy helping of inferiority complex. I’m at my wits end w/ the Charice fandom… I love the performer & person, but soem of her fans’ attitudes? Not so much.

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  3. ziodenz says:
    charice’s is on top of britney spears and josh groban…and they are already legendary singers…that’s something to be proud of chasters…nothing to worry about…to be recognized this early is a great achievement for charice’s young career…so let’s just enjoy the ride and watch charice make more surprises for her devoted fans and converts worldwide.

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  4. jen says:
    we are proud and we we still pray for your success… “keep feet on the ground even if youre wearing nice shoes”

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  5. Chasters , focus on the things that count….do not despair

    She is now lined up at NBC with the creme de la creme !

    I believe that answer all our questions , he..he and maybe in take home pay too !

    This dear friends is the real measure.


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  6. Pepe Cabrera says:
    #7 is OK. She’s just starting, and already she’s well loved by the American audiences. Congratulations!

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  7. saudi_charistic says:
    Another big mistake like this result. I’ve been checking the poll since i knew it and i thought that charice is on the 1 rank.
    hays…….. a very disappointed result!!!

    i thought she will be #1.
    anyway, don’t worry chaster!!! we know that she is the #1. you are always number 1 in ours.

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  8. Sofia says:
    She beat music legends? I thought she was a music legend

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  9. HerMingJesty says:
    Congratulations. We knew it should have been at #1. We will support you always. To the top Baby. Labyo.

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  10. bluedanube says:
    big cheers hahaa..!
    what a pity there’s still no return in sight.
    in this business, I believe only as soon as I see.
    FOX should accept reality and give charice the exposure that this listing suggests.
    in this mixture, a #7 is just great.

    sadly they even prosecute “listen” uploads that appear on youtube.
    there was this legendary upload by user “sunshine corazon”. ;)

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  11. adrianlo says:
    Being in the top ten is safe enough to say that Charice has finally arrived in the US entertainment mainstream. let’s be grateful about this great news and hope for her continuing success and best of health. Good job Chasters for the poll votes.

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    • cubbie says:
      Not to be a pessimist, but I don’t think any such online poll can be read that way. All it says is that an individual’s fanbase is active in voting, nothing more. Look at the chatbox here, for example, exhorting Chasters to keep voting. How many votes for Charice are simply of the repeat variety? Just accept that she still isn’t a household name here in the States. The sampling/polling error for these online surveys is huge.

      If you watch Glee only b/c of Charice, it’s my opinion you’ll be disappointed in the end. I think you just need to watch the show & have fun with it. Or not… I want Charice to come back & be relevant, not be just some show pony to sing a Celine song. I still have my doubts if I’ll get my wish (I’m a veteran Gleek so am looking at it from that angle as opposed to being a Charice fan).

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  12. mings1fan says:
    The recognition that Charice received for her Glee appearance is just another step in her phenomenal career — each more impressive than the last. At this rate, and with the success of her Asian tour, she is on a trajectory to conquer the world. Congratulations, Charice – may all your dream keep coming true.

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  13. Riz says:
    Hope she sings “Halo” in her next appearance on Glee

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  14. thephenomfan says:
    I would like her to be at top of the list though; however, in my opinion, this is just fair for she only appeared once, and only did few scenes. But despite that, EW still recognized her enormous talent and the great job she did on that episode that they put her on top ten. Looking forward for her return..more power!!!

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  15. Luisa says:
    how did charice end up #7 as the best guest list? I thought she was always leading on the poll.

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    • luckieme510 says:
      @ luisa : that’s is my question too.. how she end up # 7? Can someone answer this question? She was leading on the poll. I do not understand.

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  16. cubbie says:
    LOL, I still don’t know if Cory can sing, he’s autotuned so much.

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  17. jimfan155 says:
    Oh forgot. Congratulations Charice on your #7 ranking. However, you’ll always be #1 to me.

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  18. jimfan155 says:
    Holiday mini album? First I’ve heard about this. Anyone know how many songs or other details. What a stocking stuffer.

    I see where Jackie Evancho’s album is also a mini. Is this a trend? Why not put out a full album? These 2 singers are great live singers, so give us the whole ball of wax. Doesn’t really matter as I will purchase my copy as soon as it’s out – just asking.

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  19. tyramaid says:
    guys, i seldom post comments nowadays but it doesn’t mean i wandered off. anyway, it seems that nobody is noticing the lining of the dates. take a look at the dates, and you’ll notice that they are leading to nov. 30.
    nov 29, she’ll be at billboard.
    nov 30, the airing of xmas lighting event (at grove?)
    nov 30, she’ll be part of xmas lighting in new york
    nov 30, release of her holiday mini-album.

    now, isn’t nov 30 also airing of a glee episode???
    if it is, then maybe my conjecture have some sound bites. do you agree?

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  20. Don says:
    I knew back after she appeared on Glee that she was the most watched guest on Glee. She had a 20% more viewers than the first season of the show. Britney had a lot less than that. We are so proud of you Charice. The day i see your picture and news about you on every magazine and news channel will be the day you are getting what you deserve. That day is coming. Let the world know who you are.

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  21. Nsanitee says:
    with a huge public clamor and surging popularity of our talented young lady, charice, i hope the next big news is that she will become a regular cast for glee. that would be awesome!

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  22. 2die4- says:

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  23. MrAspirant08 says:
    Congratulations Charice. You deserve it!

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  24. tnt says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  25. ranty reyes says:
    this girl is a powerhouse. she can outdo anybody out there due to her loyal legion of fans. amazing for such a feat at a very tender age

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  26. marlyn says:
    Congrats Charice !!!

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  27. Portia says:
    Congratulations Charice!!! As for me you are the No. 1 guest overall. I just can’t wait for your next recurring appearance in Glee.

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  28. ebjohns11 says:
    Gratz Charice. Hope to see u soon on GLEE!

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  29. rlf says:
    Congratulations Charice!!!

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  30. CutieSinger23 says:
    woot woot! Congrats ate Charice!!! :D :D :D WOOT WOOT!

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