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GleeCap: “Furt” Episode 8, Season 2

GleeCap: “Furt” Episode 8, Season 2

Weddings are always a big success or a really big mess, and in Glee’s episode last night, we got two very different weddings. One was Sue’s and the other one was Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom. And before watching this one, I thought the “Furt” title was Burt + Finn’s mom. But it turns out; the name of Finn’s mom is Carole – so what’s Furt?

A Quick Recap

A giddy Carole and Burt are walking arm-in-arm with Kurt towards Finn. They announce that they’re getting married after Carole accepted Burt’s sweet proposal inside the classroom where Kurt first introduced them. Kurt is assigned as the wedding planner, and Burt’s only wish is to have a great band so that he could “boogie” with Carole. Kurt starts planning and he decides to hire the New Directions so that it’ll be cheap and the extra money could just go to the Waikiki honeymoon. After a “Sue Sees It” taping, Rod (Sue’s former boyfriend) announces on-air that he and his co-anchor, Andrea, will be getting married. Andrea then tells Sue to accept the fact that she will never find someone and that she’ll surely die alone. Sue then signs-up for an online dating service, and there’s only one match found for her, and it’s herself. So she decides to marry herself, and starts planning her wedding. Her mother, Doris, returns after a long absence to witness her daughter’s wedding. But it appears that Doris is even harsher than Sue. She reminds Sue that when she was a child, all the other mothers say that Sue will never find a husband. But Doris still supports Sue’s wedding where she’ll even sing one song. At rehearsals, Doris sings “Ohio” where Sue joins in for a really touching duet. Kurt is still being bullied by Dave, and Will notices this so they go to the Principal’s office to report it. Sue tells them that she can’t do anything until something concrete and physical really happens. The glee club girls with footballer boyfriends, Rachel, Brittany, Quinn and Tina plan on convincing their boyfriends to protect Kurt and teach Dave a lesson. But when Rachel talks to Finn, he says he can’t do anything because he’s afraid he’ll lose his quarterback position. But the other guys Sam, Mike and Artie (Puck doesn’t join in as he’s still in probation) threatens Dave which led to a fight where Sam even got a black eye. In the glee club room, everyone criticizes Finn for his cowardice, while they all praise Sam and the other boys for standing-up to Dave. Back to the wedding preparations – Kurt is teaching Burt and Finn how to dance nicely for the wedding inside a classroom, when Dave makes fun of Kurt outside a doorway. Burt sees this and asks Kurt who that was. When Kurt reveals the bullying, Burt storms off to catch Dave which lands them all back to the principal’s office – but not before Burt tells off Finn for not doing anything to protect Kurt. Dave and his father silently accept Sue’s decision to expel Dave after Kurt finally reveals that Dave threatened to kill him. But sadness goes to the backseat for now as it’s wedding time for Burt and Carole. A wonderful performance by the New Directions of “Marry You” by Bruno Mars starts the ceremony. After exchanging heartfelt vows, the pastor pronounces Burt and Carole as husband and wife. The wedding party starts with Will singing “Sway” for the bride and groom’s first dance. After that, it’s Finn’s turn to give a toast but he also uses this opportunity to say sorry to Kurt for not being the best brother possible. He then promises to be there always for Kurt and now that they’re officially brothers, they will now be known as “Furt” which is Finn + Kurt. He then reveals that he and the boys will now perform as a sort of thank you. A happy yet also touching “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars was a perfect choice to highlight the message that no one has to change his or her real self just to be accepted and loved. While everything’s happy in the other wedding, Sue’s was just attended by herself, her sister and her mother. Wearing a tracksuit-inspired wedding gown, she pronounces herself as married to herself. But Doris complains why she’s not an important part of her daughter’s wedding. Sue reminds her how she abandoned and bullied her and Jean years before. With bullying as the topic, Kurt’s suffering has still not ended as Dave’s expulsion was stopped by the school board citing the absence of evidence of real harm. Sue informs them that Dave will be returning to school tomorrow, and in protest of the board’s decision, she has resigned as principal because she believes she can protect more students patrolling the hallways than being holed-up inside the principal’s office. Kurt then

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goes to see the rest of New Directions and announces that Dave was not expelled and because of that, he has decided to transfer to Dalton Academy (with Burt and Carole’s honeymoon money as tuition). The club protests and says that they’ll even try harder to protect him but Kurt has already made his final decision. And now, New Directions will be competing against Kurt and the Warblers in next week’s Sectionals episode.

Watch the full episode here:

For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only.

There’s Still No Sunshine

Charice was still MIA as Sunshine Corazon in this week’s episode, but is she appearing in next week’s Sectionals? We think it’s possible for Charice to make a small appearance in Sectionals based on a screenshot from that episode. The photo shows Vocal Adrenaline coach, Dustin Goolsby talking to Will, New Directions’ coach. Maybe Charice and her new team are there to scope out what their future competitors have to offer. Would a two-second Charice appearance quench your thirst for some Sunshine? Or are you willing to wait ‘til 2011 for a more Sunshine-centric episode?

Coach Dustin Goolsby

Coach Dustin Sunshine glee GleeCap: “Furt” Episode 8, Season 2

Broadway and ’30 Rock’ star Cheyenne Jackson seems on the verge of rocketing to even bigger stardom. His character, Dustin Goolsby, is the new coach of rival singing group Vocal Adrenaline. (The position became available after the old coach, played by Idina Menzel, quit her job at the end of Season 1 to become a full-time mom).

“’I’m the anti-Will Schuester and I’m causing some drama,’ he said, referring to the lovable character played by Matthew Morrison.”

Jackson almost won the role of Schuester, in fact, in one of two previous attempts to join the cast of Glee.

By Sofia Carrera, .

24 Responses to “GleeCap: “Furt” Episode 8, Season 2”

  1. chpneyhom O says:

    Chris Coffer of this show reminds me of David Archuleta of Am Idol… I think they should get together and collaborate, maybe they can harmonize and create perfect lyrics on a perfect harmony…

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  2. eve says:

    Charice should definitely collaborate with Bruno Mars or with anyone who’s proven his songwriting skills and popularity. Mars is riding the wave right now. I only hope that Bruno Mars feels open to such a collaboration. I’ll tell you this,though, regarding ethnicity, Mars considers himself an American because that’s what he is lol. It’s his parents who are Filipino and Puerto Rican. Not that it matters. For me, it’s working with the best talent available to move your career forward. Heck, let’s get Lady Gaga to write Charice some songs!

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  3. I See... says:

    a while back, way back, an industry insider remarked over a cup of coffee that the most talented newcomer in the business was a filipino and that everybdy was lining up to get the services of this young talent. I was waiting for the name ‘Charice’ to be dropped but was surprised when he said ‘Bruno Mars’ instead. at that time Mars had just finished collaborating with Travie McCoy on ‘Billionaire’ but he had already written a hit song for Florida. he also wrote ‘Nothing On You’ for B.O.B and B.O.B. was grateful enough to feature Mars on his album specifically in the song which they collaborated on.(Mars was also the featured artist on ‘Billionaire’)
    ‘Nothing On You’ sailed straight to the top of the charts. It was the number 1 song on both billboard and itunes for weeks. Months.
    The song ‘Billionaire’ climbed to number 3 and became an anthemic summer song. It was subsequently covered on GLEE. (this current season).
    It was at this point that I decided to drop in on this site and suggested that maybe Charice should hook up with Bruno Mars, after all they’re both filipino. (to me it would be sweet poetic justice if a song that featured both of them became number one. don’t make me explain this one).
    well…my comment was thumbed down a million times and I was called a hypocrite and a big fool. among other things. the prevailing notion, I guess, was that Charice was too big for Bruno Mars and that they should’nt even be mentioned in the same sentence. Oh well.
    anyway, Mars went on to write ‘F**k You’ for Cee Lo and within a week of it’s release it became a viral hit on youtube although they had a hard time figuring out how to get it to ride the waves of the radio. The solution they came up with was to change a single word. and people heard ‘Forget You’ on the radio. GLEE heard it to and they corraled Gwyneth Paltrow to cover it for them this season. Another Bruno Mars song on GLEE.
    Not unexpectedly, Mars decided to cut his own album. He was getting a little tired of being the ‘featured artist’. As Mars said during an interview, he wanted an album featuring himself,Bruno Mars. Within a week of the albums release, the song ‘Just the Way You Are’ claimed its perch atop the charts. and it stayed there for weeks. itunes and billboard. and Bruno Mars became an overnight sensation. He did Today Show, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel,David Letterman and Ellen Degeneres (twice). His second time on Ellen, he modified the lyrics a little bit and serenaded Ellen Degeneres with a personalised ‘Just The Way You Are’.
    He is currently on his first national tour playing to sold out venues and no he is not the opening act.
    Some people call GLEE’s last episode ‘The Bruno Mars Episode’ because they covered two more of his songs, JTWYA and Marry Me. Marry Me easily made the top ten chart for them. So at the moment, Bruno mars has three song in top ten: JTWYA, Grenade and Marry Me although MM is the GLEE’s version. But his own version is creeping up.
    the point of all this is not Bruno Mars but Charice and Bruno Mars. Collaboration. Cooperation. Here’s hoping it happens.
    I know you’re all faithful and protective fans and I’ll give you this much: Charice kicks Bruno’s butt in singing. But once in a while, you need to stick your head out of the box. And maybe you’ll see that Bruno Mars writes the songs. Although I feel that in the Filipino community he doesn’t get the recogniton he deserves.
    When Willie first introduced Shalani on Willing Willie he used Just The Way You Are and Nothing On you as background tracts. I bet nobody had any idea who wrote those songs.
    I believe that eventually GLEE will get back on tract and get Charice involved. But in the meantime, you all should be proud that they had a ‘Bruno Mars Episode’.

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    • cubbie says:

      Do Filipinos view Bruno as Filipino? He was raised in Hawaii; I think his mom is Filipino, but dad is Puerto Rican? Not entirely on point, just wondering… I love Bruno’s creativity; he does his own thing & totally owns it.

      As far as a collab between the two (& I wasn’t here when you made those comments), but I’m not entirely sure that’s the answer either. I caught a bit of some discussion on chatbox here yesterday. I saw a couple mentions/opinions of Charice needing to truly find her own voice. I actually kinda agree w/ that. I mean, I don’t want to get tar & feathered, but doing DF songs may get her some exposure (especially since she absolutely kills them), but IMO, she’s in the shadows of DF, Whitney, Celine, etc. I know, I know…I’ve preached patience too, but she needs to stand on her on in the eyes of the music-listening consumer here in the U.S. I think she’ll get there, but it can’t come too soon for me.

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      • I See... says:

        do African-Americans view Obama as White? He was raised in Hawaii. I think his mom was white. What’s your point? Why do African-Americans accept Obama as Black but Filipinos won’t accept Bruno Mars as Filipino? Aquino is a quarter Chinese. Do you view him as Filipino? What’s your point?

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        • cubbie says:

          Chil dude, I was merely asking a question…no offense intended. I just find racial identity interesting as a general topic is all…

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        • cubbie says:

          Plus I just find the whole idea of migrating towards others of like ethnicity an interesting strategy when people seem to be decrying the lack of Charice’s momentum as some sort of product of her ethnicity. Or, I’m missing your point. I would agree w/ your argument but for the racial element of it. You want Charice to collab w/ Bruno b/c of his talent & name recognition? Cool w/ me… But you stressed him being Filipino…

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  4. holy carabao says:

    just because she’s born and raised in the philippines? They don’t want her to come back even for just 5 episodes? What a bunch of jerks that glee peeps.

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    • eve says:

      please feel free to comment without the use of profanity, which has been edited out. Glee has had guest stars in the past who have made just one appearance, it’s not unusual and it has nothing to do with your heritage. I do believe that Sunshine will be back to make another appearance. However, she’s not a “regular” so we shouldn’t have any expectations of regular appearances.

      “Anyone who violates the Comments Policy may be blocked from future access and/or commenting on Charicemania.”

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  5. fef says:
    I still think she will be back w/ the episodes where the rival club will be shown, also in the episodes that are at least wholesome for everybody.

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  6. Don says:
    Both charice and Lea suspect that their “rivalry” will turn into friendship. I think Charice will maintain her wholesomeness and shyness.

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  7. mb says:
    maybe glee is not right for her if it turns against her wholesome image.

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  8. mb says:
    people love charice for her wholesome image, her humility and her story. if glee would turn into opposite these, then maybe glee is not right for her. someone should be guiding her to make the right and moral choice.

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    • cubbie says:

      I’m trying to be careful how I say this so it doesn’t come across in a hostile way, but those may be the reasons you love Charice. Just be careful about projecting your feelings onto others. There’s a lot of reasons to love Charice, and those things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. I just worry when I see statements like that. It makes me wonder, if she makes a creative choice that’s not in line w/ her “wholesome image” as defined by others, does that mean she’s no longer worthy of love &/or support? I prefer to think of her as a young artist who is just now tapping her potential. Come one folks, let her grow…

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  9. Jayson says:
    I love the wholesome image of Charice more than GLEE if it has to tarnish her in front of her millions of fans! I want her to carry the true filipina image to be emulated by our youth. GLEE is not everything for her, she does not expect too much but honest work! Fame must not be at all expense!

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  10. krazyforyou says:
    If the Glee formula holds true we will see Charice only during episodes when the New Directions competes against the champion Vocal Adrenaline. It’s not about Charice anyways. Can’t wait for the final episode. Glee is great entertainment and I would love to see Sunshine Corazon do magic on stage for the last time. Cheers everyone!

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  11. Pepe Cabrera says:
    We want Sunshine! We want Sunshine! We want Sunshine!

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  12. chartz says:
    I second the motion to what @xander pointed out. Charice is so innocent, so humble, so well-mannered,so shy in good ways, ecc. In other words, she is a role model (hope and pray that she’ll always be)for our young generations who are misguided in terms of moral values. It’s is simply stupidity (sorry for the bad word) to say it’s NORMAL for the youngs to show half-naked body, that we are not in a cave, that premarital sex is a sign of love, blah blah blah… I agree that in real life, these are inevitable even in High School life, but it doesn’t mean that the more they become COMMON, the more they are justified and shown to the public. Moral value is a must in our “body-idolized generation”. You cannot just simply deny the TRUTH, for the TRUTH is one and that TRUTH will set you free. Freedom doesn’t mean at all “DO WHATEVER YOU WANT”. It means that if you are SLAVE of your passions and lustful desires, then you are not FREE at all.

    I’m grateful to Glee producers for not involving Charice in those episodes like the 2nd. Maybe this is the reason why Charice is not chosen to be a regular cast and not yet reappeared out of respect for our princess.

    So let’s wait patiently ’til she comes back.

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    • kjaz says:

      I strongly agree with you that it’s very important to remember that freedom doesn’t mean you can or should “do whatever you want”.

      However, in my opinion you’re a bit strict when you say that it would be a sign of stupidity to say that premarital sex might be a sign of love. People may be in long lasting and committing relationships without being married, and I find it hard to claim that sex in such a context cannot possibly be a sign of love. Does that make me immoral? Casual sex, where feelings are placed in second row, is however a different, and in my opinion a potentially more problematic development in today’s society.

      On a final note I don’t think Charice’s involvement in Glee will harm her image in any way. I admire Charice for her humility, care for others and kind heart. However I think we might do her a disservice if we place her on a pedestal like a flawless porcelain angel and are too protective of her…I trust Charice and the people around her to make good choices in her life and career, but I would think no less of her should she turn out to make some of those little not so perfect choices we all make in our lives from times to time.

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  13. lancecobi says:
    She’ll prolly be back on tha last episode! Dang! It’s like were waiting for forever!

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  14. xander says:
    Charice doesn’t really fit in Glee, character wise. Except for Mercedes, most of the characters there reflect the angst,k insecurities, neurosis of typcial teenage kids – boob job, homophobia, jealousy, premarital sex, sports, etc.

    But Charice is beyond that. At most she is typcast as a nerd as that is the way it is in the States – Asians are typically nerds in their eyes. haha

    so Sunshine is just too nice and normal vs. those other characters

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  15. Rihr says:
    Charice will have lesser appearance in GLEE and that’s a fact and proven. Hello episode 6/7?

    Be happy and contented on her 1 appearance. It was already a big opportunity for her.

    We might be even seeing her ONLY in the finale so get yourselves ready.

    Don’t create lines “will Charice appeare in the next episode?” coz it will just trigger confusion and false hopes to chasters.

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