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Speed Bumps Along the Chaster Journey

Speed Bumps Along the Chaster Journey

Well Chasters, Iai??i??m beginning this post-Grove CNN report much earlier than expected. Not because traffic was so great leaving the show, nor because of a light crowd at the show. In fact, it was quite the opposite tonight on both counts. After a VERY full day/night yesterday, I had some obligations to tend to this afternoon before the Grove show. I completely disregarded Starbuckai??i??s friendly warning to show up early due to parking/space constraints at the Grove, and thought I could leave two and a half hours before the show to get there two full hours before showtime. Needless to say, L.A. traffic on a Sunday afternoon bit me again, and after taking almost 30 minutes just to get into the parking garage and finally park my car, I was inside the Grove complex with still an hour and a half to go before showtime. Plenty of time I thought to get a decent spot to take in another special Christmas performance by our Charice. Boy was I wrong!

I spoke with Jazzy as I neared the Grove who informed me that the place was already packed to the brim, and he in fact did not even have a view of the stage from where he was standing. That news did not bode well for me, and so I decided to park on the Rooftop of the parking garage (8th level) to expedite my parking and rush on down to the stage area. However, as I stepped out of my car, I saw a row of people already lined up against the edge of the rooftop, almost seeming to say, ai???weai??i??re just going to stay right here on the rooftop to watch the show because itai??i??s already too packed down there!ai??i?? Again, I thought to myself, thereai??i??s no way that the place could already be packed to the brim a full 1.5 hours before showtime! So I walked past the row of roof-top spectators, and rushed on down 8 flights of stairs where I was immediately faced with a WALL of humanity in front of me at the bottom of the stairs leading to the Grove entrance.

I walked up to where I ai???thoughtai??i?? was the entrance to the viewing area, and observed a full security detail blocking the entrance, and advising people that the event was already at full capacity. I then noticed the big white signs next to the entrance which also stated that the event was already at full capacity. I walked up to one of the security guards and asked if there was any way to get inside the viewing area. The guard told me there might be one possible entrance still open, but I had to literally walk to the far end of the other side of the complex (about a 15 minute walk) to see if they were still letting people in. I had no other choice but to do a mild sprint over to that location, but I should have stopped half-way there because of the hundreds of people walking towards me as if they too were turned away on the other end as well. Needless to say, all entry points to the viewing area were completely closed off, and there was NO way inside the Grove, with still an hour to go before showtime!

I then thought to myself, well, I could just join the others on the rooftop of the parking garage to at least take in some of the music, although the view would be very distant. So I did another mini-sprint back to the other side, and instead of waiting for the two elevators in operation, began the climb up the 8 flights of stairs to finally reach the rooftop to take in the show. Upon summiting my Mt. Everest, and virtually out of breath, I noticed all the people who were previously overlooking the view from the edge of the rooftop were gone. As I walked closer, I saw why that was the case. The brilliant security personnel at the Grove deemed it too dangerous for people to watch the show from the rooftop, even though there was a 4 foot wall keeping us from falling over the edge. So they cleared the entire rooftop, and I now reverted to Plan C, which was going down one flight to the 7th floor, where I recalled seeing an open area near the staircase with albeit a very distant and obstructed view of the stage.

I rushed over there and got myself right against the railing, and to my great relief, I was actually able to see most of the entire stage! So with 15 minutes to spare, I thought I was in for a unique aerial view of Charice! Unfortunately again, the security personnel came by and decided we were too danger-prone being next to the railing, so they pushed us all about 10 feet back from the railing, and now, our distant view became essentially no view at all of the stage. I couldnai??i??t understand why we had to be a good 10 feet away from the railing, but apparently, that was the ai???safeai??i?? distance to prevent us from ai???fallingai??i?? over the railing. So now, I was standing behind a yellow police tape, ten feet from the railing, surrounded by at least 20-30 other ai???spectatorsai??i?? who also had no better option at that point.

La Grove parking1 Speed Bumps Along the Chaster JourneyIt was 5 minutes to showtime, and I figured I was ai???dueai??i?? for a speed bump in my Chaster journey. Up to this point, I had experienced nothing but sheer joy and good fortune for every Charice performance Iai??i??ve been to. From being in the 1st row at the Grammy Block Party directly in front of Charice to the 15th row at the DFF Las Vegas in October, I’ve been very blessed to have seen and heard Charice up close. Yet, I found myself now, on the 7th floor of a parking garage, standing ten feet from the railing, seemingly hundreds of feet away from the stage, hoping that the sound from the speakers would reach us in the parking garage. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed about not being able to get there earlier in the day. However, at that very moment, I realized one thing: there are thousands of Chasters all over the world who would have done anything to trade places with me, where I was standing at that moment, just to get even a distant view of Charice as she sung live for them. With that thought in mind, I came to realize that ANY opportunity we have to witness Charice live, whether from the first row of a concert hall, or from the rooftop of a parking garage is a special experience for any Chaster. So I settled into my standing-room spot from the parking garage, and hoped that the artists would at least stand somewhat in the middle of the stage area because I knew that if they stood at the front portion of the stage, I would have no view of them at all because of a building blocking my view.

So, letai??i??s get back to setting the scene for the actual show! Two words: Sheer Madness. The place was at FULL capacity, so whatever maximum number the Grove holds, the attendance was at that and then probably another few thousand beyond that. Of course, this was the Grove Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, which is probably the biggest one in L.A. every year. And aside from Charice, there were also big names like D. Archuleta, Wilson Phillips and the other teenage boy singer whom I hear is pretty popular with the kids these days. I kind of got the feeling that most of the people there were not exactly there to see or hear one artist in particular, but were there for the overall experience of being there. The crowd just seemed very different to me from the previous nightai??i??s show which had a large Cody Simpson and Charice contingent represented. However, I will withhold saying too much more about tonightai??i??s show, because I honestly did not have a vantage point to really make any accurate assertions about the actual environment on the floor in front of the stage area. I heard that they had blocked off the front area with chairs for ai???VIPsai??i?? and such, which of course, kills the mood of a concert by putting the ai???trueai??i?? fans way behind the front area and sapping away a lot of the energy from the crowd. I always thought that the die-hard fans needed to be right up in front of the stage to give the performer the reciprocal energy as well. Again, Iai??i??m probably saying too much now because, well, I was standing inside a parking garage witnessing this show go on. icon smile Speed Bumps Along the Chaster Journey

From my vantage point, some guy came out to introduce Mario Lopez, who said a bunch of indecipherable things, then I think the Rockettes came out to do a dance number, followed by a sax player accompanied by a band. Then, a teenage male figure came out singing a tune I couldnai??i??t make out, and I thought it was that other teenage boy singer. Well, after about a minute or so, I caught a few glimpses of the figure walking into my view, and I came to realize it was David Archuleta singing. I couldnai??i??t really make out the words to the song he was singing because unfortunately for us, the designers of the Grove did not take the people standing on the 7th floor area of the parking garage standing ten feet from the railing into account for boosting the speaker volume and direction for the show.

This was when I had another epiphany moment, as we in L.A. had playfully bantered with our fellow Chasters in Toronto about which show topped the other. I found myself now actually experiencing FIRST-HAND what thousands of Toronto Chasters experienced when Charice performed this summer. The experience of those dedicated Chasters in Toronto who were situated BEHIND the stage and speakers and also unable to really hear or see any part of the show. Yet, they too stayed there, just to be ai???partai??i?? of that historic event. Iai??i??ll just say on that point, regardless of which show had the higher attendance figures, for all of us Chasters, the summer Toronto show will always hold a special place in our hearts, because that was when we all got our first glimpse at what the future held for Charice and her music career on the international stage. One of my all-time FAVORITE Charice videos is actually not one of her singing, but the one of her walking from the back-room to the glass elevators, accompanying Charice as she approached the ai???momentai??i?? when she saw with her own eyes, the 6000+ Chasters who were gathered to see her, and her only. I still canai??i??t believe how cool and calm Charice remained during that elevator ride and the walk towards the stage. I guess singing in front of her mom on the kitchen table is no different than singing in front of thousands of her adoring fans. Just sheer talent, to be shared first for her mom, and now for the whole world. But I digressai??i??

After David sang two songs, he then said something, which I knew was the ai???introai??i?? for Charice to join him on stage for their duet of ai???Have yourself a merry little Christmasai???. Thankfully for me, David kind of stood in the middle area of the stage, and so when Charice joined him on stage, I was actually able to see them, though they looked like ants to me, but I could still see them! They sang their beautiful song, which I could kind of make out because I knew that song, and it sounded really nice. After the song, it was Chariceai??i??s turn for her solo set, and as expected, she burst into ai???Jingle bell rockai??? same as the previous night.Ai?? I was really glad I got to hear this live yesterday, because again, I could barely make out that song from where I was.

charice david archuleta LA Grove Speed Bumps Along the Chaster Journey

Then, Charice began singing a song that I could not make out at allai??i?? I knew it definitely wasnai??i??t a song from her album, and it sounded like a Christmas song. I just couldnai??i??t make it out. Like I said, Iai??i??ll defer to my fellow Chasters to fill the void on the details for the show. Charice did get a rousing applause from what I could hear after her performance, and then after she left, I wanted to stay to hear one of my favorite groups growing up, Wilson Phillips perform. However, one thing I failed to mention yet was that of all the shows to bring my family to, I chose this one, and my little daughter was getting VERY restless as I had promised her views of a beautiful big Christmas tree and Santa Clause, and all I could offer her were broken promises! icon sad Speed Bumps Along the Chaster Journey So, it was time for us to head home. Although we had hoped to meet up with our fellow L.A. Chasters who also were planning to bring their families as opposed to yesterdayai??i??s show which was mostly a ai???workai??i?? day for us :), it just wasnai??i??t meant to be for this night.

So all in all, a small speed bump during this amazing Chaster journey. One that will also have its own unique memories, but one that led to these new realizations for me this night. I thought of getting into further detail regarding last nightai??i??s show and dinner/meet/greet time in Part 2 of the Citadel CNN report, but since there have been several really good reports posted by my fellow Chasters since Part 1 was posted, I will essentially make this Part 2 of the ai???Weekendai??i?? report and conclude with one final point from yesterday.

I had mentioned in Part 1 that there was one group of young teenagers who really stood out to me yesterday as we were passing out the gifts before the show. As we kind of ai???threw outai??i?? the secret phrase requirement and just handed out the gifts to all the kids in the area, one family of two teenage girls and their mom came up to us, recognized our Charice T-shirts and told us they knew the secret phrase! What made this encounter particularly special was that this was the first non-Asian, Caucasian family with kids who actually approached us. Not only that, but they were the ONLY ones who actually KNEW the secret phrase which was posted on CM! The older teen named Summer actually came wearing a Charice T-shirt, and after talking with them for a while, we realized that she had fallen in love with Charice after watching her first Oprah appearance, and had even traveled to Las Vegas for the DFF show in October with her entire family!

I spoke with her mom for a bit, and she told me that her daughters were the ones who actually introduced her to Charice, and now their mom was a certified Chaster herself! It was simply awesome getting to talk with them for awhile, and to see how genuine their love for Charice and her music was. Now why am I singling this particular family out? Because as weai??i??ve talked about so many times on CM, my hope is that this type of encounter with a non-Asian family of Chasters will become so commonplace and routine in the weeks and months to come that it wonai??i??t be even worth mentioning. We already know that Charice has conquered Asia, and will be the pride of the Philippines for decades to come. But there is no doubt in my mind that as Charice continues her appearances on Glee, and after the next dance single breaks through on the Top 40 charts, Charice will become fully mainstream in the U.S. and it wonai??i??t be an anomaly when a Caucasian family comes to a Charice concert fully decked out in Charice gear. Itai??i??s gonna happen, and I think itai??i??s just a matter of time.

Not only does Charice and her music transcend age/generational barriers, but she will surely transcend all ethnic/racial barriers as well. Itai??i??s already happened to some extent, and itai??i??s going to continue to happen more and more. Her Filipino and Asian fans will always be there, but Iai??i??m convinced that Charice will continue to attract more and more non-Asian fans in the coming months. And this is important, because as weai??i??ve already discussed, according to the last official U.S. census from 2000, Asians only make up 4% of the U.S. population! Iai??i??m sure thatai??i??s gone up a bit since then, but the number is still drastically miniscule compared to the non-Asian population in the U.S. Thus, in order for Charice to break through the Top 40 charts, her fanbase is going to have to shift more towards non-Asians in order to gain that type of mass success in the U.S. I believe America is ready to see Charice not only become the first Asian artist to debut in the Top 10 on Billboard, but to see her become the first mainstream Pop Superstar in the U.S who just happens to be of Asian descent.

Charice LA Grove Speed Bumps Along the Chaster Journey

On that note, a very brief note about the whole ai???Filipinoai??i?? shout-out thing thatai??i??s been debated back and forth here on CM. There are arguments on both sides of the issue, and quite frankly, itai??i??s one of those issues that people will just differ on. To offer my own perspective, the first time I heard Charice do a ai???filipinoai??i?? shout out on youtube, I was a bit taken aback by it, and became concerned about the exclusionary effect that may have on the non-filipinos in the audience. So my immediate reaction was not very positive. However, when I experienced another ai???filipinoai??i?? shout out in person at the Grammy Block Party show, I didnai??i??t get that same sense of discomfort, because it didnai??i??t feel like Charice was excluding people more than it felt like she was just expressing her tremendous gratitude to the largest segment of her fanbase who have supported her.

And during yesterdayai??i??s show, Charice actually said ai???Iai??i??m sorryai??? before giving out that Filipino shout out, as if to acknowledge those who have concerns about her saying Purchase cefadroxil dosage that. However, Charice still went ahead and did so, and I could sense a GENUINE and SINCERE desire within her to really express her thanks to the Filipinos in the crowd (who made up a huge number of her fans yesterday) for supporting her. Regardless of what may have happened in the past, Charice is thankful for the current tremendous support she is receiving from her fellow Filipinos in the U.S., and not being Filipino myself, I did not feel offended in any way by that ai???shout-outai??i?? yesterday. Charice has learned through this summer as well to follow up that Filipino shout-out with another shout-out to ALL her fans for their support, and so I really donai??i??t think anyone in the crowd last night felt offended or left-out by the ai???shout-outai??i??. People may continue to differ on this issue, but at the end of the day, Charice is Iai??i??m sure already aware of all of this, but still wants to express her love for her Filipino fans in this way at this stage of her career. She may feel okay just thanking all of her fans collectively at some point in the future, but for now, letai??i??s just support her and accept all of her gratitude, because she is truly and deeply grateful for the love she receives from ALL of her Chasters.

Well, itai??i??s been an unbelievable weekend here in L.A., and weai??i??re glad that all of you were able to somewhat share in our experience this weekend through the reports and the awesome videos. On to Rockefeller Plaza for Charice and the NYC/East-coast Chasters’ turn at holiday bliss. Tai??i??is truly the start of a fabulous Chaster Christmas for us all! Thank you Charice for the early Christmas gift youai??i??ve given us this magical weekend here in L.A.!

By LAfan,

Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice-Cody Simpson Citadel Concert

charice simpson citadel Speed Bumps Along the Chaster JourneyListening to Charice sing in-person is like listening to a live studio recording, because she is always flawless in pitch, tone, timing and delivery. In this day and age of autotune, other artists also sound really good live because they are either aided by auto-tune on stage, or just lip-synch on stage to a recorded track. >> continue reading

You are Invited to a Chaster Gathering in Los Angeles on Nov 20, 2010

chaster gathering citadel1 Speed Bumps Along the Chaster JourneyAnd- donai??i??t forget that first 100 Young Chasters 12 yrs and under at the Citadel get special gifts! Simply locate a fellow chaster wearing a Charice shirt and a Charicemania cap and get in the holiday spirit by saying the magic words, ai???Ho, ho, hoai??i?? Chaster Claus!ai??? So, be there early and see you at the Citadel!! >> continue reading

74 Responses to “Speed Bumps Along the Chaster Journey”

  1. Jessica86s says:

    To LAfan – thank you for sharing your experience. I admire your attitude toward the whole event which didn’t really turn out the way you expected or hoped it would. Despite the inconvenience, disappointment and all, you managed to see the brighter side and are able to share and impart the more positive attitude and brighter side of the whole experience in a very interesting and entertaining manner. Your uncommon writing talent reflects a good and strong character. For that I take my hat off and compliments for an article well done.

    To RodBelt – You are very fortunate to have had those great opportunities to get that close to Charice and make a significant imprint in her memory to know and remember you after so many concerts, thousands of other fans and that “only for you” solo concert rehearsal. I definitely envy you just like so many other chasters or fans. I’ve been here from the start too but am one of those very unfortunate ones who always misses that eyeball to eyeball personal encounter for some dang fateful reason. Your feeling discouraged because of the “thumbs down” very thing is normal, but don’t let it get you down. I’ve had my share of those too while I used to write a lot about Charice and almost quit. But that wouldn’t have done Charice any good and my love and admiration for her was just greater than those critics and “thumbs downs”. Just look at it this way, if I may share my two cents worth. It’s just like you were in a classroom and happen to get the favor and approval of your teacher and she praises you but uses you to pressure and motivate the other students to do the same, which may not be exactly what they want at that moment. But at the end of the class, you all rush out and play together and no hurt or hard feelings are harbored among you because there are other more important things by that time, namely, play.

    As for the issue on showing up at the door of the family uninvited, I understand that your intention and motive is nothing more than a natural instinct of Filipino’s to return that favor or kindness and courtesy extended to you by Charice, by offering your hospitality. Nothing wrong there. But I agree with Joel that it may very easily be misconstrued by the family and fans alike, as an invasion of privacy. Although the family would really prefer to spend their little time doing something else, you would have put them in a situation where they would be pressured to accept instead of decline such a honest and wholesome gesture. Joel’s suggestion of leaving your contact number and the invitation with MommyRaqz was also the best since you left them with the option to back out or decline in a less pressured way causing less embarrassment for them and yourself. I hope my two cents worth of opinion helps you see the other side much clearer.

    I am thankful for people like Joel who care enough to lookout for and explain an bridge misunderstandings like these in a very “family” like way and manner. I consider myself fortunate to be part of the chaster family and although I haven’t had that “eyeball to eyeball” encounter with Charice and her family, I have felt the love and benefitted from the knowledge of Charice and her magnificent talent and personality. I believe I shall continue to do so until Charice herself quits entertainment industry. I doubt that very much. Not until many more years. Have the happiest holidays nut be safe fellow Chaster. May the good Lord bless you always and of course Charice and her family.
    LABYO all.

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  2. arz_bayani says:
    The best weekend in LA.

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  3. LAfan says:

    Thanks as always everyone for your kind words. We’re all on this amazing Chaster Journey together, and it’s my joy to share my experiences with you all. I just want to thank Admin and the CM crew for giving us all this forum to share in our experiences together. It’s been a magical year, and we have so much more to look forward to before the year’s end!

    I’m still playing ‘catch-up’ on seeing all the videos from the past weekend, and I’m stuck on watching “Halo” from the Citadel over and over (especially Henry’s videos from up close). I was so focused on the livestream that I think I completely missed how powerful that performance was… I would have written much more about it in the report after watching the vids over and over. Her voice is like the rarest Stradivarius being played by the most gifted musician to ever touch one. Her pitch-perfect performance across several octaves throughout the song was simply mesmerizing. I’m hoping she keeps that one on her set-list for her upcoming solo shows next year. I’ve just got to hear that song live again.

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and can’t wait for Rockefeller!

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  4. RodBelt says:

    I found it very amusing for more thumbs down than up (a first for me!) I received when I expressed my desire to find Charice’s home address as I am now in RP in a town next to Tagaytay. My intentions are not only good but PURE!!!! From the time I discovered her on Ellen’s, she captured my heart and loyalty and followed her career like many of us, Chasters. I had the first opportunity of meeting her at the M&G at Pru Center in October, 2009 with my 86 years old mother then during which my Mom and I had a picture taken with her. I gave her DVDs of a Whitney Houston and a Barbra concerts for which she was very thankful as I told her that let those be a ‘guide or study’ knowing that her career is just starting. In May 2009, I had the second chance of meeting and talking to her again at the Mayfair Festival in Allentown, Pa. I was dumbfounded when I reminded her about the Pru meeting and she thanked me again for the DVDs I gave her! I kept asking myself how she can remember me after the numerous appearances and the thousands of fans she met in between the two events! When she performed at Six Flags in NJ a few months later, I was blessed to be the ONLY audience during her rehearsal/mike check that I boasted to have a “private concert” by Charice. I spent a good 15 minutes conversation with her praising and telling her how much, we Chasters, love and adore her. As she was signing my previous pictures with her, she noticed my Mother and exclaimed “Oh, your Mom”, which really impressed me and made me believe that she knows me by now.

    Knowing that she spends quiet vacation with families and friends when she is back in RP, I have no intention whatsoever of disrespecting her privacy of peace and quiet. I would have politely knocked on her door, introduce myself and the purpose of my visit, and graciously leave if refused admittance. (For the uninitiated, knocking on somebody’s door uninvited, is perfectly ok and is not considered an invasion of privacy in RP unless, of course, one is asking acceptance in an on-going party or gathering). Knowing her love for Filipino cuisine, my goal is to invite her, Mommy Raqz and Carl to my hometown, enhance their vacation by taking a nice, restful stroll on the beach while watching some beautiful sunsets followed by a quiet and discreetly hushed dinner in the town’s most famous restaurant known for some exclusive and exquisite creations that I’m sure Charice will love.

    Chasters, to me, Charice is like my second daughter. I want to show her how much I love, adore and appreciate her. I want to thank her for the all her gifts of music to all of us, so much so that many, including myself, have admitted that Charice brought POSITIVE changes in our lives. I cannot think of any material gift that I can give her to show my fatherly affection to her. I mentioned this in the past and I will say it again: I LOVE CHARICE SO MUCH THAT I WILL BE WILLING TO TAKE A BULLET TO PROTECT HER!

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    • Joel says:
      Don’t be for a lack of better term “discourage” from the thumbs down from your original post. You know we care for her just as you do. I’m sure what everyone wanted was for just Charice to have privacy. We’ve all followed her from day 1 and pretty much know a lot about Charice that’s why to me I felt, “hey her home is a get away from everyone. Let’s respect that”.

      I understand you care for her as a father as well but as an adult you should understand the concerns regarding crazy fans lol. What you could do was give your number to Mommy Raqz and tell her your going to be home for Christmas as well and would like to take them out for a great dinner or whatever you have planned. Her safety it’s with the utmost importance.

      So instead of showing up uninvited I say that’s one way to do it. No one really knows anyones true intentions. NOT saying what yours is, and I am sure it’s PURE but understand and respect her privacy. You showing up at her door however quietly you knock on the door could be taken in different contexts.
      Please understand my view as I totally understand yours.

      But hey if you do get to have dinner with her and everything goes safely well, then I must say you would be so lucky and from that point on I would envy you lol.

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  5. Vernon says:
    LAfan, thanks for detailing your personal experience. My daughter warned me the Grove gets crazy busy on Sundays, and the Tree Lighting event is big in and of itself. The Grove stage within the circle pathway is relatively small so my fears would have come true had I gone to West Hollywood/LA.
    The Citadel LA event we experienced the previous day was an unforgettable event I will always cherish. Charice’s live performance was my first time to see “The World’s Most Talented Girl.” Please visit my Video page for postings of my Mini-DV capture of the entire concert in 7 parts, with Privacy Rights set to Everyone I was able to shoot HQ from about 25 feet from the front of stage with a 20x optical zoom for good close ups. I had no tripod so was a bit shaky on telezoom. Unfortunately, the “true fan” screaming teenyboppers disrupted the audio recording.
    I’m glad it rained hard in LA earlier that day. Several I talked with changed their minds about going. Others apparently took the same attitude as we were able get a decent spot 1 1/2 hours prior to start time. Sky was cool but no rain by her “I Love You” opening number. There was a brief rain later during Halo.
    CM did well by promoting the event but a Google search revealed Charice’s appearance was not well advertised in the LA area with initial announcement less than a month before. By contrast, March Toronto had 4 months of heavy promoting.
    The LA Chaster after-concert party at Terra Nova in Double Tree Hotel was a real icing on the cake. 11/20/10 was so much fun and a real bonding experiencing with everyone sharing the love for Charice in Commerce, CA.

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  6. ArrVee says:
    @LaFan, these are not really speed bumps but indications of progress in Charice’s efforts to penetrate the mainstream entertainment industry consciousness. As she gets bigger and bigger, we have to be prepared to let her go, to expect bigger crowds and more challenges in getting that oh-so-precious personal touch that she used to be in a position to liberally give away, though she continues to make every effort to reciprocate her fans’ support in this area. And this is probably the reason why she continues to do shout-outs to her fans.

    i would imagine that if I were a non-Filipino and not know that much about Charice, I would initially feel that all the Filipino fans’ dedication stem from the nationalistic pride angle. However, I would further imagine that after listening to her live performances, I would then understand what the fuss is all about, and that she transcends national and race boundaries, and would actually be proud of her, adopting her as a personal champion.

    I couldn’t help connecting the lyrics of “My Grown-Up Christmas List” to her growing up in our midst, in terms of vocal prowess, character and presence, and with the relatively mild tempo of these Christmas songs, it is as if she does not need to prove anything more to us, leaving us only with the unforgettable experience of her beautiful Heaven-sent voice, the perfect medium to deliver the underlying messages of hope and joy.

    it also takes a grown-up audience to appreciate the timeless beauty of her voice, unadorned with electronic assistance and gimmickry. And yet, when she indulges us with her power notes and that intoxicating wail, we grown-ups feel and act like children again …

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  7. AngelFace101 says:
    IMHO – About the “proud to be pinoy” stuff. I thought it can only be appropriately applied on some occasions – but it should only be said or uttered by a Pinoy who he/she HIMSELF/HERSELF is the receipient of an award, a medal, a citation or recognition or a championship trophy in an INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS. He/She could be in a podium speaking about his/her achievement or being interviewed in an international scene. Other than those – he/she are perceived to be just RIDING in popularity of a person who he/she has no contribution to the person’s success. NO FREE RIDER PLEASE.

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  8. mariae says:
    I like this part: “Her Filipino and Asian fans will always be there, but I’m convinced that Charice will continue to attract more and more non-Asian fans in the coming months. And this is important, because as we’ve already discussed, according to the last official U.S. census from 2000, Asians only make up 4% of the U.S. population! I’m sure that’s gone up a bit since then, but the number is still drastically miniscule compared to the non-Asian population in the U.S. Thus, in order for Charice to break through the Top 40 charts, her fanbase is going to have to shift more towards non-Asians in order to gain that type of mass success in the U.S.”
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us =)

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  9. arz_bayani says:
    Some crowd shots that I got from the Grove. the Grove is packed already around 4pm when I got there. It was just amazing.

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  10. adixon2luv says:
    charice is now a Hollywood star…it would be appropriate to embrace charice as charice herself but not as Filipino because it makes no sense at all..other nationality would feel an easy because there is”quote in quote Filipino”blalbla for charice order for them to love charice let’s make things acceptable for every body…we know that no matter what will happen, Filipino spirits will always be in charice’s heart but let us all remember that charice is now for everybody else…i love being a Filipino and other races will feel the same way but sometimes we need to understand that there are some people who are bias at all if we speak about races…so guys let’s welcome them as one who loves charice for being who she is and in that way charice will be known worldwide and let them discover and unfold the stories behind out dear princess..

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  11. Molene 23 says:
    1st time seeing Charice live at citadel I kid you not I was literally shaking in disbelief that she was like 15 ft away from me one of my dreams had just been fullfiled.

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  12. antonjuan says:
    I am relieved to read that more Pinoys are writing here about their discomfiture at the “proud to be pinoy stuff” here and elsewhere whenever there’s an article on Charice, etc. It’s just not right. We should just be proud for Charice because whatever she is right now is the result of her innate talent, hard work, focus and determination and of course her Mother’s and brother Carl’s love and support. We’re here to be entertained, to be inspired and to support her, because she makes us happy inside and we really just want her to be happy. Her being Filipino had nothing to do with anything, she just happened to be born that way, she couldn’t help that.

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    • Joel says:
      You are right. It should be that way. A person saying to themselves, “I am proud of Charice, not because she’s Pinay, but because of her character, her love towards people, her passion for music, and especially her talent.”

      This topic has already been scrutinized and commented on over and over again so I won’t say anything more.


      I can not wait until Charice’s next performance in LA. I hope she does something for the Christmas season in LA. I say LA because I don’t think she’ll come to San Diego, I mean I hope she does but most of her shows are in LA, or somewhere even farther lol. Like LAFan’s story, I and I’m sure many Chasters can relate, had a similar story.

      Of course I came much later, this was my first attempt to come to one of her shows. Not that I didn’t want to come to the other ones. No one wanted to come with me from San Diego. All my friends that I invited were like “it’s far”, or it’s raining”. I drove all the way from San Diego and to my surprise, the traffic in the area of The Grove was crazy. It took me an hour to find parking. As I was driving in the parking lot I kept praying for the Lord to find me a spot. By that time 7:30 struck and a lady left her spot and I parked. I ran down the stairs, while at the same time wondering why everyone was standing against the railings and thought, well they probably just wanted to watch it from there. Of course i too was turned away from security. So I began my journey going to each level to find a view, and while this was going on I started to hear two people sing, male and female. So I slowed down and listened closer, and was shocked when I realized it was Charice singing!!! I was so sad that I couldn’t see her, after driving all this way. Yet I was so happy to hear her voice LIVE. So I kept walking up towards the 8th floor and found a spot on the edge of the building which gave me a view, but of course trees were in the way blocking the stage view. So I just stood there and listened to most of the performances.

      I just had no idea how big the event was. Next time I will definitely come early. Hopefully next time I can meet some of you guys that’s on here.

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      • menineims says:

        I think I sharewith your thoughts and I admire you for bravely bringing up this issue although I know, it might have solicited a lots of negative comments in your previous attempts. Anyway, as long as your advocacy is right, it will win in the end and gather more supports than you can imagine. I know some people can feel alienated where others opinions contradict theirs but there is always a learning curve where people begin to realize that a supposed anomaly of ideas really make more sense than what they initially believe in. I think we are in phase where this thought is winning ground especially in a community of Chasters whom as I can observe are a bunch of sensible individuals. All the write ups and comments really continue to amaze me. Cheers to every Chasters!

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  13. RodBelt says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Joel says:
      That’s kind of private information and scary at the same time lol. You probably have the best of intentions but I personally wouldn’t bother someone at their home, a place of peace and away from the outside world unless invited of course.

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      • nikki says:
        Joel, I agree with you 110%. That’s her privte place, her haven and I want Charice to have peace in her own house,,,and as you said…unless INVITED…

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    • osuna says:


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  14. Sunny says:
    My hubby and I traveled 65 miles to Citadel just to see our princess perform and we got there a little late :( We tried to squish in the middle of the crowd, hoping to see a full view of Charice but I knew it would be impossible coz I am short and the people in front of us were all tall. When Cha started singing I Love You my hubby had a big smile on his face coz it’s his favorite song in the album! He’s quite tall and he could see her clearly…so unfair I had to tip toe all the time just to catch a glimpse of her! When she started singing Halo I just closed my eyes and listened.. and got soaked in the rain with a smile on my face :) After the show we hung out by the tree, I even saw Carl hanging out with a few people from CM (UCLA told me it’s them!) and after half an hour or so Cha came out again to light up the tree and this time we’re close to the stage! I was so happy to see her that close, although it’s my second time to watch her perform live (first time was in FASO concert in Pasadena) I still felt very excited :)

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  15. jinXT says:
    whoa, that was one long post and i usually don’t read whole CNN reports (just portions) and certainly not a CNN that is this long but i enjoyed your post so much that i read every word of it. =)

    i was at the Eaton Centre “Experience” (far behind the stage, on the second floor, behind 2 rows of people behind the railings and yes the songs were indecipherable as well) and i know exactly what you went through. you feel disappointed but thrilled and amazed at the same time for the experience.

    regarding the ‘shout-out to Filipinos’, it should be a non-issue and even JLo did that all the time (for her Latino fans)

    what i take issue on is the “i’m so proud to be Filipino” posts all over the web. it’s arrogant, rude and “you shouldn’t have to say it to feel it” and “if you feel it, then why have the need to say it”

    i’m Filipino btw =]

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    • AearEnMenel says:
      I feel what u feel on the “proud to be pinoy” it’s just all over the place. A shout-out is fine since from the beginning her filipino fans was there for her & is still w/ her all the way. But I get irritated & annoyed when I see & hear it, that was some time ago. For the record I’m a young adult 21 yr old woman, be nice & I’m filipino as well. It’s just that I saw & can still know how to see from another point of view; & it’s I feel I’m not welcome here. I saw comments like “Can you stop! we get it but it gets annoying” There’s a wall that filipinos are putting up that people can’t really reach & enjoy Charice. That’s what I saw & felt before. Time heals you & u learn. It’s how I grew up, my parents never really quoted “proud to be pinoy” they’re like just seeing the individual’s talent, or like “galing talaga ang filipino.” Groomed since small. Old/new pinoy fans should get the vibe, lower your volume down & welcome others. I know some of you will thumbs down me but just see from another point of view.

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      • Joel says:
        your right. It’s just a mentality some have and don’t understand. It’s a pride thing but what get’s to me more is, WHY ARE YOU PROUD TO BE PINOY? Saying that is saying your proud of yourself right? So why are you proud? Because of someone else’s success? It’s like a leech, just sucking, and taking advantage of something or someone else’s HARD WORK. If your going to be proud, have a reason. If that reason is Charice, then the wording should be, I am proud of Charice.

        Again this topic has been talked about many times and bringing it up will just have the same results. So I’ll stop here. But hey what can we do right? We can’t force someone to stop saying what they want to say, I mean we could but that would be illegal lol.

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