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Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice-Cody Simpson Citadel Concert

Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice-Cody Simpson Citadel Concert

ai???Charice News Networkai??? Report from the Citadel, Part 1

Hey Chasters! It seems like each time I sit down to write a report after a show, I ask myself what was the main thing that struck me during this particular Charice performance. Although each performance is unique in its own way, one thing remains constant. Listening to Charice sing in-person is like listening to a live studio recording, because she is always flawless in pitch, tone, timing and delivery. In this day and age of autotune, other artists also sound really good live because they are either aided by auto-tune on stage, or just lip-synch on stage to a recorded track. You can usually tell the difference between an artistai??i??s studio recording and a live performance, because there will be intonations, pitches that differ slightly between the two. However, with Charice, there is no auto-tune aid, nor does she lip-synch to a track. She is simply Charice, the consummate professional musical prodigy, who delivers a picture perfect performance time in and time out. She is a laserbeam both inside a recording studio and on a live stage. I will expound more on her set a bit later in this report, but first, letai??i??s start with how the day started off for the L.A. Chasters as the three-week promotional effort finally reached its conclusion, kicking off her performance tonight at the Citadel.

As Iai??i??ve written earlier, Iai??i??ve been amazed and humbled by the efforts of the Chasters here in L.A. to promote this weekendai??i??s Charice concerts for the past three weeks. Thousands of flyers were plastered all over L.A. during this period, and it was clear that regardless of the rainy forecast, we were expecting a HUGE turnout for this Citadel show to rival the amazing scene from Toronto earlier this year. We arrived at the Citadel around 12pm, and put the finishing touches on preparing for not only the pre-show activities of handing out the 100+ gifts for the Chasters under 12 who could recite the secret phrase, but also compiling the numerous gifts donated by the L.A. Chasters for the winners of the Trivia Game that would take place later in the evening at the post-show Chaster meet/greet dinner.

charice and alli simpson Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice Cody Simpson Citadel Concert

Charice with Cody Simpson's sister

We finally made our way to the stage area around 2:30pm, and there was already a sizable crowd assembled in front of the stage area, 2.5 hours before showtime! From the initial looks of it, there was a large contingent of younger teen-aged girls who were big fans of Cody Simpson right at the front of the stage. However, even as we walked towards the stage area, we could see many Filipino families with their children who came of course, for Charice. One family from Vallejo had just driven 8 hours to get to the Citadel for the show, and we handed out our first two light sticks to the kids (who didnai??i??t know the secret phrase, but we gave them a pass!). The L.A. Chasters then split up around the stage area and began distributing the light sticks to all the kids in the area. Unfortunately, not many knew the secret phrase, so we just ended up telling them the secret phrase, and they were just as excited to repeat it to us to receive their light sticks. Within an hour or so, all 100+ light sticks were handed out to the kids in the area, all who professed to be there to see Charice in person! However, one particular group of teens really stuck out to me, but I think Iai??i??ll save that story for Part 2 of this report as it touches upon another topic Iai??i??ll bring up later in the report.

We had been concerned for the past week looking at the weather reports which all pointed to a very rainy day in L.A. for the show. The weather was one thing we couldnai??i??t control in terms of our promotional efforts, so we just hoped that the rainy forecast would not deter too many from coming. Heading down to the Citadel, we kept seeing ai???Sunshineai??? peek through the clouds, and we really began to believe that the rain would hold off for Chariceai??i??s performance. And for the most part, it did! Yes, there were periods of rain throughout the afternoon, but it was nothing compared to what the earlier weather forecasts had predicted. By 4:30pm, amid a bit of drizzle, the entire viewing area in front of the stage and to the sides of the stage were completely full. Literally, it was standing room only. At that point, the L.A. Chasters just looked to each other, and realized this night was already a HUGE success with such a large turnout despite the rain! We couldnai??i??t have been happier seeing the massive crowd of people continuing to get larger and larger, even as umbrellas popped out from the crowd from time to time.

Prior to the start of the show, we were entertained by the Radio Disney DJai??i??s for about half an hour, and then the Citadel execs came out to do a bunch of speeches which only got the crowd more and more restless to get the show started! By then, we had all been standing on our feet for 3 hours straight as it was standing room only with no chairs in sight! The younger teens up front kept calling out for Cody, and then the Charice fans in the crowd would scream for Charice. The anticipation in the crowd was building to a boiling point, and finally, after the Rockettes gave a quick demonstration and promo, it was time for the first act of the night, Cody Simpson. He clearly was popular with the younger teen-aged girls in the crowd, and I recall thinking how after Chariceai??i??s next single, those same teen-aged girls would be screaming similarly for Charice. After a 5 song set by Cody which the crowd enjoyed, it was time for our Princess to make her way on stage!

Here is where I will go off on a quick tangent. For all previous Charice concerts, I had purposely not taken a camera to the show so I could focus solely on the performance and environment to write up as detailed and accurate of a report as possible. And that was the plan as well today. However, just before Charice came on stage, the L.A. Chasters discovered that there was no one livestreaming the show to the Chasters on Charicemania. So our fellow Chaster Jazzy quickly booted up his ustream account on his iPhone, and began to prepare his iPhone to try to livestream the show. He finally got it working, and since he was already going to record some stellar videos on his HD camcorder, Jazzy passed the iPhone to Christinedl to livestream the show. However, I was standing directly behind her, and realized it would make more sense for me to hold the iPhone for the livestream as I am ai???slightlyai??i?? taller than her. icon smile Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice Cody Simpson Citadel Concert So I took the iPhone from her, and I think by the end of the performance, over 290 viewers were watching the show live on Jazzyai??i??s ustream account.

The reason why I bring this up is, I can honestly say that I have gained a new profound appreciation for the efforts by all the Ninja Chaster videographers who go out of their way to take their cameras/camcorders to video these shows for all the Chastersai??i?? benefit. Honestly, it was TREMENDOUSLY difficult trying to hold up the iPhone to video the show, and still try to stay ai???in the momentai??i?? with Chariceai??i??s performance. Since this was my first time recording a performance, I didnai??i??t realize how much focus was required to stay on the stage and not ai???get distractedai??i?? by the show itself! So my apologies to all who viewed the livestream and complained about the shakiness, as well as my left finger which kept coming into the screen each time I switched the iPhone to my left hand to allow the blood to circulate back into my right arm! I didnai??i??t realize the extents to which the Ninja Chasters have gone to provide such stellar videos of Chariceai??i??s performances for all of our benefit, and we just canai??i??t thank them enough for their sacrifice in foregoing their own viewing experience to capture the best videos for all those around the world who wished they could be there as well. A funny note, if you all saw the end of the livestream, I gave the iPhone back to Christinedl after Chariceai??i??s performance, Where to buy remeron online and itai??i??s quite hilarious seeing Christinedl and our other famous L.A. Chaster Jay (UCLA_UST) go crazy at the end of that video giving their shout-outs to their fellow Chasters on CM. Can you tell they were both a bit excited after watching Charice live? icon smile Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice Cody Simpson Citadel Concert

citadel crowd Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice Cody Simpson Citadel Concert

Charice-Cody Simpson's Citadel Concert drew 6,000+ fans

So letai??i??s get back to Chariceai??i??s set-list. The crowd was in a really good mood after Cody Simpsonai??i??s performance, and was eager to have Charice come on stage. Although there were quite a few Cody fans in the audience, I believe the cheers for Charice were definitely the loudest of the night when the DJ asked who we were excited to see. Charice came out to the ai???I Love You Remixai??? intro, and as you can see in the video uploads, just ignited the crowd with her power vocals. Like I said before, I had heard her sing the ai???I Love You Remixai??? at the Las Vegas Block Party earlier this summer, and I could have sworn that we were listening to a recording of that same performance. Just another picture perfect, spot-on, flawless performance which has become her trademark: laserbeam.

Charice then asked the crowd if we wanted to hear her single ai???Pyramid,ai??? and the crowd yelled loudly with approval. Again, what can I say about the performance other than it was simply flawless just like the studio recording. After Pyramid, we got to see a bit of the fun side of Charice on stage, which was REALLY great to see! Charice noted that she first got discovered on Youtube singing covers, and then went into the Dance Medley (Just dance/Party in the USA/Rock with you). Then, she kind of joked around with the crowd about singing a Justin Bieber song, and the crowd yelled out for her to sing ai???Babyai???. Knowing that Charice had previously sung ai???Babyai??? acapella impromptu at K-fest in NY, it seemed she would use that opportunity to go into the ai???Babyai??? song again. But to my great surprise, someone in the crowd simultaneously yelled for her to sing ai???You Smileai???, and then Charice turned to the crowd and asked us, which one do you want me to sing, ai???Babyai??? (pause) or ai???You Smileai???? Charice was genuinely giving the crowd the option to choose which song we would prefer for her to sing for us! The screams were slightly louder for ai???You Smile,ai??? so after telling the audience that she did not have an accompanying track for the song, she broke into an acapella impromptu version of ai???You Smileai??? which just again displayed her vocal prowess and musicality. How many artists would dare ask a crowd to choose what song they wanted her to sing acapella, with no accompanying track, and completely impromptu? None other than our dear Charice of course! And again, pitch-perfect, laserbeam version of the song, and she even got the crowd to sing parts of the song like a true pop star working the crowd.

Charice then told the crowd that she would sing her favorite Beyonce song, and several in the crowd thought it was ai???Listenai???, and yelled that out. But there was no mistaking the haunting opening chords of ai???Haloai???, and we were so excited to hear this song live for the first time for us in L.A. Donai??i??t know if you can see it in the videos, but about halfway through the song when the power of Chariceai??i??s voice was breaking through, the skies suddenly burst open and there was a brief period of heavy rain, almost as if her voice had cracked open the heavens and allowed the rains to pour down on us once again. A truly beautiful moment. The consensus among the L.A. Chasters was that ai???Haloai??? was THE song of the night. Strong, powerful, amazing range, and again, laserbeam precision on pitch/tone. Again, I just couldnai??i??t get over how hearing her sing live was really like listening to a perfect studio recording, just done live. She sang ai???Haloai??? beautifully, just as she had done before in Thailand and in the US Weekly offices earlier this summer. Just simply amazing how Charice never seems to have any pitch issues, and is always just so spot-on with her vocals. Of course David Foster has said this before many a times, and he simply speaks the truth about Chariceai??i??s uncanny ability to be pitch-perfect every time, whether in the studio or on the stage, without fail.

Finally, the show ended on an upbeat number, as Charice told the crowd she couldnai??i??t leave the stage without singing a Christmas song, and she said she would sing her favorite Christmas song of all, which happened to be a really fun version of ai???Jingle Bell Rockai???. Iai??i??m thinking sheai??i??ll probably be singing this one tomorrow night at the Grove, as well as at Rockefeller on the 30th. A really fun upbeat song that still shows off Chariceai??i??s beautiful vocals.

Iai??i??ll conclude Part 1 of the CNN report with my final observations of the show. Charice seemed more comfortable on stage than I had ever seen her before. Her fluency in English is simply amazing compared to just even a few months earlier during her summer shows. These past months of appearing on countless concerts, T.V. shows, and of course Glee has done wonders for Chariceai??i??s command of the English language, and for the girl who had to memorize what she would say on Ellen just 3 years ago, Charice was virtually fluent on stage talking with the crowd and engaging us as if in casual conversation. Iai??i??m convinced that if she dreams to practice law in the U.S. at some point, sheai??i??ll have no problem doing so. Her self-confidence level has increased tremendously, and sheai??i??s simply a STAR on the stage now. Glancing briefly at some of the comments of the show, I see there is some discussion about why Charice still chooses to give ai???shout-outsai??i?? to her Filipino fans during her shows. Some have argued here that she does so because she doesnai??i??t feel like a ai???Hollywood starai??? just yet. My views differ on that issue, but Iai??i??ll save my thoughts on that for Part 2 of the report.

Lastly, regarding the challenge issued by the Toronto Chasters to top their amazing 6,000 person crowd for Chariceai??i??s Toronto show this summer, all I can say is that it was truly standing-room only for tonightai??i??s show here in L.A. There was simply no available space in the viewing areas for any additional people to squeeze any tighter. Tonightai??i??s show was a HUGE turnout, especially considering the rain throughout the day and afternoon which usually keeps Los Angelinos holed up inside their homes. I heard a report after the show that Radio Disney was numbering the crowd to be around 6,000 or so. Without knowing what the actual numbers were, all I can report is that it was a FULL house with no room to spare (even on the sides of the stage where there virtually was no view). Therefore, if I were asked to put a number on the crowd, I would probably lean towards numbering it at around 6,001. icon smile Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice Cody Simpson Citadel Concert

Playlist – I Love You, Pyramid, Pop Medley, U-Smile, Halo, Jingle Bell Rock


By LAfan,

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  1. Marie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful moments with Charice & other Chasters. Watching Videos & reading comments makes me feel that I’m also up there with you guys celebrating the journey of Charice to super stardom…

    From the country at the bottom of the globe, CM is my source & refuge because Entertainment News is already history when it arrives here lol.

    God bless you more & more because you are also a blessings to others. Cheers

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  2. Vernon says:

    Thanks again LAfan for your eloquent interpretation of this fantastic Charice event. Your descriptive words repaint beautiful memories. I couldn’t be happier having seen the Most Talented Girl In The World for the first time. After seeing various viewpoints afterwards, I realize how huge the crowd was. 6K seems accurate.

    I recorded the entire concert uninterupted through all 6 songs. These are the ones I briefly showed a few of you on LCD playback at the LA Chasters after-concert party at the DoubleTree Hotel. The Terra Nova experience was also unbelievably refreshing, with everyone sharing the love for Charice.

    Everyone please check out my camcorder videos I posted on YouTube. I was fortunate to have a position close to the stage, off right center. Go to my YouTube Channel vSpirit2 or search these titles:

    I Love You – Charice at Citadel Los Angeles 11-20-2010 Part 1 of 7

    Pyramid – Charice at Citadel Los Angeles 11-20-2010 Part 2 of 7

    Lady Gaga-Miley Cyrus-Michael Jackson Medley – Charice at Citadel 11-20-2010 Part 3 of 7

    U Smile Justin Bieber cover – Charice at Citadel Los Angeles 11-20-2010 Part 4 of 7

    Halo Beyonce cover – Charice at Citadel 11-20-2010 Part 5 of 7

    Jingle Bell Rock – Charice at Citadel Los Angeles 11-20-2010 Part 6 of 7

    Please repect content rights.

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  3. LAfan says:

    Thanks as always everyone for your kind words. We’re all on this amazing Chaster Journey together, and it’s my joy to share my experiences with you all. I just want to thank Admin and the CM crew for giving us all this forum to share in our experiences together. It’s been a magical year, and we have so much more to look forward to before the year’s end!

    I’m still playing ‘catch-up’ on seeing all the videos from the past weekend, and I’m stuck on watching “Halo” from the Citadel over and over (especially Henry’s videos from up close). I was so focused on the livestream that I think I completely missed how powerful that performance was… I would have written much more about it in the report after watching the vids over and over. Her voice is like the rarest Stradivarius being played by the most gifted musician to ever touch one. Her pitch-perfect performance across several octaves throughout the song was simply mesmerizing. I’m hoping she keeps that one on her set-list for her upcoming solo shows next year. I’ve just got to hear that song live again.

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and can’t wait for Rockefeller!

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    • ammb46 says:

      I’ll throw in my thanks as well LAfan! I, like you, am stuck watching Halo. I can’t get enough!!! nor can I seem to stop!!! not that I want to….lol.
      Thanks again for your great article and to those who have painstakingly taken the videos and posted them. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

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  4. ArrVee says:
    listening to her short covers of LadyGaga, Miley, MJ and JB, you can hear the (what I think are the young in the) crowd react, possibly amazed by the fidelity of her renditions.

    after these, Charice then introduces her cover of Beyonce’s song, as if to tell the kids to listen up and be prepared to hear a *real* song, something that is really difficult to sing … and then proceeds to blast them with that awe-inspiring rendition of Halo … like it was nothing at all … AMAZING!

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  5. chasterDaily says:
    There’s two good songs that fits charice voice~~~its christmas all over the world or Give ove on christmas day

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  6. b0neDaddy says:
    wow princess d best rendition of halo…

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  7. starbuck245 says:
    It was great meeting and chatting with you at the Citadel and the dinner afterward. I was looking forward to your recap and you did not disappoint. You are an excellent writer and convey the mood and excitement of the event as well as providing excellent insight on various issues.

    Even if you don’t happen to read this post, I will make it a point to thank you when we meet again at a Cha event. Keep up the great work you are doing for Cha and Chasters.

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  8. Moira_Inori says:
    Thank you so much, LA Chasters. You guys are the best.

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  9. sheild says:
    LaFan thank you so much for sharing, and LA chasters you rock!!!

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