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Charice Interview & Performance @Citadel Outlets

Charice Interview & Performance @Citadel Outlets

As we wait for the CNN report from our LA Chasters, enjoy the videos and an exclusive interview with Gabrielle of maximo TV as Charice talks about her Christmas plans, Glee, her solo tour and next single, horror movie “audition,” and more. Please check back for updates.

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Mission Accomplished: 6000+ fans Show up for Charice-Cody Simpson’s Citadel Concert

Los Angeles, California – A short while ago I returned from Chariceai??i??s concert at the Citadel and she was amazing! Before the concert began I was lucky to see Charice walking in my direction on the other side of a barricade. I called out her name and she was so sweet to walk around the barricade to give me a big hug! My afternoon had just been perfected, but it gets better. Marc Johnson, Chariceai??i??s manager, soon followed and I was able to have a nice conversation with him concerning the LA Chastersai??i?? efforts to give Charice a wower of a welcome! I told him that we had a vision of surpassing the excitement of the crowd at Torontoai??i??s Eaton Center. He expressed doubt that we would be able to top that, especially with the rainy weather. The crowd was still in the process of finding their way toward the stage and the bad weather made me wonder if perhaps he might be right. Marc saw the t-shirt I was wearing, that Kathy designed, and he said he would like to have one. I invited him, Charice & Carl to the after-concert Chaster dinner and he said they would come if there was sufficient time. Marc located the person he was looking for and had to go, but I was soon blessed to have my daughter, her husband, and my grandson join me. We patiently waited to watch Charice on the Jumbo screens set up behind the Citadelai??i??s 90 ft., Christmas tree. To our surprise Chariceai??i??s brother soon stopped by with a couple of Chasters and I had the opportunity to introduce them to my family. They were all having a great time and they stayed with us until just before Charice was scheduled to sing.

When the DJ introduced Charice the welcome was everything the LA Chasters had hoped it would be! Wild & crazy Chasters cheered their lungs out for Charice and waved the light wands that the LA Chasters had previously distributed; compliments of Christine . Chariceai??i??s first song was the up-tempo dance remix version of ai???I Love Youai???. She then asked the crowd if they would like to hear ai???Pyramidai??? and the crowd erupted in cheers. Charice kept the crowd dancing with her next song, a dance medley of Lady Gagaai??i??s ai???Just Danceai???, Miley Cyrusai??i?? ai???Party In The USAai??? & MJai??i??s ai???Rock With Youai???, where Charice showed off some awesome dance moves. Charice had fun with the crowd letting them choose a Justin Bieber song for her to sing a capella. Charice got the crowd singing along with Justin Bieberai??i??s ai???You Smileai???. Charice then turned up the intensity with her absolutely mind blowing version of Beyonceai??i??s, ai???Haloai???. Charice ended her musical set with a spirited multi-key change filled rendition of ai???Jingle Bell

The LA Chasters all contributed greatly to the promotion of this event according to their various talents and available time and resources. The LA Chasters have every reason to feel proud of their efforts to promote Chariceai??i??s appearance at the Citadel! Radio Disney estimated the crowd as 6,000! After the concert about 40 LA Chasters gathered at a restaurant UCLA_UST had arranged for us. Even though Charice was not able to attend, it was a wonderful dinner. Christine and LAfan did an amazing job with their Charice Trivia game. There were lots of prizes distributed and lots, and lots, of laughter and smiling Chaster faces were evident. Even though some of us didnai??i??t know all the Charice Trivia answers, I donai??i??t think there were any losers. I hope someone got video of Christineai??i??s Lady Gaga and Beyonce charades time. icon smile Charice Interview & Performance @Citadel Outlets It is moments like these shared with family and friends

Android spy, Localizador gps movil. that I will never forget.

There is so much more to tell. I know other Chasters will help to fill in many of the areas I didnai??i??t cover. There were lots of Chasters at the concert, and the post-concert dinner, with video cameras, so be on the lookout for YT video and fb galleries!

Labyo Chasters!

By SideburnerSol,

Radio Disney Estimates 6,000 Fans for Charice-Cody Simpson Citadel Concert

charice alli simpson1 75x75 Charice Interview & Performance @Citadel OutletsWe finally made our way to the stage area around 2:30pm, and there was already a sizable crowd assembled in front of the stage area, 2.5 hours before showtime! From the initial looks of it, there was a large contingent of younger teen-aged girls who were big fans of Cody Simpson >> continue reading

Charice Live in Los Angelesai??i?? Citadel Outlets!

Charice Live in Los Angelesai??i?? Citadel Outlets2 75x75 Charice Interview & Performance @Citadel OutletsSince Los Angeles is a prime Charice territory, we could show her our support and make the Citadel Event top her blockbuster mall show in Torontoai??i??s Eaton Centre earlier this year, where she performed in front of more than 6,000 screaming fans. The actual crowd size exceeded Torontoai??i??s projection of more than 800 percent! >> continue reading

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  1. Khatman says:

    Charice recently completed her Japan solo tour – She sang 27 songs, 9 of which were from her one album of originals. If she restricted her concert to only noncover songs the concert would be over in 30 minutes. If she produces one album per year it will take several years before a 90 minute concert of strictly Charice originals would be heard.

    I don’t see the problem with Charice singing cover songs, especially the ones that showcase her talent such as Eric Carmen’s All By Myself or Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.

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  2. Vernon says:

    Hello all Charice fans: I just uploaded my Charice at Citadel LA Sony Mini-DV camcorder videos to YouTube in 7 parts. Please Recommend them here and Like/Comment on the YT links. You may discover mine are the clearest, most close up views of all the videos taken that night 11/20/2010. I was positioned about 25 feet from the front of the stage. Open from my vSpirit2 YouTube Channel or search for these titles:

    I Love You – Charice at Citadel Los Angeles 11-20-2010 Part 1 of 7

    Pyramid – Charice at Citadel Los Angeles 11-20-2010 Part 2 of 7

    Lady Gaga-Miley Cyrus-Michael Jackson Medley – Charice at Citadel 11-20-2010 Part 3 of 7

    U Smile Justin Bieber cover – Charice at Citadel Los Angeles 11-20-2010 Part 4 of 7

    Halo Beyonce cover – Charice at Citadel 11-20-2010 Part 5 of 7

    Jingle Bell Rock – Charice at Citadel Los Angeles 11-20-2010 Part 6 of 7

    Charice’s favorite Christmas song is Jingle Bell Rock. This Bobby Helms remake was the Glee star’s sixth and final number at Citadel Outlet concert. Just before, Charice declared “I’m so sorry, I just want to give a shout out to all my fellow Filipinos out here…and to ALL you guys thank you so much for coming out here…”

    I believe the apology was due to some flak she may have encountered for similar past comments. I don’t think it, but some may have interpreted her comments as exclusionary, which is why Charice immediately followed with an acknowledgement to ALL in attendence.

    Charice headlined the 9th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Commerce, CA on Nov 20, 2010, hosted by Radio Disney. FOX LA 11′s Rick Lozano & Victor Zaragoza from HOT 92.3 came on at the end and were WOWed by her performance. Please respect my content rights.

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  3. chasterDaily says:

    There’s one good song that fits charice voice~~~its christmas all over the world or Give love on christmas day

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  4. M A Fan says:
    Ooooh, tough crowd huh PHILBOY. Well I am pretty sure you meant well, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion…unfortunately your opinion seems to be on the raw end of the stick in this case. But that shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t speak your mind. So Chasters, give the chap a break.

    Personally I don’t think our little Charice will ever be dubbed “The Best Cover Singer Ever” only because everyone is covering someone or whoever. It’s just the way it is. Many great singles that have charted very well have been cover songs. For example, before they sang the song “I Swear”, All-4-One were virtually unknown. That particular song was actually a country western song. Youtube it and you’ll see. “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” that was covered and revived by Az Yet did very well in the Charts. It’s a hit or miss thing of course.

    But of course we are talking about covering songs. Honestly, Charice doesn’t do it too often…for the most part, she is still singing songs from her Albums. But you can’t spin those forever, that’s why she covers song while her other Album is in the works. And if by chance she happens to sing covered songs better than the original, she and her voice gets recognized even more, and not the song that she covered. And besides, she loves singing these songs too.

    This is just my opinion and two cents however. :)

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  5. jimfan155 says:
    Cover songs get your foot in the door and begin your fan base, especially if you can sing them at a par or better than the original artist.

    For example, Susan Boyle’s second album has debute #1 in the US and Great Britain at the same time – the first time since the Beatles back in the ’60′s. Her songs are covers, as far as I know, but I have never heard the label “cover singer” mentioned with her name, only that she is a great vocalist who happened to be there at the right time. She is not “mainstream” if we are talking about the young crowd, but there is still a huge market for her music.
    American Idol and all the idol shows throughout the world mostly sing cover songs, as well.

    I prefer Charice voice to “everyone”, but that’s my choice and my opinion. My daughter, on the other hand agrees with PhilBoy that Charice is a great singer but needs her own sound, so that’s my ongoing job to convert her.

    Obviously, there are so many singers and each has their own fans, so there’s room for everyone (as long as Charice becomes #1, ha, ha)

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  6. chub says:

    Charice has to work twice as hard because she’s Asian. She would be up there with Justin Beiber in terms of fame if she were white

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  7. rob47 says:

    I can’t imagine Charice appearing as a “KILLER” on a horror movie.
    I don’t think it will be good for her IMAGE. I hope that she will never do it.

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  8. TrueAngelFace says:
    @Phil Boy – Your comment is LAME – I’m sorry but I think the covers are designed to make an impression (for 1st time listeners) how good she is in singing. How can a 1st time listener know how good an unknown singer now in front of him/her if she/he hears an unknown or unfamiliar song? Unless he/she is a vocalist himself/herself. But with a popular song being sang- the awesomeness of the song rendition can be appreciated right there. GET THE POINT?

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  9. fef says:
    Please allow time to take its’ course. As what Charise herself said be patient, wait donot be in a hurry as long as you’re doing the best u can do, let GOD lead the way.As what we have observed she’s enjoying these journey, pls. don’t rush her, these are the moment that we can still have the chance to see her eye to eye as fans (figure of speech). I mean if she’s as famous as we want her to be, do u think anyone can just see/hear in anyway like these free concerts. So lets savor these moments. With the interview she wanted that those fans can still feel that she’s reachable, but does she nor we, have choice when that time will come, it’s for her safety. Happy Holidays.

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  10. Portia says:
    Thanks @SideburnerSol you also rock!!!

    Charice’s interview was so much at ease and vey confident, she always give us more surprises. I can’t wait forvher collaboration of covervsongs with Michael Buble.

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  11. Hans says:
    Thank you so much, too, SideburnerSol!

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  12. justcharrie says:
    I like that confidence in interview – very cool.

    @sideburner, all your effort has paid off. It might even have surpassed the Eaton attendance if it weren’t for the bad weather.
    Congratz LAers!

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  13. edwin says:
    help,i need to watch her latest videos!

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  14. edwin says:
    i would lovee to watch this video but i can’t open the video.Is there anything i need to download to access the video

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  15. artemis gibran says:
    Ha ha ha… ALL I CAN SAY is WOW!

    LA CHASTERS…you are having the time of your life. Two i a row. You heard CHA’s version of HALO for the first time LIVE. Tell me exactly how you

    I am sure you were BLOWN AWAY. I saw her LIVE at PICC when she sang this version for the firt time… it was her first song in that SOLO concert… and it dictated the FLOW of the CONCERT. We heard her BEST RENDITION of every song… her own songs and those which she covered. Well she OWNED those songs now.

    Nad now an addition to her long line of OWNED songs… JINGLE BELL ROCK… ha ha ha. CHARICE ROCKED CITADEL. 6,002 people .. it was no joke.SHE can DRAW CROWDS… that is an UNDERSTATEMENT, I know. ha ha ha. CITADEL witnessed it.

    Now the GROVE… better be ready GROVE… be prepared for the ICON of TOMORROW… she is already an ICON today.

    LA CHASTERS… face your destiny… you are one BUNCH of LUCKY CHASTERS…

    NOw ASIA… EUROPE… MiDDLE EAST.. US… ASIA PACIFIC.. be ready for the little girl with a GOLDEN BIG VOICE…

    remember tha I love you MING.

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  16. Karl E says:
    Go Clarice, can’t wait 4 ur next Glee episode =)

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  17. eve says:

    your criticism might be valid @Phil Boy if it were directed at someone already firmly established like Beyonce, but for someone still trying to gain a foothold in Top 40 Radio, I think it’s a perfect strategy for Charice to show off her powerful vocals to many people in the audience who vaguely know her only as “that new girl who was on Glee.” These covers are popular songs that they can sing along to and go home shaking their head in amazement. That’s what they’re gonna remember and tell their friends and family about, that this new Glee girl sang “Beyonce” just like or even better than the original!

    I’ll bet there were shoppers at that mall who stopped in their tracks to listen when they heard her singing that particular song, wondering “is Beyonce here?” and doing a double-take just to make sure. Did you notice the reception that Halo got from the audience, and even Jingle Bell Rock? Well, actually she got an amazing reception for all the songs, but many who were there said that these two songs in particular were the highlights of the show.

    Singing covers are not going to hurt Charice at all at this stage of her career. On the contrary, it’s helping her to make an impression on people. It’s actually good publlicity when every interview, they wanna hear her impressions. It’s great entertainment and will help with her name recognition when she launches future singles. This concert was great! I’ve been watching for hours now lol. As for “not establishing her own style,” OMC… she is THE VOICE that cannot be mistaken for anyone else. That’s style enough to make her far and above the rest.

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    • PHIL BOY says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • richard7541 says:
        @PHIL BOY So what if she will be known as the greatest cover singer of all time? Will it be a problem? Let her! Those big names behind her they are professionals and they know what exactly to do! I agree w eve its a perfect strategy! If you will check her on Wikipedia, Charice was dubbed: 1)The most talented girl in the world…2)The internet sensation…3) Icon of tomorrow…etc.etc.etc and now as you said she will be the “Greatest Cover Singer of all Time”…for me i can say its an additional credentials!

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      • TrueAngelFace says:
        Your comment is LAME – I’m sorry but I think the covers are designed to make an impression (for 1st time listeners) how good she is in singing. How can a 1st time listener know how good an unknown singer now in front of him/her if she/he hears an unknown or unfamiliar song? Unless he/she is a vocalist himself/herself. But with a popular song being sang- the awesomeness of the song rendition can be appreciated right there. GET THE POINT?

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  18. PHIL BOY says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • PHIL BOY says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • nautilus_stone says:
        I guess it would be a gradual process.

        As a fan, I would never pressure Charice to keep singing or promoting her own songs. It didn’t matter to me if she sings he own songs or not.

        As long as she sings from her H E A R T — that is all that matters to me.

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  19. rob47 says:

    I hope she’ll sing it during the Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center in NY on November 30.

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  20. andrew23chan says:
    i cant wait fot the christmas lighting performance on N0v 30.. she’s awesome!

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  21. krazyforyou says:
    I enjoyed the videos so much. Thank you. It’s great to see Charice again campaigning this season of the holidays. Thank you for all the hard work of the fans and Chasters. Charice is really doing the work laying the basic foundation for a very successful career in entertaiment. Keep it up kiddo! I love you Charice! We’ll be watching you again. And again. God bless you and keep you protected from the dangers of your public tours. Hi Mommy Racquel! Smiles.

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  22. J. Kulisap says:
    One word.


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  23. madzee says:
    she’s really cool in this interview. very comfortable talking to people her age. keep it up charice!

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  24. MrAspirant08 says:
    Charice was great as always. May God shower you with more blessings.

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