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GleeCap: ai???The Substituteai??? Episode 7, Season 2

GleeCap: ai???The Substituteai??? Episode 7, Season 2

Glee introduced to us all last night a new character who was funny, cool, a bit weird, and sadly, one whoai??i??s not going to be back again. Holly Holliday gave the show a shake-up that it really needed due to the not-so-amazing musical numbers for the past couple of episodes. Guest star Gwyneth Paltrow did a wonderful job playing the substitute Spanish teacher who also took/challenged Mr. Schusterai??i??s place as coach of the New Directions.

A Quick Recap

The episode starts off with Sue introducing herself to Will Schuster as Principal Sue. It turns out that the original Principal Figgins got infected by the flu thatai??i??s spreading all over town ai??i?? and it was Sue who arranged for an infected girl to sneeze at Principal Figgins. And now, Will also gets infected through the girlai??i??s sneeze. Will continues on to glee club practice and experiences a hallucination where he imagines the glee members as adorable, little toddlers. With a sick leave, Will goes home to rest but then his ex-wife, Terri, arrives as she was called by a neighbor to take care of Will. She reveals that she has been in therapy and is also taking medications. Together, they watch Singing in the Rain to help Will feel better.

At school, Mercedes and Kurt are talking about Rachelai??i??s takeover and Blaine while walking to the cafeteria. Mercedes feels like sheai??i??s losing Kurt to Blaine and tries to get him to confess if the two of them are already an item or just close friends. Mercedes tunes out of their conversation when she sees tater tots which are a favorite and obsessions of hers.

As a solution to Rachelai??i??s dictatorship, Spanish substitute teacher, Holly Holliday, was convinced by Kurt to coach New Directions. She then starts a whole new era for New Directions saying that all the songs they did in the past were old songs and now, there will be no more of Willai??i??s Journey obsession. She then asks the kids what songs THEY want to sing and not what WILL wants them to. Puck suggests Cee Lo Greenai??i??s ai???F*ck Youai??? (which was changed to ai???Forget Youai??? in Glee). Santana questions her if she even knows that song, and Holly wins over the whole club with a cool and marvelous performance of the song.

Sue is using her new principal powers by eliminating the football team and Coach Beiste. But Beiste gets the best of her by saying who will Sueai??i??s Cheerios cheer for without the football team. Angry and humiliated, Sue plots in her office for her next move. She decides to take away tater tots and replace them with healthier food. The Cheerios barge into the cafeteria where Kurt and Mercedes are eating and takes away the tater tots, which got Mercedes so angry, she rages into Sueai??i??s office.

Will is still resting and he dreams of himself and Mike Chang performing ai???Make Him Laughai??? from Singing in the Rain. Then Rachelai??i??s visit interrupts his dream. Rachel warns Will of Hollyai??i??s closeness with the club members and her friendship with Sue which could result to Will being replaced permanently. Rachel then goes to Holly to complain but Holly wins her over by agreeing to sing with her ai???Nowadayai??? from Chicago. Back to Will, heai??i??s seduced by Terri with a chest rub, which results to a really big mistake.

Back at school, Mercedes and Kurt are complaining about the new healthy food. Then Kurt tells Mercedes that he had set up a date for her with a black football player as a way to cheer her up but it doesnai??i??t work. And Mercedes just starts a bring-back-the-tater-tots How much lady era campaign. With Sueai??i??s successful healthy food change in school, the school bosses have made her the new principal, and as her first action, she fires Will permanently. Will then strikes up a heated debate with Holly, where she elaborated on her fun and current approach to teaching, which is the complete opposite of Willai??i??s style.

Sue calls Holly into her office and asks what her plan is regarding Mercedesai??i?? stuffing of tater tots into Sueai??i??s Le Car which resulted to over ten thousand dollars in damages. Holly doesnai??i??t even take this seriously, so Sue tells her that sheai??i??ll be suing Mercedes and Holly. With a great problem like that, Holly goes to see Will and ask for help. She reveals her past to him before saying that sheai??i??ll be resigning. Terri then goes crazy again when she sees Will and Holly together which led Will to say everything that happened was a mistake and that she should leave his house now.

Back at school, Kurt figures out that Mercedes was using him before as a boyfriend, and now that heai??i??s got Blaine, sheai??i??s turning tater tots into the new substitute boyfriend. Mercedesai??i?? agrees with him and sheai??i??s now decided to talk to the hot black football player she was supposed to go on a date with. Kurt is happy when Dave, ruins everything by threatening to kill him if he tells anyone of the kiss between them.

Sue gives back Willai??i??s job after the glee club members praised him of his amazing work and dedication. He meets up with them and suggests they do ai???Singing in the Rainai???. But the kids are disappointed and are already missing Hollyai??i??s fun and young taste. Will then asks for Hollyai??i??s help in making ai???Singing in the Rainai??? more modern. And the episode ends with an incredible mash-up of ai???Singing in the Rainai??? and Rihannaai??i??s ai???Umbrellaai???.

Watch the full episode here:

For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only.

Whatai??i??s Next?

Itai??i??s no surprise that Charice is still a no-show in this episode since she actually tweeted ai???nopeai??? in response to being asked if sheai??i??ll be appearing in Gleeai??i??s episode seven. Plus, the revealed cast listing of Gleeai??i??s episode eight also shows that Charice is still not returning to the hit show. With the storyline a bit clearer now, Vocal Adrenaline (Chariceai??i??s team) is not a rival in the Sectionals. Most likely, it will be a competitor in the Regionals, just like in season one. And this part of the storyline is still a few episodes away and could actually be shown way after the holidays.

But Chariceai??i??s current absence is actually a blessing in disguise as this allows the hunger for her return to really build-up. And of course, the musical numbers will definitely be better in the Regionals than the Sectionals. The story will also be more focused on the talent of the members plus the preparation and rivalry of New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline. Maybe thereai??i??s a reason the Glee creators are holding back Chariceai??i??s appearance for now ai??i?? are bigger and jaw-dropping musical numbers by Charice in store for us?

By Sofia Carrera,


Welcome Glee Fans!

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38 Responses to “GleeCap: ai???The Substituteai??? Episode 7, Season 2”

  1. chaster101 says:

    the thing is… people might forget about her character in Glee. They might think she was just a guest star and not a recurring character.

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  2. daddy 0 says:
    Here is mine.
    2 words to all of you. :-)

    JUST WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My goodness.. I’ve been spending so much time in the internet lurking checking, about Charice news and updates, and all i see on the forum is, where is Charice on GLEE, why is this, why is that. Words like i don’t like GLEE no more. Maybe she is this, maybe she is that.

    Well, why cant you all just WAIT and see and be patient.
    She is already a superstar. She may or may not appear on GLEE she is already there. SO CHILL and get a Pill!!!!!

    I love all the fans even those Chasters wanna be!! But sometimes it is way getting overboard!!! I don’t like to say annoying because that is what and how they feel. But, just relax and feel her success. It’s like ridding along side with her Stardom.

    Think about this, If she is not on Glee for the next thousand episode and she will show up on the ending, then that means she is so in demand and the character that she is holding is a very important part of this season. Maybe the story line ends with her.

    SO Again…

    JUST WAIT… and Enjoy Charice..

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  3. Hans says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • starbuck245 says:

      that actually sounds like a very reasonable way to get cha to reappear. i hope your intell is correct. im beyond cha withdrawl symptoms it has been so long since ep1.

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  4. Justin Walter says:

    Her Glee appearance next year would help boost her popularity and at the same time would result in a huge spike in sales of her upcoming album. It sounds like a plan :-)

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  5. eman says:
    its better to wait rather than not to wait at all

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  6. Jayson says:
    i am inclined to believe there is a very strong clamor from audience for a sunshine return – of course there are also enough haters despising her being in the show. unless they disregard achieved ratings during her audition stint, or credit it to something else, they should have been generous in giving her more chances to appear in subsequent episodes. past storylines though, might not be fitting her role i feel, and her being in the rival club VA which has not shown yet, only justify her absence so far. i think her role in GLEE is deliberately planned beforehand as RM said she’ll start with a very small role getting bigger in the later parts of the show. charice even says she’s been busy shooting thus, believing they just simply shelve her after all is for me unjustifiable…unless for just luring her fans. what i deem wrong though, were the over zealous charice fans disrespecting and badmouthing some GLEE characters right after the airing of the audition episode – that could really discourage the productions giving her significant roles in the future episodes… but i accept its just my unfounded speculation and i would rather wait and see what is at store for her in the future!

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  7. neko327 says:
    Charice/Sunshine Corazon seems to be trending in tweeter.episode 1 of glee season 2 just aired in Latin America and im seeing great responses…wooot..woot…

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  8. phobeus18 says:

    Most likely Charice wouldn’t appear till the Sectionals and Nationals episodes not unless they put a twist in the show that would lead Sunshine Corazon back into New Directions. But just watch the show anyways because its a really good show. I don’t think there is any other show that showcase dark comedy and plus I love the show since it aired.

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  9. Moira_Inori says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. Joel says:
    Well I too am disappointed that she is not back yet. Let us not forget though. Charice is also busy doing her on things. She is not a normal cast member, or regular. She’s a guest star. We can’t expect her to continuously shoot for the show and do her tours. She’s busy. She’s a musician first and Glee comes second. I’m sure she will be back soon but right now her main focus is promoting her album, and recording new singles, and possibly album. I do however would love to see her on Glee soooon. However I don’t want to see her on Glee that often because that means if she’s busy with Glee, then she really has no time to travel and tour and do concerts, and appearances. You understand?

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  11. trevor25 says:

    I agree on write ups section “What’s Next?”. Glee is creating a huge supernova of Charice 1st recur in the show.

    Chasters: All things work together for good to those who loves Charice. Remember, she a force of nature and things come naturally.


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  12. holy carabao says:

    damn, charice is still not in this episode. It sucks.

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  13. Maria Jane says:
    I think she’s doen taping the next episode that she is appearing. Remember she was busy taping before she left for the Asian tour then she went back to taping for the other episodes. It is logical that she will appear in time for the regionals since she will be in the competing team.That’s her primary guest role- the competition for Rachel.But maybe later in the season, she will be back in New Directions, coz Sunshine and Rachel will be friends then.

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  14. Casey says:
    Having her on the first episode and not do a follow up was such a tease. i guess she was really meant to just be a guest star.

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  15. marie says:
    Vocal Adrenaline has insane musical numbers – the choreographs for the numbers they do is totally opposite New Direction’s. They look like they are fully on an adrenaline rush. I bet Charice is honing her skills in dancing, singing, acting – plus her other commitments. Busy lady! But I have a feeling that when she pops in Glee again she will bring it! Can’t wait for that!

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  16. Maureen says:
    not a big gwyneth fan but she didnt do half bad.. problem is aside from scenes w/ terri shuester, this episode is not sticking.. if charice aint there still i guess i would appreciate seeing a faceoff dustin gootsby vs mr shue along the road. ;D

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  17. menineims says:
    Although it may dispointing for most of us to wait this long for Charice next appearance, I believe that there are all good reasons for this.

    Charice immediate come back after her first spectacular appearance may sound great but looking the other way, it may not be the best thing. Being too soon and predictable, may avert excitement although not true for Chasters like us yet we cannot discount this perception with other viewers who are still new to our dear Charice. Having a dose of Charice Chaddicting performance, management of the show for sure are preparing for her grand return. This apparently requires careful planning and more importantly, proper timing. The fact that there have been not so much amazing numbers over the past episodes makes me convinced that Glee management is cooking up something and this is where I believe Charice will rejoin to scene… to break the long dry spell and bring our goosebumps back to life. As the old cliche goes, Glee strategy must be “save the best for last”.

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  18. Persis says:

    @cubbie Do u know why they didn’t include any of Charice’s song in the Glee 4 soundtract?

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  19. bonpo777 says:

    I’m wondering if her disappearing act from Glee has something to do with all her commitments. Maybe the producers of Glee are just waiting for her to finish all her commitments before they write her into the storyline. With the David Foster and Friends tour in Asia and all her Christmas concert appearances (which are all over the country), she just doesn’t have any time to dedicate herself to taping any episodes. Once the holidays are over, she can concentrate on Glee, as well as finishing up her next album.

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    • cubbie says:
      That could be true, but haven’t some of her commitments only arisen recently? I’m not entirely sure… I can say that, as a Gleek, it is a well-known part of show-criticism that TPTB (the powers that be) sometimes are a bit…uhh, haphazard I think is the right word, in mapping out a plot & usage of characters. I questioned here & elsewhere whether TPTB now see Sunshine as a disposable charcter. (I want to make clear this is a criticism of TPTB, NOT CHARICE!!!!)

      It is clear Charice is extremely busy in any event… I just checked, and she’s even been pretty quiet on her Twitter account lately; only a couple re-tweets the past week or so.

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    • jimfan155 says:
      I agree with you. Besides Charice, aren’t John Stamos and the other coach (forgot his name) for Vocal Adrenaline also supposed to have recurring roles and they’ve only appeared in one episode too.

      Besides, Charice needs her own show and with so many bad shows on tv she could be a breath of fresh air. Come on networks take a chance on the “next one”.

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  20. fred says:
    can’t believe charice is still a no-show. After episode 1, my interest in Glee is like declining. I mean it’s hard to wait. Atleast they should shown how the Vocal Adrenaline is preparing for their own sectionals for us Gleeks to see what the New Directions are up against…and yeah to have a glimpse of Sunshine!! can’t believe that Chord Overstreet has been in almost all the glee episodes this season.

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    • cubbie says:
      This may be a bit counter-intuitive, but I’d rather have Charice completely off the screen than be “utilized” like Chord. Sam is the most boring character ever…. I want Charice to “shine”, not just be a set-piece like Sam. And I want her appearances to make some sense plot-wise if for no other reason than to avoid Gleek hatred.

      Guess I’m just saying I don’t want Charice to be “hurt” in any way by her appearances on Glee…I have this somewhat irrational fear of that. I feel torn b/c I was a Geek long before I “discovered” Charice, but she is the first entertainer in my 21 years of life that I can say I truly care about as a person. If she never sang again I’d still want her to be happy & secure. I want this to be a purely positive experience for her, if such a thing is possible.

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      • cubbie says:
        I swear there must be children who come here merely for the purpose of “disapproving” a post. I could post that I was giving away $1 million, and someone would disapprove it.. LOL.

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        • TrentReznor says:

          Completely agree on all of your points about Glee & Charice.. I might as well agree on your thoughts that some are here just to disagree on comments posted.. It’s human nature though that some would likely put people down just to elevate themselves, even through disliking comments posted.. Lol.. Nothing against them, to each his own.. So people don’t get mad at me..

          Cubbie, when are you giving away $1M, I’ll be the first to approve your post.. Lol..

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          • cubbie says:

            :) If a PM system was available here, I’d say I’d just message you rather than make the $1 million available to the unwashed masses!! LOL :) Just kidding!! Don’t kill me folks…

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  21. cubbie says:
    I despise that they combined “Umbrella” w/ a classic like “Singing in the Rain” (SITR). Some things you just shouldn’t mess w/, IMO, & SITR is one of them. I was very surprised I enjoyed myself enjoying “Forget You”, though I’m pretty sure I just loved seeing the club dancing around & enjoying themselves in an impromptu way, not the actual song itself.

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  22. rey nicolas says:
    I can wait for her next appearance on glee as well as her appearance taking that “GRAMMY” award because mr david said and i beleive him!!!!

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  23. abeng1127 says:
    before i’m waiting ….now am getting warm . go charice next year your new album with david foster and friends ,,, GLEE??? not my big deal sorry,..

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  24. WEBBZZ says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  25. starbuck245 says:
    I’m a pretty patient guy, but even this wait for Cha to return to Glee is getting to me. At least I hope to see her this weekend at the Citadel. Yah Hoooooo!!!!!!! I’m actually starting to get really excited about seeing her for the first time live…

    I’m also looking forward to meeting some real live Chasters, too. Maybe the co-workers who said they want to go with me will understand my Chadiction after they see other who are even more Chadicted than I am…UCLA…Sideburner…Angelia, are you going to make a surprise appearance?

    Anyway…I really hope she can make a Glee appearance and sing a Christmas song. That would be totally awesome.

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    • bonpo777 says:
      It’s suppose to rain this weekend in LA. Hope the free concert doesn’t get cancelled due to the weather. I’ve got my raingear ready and I’m willing to stand/sit in the rain for hours if I have to.

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  26. Moira_Inori says:
    Still waiting, but I’m just wondering (cue whiny toddler-voice): Are we REALLY going to have a Christmas without Sunshine? Do we REALLY have to wait until 2011 for our Sunshine to come back? Really, really, really? (pouts)

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    • tnt says:
      hopefully the idea is there…atleast 1 episode w/ Sunshine just before Christmas … otherwise i will be very disappointed with Glee …

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  27. Lisbon says:
    As expected, there’s no Charice…tsk.tsk.tsk. I can’t for the her next gLee appearance. I wish the wait will be over next week… hehehe… more more more Charice on gLee please… hehehe…

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  28. chris4 says:
    ….CAN’T WAIT….

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  29. tnt says:
    okay…ill wait…

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