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Charice to Sing ‘Because You Loved Me’ on Glee?

Charice to Sing ‘Because You Loved Me’ on Glee?

Charice was at Eric Vetro’s holiday party Saturday night. Eric Vetro is the ‘vocal coach to the stars’ with clients including Katy Perry, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Iyaz, and of course, Charice. Spotted at the party were former ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi and ‘Oprah Show’ producer Lisa Erspamer, along with Diane Warren who composed Charice’s single “Note to God.”

Charice is reported to have sung ‘Note to God’ and also Celine Dion’s hit song, ‘Because You Loved Me’ (which is also written by Diane Warren). One alert party-goer caught Charice’s performance on video. Do you recognize the piano player? He’s the guy you see every week on ‘Glee’ accompanying the Glee cast on the piano, Brad Ellis. Could it be that this is the rumored Celine Dion song that Charice will sing on her next GLEE appearance?

The video description by MSA Dance Agent Jenn Proctor reads: “ Went to vocal coach to the stars, Eric Vetro’s Holiday Party last night and got to hear Charice Pempengco sing her face off with Brad Ellis (GLEE) on the keys! It was truly AMAZING! And p.s. ….. Diane Warren was in the room! How cool! “

She also posted a tweet: “AMAZING!!! This is what I got to see on Sat night! Blessed! icon smile Charice to Sing Because You Loved Me on Glee? @OfficialCharice is everything “ (

More amazing tweets
JeffMayMusic: – “Watching charice sing note 2 God at a party. 5 feet away from her. Unreal.”
BradBesseyTalk: – “@LisaErspamer Let me say this about that…G8 seeing U last night at Eric Vetro’s party. Oh, and #Charise can SING!”

With Glee’s own piano player accompanying Charice on this Celine Dion classic, it’ll be no surprise if this is the song to watch for on Charice’s next ‘Glee’ appearance. The only question is… WHEN?

The next episode (7) of Glee is called “The Substitute” guest starring Academy Award winning actress Gwynneth Paltrow. Charice herself said that she would not be appearing in this episode of Glee.

In a response to a fan on Twitter who asked ” are you gonna be in #glee Episode 7: The Substitute?,” Charice tweeted back “nope.” But she says not to worry… just watch Glee and she promises she’ll be back!

In the meantime, enjoy next week’s sneak preview of “The Substitute” for another GLEE-ful week!

By eve,

58 Responses to “Charice to Sing ‘Because You Loved Me’ on Glee?”

  1. Joel says:

    hahaha those little kids are adorable.

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  2. Joel says:

    guys, just wait for Charice to announce when she will be on. You know that she will tweet it. That’s what I am doing. I’m not going to watch Glee until then, ALTHOUGH, this episode is very interesting because I like the guest star Gwyneth Paltrow.

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    • cubbie says:

      I dunno about that… She’s been very quiet on Twitter recently (yeah, I know she’s extremely busy), and she’s been less forthcoming about what she has in the works (check out her interview w/ MaximoTV at her Citadel show; she wouldn’t confirm who she’s collaborating w/ even though the Jim Beanz & Unique Zayas projects are well-known in Twitter-verse). This is not a criticism…I’m guessing her team are advising her to be more secretive, perhaps?

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  3. osuna says:

    Not sure who said what ? Marc Johnston or Charice ?

    From day 1….they declared that Charice will be a “RECURRING” guest.

    What ever that means, look up the word “recurring”,

    To me….no definite episode that she will be on, just relax and wait till it comes, with no warning too. PEACE.

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  4. Natzky says:

    The power of suspense.

    Nice marketing buzz from Glee. :) Glee surely knows how to use Charice’s name to invite more viewers from Chasters. They already did this rumor thing on episode 6 but Chasters end up disappointed. Sigh! I hope this time, the rumor is true.

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  5. osuna says:

    last chance to see again….check this out

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  6. christiansky says:
    ….hope to see her on glee soon….

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  7. EBjohns11 says:
    I didnt see the vid , oh well i guess i have to wait LOL.
    But geez people saying “hhes 5 feet away from her singing NTG and unreal – that just made my day – same feeeling ..

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  8. Ohyayay123 says:
    When she will be on Glee again? Hayy :( I miss her seeing on Glee

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  9. justcharrie says:
    Lisa Erspamer! – one of Cha’s biggest supporters. I guess it was her who requested this song to be sung by Charice, probably her favorite song? If I remember it right, it was the same song that Charice sang in Oprah (not televised though) when she surprised Lisa on her birthday. Her rendition had twist here and there- my favorite accoustic rendition now. This is a very good song but if possible…I was hoping of All By Myself or Power of Love on Glee…more powerhouse…oh..when that would be???

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  10. Rihr says:
    why do I have a feeling that Charice will have lesser appearance than as planned.

    She is/should supposed to be in the 7th episode since I assume its a preliminary/or something for the competition they are preparing for which New Direction and the other team where Charice belongs now is included.

    So I guess expect less because when you expect for more and it will not happen it will just broke your heart like what happen here in episode 6 and 7.

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    • dadartful says:
      Yes Rihr. They already listed the songs to be sung in this episode and I suspect Cha will have a short appearance and a line in this episode, no singing. But I’m always mentally ready for less, but my expectations and goals in life are always more and greater.

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  11. dadartful says:
    Info from the IMBD Glee episode listing and they have Charice’s name listed in their added list for episode 7 “The Substitute”. Gwyneth Paltrow’s (spelling?)name is also listed among a long list. We’ll see. If so, “Because You Loved Me”??????? Hope so, my eyeballs will be glued to the tube this tuesday.

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    • Joel says:

      hmm i saw that. I guess we will see. Look at the credits when the show starts and if her name pops up then we will see her. But I think if we do, it won’t be her “episode”. From the looks of it, it’s more focused on Gwyneth. But who knows!!!!!!!! I’m not going to expect much.

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  12. andrew says:
    finally, although long overdue, a new video of charice, my needed fix.

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  13. Deh says:
    i was fortunate i was lurking at the CM chatroom last night when i found the link and was able to view it. but still the link earthquake12 found is still there.

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  14. eve says:

    This is one of my favorites of Charice performing “Because You Loved Me” at a private party last year. What a treat to have a private concert. She sang 6 songs. Thanks for reporting that @Shello. I love Glee, but I just enjoy each week’s show as it comes, I don’t read the GleeForum.

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    • ethliin says:
      dEAr EvE,

      thank you so much for the video. my first time to see it. i thought i have already seen ALL charice’s YT videos, until this one posted here! nice!!! :-)

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    • Marvic says:
      I have seen all her versions of this song including the one above but the best version I prefer is the Duet with Celine. If you wants to see this song again, click this Chaster copy with almost 6 million hits. I warn you before you watch it you will cry again.

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    • yusuf says:


      thanks a ton! this is simply amazing… anyway… a true Chaster is always amazed at our Princess…. thanks Dave for the video…. we owe a lot to you… all the time… inshallah i will see you when i go for vacation in the philippines…

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    • Shello says:

      you welcome eve, ;)

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  15. Shello says:
    I actually was surprised that CM only reported this now. This was like reported in the Glee spoilers forum for like 3 weeks now. In the episode, she’ll be singing a Celine Dion song and they said it is indeed Because You Loved Me.

    Also revealed in the songs line-up is another Vocal Adrenaline number. This means, she *might* sing another song, because she is in this group.

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  16. yusuf says:



    i visited the link and it’s working…. got to download it… yehey!!!

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  17. k2cbp says:
    i can tell im a fan of charice, definitely!! im sure of that.. but guys,, you have been shouting about charice’s Glee next appearance… and nothing at all… her first appearance brought nothing but tears of joy in my eyes…
    but dont you think that we are sending wrong impression that charice is dying to be on the next episode of the show?

    like, britney, after her appearance in Glee. everything is shout off…

    i just dont want that thinking from the others…

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  18. markgelo says:

    If you want to download the video from YT, used Internet Download Manager, it’s so easy to download video on YT, try that!

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  19. daddy 0 says:

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  20. il0vecharice says:
    i watched the video a while ago on youtube channel and i forgot to close my browser.. and right now the video is still playing. but i guess if i’m going to refresh my brower it will prolly be gone… i just don’t know how to capture a video from utube. =P

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  21. daddy 0 says:
    It’s still on YT and yes she knock the roof of the party’s tent!! She is really awesome.. Another one for the books of the entertainment business guru’s. I cannot say it here were the link is. Just look for it before it disappear again!!

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  22. Earthquaker12 says:
    Guys, I found the video… is this it?

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  23. chatterboxcharlie says:
    It’s too bad that they took the video away (for proprietary reasons ofcourse) coz it’s one of the most amazing performances by Charice in my opinion. Now, I don’t wanna sound arrogant but I have to say that I’m one of the few fortunate people who got to see it, I was lurking in the CM chatroom this afternoon and I noticed this link posted by a fellow chaster (not gonna mention the name), I clicked it and I was astounded by what I’ve just seen—– it’s Charice!!! Her rendition of “Because You Loved Me” was jaw-dropping, her technique was so perfectly executed and her voice as always, astonishing. I did’nt see the other video (unavailable) but this one just made my day. Being able to see a video of this musical genius feels like getting an early Christmas present.

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  24. FunnyMe says:
    I saw the video before it was removed and Charice was amazing, as always. I was gonna download it but my java platform needs an update before I can download. Unfortunately, i was late by mere minutes and warner music group has already removed it… :(

    But to those who havent watched it, her BYLM in that video is fantastic. She is the BEST! But of course, you all know that! :D

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  25. scoobydoo says:
    video deleted?
    can you just send it as a downloadalbe file. thanks.

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  26. Jianee says:
    Lisa Esparmer, the Chief Creative Officer of the Oprah Winfrey Network, was there too at the event

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  27. eve says:

    I’m surprised too Starbuck… makes me wonder if the uploader will be asked to remove the video as a courtesy to Glee? It’s not the best lighting and sound but you can still tell the effect Charice has on the guests every time she sings with that amazing voice.

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    • Hailey says:
      eve!! i was posting this video in the chatbox earlier.. phoenixsong said not to share the video for charice’s protection or something. she said something about warner bro is on its way to remove the video.

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  28. Hailey says:
    Hey Eve! Phoenixsong aka Ashley said not to share this video for some reason.

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  29. starbuck245 says:
    that tweet surprised me given the secrecy surrounding her glee appearances, but w paltrow to sing three songs n ep7, it is not surprising no time for cha. still a bummer

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