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FREE Concert on Nov 20: Charice Live in Los Angelesai??i?? Citadel Outlets!

FREE Concert on Nov 20: Charice Live in Los Angelesai??i?? Citadel Outlets!

November 15 Update: First 100 Young Chasters 12 yrs and under get special gifts! Simply locate a fellow chaster wearing a Charice shirt and a Charicemania cap and get in the holiday spirit by saying the magic words, “Ho, ho, ho… Chaster Claus!” If you are one of the first 100- you get a cool gift from Chaster Claus. So, be there early and see you at the Citadel!!

November 15 Update: Check out Asian Journal article- see link below.

November 14 Update: Promotional Video by LA Chasters added – see below!

If you havenai??i??t seen Charice perform LIVE, then itai??i??s time to mark your calendars for the 9th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Event on November 20th, 5:00 PM in downtown Los Angelesai??i?? Citadel Outlets.

Charice and upcoming Aussie teen star Cody Simpson will have a FREE CONCERT at the said event.

Charice arrived in L.A. Sunday, fresh from an October concert tour with David Foster and Friends, where she performed alongside music greats, such as Natalie Cole, Peter Cetera, and American Idolai??i??s Ruben Studdard.

Since Los Angeles is a prime Charice territory, Order naprosyn dose we could show her our support and make the Citadel Event top her blockbuster mall show in Torontoai??i??s Eaton Centre earlier this year, where she performed in front of more than 6,000 screaming fans. The actual crowd size exceeded Torontoai??i??s projection of more than 800 percent!

Chariceai??i??s front act will be Cody

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Simpson, a young up-and-coming singer/songwriter who hails from the Australian Gold Coast. The thirteen-year-old blond heartthrob is a YouTube sensation who is proving that his talents are for the global stage, after singing songs like ai???iYiYiai??? with ai???Lowai??? superstar Flo Rida, which topped Australian and New Zealand music charts earlier this year. Many music critics hail this teen from down under as the new Justin Bieber.

This is your perfect chance to experience a spine-tingling and awe-inspiring performance from the ai???most talented girl in the worldai??? -LIVE and FREE at 5 PM.

Be there at the Citadel Outlets and be totally blown away!

LISTEN: Los Angeles Area Chasters, please join SideburnerSol and other fellow Chasters in promoting Chariceai??i??s Citadel performance. We will distribute flyers on foot, in addition to our online campaign.

People! letai??i??s get the word out! There are two ways to get this flyer:

  • Help Sideburnersol make rounds on November 17 Wednesday, and get a copy from him, or,
  • Print this flyer/poster at your local printing stores.

Charice Citadel Holiday Flyer FREE Concert on Nov 20: Charice Live in Los Angelesai??i?? Citadel Outlets!

Write a comment below to show your support and let Charice know youai??i??ll be there!!!

Video Uploaded by SideburnerSol

For more information related to this event, Charice, and its other artists, Check out Asian Journal Los Angeles Edition article Section B-2 or page 22 of the Digital Edition

For inquiries: email

157 Responses to “FREE Concert on Nov 20: Charice Live in Los Angelesai??i?? Citadel Outlets!”

  1. ChariceFan says:
    I totally agree with her rendition of Halo was beyond compare. Please take a look at the time frame beginning 4:47 . It reminds me of how the all by myself was tweaked for the better.

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  2. Accchhhhooooooooooooo!!! says:
    Her “Halo” performance was the best imho. Goosebumps all over my body the whole time. The rain was on/off and was heaviest in the middle of the “Halo” performance. I kept focused on her rendition of the song and she was really great. I was all wet. I didn’t mind the rain at all!!

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  3. Yobhtron says:
    Job well done LA Chasters. Thanks for sharing your precious stories. Much obliged!

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  4. christinedl says:
    ON BEHALF OF OTHER LA CHASTERS, i would like to thank everyone who came and particpated in our after event gathering…thank you for the precious time spent knowing and getting familiar with the faces behind each others USERNAME..LOL! at least we can say we had our own MEET AND GREET WITH OTHER CHADDICTS CHASTERS…and we know how to have FUN…AGAIN, THANK YOU ALL!!!

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  5. ron says:

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  6. Daniel says:
    CHARICE ROCKS !! LA CHASTERS ROCK EVEN HARDER !! This event is one uunforgettable experience. I have doubts if the event will happen because of the gloomy forecast of rain but like a pyramid no rain can’s shake us for the love of seeing Charice in person. I arrived at the Citadel Outlet around 3 p.m. and did a valet parking to save time looking for a parking spot. I walked around the promenade and did some christmas shopping and who did I see walking with a bodyguard, Marc Johnston, and Arz Bayani. It was our Princess Charice getting inside the Adidas store. I followed behind them and other group of Chasters who asked her to have a picture taken. I was startruck once again that I forgot to ask her to autograph the pictures I was carrying taken at Mandalay Bay last October.

    Around 4 p.m. the crowd started to gather around the stage behind the 90 ft Christmas tree. I saw UCLA, LAfan, christinedl, Starbuck, alexd, Melvee, Jazzy, and Henry and other chasters in attendance.
    It was a grueling one hour wait with the rain showering off and on.
    Finally the show started with Radio Disney doing promotions.Followed by the ribbon cutting hosted by Mario Alonzo. The NY Rockettes was first introduced plugging their upcoming appearances around LA area in December.

    The first performer was Cody Simpson, and the crowd roared in excitement especially the young teens ( mostly girls of course). He started singing his songs from his album ( can’t remenber the title)
    and capped off with his hit single “Iyiyii” feat Flo Rida. I think thats the only song I liked. He’s a great performer and a typical teeny bopper idol.

    Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for. Charice is next and you can hear all chasters yelling Labyo Charice.I lost my voice cheering and my feet is killing me. The skies is already dark and the mist of rain is coming down. Covered my camera to protect from the elements
    and started shooting when Charice started her first song ” I Love You ‘. She followed by ” Pyramid” and the Medley. She did an acapella of Justin ” You Smile “. But the song I really liked was the next one. She introduced that she’s a big fan of Beyonce and will do a cover. Everyone though it’s “Listen” but lo and behold she sang ” Halo “. Goosebumps moment once again and even Mario Alonzo commented after her performance that he thought Beyonce was on stage when he was at Starbuck that he ran to to the stage to see for himself he’s not dreaming…lol

    WOW!! after her last song of ” Jingle Bell Rock “. People started leaving. El Dibarge is still next but I guess the majority of the audience were there for Cody and Charice. Chasters headed down to Terranove Restaurant at Double Tree Inn next to Citadel. It was a big crowd of chasters mingling and sharing their stories. It was a fun night with trivia games hosted by LA fan and organized by UCLA and Christinedl. Lots of picture taking and of course the warmth of being in one room with all the chasters. I was tired myself so I we started leaving around 9:30 pm. I drove home reminiscing the moments. I uploaded three vids from the event. Go to my you tube channel ” chasfan510 ” and enjoy !!! AT THE TOP BABY!!

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    • christinedl says:
      thanks Kuya Daniel…because of everybodys participation, the after event gathering turned out to be a VERY FUN NIGHT AND A SUCCESSFUL “know other Chasters” meet and! til the next gathering…

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  7. amymeng2 says:
    Hi Charice!
    Sorry i didn’t go to ur concert. Well anyway, i saw ur videos on youtube. u were amazing! i wish i could go but i got sick and my auntie told me it was going to rain. i’ll just see u next time! I luv u Charice! my name is Cheryl, 8 years old. :)

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  8. starbuck245 says:
    After some effort and convincing, my skeptical wife agreed to “letting” me take a day off from work to attend the Citadel event and after dinner for the first time as a new Chaster (April 2010). I was hoping to take some time last night to compose my thoughts after I returned from the Citadel dinner with the LA Chasters but ended up chatting here at CM basking in the experience until I was too sleepy.

    Now it all I can do to type out my thoughts here before I leave for work this morning. However, I feel compelled to at least say something, mostly to those lurking Chasters who may be reluctant to attend a Charice event, before/after Chaster get together or just a simple gathering of Chasters at a Starbucks coffee shop.

    I have just two words: “DO IT!” Frankly, it was truly one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a very long time (marriage being #1 of course — Honey, r u lurking?). I’m still trying to take it all in because it really is something to that one shouldn’t say too lightly. I wanted to give it some time to sink in because it really was a surreal experience. I met a group of people who share a worthy and worthwhile common interest, all of whom I’ve only known online in the virtual world. To see “them” in person was a wonderful experience.

    Of course to experience Cha talking and singing live and in person only about 40 feet away was surreal and to hear her voice live was what everyone has said before about being 10x better than on YT/computer. I now look forward to hearing her in a concert hall with the best sound systems to bring that up another 10x — Do I hear Mandalay Bay, LV, my dear wife? The experience of meeting Chasters and seeing Cha live leaves me craving for more Cha.

    I was pleasantly surprised that my Chinese friend, her husband and three young daughters came. They were impressed and I felt as though I helped in some small way to add to the growing Chaster family, especially the young girls who will see a young Asian entertainer being accepted and cheered by all ages and ethnicities. Another friend, who is Hispanic will be bringing her teen daughter to the Grove event tonight. She was surprised when her daughter instantly knew Cha’s name and song when she put it on in the car after school — this was back in April when I shared Cha’s CD with her).

    While holding up their five year old so she could see Cha sing, I could see that she couldn’t take her eyes off of Cha. Whereas when Cody (the opening act) was singing, her eyes wandered off to the side, up, down, but not riveted on Cody as she was on Cha. I felt great about that…(err, sorry Cody, not ALL the young girls were there for you…LOL).

    I only have a few more minutes before I have to dash, but I can’t end w/o thanking all the Chasters I met at the dinner who help make me feel comfortable and, well, like a Chaster: of course, UCLA, LAFan, NoDoubt, ChristineDl, Ed (don’t feel bad, you got the toughest trivia questions), Kathy, Jazzy, and Sideburner. I apologize for missing many others who I met and chatted with, but frankly, just like being introduced to everyone in a large office on the first day of work, w/o taking notes it’s tough to remember everyone’s name.

    My point with this post is to encourage…strongly urge…any Chaster who has considered even just a tiny bit to attend a Cha event, to do so without hesitation…run, do not walk! Take a jet plane, a rocket ship…get there and you’ll never look back with regret, but only forward with optimism and hope that the world will be a better place. (Whew! I’m getting hyperbolic…stratosbolic even, but Cha and the Chasters have that effect…and it feels soooooo goooood!)

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Oh dear, to all the grammarians, my apologies for typos,etc., but I’m late for work!…but I just had to skim my post quickly before dashing and argh! I really need time to edit next time….Out!

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    • DocEd, Guam, USA says:
      STARBUCKS245….YOU are now afflicted by a new malady called CHARICEMANIA or a form of CHADDICTION. It is presently incurable, stressful if not periodically treated by group therapy, and will kill you if you don’t see Charice again.

      Family support is very important. Talking about your feelings, sharing your time and knowing you are not sick alone will help you cope. Fortunately, there is a growing number of patients willing to share their remedies.

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    • christinedl says:
      thank you for your nice words not only about Charice amazing talent but also the encouragement to other Chasters to join an after event gathering with other co-CHADDICTS…we appreciate your effort in taking participation for this wonderful and joyous night….

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  9. SideburnerSol says:
    A short while ago I returned from Charice’s concert at the Citadel and she was amazing! Before the concert began I was lucky to see Charice walking in my direction on the other side of a barricade. I called out her name and she was so sweet to walk around the barricade to give me a big hug! My afternoon had just been perfected, but it gets better. Marc Johnson, Charice’s manager, soon followed and I was able to have a nice conversation with him concerning the LA Chasters’ efforts to give Charice a wower of a welcome! I told him that we had a vision of surpassing the excitement of the crowd at Toronto’s Eaton Center. He expressed doubt that we would be able to top that, especially with the rainy weather. The crowd was still in the process of finding their way toward the stage and the bad weather made me wonder if perhaps he might be right. Marc saw the t-shirt I was wearing, that Kathy designed, and he said he would like to have one. I invited him, Charice & Carl to the after-concert Chaster dinner and he said they would come if there was sufficient time. Marc located the person he was looking for and had to go, but I was soon blessed to have my daughter, her husband, and my grandson join me. We patiently waited to watch Charice on the Jumbo screens set up behind the Citadel’s 90 ft., Christmas tree. To our surprise Charice’s brother soon stopped by with a couple of Chasters and I had the opportunity to introduce them to my family. They were all having a great time and they stayed with us until just before Charice was scheduled to sing.

    When the DJ introduced Charice the welcome was everything the LA Chasters had hoped it would be! Wild & crazy Chasters cheered their lungs out for Charice and waved the light wands that the LA Chasters had previously distributed; compliments of Christine . Charice’s first song was the up-tempo dance remix version of “I Love You”. She then asked the crowd if they would like to hear “Pyramid” and the crowd erupted in cheers. Charice kept the crowd dancing with her next song, a dance medley of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”, Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA” & MJ’s “Rock With You”, where Charice showed off some awesome dance moves. Charice had fun with the crowd letting them choose a Justin Bieber song for her to sing a capella. Charice got the crowd singing along with Justin Bieber’s “You Smile”. Charice then turned up the intensity with her absolutely mind blowing version of Beyonce’s, “Halo”. Charice ended her musical set with a spirited multi-key change filled rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock.”

    The LA Chasters all contributed greatly to the promotion of this event according to their various talents and available time and resources. The LA Chasters have every reason to feel proud of their efforts to promote Charice’s appearance at the Citadel! Radio Disney estimated the crowd as 6,000! After the concert about 40 LA Chasters gathered at a restaurant UCLA_UST had arranged for us. Even though Charice was not able to attend, it was a wonderful dinner. Christine and LAfan did an amazing job with their Charice Trivia game. There were lots of prizes distributed and lots, and lots, of laughter and smiling Chaster faces were evident. Even though some of us didn’t know all the Charice Trivia answers, I don’t think there were any losers. I hope someone got video of Christine’s Lady Gaga and Beyonce charades time. :) It is moments like these shared with family and friends that I will never forget.

    There is so much more to tell. I know other Chasters will help to fill in many of the areas I didn’t cover. There were lots of Chasters at the concert, and the post-concert dinner, with video cameras, so be on the lookout for YT video and fb galleries!
    Labyo Chasters!

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    • mooffin says:
      thank you for the wonderful report! congratulations LA chasters!

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    • DocEd, Guam, USA says:
      What a wonderful time LA Chasters are having. You got some of Charice and then more to follow. Six thousand determined people not even concerned about the rain.!!! Could not have done a better job!

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    • htinla says:
      Hi everybody! Great to hang out with the Chaster family again. The show was short but awesome. For me, Halo was the killer. Here’s my video of this outstanding performance:

      More vids in store, but gotta get rested up for The Grove show. Ah, we LA Chasters are simply spoiled!

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      • dadartful says:
        Thank you Henry for your marvelous vids. Your videos of Cha are keepers for me. I’m one of those with health issues and unable to travel and I wanted to let you and other faithful Chasters who record and upload her fantastic performances that I truly appreciate all of your efforts. I’m in Hawaii and maybe she’ll have a concert here in the near future. Thank you again and aloha!!!

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      • scoobydoo says:
        hi…your video was perfect.. as if you were very close to the stage and the audio was great.
        as usual… Charice was amazing. She own the song now.

        thanks for sharing !

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    • euse clerigo says:
      thank you guy’s for all the hardwork…especially reporting the event…just reading it…it feel like we are there too…THANK’S A LOT…so will see you later tonight…through your report…we live her in VANCOUVER B.C…and it is 20hrs drive…so what ever news, we heard WE REALLY…REALLY…REALLY APPRECIATE IT.


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  10. JAbuan says:
    Man, just listened to video of Charice at the Citadel singing Halo. Dude she is really gaining control of her instrument. She seems out of the fog now as far as english usage is concerned. Sort of when Celine transitioned from french to english so it is with Charice from tagalog to english. I hope the teen demographic becomes widely hooked to Charice. Love that kid.

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  11. angieele says:
    We were at Citadel too, arrived about 3-4 hrs before it started. Able to get a little video of charice doing sound check, trying to upload to YT. She is so amazing, either live, in YT, concerts, TV appearances, her voice never changed, actually she sounds great live. Next stop tomorrow…..The Grove, have to leave wayyy early, The venue is more bigger than Citadel, but more people. Will have to keep an eye on Hollywood celebrities too…lol

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  12. ChariceFan says:
    The interview with Charice at Citadel

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  13. ntony9 says:
    Just got back from the concert…Awesome performance and I met UCLA, LA Fan, Christine DL and other Chasters nice meeting and talking to all of you guys.

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  14. Joel says:
    awesome performance! I’m pinoy but when Charice singles out her filipino fans I feel like everyone else is left out. She should just, going forward say thanks to all fans. I mean as filipinos do we need her to keep saying thanks to us? We have to look at the bigger picture and it is bigger than us. That’s just my opinion. I think we should be over that phase of “i’m pinoy” thing. I love her and will see her tomorrow at The Grove!

    I hope she sings O Holy Night. Can you imagine what a mind/soulgasm (made up word) that would be?

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    • daddy 0 says:
      I agree 100%. Will someone tell her bout that!!Did you guys saw what happened at the LV concert who someone from the audience scream VivA Mexico..and David said something.I was there and. Kinda rude right? Imagine the picture.

      For Charice it is ok, but think about it, I was also at Citadel and I am looking at the audience. There was white, Spanic, AM’s. They are enjoying Charice. But felt kinda left out. I hope she embrace everybody as one as a whole audience, but not only to the pinoys.

      Hey, i AM PINOY ALSO and i am proud of Charice. But sometimes, she have to think that we are not the only audience in front of her. Maybe a word of THANKS TO ALL MY FANS!! OR THANK TO ALL OF YOU!! OR ANYTHING.

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      • here2support says:
        When she does that, I get the feeling she still has that feeling that she’s still not a Hollywood star yet. She has that mentality of a local Filipino artist. Charice, this isnt an OFW concert. I really hope you get that ASAP. I know she misses the Philippines, but I wish she would truly embrace the country that has embraced her enough to put her on the Top 10 of the Billboard Charts. People love you in America and not just Filipino Americans, Charice. Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics, etc. They are your Chasters and your devoted fans.

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        • kenshin says:
          i’ve been working in a multi-cultural environment, around 35 nationalities and never in my experience white people felt left out, no matter how small their numbers are, they are and will always be the dominant minority, no feeling of being left out

          what people should quit is the way how we command “do this” & “do that”

          charice is handled by professionals, in fact the best there is in the business, do you think they wouldn’t know your concern if ever there is?

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          • Joel says:
            and how do you think those professionals know about the concerns? Through fans just like us that voice their opinions, and yes it is just an opinion. However we don’t hear other top artists saying “thank you to all my Swedes fans”, or “thank you my african americans”. I’m not saying caucasians feel left out, it’s more of a generalization about addressing her “fans”. The whole world are her fans and to not recognize that could be a mistake. There are people out there that has different mentality as far as race goes. Whether you believe that to be true or not, there is. It may or may not happen but some one could have the thought of, “oh she’s just into her filipino fans”. “well i guess i don’t need to be a fan since i’m not appreciated.” Not saying that’s what people think but hey if the door is open someone is going to walk through it if you know what I mean.

            I’m a professional DJ and I don’t get on the mic and single out any one nationality. I really am not trying to make a racial argument here but just expressing my OWN opinion whether it is taken or not. We all love her and want the best for her. Constructive criticism is always the best.

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            • Marcela says:

              I agree with you Joel… but constructive criticism here in charicemania is a no-no.. especially to the extremist fans like “CAMO” so whatever you say doesn’t count for him but say it anyway. hahaa

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          • marie says:
            Maybe her team wants her to be different – that has always been endearing about her. Charice can sing like the best of the best, but there has to be something that makes her stick out among the crowd- and perhaps her team thinks it is her Filipino-ness..I mean the whole package- her story and all that.

            I do think she should just acknowledge everyone as one and not single out a group, but, like you mentioned, there has to be a reason for it.

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            • kenshin says:
              it’s almost 3yrs now, that i’ve been hearing that “constructive criticism” about the “feeling like everyone else is left out”, since her very start in the mainstream US,
              do you think those professionals didn’t know about that concerns in 3yrs that they are with Charice?? and wouldn’t do anything about it if indeed there is a concern about it

              what’s really happening is some people are looking for something to criticize and making it look constructive

              Charice is diff with the other artist, or nationalities of the other artist, Charice came from outside the US, to a country which is hard to say, not known to everyone, and she is relatively “new” to the music business in the US, she needed a strong ground to start with and that is thru her kababayans, who really are making an efforts to see her shows

              i’ve seen most of her shows in outside the Phil through Youtube, she never single out Filipinos in the crowd, she thanks everyone and acknowledge everyone, it’s just that she’s giving EXTRA acknowledgement to her kababayans, which is really a nice thing to do coz she is showing her national pride, even David Foster asking her to give shout out to Filipinos in the crowd during their concerts

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              • mooffin says:
                just a thought – if she really wants to acknowledge filipinos then maybe she could say “i would like to acknowledge my fellow filipinos here and i would like to thank all of you for coming.” that’s probably the best compromise.

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                • mooffin says:
                  forgot to add, which she did. the thing is, i think she does not want anyone to say that now that she’s a huge star she’s forgotten her roots. she as a person has not changed, but her circumstances have, and i think she should consider adjusting accordingly. she has fans from all over now, and i think a simple “thank you all” would suffice. it does not make her less of a filipino if she only says this and it does not make her more of a filipino if she singles out her fellow filipinos. no one can take away her being filipino so i think she should be made to feel that we will not think any less of her if she does not acknowledge us filipinos.

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              • euse clerigo says:
                kenshin…i throughly agree with you…it is really a blessing that this one man believe on her and down load it to YT…just imagine one man and now it is gonna be a million critizing her. this girl is really amazing.

                PEACE TO EVERYONE remember we are all free to voice our opinion.

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          • daddy 0 says:
            Hi Kenshin and Joel –

            MAn!! I was again lurking on the internet and cooking breakfast for my son and myself, and took this laptop to the kitchen to watch the Charice performance again. As if i was not there at Citadel.

            Then i saw these replies…

            Lets put it this way. Yes it is been 3 years now and we’ve been hearing this constructive criticism for Charice. yes she is been handled by a top entertainment management.
            And yet nothing is been done for this opinions and criticism that people are giving.I guess, who cares about us saying something. For the management that is handling Charice, they don’t care. If they do, of these 3 years that she’s been handled, there could have been changes that you will notice in every recent concerts she made.

            Joel is pro DJ. Kenshin works as a professional whith different ethnicity.

            Hey me too. I am a professional. Professional Chaster that lurks the internet and watch her YT videos and concert every freaking day and also watch her live performance here in LA. MAN, I’ve been doing this also since circa 2007. I am a professional to when it comes to manhandle my wife telling me to do the home chores and yet still nothing done because of charice.
            (Then I end up beaten and battered by my wife because i did not do my chores!! j/k).

            Let’s go back to the topic. Look, Charice is also like a workhorse or an employee in a corporate world. Everything that she does are been told to do so. The only different thing is she have a manager. An employee in a corp world don’t have one. You work, you make money (your salary) But who gets the big bucks??

            Same as Charice, Just do what you got to do. Bring the Money in until your hot. Well, she is still hot but for how long? I know for a long time. That is why she is called Icon of the Future.

            All this management, they don’t care. Remember, it’s just all money, money, money. that is all that matters.
            You work hard in an office, what do you get, a bonus after a year? That if your lucky.

            Charice she gets paid very well. She have Liz Rosenburg as her publicist, MArc J as her Manager, Ed Shapiro as her entertainment lawyer, David Foster and WB at her back as her record family. Oprah, the CEO of all of this…

            So who makes the biggest bucks!!So Charice can say all the things she wants on stage even it doesn’t sound good anymore. For the management as long as the people accepts her they are OK. But remember, Us Flips (pure or mix) can follow her as long as we want. Do you think other race are the same thing??

            Yes, there are other chasters who are non-Flips. Can anyone tell me how many non-Flips are Chasters?? Can someone tell me how many are there non-flips are going gaga with Charice on YT, BLOGS, etc…
            Yes, other non-Flips check her out on YT. But just for curiosity of who are you Girl?? Just like Oprah!!

            That is why she should start to embrace the whole world as a one. She is already an International Star. Not a Filipino International Singing Sensation (which is a so lame title made by a station that mentioned they don’t need some You Tube Sensations… sad) She have to start addressing to all races. It doesn’t matter if the people are coming from Madagascar or Kazakhstan.. She is known already all over the world. Cmon.. after the Glee stint!! what more?? She is already been known since Oprah!!

            Bottom line, just like in a corp world. Charice, position is keep on going higher. She is always getting promoted to a higher level because she is damn good!!

            Now as an employee, if your promoted to a Supervisor or a Manager or Director of some sort, you have to act like one.
            In order for you to be respected and recognized with your tittle you should change to be like one. Of course, not including your attitude. You guys know what i mean.

            To Charice.. same thing. She have to start to act like one. Remember, she is not getting younger but getting older. She must posses the mentality of being a star, (also of course not including the attitude. She can maintain the sweetness though)

            Well, she can keep it the way she wants to. You cannot change that. But for me, I prefer to put a stop on that, saying in front of the crowd “Is there Filipino’s out there”. ” Hi to all Filipino Fans” , Thanks to all Filipino’s out here in the US who brought the Pandesal” (did she say that?) :-)

            What Joel said below can be true, and he quote,

            “The whole world are her fans and to not recognize that could be a mistake. There are people out there that has different mentality as far as race goes. Whether you believe that to be true or not, there is. It may or may not happen but some one could have the thought of, “oh she’s just into her Filipino fans”. “well i guess i don’t need to be a fan since I am not appreciated.” Not saying that’s what people think but hey if the door is open someone is going to walk through it if you know what I mean.”

            Some race might just look at charice because of curiosity. Who are you Girl! and that will end up not as a fan but someone just want to take a peek on YT to know who is this CHARICE!!

            OK.. I have to go and I am so Hungry!! I haven’t ate my breakfast because of this..Well i have to do my Freaking Chores again and if not, Wife will not let me go to THE GROOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE!!!

            Man, I am a professional….Charice addict!!!
            I have to see her and watch her closely because David Archuleta might be doing some moves. I am watching him!!I got all the satellite feeds watching his move. He better not do anything with Charice. I’ll kick his ass back to Utah!!! Bwahahahaahahahah

            To Joel and Ken shin, Peace broda!! Hey, we are all Chasters!! We love and support each other!!


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    • SideburnerSol says:
      Joel, you are certainly entitled to your feelings concerning how Charice’s comments may make others feel. As one of the others that your are refering to, I can assure you that I don’t feel the way thank you think I might.

      Just as we play national anthems at sporting events to honor the country as well as the athlete, I believe it’s fine for a musical artist to express their pride in their country and for them to express their gratitude to their countrymen/countrywomen who are actively supporting them. If Charice didn’t express her gratitude to the Filipino community, I’m certain there would be some that would criticize her for turning her back on them. Expressing your heart-felt gratitude to a special group of supporters is in my opinion an endearing quality. I’ve heard lots of artists thank specific groups for their support and I’ve never felt excluded because of it. I trust Charice to know in her heart who deserves special recognition.

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      • cubbie says:
        Same here.. I’m a white American, & do not feel especially slighted when Charice singles-out her Filipino fans. I can’t speak for other non-Filipino-Americans, however. (My little sister commented to me about it once; not “negatively” necessarily, but she commented nonetheless) Likewise, w/ the unjust criticism she still gets, I’d rather she keep doing what she’s doing, b/c if she stopped, I’m sure her critics would simply use it to their advantage in their sick game of attacking her. (That’s an entirely different topic thatI coud rant about for pages)

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        • Joel says:

          Your right. But you know what, she’s already captured the filipino hearts and minds. Sometimes I feel she feels the need to acknowledge us because of the whole PRIDE thing that the Philippines is on.

          To me that’s not fair for her. Now I don’t know if that’s really the case or how she feels. If she stopped saying “to all my filipinos.” and just started to address everyone as her fans, yea I could see her critics going at it. But it won’t be an American critic here. It will be of course a Filipino back in the Philippines. That’s their mentality and whomever has that mentality has to break from it. She’s trying to capture the #1 market for music. Yea you may not feel “singled” out but like you said, “My little sister commented to me about it once; not “negatively” necessarily, but she commented nonetheless)”.

          Again I am just ranting I pointless OPINION lol. I don’t want to drag on and on about the matter. I respect and understand your opinion as well.

          Anyways to change the subject. I went to The Grove but darn it, I didn’t go early, and was forced to watch or at least listen to her sing from the parking structure lol. Security closed the entrances because it was paaaacked in there.

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          • cubbie says:
            It’s not that I really disagree w/ you, just to be clear. I guess I have my blinders on when it comes to Charice. I expressed in another thread that she’s the first & only entertainer I sincerely care about as a person. I do not want her to be hurt anymore than she has. I think being criticized back home has to hurt her (I assume this b/c of her extraordinary way of emoting when she sings….a person who can feel like that HAS to be effected by commentary from her fellow Filipinos, IMO). There’s just an uneasiness about her I’ve sensed in videos I’ve watched of many of er performances in PI…anyways, I don’t want to drag it out either…

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      • daddy 0 says:

        Actually you got a fair point there.

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    • euse clerigo says:
      hi joel
      i watched CHARICE in YT thanking the crowd in CITADEL L.A show…for me nothing wrong with it… addressing the filipinos first…it is like remembering your MOTHER… that you were out in this world…i have to learn to use PC just to follow her life story …and you know what? i a’m very please that i did…because with all the hardship they had…they never give up or almost…you know yourself she do not have a chance in pilipno showbiz…let us give her our support she is in a good hand of this professional people in hollywood and i think a lot of people appreciate your concern and for me she handled it very well.

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    • Joel says:
      wow, um I didn’t mean for this to get out of hand. Everyone here has valid points. I wasn’t trying to say what people were thinking or feeling, I’m not a psychic. I was just trying to imply what “could” or maybe be felt or happen. Yes being different is great, but let us not forget who’s she’s trying to capture. The American people in general are very quick to pick up and drop an artist as far as being fans. They change their minds quickly and are often hard to convince.

      She can still be different even if she acknowledges everyone as a whole her major difference than everyone else??? Is her character, and biggest of them all, HER VOICE. GIRL CAN SIIIIING lol.

      HOWEVER, I DO UNDERSTAND that she is could be acknowledging her “kababayans”, which is fine. I’m not trying to be all critical of Charice. I express my opinion because I have been in the entertainment industry for quite some time as a DJ and see so many artists come, and then their gone, one hit wonders etc.

      You may ask yourself, well what would I know about music from being a DJ? Well for one, when the record label or other services gives me that “NEW” single, we as DJ’s critically listens to it and sometimes know if that song is going to be a hit or not in mainstream America. How do we do this? We play the songs in the clubs and see peoples reactions. In almost all cases it takes at least 2-3 months AFTER the song is released for it to catch on fire, (popular). Why does it take 2-3 months? Songs are not released globally at the same time. Most songs are released and starts off in NEW YORK. Why do you think Charice spends so much time in the east coast, more than here in the west? Then it moves west. To San Francisco, then down to LA then down here to San Diego. For a good example, if you listen to an LA radio station, they will be playing a new single, and San Diego will not until about a month later. So, I am also excited to hear her new single that she’s supposed to be making for the clubs, I sure will let you all know how it does.

      All I’m saying is unfortunately here in America, in this industry, Americans pick up, and drop artists fast. To be ahead of the game, you have to play the game. That game is convincing everyone to buy your record, plain and simple. We, well most of us Chasters have followed Charice since the start, that’s why we all feel the way we feel.
      The new fans of Charice are not like us, when we followed her story on YT and cried day and night from joy and or relating to her story. Her new fans will be a result from these LIVE performances not knowing anything about her or very little. So when I gave my opinion about addressing her fans, I just thought maybe she could just address everyone as a fan. It’s not going to hurt us Filipinos if she doesn’t say “to all my filipinos!” Right??? Well I hope not.

      I would rather have her say “to all my fans.” and have EVERYONE in attendance screaming for her. She then catches their heart and ears.

      AS I’VE SAID ON ALL MY COMMENTS, MY OPINION DOESN’T HAVE TO BE RECOGNIZED WHICH IS FINE. I’m not trying to say what people are thinking or feeling. This is mine alone. If you may or may not feel the same way then that’s fine too. Unless I start saving all these opinions and mail them to Mark then maybe it’d get noticed lol but probably not haha. But here, no harm intended to anyone or any Chaster. I love Charice and forever will support her no matter what.

      Peace Chasters.

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  15. Extreme says:
    Are there videos yet?

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  16. vil26216 says:
    Cool but no rain here at Citadel. Charice doing sound check at the moment. Common Chasters hurry, cars are non-stop at the entrance. Must be lots of people to watch the show.

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  17. Lalapot says:
    Four of us are going! Rain or shine :D

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  18. tnt says:
    CZAROFGOD: well well! i see white clouds in the horizon! LONGBEACH airport is busy as a bee!! THE SUN HAS CRACKED THE CLOUDS!!!!!!!!!! citadel is in the works!

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  19. Joel says:
    anyone coming from san diego?

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  20. tnt says:
    CZAROFGOD: THERE IS NO SUNSHINE.. HERE IN LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!!!!! every road is wet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 710frwy is slow but passable,,,,,, traffic is light,,,,,, ‘coz it is saturday

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  21. Joel says:
    oh man is there a meet and greet with Charice? What time are you all going to be there? I will really try to make it. I guess I will be driving up from San Diego by myself lol.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      I didn’t get the impression it was a meet and greet with Cha. I think it’s just a meet and greet with Chasters such as Side and LAfan.

      I’d like to think Cha would show up and say Hello, but after flying back from Toronto probably today after participating in DF’s fundraiser, she would probably be better getting some rest and relaxation.

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