Channel News Asia Interviews David Foster, Talks About Charice

Channel News Asia Interviews David Foster, Talks About Charice

ai???Everything that David Foster touches turns into gold and sometimes Itai??i??s an understatement. On his recent visit to Singapore, last leg of The David Foster and Purchase lady era review Friends Asian Tour, 15 time Grammy award winner, ai???The

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Hitmanai??? had an exclusive interview with Suzanne Jung of Channel News Asiaai??i??s Primetime Morning. When it comes to music, David Foster has the Midas touch. Discovered and worked with some of the greatest artists on the planet including Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Kenny G., Whitney Houston, Michael Buble and Josh Groban. In his exclusive interview, David Foster talked about spotting and finding great talents which includes his past discoveries like Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Michael Buble and the latest, Charice. 18 year old pint-sized Filipina powerhouse sensation is his current favourite project and has been grooming her to be Asiaai??i??s next superstar. As per David Foster, Charice has been able to go out now to perform and fill up venues. Sheai??i??s got her own style and its great to watch. Suzanne Jung also added that Charice has bloomed beautifully under his wings and asked if heai??i??s confident that Charice will one day get a Grammy. Without any hesitation, ai???The Hitmanai??? said Yes, ai???Charice will probably win a Grammy!ai???. Watch more of Channel News Asia’s exclusive interview with David Foster below.

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  1. junino says:

    Winning of Gramy Awards is another milestone for her and I hope guys she will win that awards 100%……Go Charice…….Go…..

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  2. joseph says:
    who is that gorgeous young lady that interviewed david? she is so beautiful and very intelligent.compared to western journalist she one of the best

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  3. Vanna says:
    @saudi_charistic, I hope you are right about Grammy’s INTEGRITY. It’s the quality of Voice and the talent that is being voted for.

    INTEGRITY will mesmerized us in the same way CHARICE mesmerized us with her pure talent in singing any type of song.

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  4. adixon2luv says:
    charice has gone a long way..and everyday we are always excited for a new days infos bout her success..DFF is kinda sure when he said bout the Grammy for he knows charice has all that a Grammy is looking for..if someday its gonna happen..charice will truly surpass what other singers(Asian singers) have achieved.. and cha deserves every penny of his achievement..god bless

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  5. zen58 says:
    Yes,yes,yes,definitely!!! Our Princess Charice will be a “Grammy Awardee”.Looking forward and praying everyday for that moment to happen someday.Thank you David Foster, Oprah, Charice Team and fellow Chasters for loving and supporting Charice unconditionally.

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  6. frfyokohama says:
    I had chills again.. the anchors talking about charice gave me real chills.. Have heard and seen many times Charice, singing ” I have nothing” but again I had a goosebumps!! Go Charice.. See in Japan nextyear..!

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  7. peakarach says:
    Asian are more like 3 billions people. China and India combined alone is over 2.5 billions people.

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  8. scoobydoo says:
    do you have the 2nd part of the interview?

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    • eve says:
      You can click Part 2 above on the video itself and vice versa. Capofret uploaded both interview parts on her youtube channel.

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  9. J.Kulisap says:
    Thousands of chasters are there and it’s counting day by day, it also means that the Grammy Award is not a dream but a reality, maybe not today, next year or the coming years but CHARICE talent is equal to Grammy- for those who believe, that’s enough for now.

    Good day Chasters :)

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  10. lance says:
    To all Chasters, please give 200% support to our Pop-Powerhouse Prncess, she very much deserves to win a Grammy and help her climb the Billboard Charts again

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  11. chatterboxcharlie says:
    Charice has all the makings of a worldwide superstar icon. A grammy is surely attainable, for me she is the most deserving artist talent-wise. Let us be consistent with our prayers and support for Charice. The sky is the limit for this kid.

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  12. hermiemel says:
    DF says “that most singers, entertainers, & performers comes from the “West” and Asians loves them.

    Now with Charice, DF is saying “that CHARICE is from Asia and the whole wide world will love her”.

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  13. flowjam21 says:
    one of my dreams,seeing Charice upon receiving her first GRAMMY AWARDS.on that day is the most memorable day’s for me and to all Chaster’s around the globe.before,i dreaming that one day i spotted Charice on the itunes TOP 100 n BIllboard HOT 100 Singles & TOP 200,all that is already happen.SO,100% possible that Charice will win The GRAMMY…..and i can’t wait that the top baby….

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  14. Daniel says:
    Keep our fingers crossed that Charice will be nominated for a Grammy and win this prestigious award. David Foster is never wrong when he said Charice is up for an academy award. We’ll be patiently waiting and if doesn’t happen next year, it will certainly happen sooner or later. With Glee appearances and Christmas appearances along with her new album and single, chasters will be surprise what’s in store for us. Hope to see her next weekend at the Citadel Outlet along with all the funny and very excited LA Chasters in attendance.

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  15. rey nicolas says:
    I had full of trust and confidence to Mr. David.He has said it that Charice would probably win a grammy!!!!that’s it

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  16. euse clerigo says:
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAMMY………. this will be the answer with all our disappoinment…we have to always remind ourselves…stay…calm…relax…as CONDOLEZA RICE said “IF YOU WERE TWICE AS GOOD THEY MIGHT NOT WANT YOU BUT THEY HAVE TO RESPECT YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAD ACHIEVED…………


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  17. jn says:
    Even though, I’ve heard interviews where David F. mentioned about Charice to be the next superstar, I still get teary-eyed how he really trust and groomed Charice for the next level in her music career. Good luck to you both…..I will be looking forward when everyone (across the globe) will hear the music coming out from the tandem of Charice (vocals) and David F (piano.)

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  18. EZ says:

    Now I was the first to cheer once her name is called. Heheh

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  19. coronado75 says:
    That will be sooo awesome if she wins the Best New Artist Award next year at the Grammy’s.

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  20. chengna2010 says:
    let’s keep waiting for that day, that day charice will pick not just one grammy award but a lot of them. viva charice!!!

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  21. saudi_charistic says:
    In both voting rounds of Grammy Awards, Academy members are to vote based upon quality alone. They are not supposed to be influenced by sales, chart performance, personal friendships, regional preferences or company loyalty. The acceptance of gifts is prohibited. Members are urged to vote in a manner that preserves the integrity of the academy.

    So, there are big chances of winning this award because of the quality of the voice of charice that is why David Foster is sure that charice will win this award not this coming year but maybe another years to come. No rush…

    she will win!!! go charice…
    we will support you!!!

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    • euse clerigo says:

      saudi_charistic….it is to…. obvious…CHARICE really, really, really………………… deserve a GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMY!!!!!!!!!!!hey guy’s just remember when OPRAH told her…you are soooooooooo GOOD and you really, really, really deserve to be help…even though OPRAH is not in a music business…she knows what she is talking about…just imagine…who ever ask CHARICE… can you PLEASE sing a little song for us…with no hesitation…anywhere…anytime…CHARICE…will obliging do it…just that alone…at that age…she is amazing…..and i really trust DAVID FOSTER… and he desreve another GRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAMY too……..

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  22. ejiro says:
    Surely win a Grammy!!!
    Charice deserves a Grammy Award!

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    • EZ says:
      I really hope your right. They’re NOT SUPPOSED TO… I PRAY THAT THEY Keep their integrity INDEED! No matter what the price is.

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  23. ArrVee says:
    Suzanne is obviously a fan of Charice, something she can hardly hide in this interview …

    “it takes a village” to help her succeed, but it only took one song that touched each of these people, for them to rally behind her with their unflinching support …

    yes, that Charice magic is very much alive and growing …

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  24. Portia says:
    How come the video was blocked?

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  25. Portia says:
    Thanks David Foster for your vote of confidence that Charice will be a “Grammy Awardee”, for I too have that same feeling. I will be looking forward for that time that Charice will be holding in her arms that much-coveted Grammy Trophy.

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