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Sunshine Corazon’s Next Song: How Will the Sun Shine Again?

Sunshine Corazon’s Next Song: How Will the Sun Shine Again?

Charice, who plays Sunshine Corazon, the GLEE Filipina foreign exchange student, trended worldwide on twitter right after the first episode aired. Since then, everybody looked forward to the next episode in the hope of seeing yet another mind-blowing performance from ai???The Most Talented Girl in the Worldai???. We waited another week and tuned in to the next episodeai??i?? ai??i??But she didnai??i??t show up at all! Then came episodes three, four and five, and Charice still wasnai??i??t there. Where was she?! While Gleeks and Chasters were tearing their hair out of agony and frustration, Charice was busy during the past few weeks because she performed as part of the David Foster and Friends Asian Tour. They had concerts in Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore. After the Sushi Saga, Charice had a short break from work. As of press time, she has flown back to the US for holiday gigs and also to resume tapings for Glee. Letai??i??s have a recap of what happened thus far. Sunshine Rachel Glee Cartoon Sunshine Corazons Next Song: How Will the Sun Shine Again? Sunshine Corazon tried to audition for New Directions (ND) as per Rachel Berryai??i?? insistence. Rachel, jealous of Sunshineai??i??s talent, tricked the latter into going to a crack house. Leah apologized afterward and encouraged Sunshine to still audition. Sunshine, being the nice innocent girl that she is, agreed. Sunshine made ND Listen, and the rest of the world listened too. However, before Will Schuester was able to congratulate Sunshine for passing, Vocal Adrenalineai??i??s coach already succeeded in pirating her, thanks to a tip-off from the age-old McKinley High super villain, Sue Sylvester. ai???I actually would’ve stayed here but I think Rachel would’ve made my life a living hell. I just didn’t trust her after she sent me to a crack house, not cool…It was nice to meet you,ai??? Sunshine said. Thus, Sunshine will now be a part of VA and not ND, much to the dismay of fans (and Kurt Hummel). Now, the world is waiting for her ultimate comeback, but people from all over are speculating on what she will sing next. Hence, letai??i??s ask the all-important question: Hmm, What will she sing next? Okay, letai??i??s review the proai??i??s and conai??i??s of each of the most popular song candidates, based on how often these suggestions appeared on twitter and other discussion boards. Fans have come up with some very interesting theories, some of which are backed by good reasoning, although a majority were just products of sheer wishful thinking. Letai??i??s talk about the

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better ones.

Choice 1: Celine Dion, ai???All by Myselfai???/ ai???Power of Loveai??? / ai???To Love You More

Charice Celine1 Sunshine Corazons Next Song: How Will the Sun Shine Again? Why?

  • Fans want Charice to sing big songs so she can really showcase her talent.
  • Ryan Murpy (RM), GLEEai??i??s creator, also wants Charice to sing songs like that.
  • These are the best songs in her arsenal based on her recently concluded stint at the David and Foster and Friends Asian Tour.
  • They can make the arrangement more lively and young, just like what DF did with ai???To Love You Moreai???.

Why not?


Choice 2: Jennifer Holliday, ai???And Iai??i??m Telling You Iai??i??m Not Goingai???

Charice Starking1 Sunshine Corazons Next Song: How Will the Sun Shine Again? Why?

  • Again, itai??i??s a big song. Itai??i??s what WE want, plus itai??i??s what RM wants too.
  • Sheai??i??s new to VA so saying, ai???Youai??i??re gonna love me,ai??? is perfect for that moment.
  • A trip down memory lane would be cool.

Purchase lady era pills Why not?

  • The lyrics can make the character look arrogant and overconfident to some extent. Sunshine is a sweet girl, so it may not really happen.
  • Right after the first line of the chorus, the lyrics imply undying loyalty, which can make her look materialistic after the perks she got from the VA coach.
  • Unfortunately, Mercedes already sang it. (AWWW!!!)

. Choice 3: Christina Aguilera/ Lea Salonga, ai???Reflectionai???

Charice Mulan1 Sunshine Corazons Next Song: How Will the Sun Shine Again? Why?

  • For the third time, itai??i??s another big song. Itai??i??s what WE want, plus itai??i??s what RM wants too.
  • Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Celebrity bloggers think that the song as a whole fits to the situation well, as Charice is basically torn between two schools.
  • The songai??i??s lyrics are also perfect for Sunshineai??i??s age, plus she can have that pensive moment, thinking about whether it was right that she accepted the green card and condo from VA.

Why not?

  • Correct me if Iai??i??m wrong, but she hasnai??i??t sung that song yet. But then, she can sing anything anyway.
  • WSJ has said it, and Ryan Murphy doesnai??i??t want his shows to be predictable.
  • Reflection is about accepting oneai??i??s self. Sunshine seems to have no issue with that.

. There are many other possibilities, and they might even be better than the ones listed above. What do you think? Do you have something else in mind? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Reports, with particular attention to IMDb’s, say that she will show up again either on the sixth or seventh episode. GLEE’s Episode six, “Never Been Kissed” will air in FOX at 8:00 PM EST Tuesday, November 9th.

By RJ Nieto,

96 Responses to “Sunshine Corazon’s Next Song: How Will the Sun Shine Again?”

  1. cubbie says:
    I’d actually like to hear Charice sing a showtune… We all know she can do the power ballad, but I want her to showcase her versatility. I know Lea Michele has a leg-up in this genre, but I’d love to see Charice give it a shot w/ something challenging…not sur exactly what though.

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  2. Earthquaker12 says:

    Charice will be in episode 9 entitled “Special Education”…. or will she?

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  3. TonyVernsky says:
    Charice can sing almost any kind of songs superbly and flawlessly even those big songs like “All By Myself”. Also, I was so impressed the first time I heard her sang a country song like “You’re Still The One”. For me, whatever it is Charice will nail it for sure.

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  4. Supermariah says:
    I THINK she can sing ” Through the Rain” by MARIAH..since there is a news for GLEE wanting to have a MARIAH be good at it

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  5. bigkuya says:
    I agree that she should be the one to cover the dream girl’s song “and I am telling you”…

    I think her next song or any song in Glee for that matter would probably be designed to fit in that particular episode’s storyline or theme… for instance if its an episode about longing for someone beloved then maybe they could have her sing whitney’s Run to you or maybe if its a mellow dramatic scene then they could use One Sweet Day or Josh Groban’s to where you are… if its about a person like let’s say Elvis or Tom Jones then maybe they could make her sing You are always on my mind or Its not unusual… or maybe make a cover Barbra Streisand’s songs – evergreen… memory… I just wonder if her voice would somehow blend well with barbra’s pitch… have not hear her sing any Barbra songs yet… charice also sang several Barry Manilow song’s before…

    i believe that charice can give justice to any song… but for her, it should not be just Any song – it’ll have to be THE SONG… a song that would sustain the audience’s interest and craving for more… her repertoire should not be in any way that too predictable…

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  6. J.B. says:
    If the studio will use the same record settings the way they did the “Listen” on her first appearance, it may not be obvious how good her vocal power is.

    The Listen recording is a bit clipped powerwise based on the way she sang the song live.

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  7. chit says:
    Any song will do for me; please make it very, very quick. This waiting is too much!!!

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  8. elg021407 says:
    I would not mind what type of song Charice will sing. For me, she would always SHINE AND WILL KEEP ON GLOWING as she breathes and delivers every song different from the original song…you just cannot explain it and for me she is unique for I have never followed an Artist like this in my entire life. Charice will SHINE IN ANY SONG.

    Thanks RJ Nieto for sharing your thoughts to us. It feels great to have Chaster who shares in-depth analysis of giving the pros and cons of Charice next Glee song and be a point of healthy discussion here. Article like this motivates and excites us to see the next song…next journey…next step…wherever she is, I will be there. My salute to you and to Charicemania team here.

    Good health to all and to Charice always.

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  9. tnt says:
    among all articles posted here, i think this one is unpopular.. im sorry

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  10. tnt says:
    she can sing any song in glee… but when???

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  11. I have my 2 best song, I think All by myself and Reflection was the best on the list. Uhm, I have some correction, Charice already sang “Reflection” try to search it. But she sang this before she got famous.

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  12. Gleekster says:
    Just to be on topic, next song? Any song that she hasn’t sang yet.

    Now, onto when is she gonna be appearing next? Can anyone recall what was her response when she was asked in Manila (and I believe she was asked on 2 occasions). She responded quoting an instruction explicitly gven to her.


    There you have it. Let’s just keep watching LOL!

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  13. einna says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Lozza says:
      Great pick for her voice einna. I also think ‘There you’ll be by Faith Hill would be perfect for Charice (& very dramatic).

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