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Just Dance, It’ll Be Okay

Just Dance, It’ll Be Okay

Regarding Charice’s future direction in music, I think I’ll defer to what we already know about Charice and her management team when it comes to where her next musical step takes her. We already know what D. Foster said, how the ‘easy’ thing to do would be to release an album chock full of ballads in line with Whitney, Celine and Mariah. We all know Charice’s core fan-base would eat that up, and such an album would likely go platinum in the U.S. much like Josh Groban’s albums have (the self-proclaimed ‘Joe Jonas to the online tablets viagra moms in America’). However, we also know that D. Foster/Oprah/Team Charice have chosen not to go that route. It’s clearly NOT about the money then, because going the ballad route would bring millions of sales and record-breaking world-wide tours for the reasons already mentioned in the Jim Beanz article thread. I firmly believe that Oprah and D. Foster are true to what they’ve been saying all along, that Charice is a gift into their lives, and thus share a responsibility to strive to do everything they can to enable Charice to reach her ultimate potential. chaster dancing Just Dance, Itll Be OkayOprah is in the business of making dreams come true, and so if it were just about the money, then she could have enabled Charice to make a bunch of ballad records for the middle-age/senior crowd, and be on her way to cash the checks at the bank. However, among Charice’s canada pharmacy 24h many dreams is to have a #1 record on the radio airwaves/Billboard Top 100, not discounting the #1 dance record she already had with Pyramid. She’s said that herself on several occasions. Thus, in order for Charice to attain that feat, she needs to go in the dance direction as that is the ‘in’ thing right now. And not just ‘dance-remixes’ which only get airplay in the clubs, but R&B dance tunes that will get major airplay on Top 40 stations across the country and the world–which is really the thing that will enable an artist to break through into the mainstream music scene these days (leading to Grammys, People’s Choice, etc.). But I also want to bring caution to those (including myself) who automatically think going that route is a ‘cop-out’ and waste for Charice’s vocal talents. Sure, the current dance –tunes emphasize the background beat/groove over the singer’s vocals. And yes, we all know Charice’s vocals are what set her musically apart from the current group of singers on top of the charts today. However, let us not forget, that Charice herself is but 18 years old! And let us also not forget what she herself is listening to on her IPod these days. Like all teens, Charice is an avid fan of music and I’m sure she loves the current music playing on the radio (Gaga, Ne-Yo, etc.). There’s a reason why this current music is so popular amongst the young crowd, but doesn’t quite warm the hearts of us middle-agers/senior citizens–which of course, may change for us if Charice’s voice is behind those dance tracks. Thus, beyond just giving Charice an opportunity to hit #1 on the Top 40 charts with a dance R&B tune on the radio, going the dance route is I believe what Charice herself wants to do, as an artist, and I think D. Foster/Oprah would want nothing more than to give Charice the chance to do the kind of music SHE wants to do. It must take a lot for a 15 time Grammy award winner to realize that the prodigy he’s been given is too great a gift to hoard just for himself and those who listen to ‘his type of music’. Thus, D. Foster has unleashed Charice’s talents to those in the industry (Jim Beanz, Jackieboyz, and maybe Ne-Yo, etc.) who know the current music scene, and have the talent to produce a record that has the potential of generic name for viagra hitting the top of the charts.

David Foster: “You Can Always Skew Older; You Can Never Skew Younger”

Video Upload by DrTP, August 2009 Therefore, despite all her adoring middle-aged Chasters (like myself) who could go on listening to Charice sing the Bodyguard medley non-stop on a loop for hours on end, we need to all step aside and let this 18 year old, ridiculously talented teen ‘do her thing’, and discover for herself, the kind of artist she aspires to be. It’s just a blessing that she’s been given the opportunity to work with the best in the business, and surely, she is not one to waste such a gift from God. For all those who are so worried about the kind of clothes she will wear and the kind of dance moves she’ll do, let’s just give Charice and her team the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Has she let anyone down yet? I don’t think so. I also do think we all need to prepare ourselves to somewhat ‘let go’ of that really wholesome little girl image we have of Charice singing on Starking in 2007. She’s grown up a bunch since then, and she’ll continue to exude her developing maturity as she enters into the third decade of her young life. Let’ just trust Charice, her mom, and her team to do what is best for her and her career, and just enjoy the ride as Chasters. My only regret with all this talk about a second album now is that the world will never get to hear such songs as “In Love So Deep,” “Nobody’s Singing to Me”, “Reset,” “Nothing”, and “In This Song” playing on the airwaves and having their shots at hitting #1. What an absolute shame it would be if those songs were only exposed to those who purchased the album, and not to the majority of those who only listen to the radio for new music and purchase singles on iTunes. But that is for another discussion. Either way Chasters, let’s just be thankful that we have so much more of Charice and her music to look forward to in the days/weeks/months to come! And for those middle-agers/senior citizens who still long for the good-ole ballads, well you do have the Christmas levitra and upset stomach concerts coming up where I’m sure she’ll sing some nice slow Christmas songs. icon smile Just Dance, Itll Be Okay I’m fairly certain Charice will always include a ballad segment in her upcoming solo concerts, if not just to remind us all that she still has THAT VOICE, which will never fade, but may get somewhat masked behind those ‘lovely’ dance tunes that are the rave these days! Sure, Charice could have come into the world during the 80’s/90’s when ballads were ‘the’ thing, but then, she wouldn’t be the Charice that we all cheap generic viagra know and love today. She’s the Charice of 2010, and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us all, even if there’s a bit of auto-tune mixed in between her amazing vocals! icon razz Just Dance, Itll Be Okay By LAfan, .

56 Responses to “Just Dance, It’ll Be Okay”

  1. Pinaybug says:

    Um. Uh. Mmm. So many opinions here. I uh, how shall I say it? I just love Charice and her voice. What will be will be. I will listen to any song she sings and make! She could never do wrong by me! Because I’m a chaster. haha :)

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  2. HerMingJesty says:

    I would like Charice to make an album with new songs also that is suited to the younger fans. I love modern songs also. Yes it is sad that the we do not hear her songs in her Charice album over the airwaves as some other singers. I know the DJ’s love and amazed by her voice yet they hardly play or not play at all after the all out campaign requesting her songs on major radio stations. I’m wondering why some records are being play a lot. Maybe there are some ways to woo the DJ’s. I really do not know about this part of this entertainment business but what I do If I’m listening on the radio & I do not like the songs or singers I switch station or better yet play Charice CD’s.

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  3. lancecobi says:

    Yeah, i agree with one of you. why not make a double album? a dance album and a ballad album. Charice has a wide range of musical ability and it should be utilized wisely and having a double album is the best thing for her to do right now. Sure, any type of audience(younger or older generation) would bite it. Charice could do almost anything when it comes to music. her versatility is the very x-factor that she could make a break through in the music industry’s mainstream.

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  4. maila says:
    why not do a double album with disc 1, all dance /pop music; and disc 2, all diva/ballad songs? it can be titled like CHA². we all know that charice can excel in both genres and this way people know the album is designed to please all her fans. they could also have an option to buy just disc 1 or just disc 2. but us avid chasters would definitely buy both, right? just a thought ;)

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  5. Theo says:
    Danceable beats are okay, but I also wish for Charice to have songs that would stand the test of time. If she focuses too much on the apparently “current” trends that people listen to, these songs will also join the ranks of everything in the year 2010 that are quick hits and quickly forgotten. Just look at the song in the 80s and 90s–they withstood the test of the time, relatively compared to songs nowadays.

    I will always support Charice, but I would not always like what comes out of her team. I rather have Charice as a respected and mildly successful artist rather than a very popular one wherein all her hits are from other people’s songs, and I am against auto-tuning, it just breeds idiocy. And Charice is being grouped with artists nowadays who rely on these things.


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  6. jessegarcia says:
    yes,an immediate follow up to pyramid should have been released.but anyway,im gonna wait for the new releases and surely buy it!!there’s no way but UP!

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  7. FunnyMe says:
    What kind of music Charice will do in the future matters little to me coz I’ll be buying it anyway (as all Chasters will certainly do). She is just undeniable that her not winning a Grammy next year or the next years to come is a crime on its own.

    I just wish Charice would do a live unplugged album in the future. I really love her voice and listening to her singing unplugged would be heaven on earth; just her and her angelic voice with as little accompaniment from a guitar or a keyboard as possible. I love her Listen performance in Muzit in Korea and her acoustic rendition of You’re Still the One in Her acoustic version of her songs in Radio Disney is awesome too. But the one that tops my list is her impromptu singing of Torete in a music store.

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  8. nonieboy says:
    In previous article, i commented of having charice cd in my car 24/7 and have her singing whenever i start it. And I used it everyday at work or shopping or just anywhere. My favorites are Nothing and I love you. My 9 year old daughter loves In this song and NSTM. My wife, well, she cant be bothered (lol). And to my surprise, my 34 year old Romanian colleague who always go with me for lunch loves Reset and Pyramid (initially he just want to turn the radio on). In simple terms, my car or wagon represents the world. And the passengers represent the people of all ages and races. Now, me as a middle aged pinoy bloke, loves pop and danceable songs. For the younger one, she loves ballad, and for my colleague who represents other races loves pop. And my wife, well, she represents all the jealous wives of male chasters, prefers Baleleng. seriously. So the verdict is Charice next album should have at least 4 danceable songs similar to the beat of Party in the USA of Miley, 4 pops and 4 ballads. All happy?

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    • saudi_charistic says:
      That is waht I said nonieboy. Charice can sing any type of songs then, why not make it all!!! Better she will do singing like that to please all the ages. And for the moody person, he or she needs different types of song also and that makes charice different from other artists.

      That is why also now a days, people are loving charice for that reason, being a whole-rounded singer. now, she is not just a singer but a very good actress…

      She has also potential to act… maybe she be a better actress someday…

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  9. I always been proud to what Charice has accomplished since the beginning of her International career. I bought the album and I believe to the potential of its selection to hit the chart. Some of the songs are “In This Song”, “Reset”, “Nobody Singin To Me” among others. I suggest that the management should focus on her first album, introduce another single follow up to her “Pyramid” before moving forward in making another album. The album can even be nominated to the Grammys. I hope that the management wouldn’t waste the time they spent in making her first album. Sir David Foster is musically genius and to all the young songwriters who contributed in making such a feel good music album. Look at the strategy that the management did to promote Justin Bieber and his “My World 2.0″ album. They release his music videos song after the other. Charice music and her album today are its best. Charice self-titled album have a great potential. The management just need to introduced new single and make another music video from the album.

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  10. antonjuan says:
    Charice music for me is like the music i listen to. it’s really not for everyone. her music is so well-crafted and intelligently done, even her pop songs. it’s basically for listeners or music lovers who know what real music is. So, don’t fret if not all are able to appreciate her music. Her music will never be outdated. It will always be good to listen to, just like good jazz music. Huge record sales will only be the incidental benefit to her artistry. BUT! like everyone else, i sure would like her to earn gazillions of dollars for her massive talent! that wud make me real happy.

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  11. saudi_charistic says:
    In my previous comment, I was able to mention that I changed the type of song I like oto listen from ballad songs to pop, rnb and other type of dance songs. But occationally, there are certain times that i want to listen romantic, meaningful ballad songs. In short, it’s about my mood.

    Now, in relation to charice type of song she will sing in the future, I want here to make a song in different kind of genre. But this is only my idea. i think here, we are talking about charice to be in the top of Billboard 200 etc. and the only thing makes this happen is to observe those songs which are on that list. And most of the songs are dance type of song. So for me, better charice to do like this type of songs.

    For me as a charice fan, i will love and be amused what charice will bring for us. i love her voice and especially when the lyrics is good.

    i think also that here management knows best for her. let us trust them for what they think charice is good for her.

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  12. LAfan says:
    Thanks as always for your kind words Chasters! I wanted to clarify one point from the article… by no means did I intend to imply that middle-agers/senior Chasters would not be able to appreciate or enjoy the current music that is dominating the charts these days. As I’ve shared, after not listening to music/radio for over a decade or so due to school/work/family/etc., I’m so thankful to Charice for making me fall in love with the beauty of music again. And though I do prefer her power-ballads which showcase her one of a kind voice which lead to countless ‘goosebump moments’ for all her listeners, I have developed at the least, an appreciation for the music that is the current rave these days.

    Before Charice, I just ‘tuned out’ all that ‘auto-tune’ stuff whenever I heard it on t.v. or in the stores, but now, I stop and listen and realize this music exemplifies the high-tech/fast-moving generation we are all living in today… the one that Charice herself was created for to share her musical talents with the current generation, both young and old.

    So though I do believe that after her debut international album, her team will focus more on the ‘faster-type’ of dance R&B songs that have a true shot at hitting #1 on the Top 40 stations across the U.S./world, there is no doubt in my mind there will be at minimum a few ballads that will always make it onto her future albums, if for no other reason than to placate her older core-group of fans. :)

    Also, though I would wish that such ballads (like “In This Song”) could be simultaneously released to the Adult Contemporary stations at the same time her dance/R&B songs are released to the Top 40 stations, I just don’t see that happening. Though commercially, it would greatly increase her sales, I think such a tactic would tend to dilute the identity of Charice’s musical persona which Warner is currently promoting and helping Charice develop/define.

    Plus, marketing two songs/or even two different albums simultaneously as some have suggested is likely financially prohibitive (recall Drew Ryan Scott’s Fantalk interview where he talked about the tremendous cost incurred by the record labels just to produce/market even one song on an album—particularly those that will never be released as a single).

    However, I do see a situation where Charice could continue to showcase ballads on shows like Regis/Oprah (e.g. “In This Song”) that will never be released as true singles on the radio, while her label pushes the dance/R&B songs to the Top 40 stations for airplay/sales.

    At any rate, I share the sentiments of my fellow Chasters who anxiously await whatever song Warner will release as Charice’s next single, as I have a strong feeling that after the amazing summer concert series/DFF shows/Glee, the next single is primed for some major radio airplay and hopefully a #1 hit across the world!

    Also, on a personal note, yes, I do have a young beautiful daughter, and as I strive to be the best father I can be for her daily, I share a sense with many of you of being so proud watching our Charice blossom into her own in these few short years she’s been a part of our lives. I know my little daughter will have a tremendous role model to look up to in Charice once she herself reaches her teenage years. :)

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  13. Josie says:
    I am a Charice fan and to say the least, I am more than 60 but I can still relate to the dance tunes that the younger generation groove to. Maybe because I am also a rock and metal (Pantera, My age does not prevent me from appreciating all the kind of music there is. In my iPod, I got a compilation for Classical, Ballads, Gospel, rock/alternative,country/bluegrass, R&B, Jazz and I am also a Filipina who appreciates foreign songs that I have Spanish (J.Iglesias), Italian (Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras,Bocelli) French (Celine, Lara Fabian) and an exclusive compilation of Charice songs and videos of her performances. I am sure that even if we are already beyond 40 Charice can still have goosebumps when she sings danceable tunes.

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  14. jomari says:
    i am really excited for her new song im in the middle age but i like pop dance song i always get new song for my ipod, especially pop dance song….i love charice so much i do watch her concert buy her cd that why im so happy to learn that her new song is pop dance i cant wait im sooooooo excited….

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  15. Acchhhooooooooooo!!!! says:
    I like it when you said “this current music is so popular amongst the young crowd, but doesn’t quite warm the hearts of us the middle- agers/senior citizens, which of course, may change for us if Charice’s voice is behimd those dance tracks….” I just can imagine everytime you guys hear Charice’s dance tracks you will be feeling @ your prime again and starts showing your own swagger.

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  16. bld9696 says:
    Wow. This subject has really begun to take on a life of its own. Here are my thoughts. I want Charice to do a well-rounded variety of songs (think Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood), but not at the expense of having to appear or sound slutty and trashy (think Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus). Unfortunately, the hip-hop style and culture too often leads to the latter examples. While we all think that Charice is too smart and is being mentored by the best people to let this happen, we simply don’t know what the future may bring. As we get older, different things begin to influence us. We must continue to pray for Charice to stay strong and not give in to these temptations. I just think that the farther she stays from the hip-hop culture, the better off she will be. She has the most beautiful voice in the world. I just want the songs she chooses to highlight this fact.

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  17. hermiemel says:
    America & the world are excited to see what’s Charice next move.
    We all know that she has the “voice”.
    I am hoping that Glee show her “moves” next.

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  18. Daniel says:
    Younger crowd is a very fickle audience that wants unforgettable beat or grooves followed by lyrics that they can relate to in their personal life. Going the route of dance tunes will definitely equate to more top 40 station airplay, Grammy nominations, being a household name, and possibly platinum sales.

    Collaboration with Jim Beanz, Ne-yo, or even Snoop Dogg ( Katy Perry collaborated with Snoop in California Gurls was a Summer hit) will produce dance tunes that will change Charice career but hopefully not her personality and attitude…let’s get going and start dancing.

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  19. Portia says:
    As for me, anything goes, as long as it is all Charice’s version, I love how she delivers the song.

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  20. sd@cm says:
    i’d like to see charice make albums that will satisfy all her fans regardless of age. i think this can be done by making a separate ballad album and another for pop music only. on her solo concerts, she can mix her songs taken from all her albums, so that, again, the audience can be any age.

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  21. pitbull says:
    Charice team are smart people, and they know that she has fans from old like me, and young kids out there, and I have the impression that they are going to amaze both the young and the old by doing ballad and dance songs at the same time. Charice can handle it, and there is no problem with that.

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