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Charice Strikes ‘Gold’ in Thailand

Charice Strikes ‘Gold’ in Thailand

Charice first appeared in Thailand at her ‘Dreams Come True’ Showcase last July 23 where she sold 200+ copies that day right off the racks on the day of her promotional concert as reported by blogger Carlo dela Rosa. Reports say that a lot more would have been sold that day if there was enough stock on hand for the more than 6,000 screaming fans who showed up at Siam’s Discovery Center to watch her perform. Charice went on to sell 4,000 copies quickly on the debut of her album in Thailand. Now Carlo dela Rosa reports that Charice’s CD has gone “Gold” with sales of over 7,000 CD’s in this Southeast Asia nation which lies just 1300 miles due west of Charice’s home country, the Philippines.

Charice’s Album Has Reached Gold Status in Thailand with 7,000+ Copies Sold!

After achieving her Gold Record Award in Japan with 100,000 copies sold of her debut album, Charice’s sales here in Thailand continues to grow as total number of CDs sold from 4,000+ copies last time, a staggering 7,000+ copies had been sold according to a Warner Music Thailand executive when I spoke with them just a few hours ago!!! That’s right folks!

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), in Thailand for an album with International Repertoire, a Gold Status is given for sales in excess of at least 5,000 copies versus the 10,000 copies with Domestic Repertoire. Which means, “Charice” is already Gold here in Thailand!!!

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Charice’s latest appearance in Thailand was with the David Foster & Friends Concert just two weeks ago to a sold-out concert in Bangkok at the Impact Arena. It seems Charice is unstoppable and only 3,000 more copies to go to achieve Platinum status in Thailand.

Go Charice!! Congratulations!

Charice Thailand 11 Charice Strikes Gold in Thailand Charice Thailand 7 Charice Strikes Gold in Thailand Charice Thailand 8 Charice Strikes Gold in Thailand
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By eve,

Charice Tantalizes Twelve Thousand Thrilled Thais!

David Foster Thailand 75x75 Charice Strikes Gold in Thailand Twelve Thousand Thais instantly went nuts when Charice made a grand entrance at Bangkok’s Impact Arena in yet another sold-out concert for the Thai installment of the David Foster and Friends Concert Tour on Oct 25, 2010. >> continue reading

Charice on Thai TV ‘Alive Morning People’

charice thailand 75x75 Charice Strikes Gold in ThailandCharice appeared on yet another Thai television show called “Alive Morning Special People” with host Wareen Sadjadell introducing Charice as “our important guest today… the first Asian superstar whose song has reached the Top 10  >> continue reading

Charice Dreams Come True Showcase in Thailand

Charice thailand welcome 75x75 Charice Strikes Gold in ThailandCharice was warmly welcomed upon her arrival at the airport. Thai Fans were there to show support for Charice who sang a bit of Happy Birthday song. She headed to a Press Interview at Pullman Hotel and recorded for a Thai TV Program: Woodytalk. >> continue reading

Channel [V] Thailand Singled Out: The Amazing Girl, Charice

channelv 75x75 Charice Strikes Gold in ThailandWith her powerful voice, Charice became famous from her Youtube clip. At this moment, she is ready to be known worldwide with her first single “Pyramid.” Popular singer Iyaz (Replay) also joins her to make this song much more colorful. >> continue reading


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  1. marlyn says:

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  2. Jangy says:
    I felt so glad when I first read about this good news. Yeah we all Thai chasters love Charice sooooo much more than words can say.:) We will keep supporting Charice always till the very end.

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  3. TonyVernsky says:
    Charice, for me your album will always be a “gold” and a “platinum” at the same time. That’s why I have all of your albums. If I’ve got a chance, I’m gonna have you sign them this 20th of November at Citadel.

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  4. TonyVernsky says:
    Charice strikes gold in Thailand and a few days ago in Japan. I might as well call her, the “golden girl of the music world”.

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    • chit says:
      What about “THE GOLDdigger” of the music world! LOL!!! I hope that I don’t offend anyone. :)
      Whatever else she’ll achieve is because of her pure talent and very strong work ethics!

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  5. J.B. says:
    Charice continues to streamroll other asian nations which is quite an achievement. I expect her next album would be a huge hit as a result of her increasing popularity.

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  6. elg021407 says:

    Good health to all Chasters and to Charice and her family!!!.

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  7. jimfan155 says:
    Charice, you’ve always been gold since the first video I saw of you 3 years ago. Continued blessings upon you and your family.

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