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Ne-Yo Wants to Work with Charice?

Ne-Yo Wants to Work with Charice?

Ne-Yo expressed his interest in collaborating with Charice when they got to talk at the backstage. In a TV interview with Charlene Gonzales in the The Buzz, Charice was asked about her most unforgettable Hollywood moment thus far. Skype spy, Phone spy. ai???I think the ai???cutestai??? moment Iai??i??ve had was when I sang with Ne-Yo,ai??? Charice said. Charice and Ne-Yo sang Michael Jacksonai??i??s ai???Earth Songai??? during the Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends, a show taped for PBS. ai???We were at the backstage and he was there at a corner. I was so shy so I didnai??i??t have the guts to approach him ai??i?? Iai??i??m a big Ne-Yo fan,ai??? she said. Charice added, ai???Then he went to me and

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ai???As a new artist [like me], I was so overwhelmed ai??i?? and also because Iai??i??m also his fan!ai??? she said with a lively giggle.

Ne-Yo and Jim Beanz: Popai??i??s Top Producers and Songwriters

In a previous article, it was said that Charice collaborated with legendary producer Jim Beanz, whoai??i??s made hits for the likes of Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and P. Diddy. Charice hinted that her second album would lean more into dance/pop/RnB, and it so happens that Ne-Yo and Jim Beanz are the go-to guys when it comes to that.

Charice Ne Yo Las Vegas1 Ne Yo Wants to Work with Charice? Ne-Yo is a successful songwriter (he wrote Beyonceai??i??s ai???Irreplaceableai??? and Rihannaai??i??s ai???Take a Bowai???), and at the same time, also a Grammy-award winning and chart-topping artist. You might have heard of his songs since they’re heavily played, some are – ai???So Sickai???, ai???Because of Youai???, ai???Closerai??? and ai???Miss Independentai???. Heai??i??s also starred in films like ai???Save the Last Dance 2ai??? and ai???Stomp the Yardai???. More >> Ne-Yo

Artist Positioning

You might be wondering about the chance Charice is taking by not sticking to her specialty in belting out vocally-challenging songs. Notice how 143/Reprise Records, the David Foster owned record label, is currently marketing Charice. Itai??i??s more in the dance pop territory, isnai??i??t it? While Glee creator Ryan Murphy wants to showcase Charice vocal ability with diva songs. Ever heard of ai???artist positioning?ai??? According to Josh Collum of Music Think Tank , itai??i??s ai???discovering an artistai??i??s unique identity, and utilizing that identity to cut through the clutter of todayai??i??s over communicated society to find a home in a potential fanai??i??s One example of great artist positioning is Lady Gaga. Heather Torres, in her article ai???The Lady Gaga Phenomenon: Itai??i??s All About Positioning ,ai??? she states that ai???Gaga holds a unique position in the mind of consumers in relation to competing artists… The only way to get ahead is by posing as the complete This is what Charice is doing. In a world full of pop ditties with auto-tuned voices, she is using her powerful vocals and combining it with catch

35 Responses to “Ne-Yo Wants to Work with Charice?”

  1. hermiemel says:
    Charice has this magnetic personality that attract people to her..

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  2. Justcharrie says:
    Since Charice is now doing her follow-up album, i wish a Ne-yo collab is possible to be included and be released as one of her singles. Their tandem in Vegas has resulted a very nice rapport and it’ll be beautiful to have them record a solid song and have it on CD.

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  3. gunrunner says:
    the chinese sages says ” the sea is more powerful than the rivers because the sea is lower” this saying speaks volume about charice. imagine neyo approaching charice to propose a collaboration. charice humility attracts the greats to her like rivers attracted to the sea

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  4. te55 says:
    I’m thrilled at the possibility of more collaborations between Charice and NeYo. Watching them live onstage in Vegas was a treat but also somewhat of a tease. It was just a little taste of what they can do onstage together. They’re both musically talented, and I would love for them to come together in the studio and mesh their talents into songs.

    It’s exciting to hear about Charice working with different artists and producers because it will help her grow musically and also introduce her to a wider audience. She will be able to experience new sounds, styles, techniques, etc… while everyone listening to her sing will be picking up their jaws off the floor from amazement. ;-)

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  5. here2support says:
    Dang, truly disappointed with what’s become of CM. I log on to chat. Fight started between a few people. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Tried to ask about Charice on GLEE… banned…What’s up CM?

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  6. zen58 says:
    Hello fellow CHASTERS,I do thumbs up to most or all of the comments here in CM,I love this site. my day is not complete without visiting CM and YTube about our Princess Charice.Like everybody Im Chadicted!!!

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  7. zen58 says:
    Hello fellow CHASTERS,I do thumbs up to most or all of the comments here in CM,I love this site. my day is not complete without visiting CM and YTube about our Pincess Charice.Like everybody Im Chadicted!!!

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  8. jimfan155 says:
    Charice, when she went on her visits to radio stations across the USA was consistently called the “best live singer to come into the studio”. With that credential, who wouldn’t want to team up with Charice. At this point it would be a win-win situation for both parties. She needs as much exposure as possible and would gain fans who may not know her yet. Need momentum and hit records to get that Grammy.

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  9. lance says:
    WOW! that’s amazing! I love Ne-Yo too! Hope she also collaborates with Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Charice has this amazing ability to adapt to whatever kind of song and I think it would not be hard for her struggle her way to the top. Good luck Charice!

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  10. flor from texas says:
    Fame and money sometimes can make anyone maladjusted except to those who have faith, strong faith that is, and I think that Charice has that. I always hope the best for Charice for I do care about her. I pray that she succeeds on the new endeavor that she is pursuing. The people around her especially her mom, I’m sure, will give her sound advice at all times. Take care, Charice and do whatever is best for you.

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  11. chatterboxcharlie says:
    Charice is a multi- talented artist. It is very rare in this time and age to have a singer with a tremendously wide range. I believe Charice can excel in any kind of genre. I have a great feeling that this collaboration will catapult her to even more incredible heights. God bless you Charice.

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  12. camo says:
    chasters can breathe easy charices team led by her god father will never let he rpose racy or do a racy video .he knows her talent will take her to the top but he has to utilise the producers who makes catchy young songs to attract teen viewers and thats whats in ,so guys breathe in breathe charice is in safe hands.

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  13. Manuel Olaer says:
    Integrity Check! If Charice floats like a butterfly, relationship breakup, court battles, claims, ying and yang, and most likely before reaching “21″ you will bust and vampires will suck your blood and you become one of them.

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  14. Jayson says:
    when it is officially announced then we could really take it seriously. there are a lot of things in the rumor mill that come out not the way we are expecting to be!

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  15. Daniel says:
    After three days of vacation without computer, I came back and what do I see ? Collaboration with Jim Beanz and possibly with Ne-Yo. Going mainstream with faster and danceable songs will definitely shoot Charice popularity not only in US but around the world.

    Chasters concern is Charice going to be bolder and uninhibited with her music video ? With David and Oprah watching every step she does with her music career, I just don’t think this will happen. Just can’t imagine Charice doing a la Lady Gaga video. Instead she can be sexy by using her God given voice. Her next album and single will be interesting to hear….I can smell curiousity brewing in every Chasters coconut head….Cheers !!

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    • Jimwell says:
      Are you talking like lady Gaga’s stint with Semi Precious Weapons? ( Yeah, that’s kinda wild. Charice’s foundation (growing up under the wings of Mommy Raqs) is crucial to her success eventually. It will never go that far or even like Miley is doing right now plus you’ve got O and DF watching her. Look Demi Lovato just checked-in in a rehab center and just broke up with her boyfriend and she is one of the rising 18-year olds. I think O and DF are fully aware of whats going on with our youth and they’ll never allow that to happen to Charice. Charice will be a shining light and truly will be a tremendous role model for our youth.

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  16. euse clerigo says:
    anything that will lift up her talent and career…that is what we are here for………..but PLEASE… WRAP UP your body don’t sell it the devil…your legs is beautiful…it remind me of TINA TURNER…..your voice combination….CELINE DION…WHITNEY HOUSTON…GLORIA GAYNOR…NATALIE COLE…and many more…you can do
    MICHAEL JACKSON…JUSTIN’S…and so much more…..PLEASE DO NOT CHALLENGE WHAT GOD HAD GIVEN YOU….your voice is wonderful…beautiful…amazing…mesmerizing…nothing we can ask for, just take care and preserved it…..FAME…fade out…

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  17. andrew23chan says:
    i can’t wait.. Nov 30 is also my birthday, what a way to celebrate it is to fly in NY and watch the light opening is Rockefeller, what do you think? I cant wait to see her sing again especially side by side with some of the biggest names in music industry…

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  18. fdjohan says:
    That picture, Ne-Yo hugging Charice,is the most beautiful picture I’ve even seen. It makes me goosebumps. I like both of them. Bless you all.

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    • cubbie says:
      I really like it too…I’m trying to find a higher resolution copy of it. The joy on her face is priceless, and if you watch the YouTube vid of Earth Song, you can easily tell NeYo has sincere admiration for Charice’s skills.

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  19. artemis gibran says:
    If it’s from CHARICE and NEYO…it must be GREAT!

    Way to go WONDER GIRL!

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  20. karmamoo says:
    Should be a great album when it does happen….i’ll be waiting for your next album charice! To the top baby!

    Take care! Silent chaster from New Zealand

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  21. olanski says:
    i smell a Grammy for Charice maybe after her second international album…
    i think i’m a closet chaster :-)
    i visit this site everyday ;

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  22. trabihcra says:
    Wow! What a good writers we have in Charicemania! I have been enjoying the articles all over this site. I have been visiting this site for a few years now, and this has been so far the best we have. Good writers, contributors, graphics, staff, overall A+++….Thanks Admin!

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    • trabihcra says:
      I know, I know …it’s the wrong topic, but if you agree with me, thumbs up! Chasters are enjoying a good year let’s be all appreciative with everyone’s contributions. Charice success is our success, Chaster’s success is Charice’s success. Let’s give thanks and joyful for these blessings.

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  23. Princess Serena says:
    Let’s al leave everything to the professionals. They know what they are doing. ;D

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  24. cubbie says:
    I also posted the following under the Jim Beanz article, and think it’s apropos here as well:

    I respect everyone’s opinions regarding the creative choices Charice may make, HOWEVER, the opinion I respect the most is Charice’s. TBH, I am not a lover of pop music, BUT, if Charice & her team decide to go even more pop/mainstream, I’m o.k. with it.

    I just love her voice so much, and I think it may actually HELP the junk, pop airwaves to actually hear a legitimately great voice singing those kinds of songs. You go girl, do what you need to do to ensure we’ll get to keep hearing your singular voice. I support you in whatever you choose to do; it’s your career, and it’s YOUR life.

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  25. fef says:
    We love Charice no matter what kind of song it is. She has the ability to adapt, change,or add on her own unique style. But on the promoter side they will try to find one that can appeal to the most of this generation, so hooking up w/ these great ones will also bring honor, prestige & success to our cherished GOD’s gift song bird. I can’t wait to really dance w/ those songs.

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  26. Joy Co says:
    she’s the only teen artist who is vocally gifted and is great in an old school way, as per DF. one of her best attributes beside being a musical power house (per DF, again) .. is her age. She is still learning and sharpening her skills. Her only way is up. and up she goes. to the top charice!

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  27. banjo says:

    I mean day….not date…..

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  28. banjo says:
    wow….first to comment!! This opportunity happens once in a blue moon so I must take advantage of it…..HELLO CHASTERS….!!!! Like you Im a CHARICEDICTED… date is not complete without visiting CM….or tweeting anything about Charice….

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