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The Buzz Chats with Charice: Her Newfound Fame, Her Mom

The Buzz Chats with Charice:  Her Newfound Fame, Her Mom

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58 Responses to “The Buzz Chats with Charice: Her Newfound Fame, Her Mom”

  1. madzee says:

    she’s very intelligent.. =)

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  2. Manuel Olaer says:
    I hope Charice will find Love in truth and not on physical appearance, popularity, or wealth but in Christ with a commitment that comes with True love.

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    • mlddz923 says:
      Ihave to agree with you Manuel. I hope she will always find truth in everything she does. Everything is in Christ alone.

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  3. EZ says:
    You will know how pure her heart is whenever she gets interviews like this. She just answers all the questions by heart and without trying to LOOK GOOD. Without hiding anything. Without TRYING HARD to be somebody she’s not. She’s just simply being herself and what an amazing young beautiful lady she is inside and out! VERY RARE INDEED. To have this kind of FAME AND SUCCESS USUALLY comes with arrogance and pretensions. It looks like that she doesn’t even have any idea of how GREAT HER ACHIEVEMENTS ARE at this young age. May God continue to bless you and your family Charice. Keep this up and more and more people will just be drawn to this Mega magnetic halo that she exudes from within. No wonder we’re all “Chastified” by her.

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  4. lyrosely says:
    can anyone tell me the link to watch the interview???

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    • Spawn says:

      You can go to this website and click old posts(?) … and Guys, Great Admin, I happen to listen to DZBB 594(local AM station) here in the PI around 3pm(local time) and I heard that our Princess is included in one event, come Dec 1st to have her OWN Star Plaque(or marker? correct me if am wrong) to be inaugurated at Eastwood City’s Walk of Fame among other local artists! That’s according to Kuya Germs (please google for those unfamiliar w/the name)! Can you believe that? Unfortunately, she’s in NY by that time as she’s invited for the NBC event.(Sigh) :( So, Who’ll be her representative then? Are ya’ all planning to attend, PI Chasters?

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  5. teman says:
    Charice, you are a rarity!
    I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to witness through you how to be a good ‘Christian’ and how it is to love not only those who love you but also others who don’t care at all. Truly, you are a good model to all.
    Because of your ‘purity of heart’ you disarm others including your detractors.
    May the Almighty God continue to bless and protect you and your love ones.

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  6. jessica86s says:
    The Buzz interview of Charice (& Mommy Raquel) Nove 7 2010.

    MommyRaqz, you made me shamelessly weep. I know that all mothers wish to be Charice’s mom or wish that they had a daughter like Charice. But I also say that I wish all mothers were like you. LABYO both.

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  7. jessica86s says:
    The Buzz interview of Charice (& Mommy Raquel) Nove 7 2010.

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  8. gunrunner says:
    i love the thought of fulfilling a promise made in mom raqs heart long time ago when she could not afford the doll house. she is now fulfilling it as promised despite the fact she could now buy more than that dollhouse, what she is telling us is that this is promise and a covenant with her heart she must fulfill for charice. i was crying too he he he because it reminds me of the many promises i could give to my family and time runs out til i lost the opportunity. its the gift, its the symbolism it carries – a heart that remembers a heart that set an appointment in time to fill that primordial longing of an waiting child. it broke my heart to pieces because i havent done that to my daughter whom i lost in a marriage gone sour.

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  9. Vanessa says:
    I am speechless. Completely touched by the bond that Charice and her mother share. MommyRaqz love for her adored daughter, Charice’s extreme gratitude, respect, honor, and complete love for her mom. Nothing could be more touching. Charice is truly an angel. And MommyRaqz? MommyRaqz… an angel as well. God bless you MommyRaqz and Charice. ♥

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  10. Moira_Inori says:
    For Charice, who is walking a star-strewn path in her international music career, receiving a dollhouse from her mother is a source of joy and fulfillment. And not just because Charice finally got her dream dollhouse, but because Mommy Raqz finally had a chance to make a dream of her own (to give Charice a favorite toy) come true. If I ever need a reminder of how poignant, heartfelt and beautiful life is…here it is.

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  11. Ripley says:
    The part where Mommy Raqz was talking about their hardships and how she is now only able to give Charice what she liked as a child was very touching. As was when Mommy said that she’s very proud to be Charice’s mom and thanked her. Those got to me. I could feel all the emotion and couldn’t help shed a tear for their happiness and triumph over all the adversity they endured. God continue to Bless Charice and Family! A role model for the whole world!

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  12. jaju says:
    Things to watch. Charice with Jim Beanz will make Charice a lazer beam. Go Charice. I am eagerly waiting for the release of your book “Cinderella Charice” by Frank A. Hilario and you collaboration song with Jim Beanz. My dvr is now programmed for Nov. 30, NBC’s x-mas special.

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  13. avian08 says:
    Charice, a role model… an angel on earth!!!

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  14. RodBelt says:
    The Buzz interview has to be ONE OF THE BEST that Charice has ever given. I did not find the questions about her love life provocative as they were like in gist with no intention of malice and Charice handled them very well. Her straight-from-the-heart replies should make the people back home, especially her detractors, realize that this is the real Charice – humble, sincere and forgiving – someone who always look back to her roots and does not let success get over her head – a very RARE specimen of A TRUE FILIPINA. The fact that she is the one who lobbies David to watch videos of other Filipino talents is indicative of how much Charice love and support other singers dousing the rumors that she feels insecure of David’s interests of finding others. The segment with Mommy Raqz, who also has not changed a bit, giving Charice that doll house was very touching. It probably gave Charice memories of those wanting years of depravity. Yet, Mommy Raqz simple “Thank You” to Charice spoke volumes of how much she loves her daughter. And Charice need not say a word, but her actions showed how much she loves and respects her Mom in return.
    To Charice and Mommy Raqz: GOD BLESS AS ALWAYS.

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  15. scoobydoo says:
    very humble and no air at all !
    really a role model….

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