Charice, Jim Beanz New Dance Song

Charice, Jim Beanz New Dance Song

Just days before the David Foster & Friends tour kickoff, Charice recorded a new song with renowned music producer, Jim Beanz.

News of Charice’s new dance single first broke out in a press conference in Thailand last July 23, 2010. After being asked about her second single, Charice said that it would not be from her self-titled album, “Charice” since they’re looking for something faster and more dance than “Pyramid.” “Something like Lady Gaga,” Charice further explained. This could be in the right direction since “Pyramid” actually snagged the number one spot on the Billboard dance chart.

Charice then revealed through Twitter, last October 9, that she’s already working on this new mysterious dance song. She tweeted, “Hello everyone. Please follow mah boy @DaRealJimBeanz now! He’s amazing. Watta great song we just did!!!! :)”

And with producer Jim Beanz, no less! He has produced songs for and worked with some of the biggest names in the pop and RnB music scene. Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Tmbaland, Danity Kane, Justin Timberlake and P. Diddy. Beanz also tweeted about his work with Charice, “WASSUP YALL… STILL WORKIN ON THIS RECORD FOR @OfficialCharice … STRICTLY FOR DA CLUBS… LETS GOOOOOOO…!!!”

Some Charice fans might find this new dance song a bit different from the powerhouse ballads Charice usually does. But even in “Pyramid,” her vocals were never hidden by the fast beat of the song. And this could actually further help Charice in penetrating the mainstream or younger music field. Coupled with Glee, this might just be the perfect way to do that.

Video Playlist: Jim Beanz’s Greatest Hits

“I told Nelly to do Promiscuous Girl; she wasn’t sure about it, but it ended up being one of the biggest songs on the album. I always try to make a statement for an artist; I always want the song to stand strong.”

“I wanted Britney to have something to make her stand out from all of the other female singers that were out at the time.”
~Jim Beanz

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Do you agree with the path into dance songs that Charice is taking? Do you want her to stick to ballads? Or are you happy whatever Charice does as long as the songs highlight her fantastic, powerful voice? Say what you think! Just leave a comment below.

By Sofia Carrera,

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  1. Dennis says:

    OMG! The people in this post are so annoying! I want Charice to have a mainstream song, what ever it takes. Stage persona is just stage persona… It has little bearing to who she really is. Beyonce goes very sexy, but she’s happily married!

    Get over it! Smaltzy old David Foster ain’t gonna cut it in the pop world! She’s good at singing those old fashion tunes, and she has already proven that. But the challenge is to penetrate the mainstream market and Charice is half way there…

    She’s not gonna get there with songs like In This Song… which I do love, as I do her debut US album. But critically speaking, the songs in that album are not radio friendly, in a mainstream sense.

    I’m happy Charice is hooking up with Jim Beanz! go Charice!

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    • Eric says:

      I agree with everything Dennis says except Cool-Beinz

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      • Zee says:
        Please…”schmaltzy old David F” doesn’t sound good. You’ve got a point but no need to say those things…Show some respect. After all, he is Charice’s producer, mentor and the person who really helped her (aside from Oprah of course).

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        • Dennis says:

          I don’t mean to offend by using the word “smaltzy” but I only say that because that’s how the music industry hear in the US see those songs now… David Foster even admits that himself.

          My point is that Charice is fantastic with POP! And it’s about time we get a top 40 pop star who can actually hit their notes on a live performance… and not just any notes… big, bold, high notes!

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  2. EZ says:
    I believe every move Charice makes at this point is being guided by her mentors and advisers lead primarily by David and Oprah. And these people are the authority in the entertainment and music industry. THEY KNOW BEST. Let’s just trust their expert judgement and plans for Charice. Her managers have found a rare diamond and will do everything to make sure that it’s polished PERFECTLY. Whatever she does now is a set up for her future rise to the top and not down. I REALLY DON’T THINK they will use “sex” to sell Charice for the sole reason that SHE DOESN’T NEED IT. Only those who lack REAL talent uses this marketing tool to sell. THEY NEED IT, not Charice. It’s like selling a very expensive jewel on a plastic box. I’d like to believe that they know best and know what they’re doing. Let’s just support them. This is how we can help them put her on top.

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  3. Ripley says:
    I agree that Charice can conquer multiple genres but to do multiple albums in different genres in a short time may be impossible considering the time it takes to bring out just one album. And we know that they have to make it great, not good. Maybe she can’t do it immediately, but in time she will probably come out with these different albums and lord it over all the charts.

    So maybe one great song per genre to top each chart and a big album of the hits. And a Christmas album of course! Hehehe!

    Anyway she goes, as I’m sure her management and her godfather knows best, I will always be there to support and love her as my inspiration.

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  4. jaju says:
    Whatever it takes but no sex and dirty words. If Jim Beanz is IT. Then so be it. I believe Charice knows what she is doing. Go Charice.

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  5. justme says:
    If she follow the footstep of Michael Jackson and stick inside his box and never get out of that box, she will be the super galactic star I can imagine. Even any elementary genuises can alter, switch, convert, transform, update, improve, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, a word. I dont think he ever did any sexy video or ever use the word sex in any of his songs. I think the only sign that jinx his carrer was when he started grabbing his crotch in his videos that Im sure Charice will never do. So theres a million if not endless ways of using the words adapt and change without getting out of the MJs box…

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  6. HerMingJesty says:
    I have always wanted a song video for Charice and now that’s in the making watching those videos I feel an apprehension. I was thinking about a catchy songs wherein she dances with the beat, hers wearing younger fashion clothes along with shoes accessories. I’m more thinking like Justin Bieber’s video, danceable songs but one that exudes youthfullness, after all she’s only 18 and does’nt even have a boyfriend, by choice. I hope nothing trashy sexy, you know what I mean. But knowing she’s in good hands, I’m hoping for a good results. Charice should start her own trend in dancing, her own signature, something wholesome.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      I agree with HerMingMajesty,
      We need wholesome lyrics in songs and clean videos, there is a wide market for clean and wholesome music, I think people are tired of gross and in-your-face music videos, the reason i don’t watch mtv’s.
      Bring back wholesome Charice!!!!

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  7. jimfan155 says:
    Success at what cost? As long as Charice sticks to her core values I’m behind her 100%.

    There’s a lot of sex subjects on Glee that I don’t think I could handle if Charice was included in those types of scenes. Miley seems to want to change her image these days and is facing critcism. Demi Lovato, a Disney star is having her issues.

    Charice is pure talent and if marketed the right way can be a much needed role model in this day and age. I agree with begoodenblues that she could make an album different genres and amass fans in all areas of the music industry. There would be no one to compare her too. She could be “a jack of all trades and master of all” – and no one can top that. I believe in Charice and I want her to win her Grammy doing it “her way.

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    • Eric says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. luvkcha09 says:
    We have not seen the video yet so we have no idea – so it seems to me premature to judge the merit of this new single until it is out in the market.
    I would welcome a wholesome dance video myself, more mature fans should start dancing as it is good for health and longevity :)

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  9. jesse garcia says:
    im excited to listen to the song.i hope they’ll make a great music video as well.with the great Jim Beanz,i definitely believe it’s a HIT!

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  10. idolming says:
    Im happy whatever Charice sing! There’s nothing Charice can’t do!

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  11. f2chay says:
    I am happy whatever Charice does. I know she will always have something to offer for her older fans and younger fans alike. Her management are doing their best for Charice to be really known in every household not just in North America but globally as well. I trust them about their plans for Charice. They`re smart enough to know what will satisfy her 8 to 88 fanbase:)

    -Go go go Charice! Rest assured, Chasters will always be there to support you in everything you do.

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  12. krazyforyou says:
    I say let them explore, experiment, create, recreate, just please don’t stop the music! Go Charice team! Make wise decisions and enjoy the process. As for a fan like me I just love whatever Charice does with her talents! I love you Charice. See you in your solo concerts!

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  13. crewsnest says:
    I trust these people, they know the businessand on what’s best for charice. anything to propel charice further to the very very top. with david, opra and her mom, and the CHASTERS’ support nothing could possibly go wrong.

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  14. SuperCoolCritic says:
    “Charice is cross-over. She can sing any songs in all genre. So let her put on dancing shoes. Let her sing and dance.”

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  15. Gel says:
    To all middle-aged Charice fans:

    Charice only gets to be a youth once in a lifetime and she needs to act like a youth, sing and dance like any other 18 year old girl.

    It is basically a requirement for Charice to sing songs for her own generation, not her mother’s or grandmother’s. Sure Charice should still sing ballads but she needs dance songs for her age as well!

    Charice will never be succesful if she can’t even relate to her generation!

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    • nonieboy says:
      I’m …ty-eight and i sing Justin B’s Baby and dance Charice’ I love you. So bring it on! (lol)

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  16. irene says:
    ming has a magical voice and as per my opinion it is better if she’d rather be in the art like her heroes (Celine,Mariah;whitney)who doesn’t need to bare skin and became too successful in their careers. Ming knows how to carry herself,alone her character is already one of her advantage….i haven’t seen any stars who are so down-to-earth like her,she is so approachable and very humble….she is a good dancer and i love seeing her dance,she’s sooo cute but i don’t like her to follow the footsteps of miley,she doesn’t need it…..Being herself is enough to be successful coz’ chasters loves her the way she is…see her interview at the Buzz,she makes me cry again…ha,ha,ha…i love you charice…God bless…wag kn uli eat sushi ha ;-)

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  17. eth says:
    i’m ok with fast and dance beat songs… but
    please NOT a video like this!
    please NOT a song like this!
    charice is the most wholesome international
    artist i’ve ever known and i hope she stays that way.

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  18. begoodenblues says:
    I’d be happy whatever Charice does as long as the songs highlight her fantastic & powerful voice.

    Now on another note, I think it would be a good idea to have Charice sing not just for the younger crowd, because doing so could eventually alienate older crowd as well. Let’s not forget that her ability to power belt extremely difficult songs is in a huge part what has made her famous.

    It must be very difficult for her management to find a middle ground to satisfy everybody, but once again Charice is totally different from any other artists out there.

    I think “einna” has a good point in her comment, Charice doesn’t need to follows these artists, she could just simply start a new trend in music. Remember, as it goes for a painting, only the original is the master piece therefore valuable, any other copy of that master piece is just that – a copy…

    Charice is the only artist her age (18) worldwide right now that can power belt as she does, nobody does even come close to her. She’s on the same benchmark as Celine, Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce, Christina, etc… So there is not that much competition in that market for her, she could own that market tomorrow. Let’s face reality:
    – Celine just had twins, she’s in her 40′s now, she can’t really dance, but she still has her powerful voice.
    – Whitney is going through a failed come back, she’s in her 40′s as well, she definitely can’t dance, and she can’t belt her own songs anymore.
    – Mariah’s voice is feeling the tide of time, she’s in her 40′s too and seems to have a hard time dealing with her getting older, and she too cannot dance at all.
    – Beyonce’s still got her voice, she’s in her 30′s, nope can’t dance and that’s a true fact, she still has a long career ahead of her, but any song she could come up with Charice could own it.
    – There’s Christina, she’s in her 30′s as well, she definitely can dance, has a great range as well but for some reason can’t seem to be able to control her voice and often time ends up in disaster.
    – Now comes Charice, she can dance, play guitar, play piano, write music, but best of all she can sing any of these divas songs, better than they do it or ever did it themselves, at her tender age of 18 years old. And she’s got her all career ahead of her. Plus she’s so down to earth that she can make anybody relate to her. exactly like that Thai chaster commented in her twitter account “Charice I love you so much, you made me feel like I’m so special to you when in fact I’m a nobody”… Try to beat that comment, it says it all.

    Going into mainstream will be harder, even with her huge talent, because let’s face it, there is a lot of competition in mainstream, people aren’t so much concern about the quality of the voice, just take for examples all these auto-tuned singers (which I won’t even bother to name) out there. All you need for mainstream is just a catchy tune a good rhythm and show some body assets… That anybody can do. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that Charice cannot do it, not at all… I am simply stating that it would be a bigger challenge.

    Maybe her management could consider Charice recording different styles of music on different albums , therefore launching different albums targeting multiple demographics at the same time since I don’t think that dance music would appeal as much to older generation. Same as power ballads not appealing as much to younger generations. Why not after all? One “dance/pop/r&b” another “(Power) ballads/jazzy” and another “Christmas” album (just for example purpose). This would be a good way not to alienate Charice’s huge demographically crisscrossing fan base (From 8 to 88 years old).

    In any case I’m sure we can trust her management as to which direction to follow regarding Charice’s career. Their incomes are directly related to hers as well as her success and I don’t think they’d want to kill the chicken in the egg. Let’s not forget that they discovered a diamond in the rough, they’re still in the process of polishing it and slowly but surely she’ll become
    “The Asian Star of The World”. What do you think of the name for a precious stone such as Charice?

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    • eth says:
      “Asia’s/Asian SUPERSTAR of the World” :)

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    • Eric says:

      What Charice’s management team is missing is that she has the attention of the world and all she has to do is avoid styles that people hate and come up with some great songs. Not everyone likes pop, r&b, rock, and power ballads, but nobody really hates it. There are people who can’t stand rap and the rap culture overlapping of hip-hop and would avoid going to a concert just to avoid listening to these song types because they hate the associated US culture context. Country twang is another style some people can’t stand, but country pop is not hated. Otherwise, I agree with begoodenblues.

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  19. cubbie says:
    I respect everyone’s opinions regarding the creative choices Charice may make, HOWEVER, the opinion I respect the most is Charice’s. TBH, I am not a lover of pop music, BUT, if Charice & her team decide to go even more pop/mainstream, I’m o.k. with it.

    I just love her voice so much, and I think it may actually HELP the junk, pop airwaves to actually hear a legitimately great voice singing those kinds of songs. You go girl, do what you need to do to ensure we’ll get to keep hearing your singular voice. I support you in whatever you choose to do; it’s your career, and it’s YOUR life.

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    • begoodenblues says:
      I concur cubbie

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      • cubbie says:
        Thanks… Obviously not everyone will. The fascinating thing about all fandoms is that there’s always going to be a vocal minority who claim ownership over the object of admiration. I don’t consider myself a “Chaster” (I dislike labels in general, no offense meant to anyone, least of all Charice), but I greatly admire Charice for her talent.

        I do not wish to place limits on where she goes, or what she does with that talent. She should be free as a bird, not become prisoner to others’ expectations. I know this won’t be a popular view to some, and, IMO, it’s a shame some seem to want to limit what she can do. Like I said, I respect the right to have that opinion, I just happen to disagree vehemently with it. Art is about expression; give Charice the freedom to do so; trust in her to not let you down. And if she does, just consider for a moment that maybe it’s not actually HER that’s causing the disappointment.

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        • begoodenblues says:
          I still agree with you…

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        • Josie says:

          there is art in dancing and so far i’ve seen her dance a la MJ and i love it, suggestive grabbing the crotch and all. Why? because i know it is just that “suggestive” not because she has the experience already. She is just being playful.

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  20. Stockpicker says:
    Wow, Charice now is at a fork of the road. I don’t want to rush in judgment of where this would lead her to. I heard and read that JBeanz’s fast and dance beat songs are deemed to be her ticket to the top. This is really frightening ! I’ve seen Britney Spears and lately Lady Gaga, they are like meteors ! Yes, the “S” word sells but not eternal. I hope and pray that Charice inner moral compass will guide her to the right path. God bless you little one.

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  21. Jayson says:
    as long she does it for music sake and she doesn’t have to show skin to market her talent is ok for me. i don’t want though, her getting the way of MS… charice is such a nice girl who’s moral value i like the youth to emulate and she could do that better through her songs!

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  22. einna says:
    Every ones knows how flexible and talented Charice is.. She has nothing to prouve to anyone.. i just hope She will stick to powerfull ballads coz she’s known for that… She dosent need to follow JB,Britney,Miley etc… Remmember Charice is compared to Celene,whitney,Miriah wer a DIVA and besides middle age market is good.. we have money to spend… Thats just on my own oppinion guys..

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  23. euse clerigo says:
    to show to the world that she can dance and sing that is okay, but to expose to much of her body and do all this seductive move.. she don’t need to do that…GOD gave her that vocal range that no one ever had…dispite of her body size which we are amazed ….i saw her singing french song and gold digger that is beautiful……..
    CELINE DION…WHITNEY HOUSTON did not do this revolting moved…

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  24. anniefound says:
    Guys, another TV interview with our princess by Charlene gonzales at The Buzz, episode 2 & 3 ( 11-6-10).

    Charice is so humble and giving. Listen to the part where she was asked what she feels now that David Foster is looking for other talent like her in the Phil.

    I am so proud of you Charice. Mabuhay ka! God blessand sweet blessings.

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    • begoodenblues says:
      Could someone please put translation on that vid so that people who don’t speak Tagalog could understand…


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  25. Josie says:
    Just like what middz said, just as long as she won’t be baring her all and the movements are not suggestive so as a follow-up video,if any,then i’m all for it.

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  26. CutieSinger23 says:
    Hhm,I don’t like the music video lmao! xD But the song….Hm it’s cool.
    It’s alright for me! :) Nice nice! :D :D :D

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  27. mlddz923 says:
    I don’t mind the dance songs because it is the trend for the younger generation. I just hope that she dances decently and remains covered.

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  28. flor from texas says:
    I do want Charice to succeed on her endeavor of making dance music. I’m not really crazy about rap music, though. I hope that she is guided well by those around her.

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  29. here2support says:
    Just make it fast and something that people will want to hear over and over. It’s gotta be addictive and it’ll be a hit. Hope this single comes out soon. PYRAMID is long gone in the US. Charice needs a new single to put her back in the spotlight (not GLEE spotlight).

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  30. Eric says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • marie says:
      We’ll see what her team comes up with. I don’t think she has a declining market though. She’s barely starting in the business. I mean, she even knows that. Fans, I am assuming you are since you’re kind enough to share your thoughts with us, should just keep up the positive vibes and give her our support – unless of course, you know something about the music business that we common folk don’t know so please share the information. It would help us figure out how to support her even more =) .

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