Charice, Jim Beanz New Dance Song

Charice, Jim Beanz New Dance Song

Just days before the David Foster & Friends tour kickoff, Charice recorded a new song with renowned music producer, Jim Beanz.

News of Chariceai??i??s new dance single first broke out in a press conference in Thailand last July 23, 2010. After being asked about her second single, Charice said that it would not be from her self-titled album, ai???Chariceai??? since theyai??i??re looking for something faster and more dance than ai??? ai???Something like Lady Gaga,ai??? Charice further explained. This could be in the right direction since ai???Pyramidai??? actually snagged the number one spot on the Billboard dance chart.

Charice then revealed through Twitter, last October 9, that sheai??i??s already working on this new mysterious dance song. She tweeted, ai???Hello everyone. Please follow mah boy @DaRealJimBeanz now! He’s amazing. Watta great song we just did!!!! :)ai???

And with producer Jim Beanz, no less! He has produced songs for and worked with some of the biggest names in the pop and RnB music scene. Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Tmbaland, Danity Kane, Justin Timberlake and P. Diddy. Beanz also tweeted about his work with Charice, ai???WASSUP YALL… STILL WORKIN ON THIS RECORD FOR @OfficialCharice … STRICTLY FOR DA CLUBS… LETS GOOOOOOO…!!!ai???

Some Charice fans might find this new dance song a bit different from the powerhouse ballads Charice usually does. But even in ai???Pyramid,ai??? her vocals were never hidden by the fast beat of the song. And this could actually further help Charice in penetrating the mainstream or younger Purchase compazine generic name music field. Coupled with Glee, this might just be the perfect way to do that.

Video Playlist: Jim Beanz’s Greatest Hits

ai???I told Nelly to do Promiscuous Girl; she wasnai??i??t sure about it, but it ended up being one of the biggest songs on the album. I always try to make a statement for an artist; I always want the song to stand

ai???I wanted Britney to have something to make her stand out from all of the other female singers that were out at the
~Jim Beanz

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Do you agree with the path into dance songs that Charice is taking? Do you want her to stick to ballads? Or are you happy whatever Charice does as long as the songs highlight her fantastic, powerful voice? Say what you think! Just leave a comment below.

By Sofia Carrera,

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  1. Mediatrix Salgado says:

    I am a simple wife n mother and since you ask…””Do you agree with the path into dance songs that Charice is taking? Do you want her to stick to ballads? Or are you happy whatever Charice does as long as the songs highlight her fantastic, powerful voice? Say what you think! Just leave a comment below.”…. I would leave it to our beloved Charice to discen what she is best for her to sing…but, I hope will listen To her mother and “THE HOLY SPIRIT”… you can sing modern pop songs as long as it will uplift one’s soul not to be pulled down to immorality and permissive sexuality…I know she is a very decent and moral person…humble and obedient to her mother…She is I believe the “THE ROLE MODEL” for every artist out there ,artists who may more famous and richer than her n/or those upcoming young srtists…She has a mission, that’s why GOD has given her a very GREAT GIFT…and for those who are given much, Much is expected from them….let us all pray and support our dear Charice…
    God bless you all.

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  2. chit says:
    Relax everyone; Charice’s upbringing and the people around her will not allow any of these shocking nonsense to happen. Those are not going to last. She has what it takes to become a long-shining star – innate musical ability, her genuine love for her craft, and caring professionals (and mother !) rallying around her. These are all what is needed. AND our support, too!

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  3. Philmor says:
    Charice is in the right track working with Jim. I love RnB music and Pop that’s the “IN” today… They cannot make money in ballad songs.. She needs to have a Top 40 song landing in the Billborad Charts soon if she wants to conquer the world. Even David Foster agee with that.

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  4. stefie2325 says:
    I have confidence that she’s not gonna take the show-skin her recent interviews..she’s not even into boys since she’s so in love with her work..i know charice is very unique artist since she’s got the manners and high morale when it comes to her personal CHASTERS..thats why we love her in the first place..just can’t wait for her next big thing…anything is just fine with me as long as she showcase again her vocal talents…just can’t wait to hold a copy of her next album so please…give us a better xmas gift esp. for me this year! im asking for only the 2nd album of charice to come out..thats all!

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  5. Jen says:
    To be honest I really want her to sing more ballads like Celine Dion, but on the other hand I want to hear her sing different kinds of songs also. I can’t wait to hear her new songs. GO Chasters!!!!

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  6. James Dean says:
    For Charice – lady gaga/justin bieber’s songs to widen her fanbase. nice catchy songs for charice like pop, r&b, dance songs and nice music videos.

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  7. bitzes says:
    im really excited for this!! i’ve been waiting for her next single and her 2nd album ..^^ hope it comes out soon!

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  8. yusuf says:
    actually Chasters family.. i’d love to see her do some really strong dance/r&b stuff… working with other producers of that genre… this will open new doors and widen her fanbase…we will still be here, no matter what anyway.. i also wish she’d get more serious writing her own songs.. or at least collaborating with other writers… some of the most successful and lasting singers are those who did their stuff, madonna, mariah carey, taylor swift, carrie underwood etc…. but honestly.. i hope to God she won’t take the miley cyrus, britney, christina aguilera path….. innocent at first then UNTAMED and WILD the next… our Princess has got all the talent and no need to sell her SKIN like the others……

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  9. e25 says:
    Pyramid route (dance/rnb) is def. the way to go bec. she’s young, up&coming, and that POWER VOCALS will be the edge she’s got among the gazillion of other artists breaking out in this age…She needs to grab those young crowd & when she gets too old for that, she can easily switch to ballads…

    Now for the charice “look” i think there’s still room to morph into something that stands out. I like her now but something is still missing, it’s hard to explain…All I know is im confident she’ll remain a good model for the younger peeps and hopefully fellow artists on how to treat fans/teams right.

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    • Eric says:
      The Triad symbol is alienating the Yakuza. I mean, forget Iyaz types. At least Ne-Yo isn’t too cool and keeps his pants on. Come On!

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  10. nodoubt says:
    chasters should have known charice and her team by now. taking the miley cyrus route is not going to happen. DF, Oprah and team charice especially charice and her mom wont let it happen. dont worry a thing and be happy for what charice is giving us. all charice needs from us chasters is our 100 percent support on her upcoming single and new album. to the TOP!!!

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  11. camo says:
    would you folks relax jimbeanz is not doing a video he is a producer on the song and her team would not let her do anything racy.catchy singles are in and that is what is selling now so the team has to find people who knows how to do those songs so ppl calm down and wait tell the single is here before reacting.

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  12. starbuck245 says:
    chasters! behave and stop stressing out. ur going to have a stroke.

    no way cha will come out with a shocking image change, al la miley cyrus. nor will she come with a foul mouthed rap song either.

    whatever she does will always be in good taste, fun, classy, or all three.

    this is and will be cha’s image because that who she is and she is confident enough in her abilities to be herself always regardless of the chatter around her.

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