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Charice: A Big Little Star!

Charice: A Big Little Star!

This is not the first time Charice and Justin Bieber have shared the spotlight. They performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show entitled Oprah’s Search for the Most Talented Kids. She has been dubbed the ai???female Justin Bieberai??? on more than one occasion

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in the media and she even performed a medley of Justin Bieber tunes while visiting J-14 Magazine . Click Purchase naprosyn 375 here to read the article and see the clip of her singing. This time, Charice was featured in an issue of Life Story

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that was all about Justin Bieber! The article is titled Charice: A Big Little Star and starts by saying that, ai???when Oprah Winfrey dubs you ‘the most talented girl in the world’, there’s simply no place to go but upai???. And she is definitely on her way up! Besides having 113 million hits on YouTube, a recurring role on the hit show Glee, as foreign exchange student, Sunshine Carazon, and Oprah Winfrey and David Foster as her godparents, ai???Miss Charice is the first Asian artist in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 Album Chartai???. The article continues to say that ai???what sets Charice apart from the crowd of talented ladies making music these days is shock value ai??i?? and not of the Lady Gaga variety. At 5’1ai???, with her sweet baby face, the last thing you’d expect to hear from this 18-year-old’s mouth is a rich, soaring, ten-decibel voiceai???.

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The article is a condensed version of Charice’s Life Story, focusing only on the part of her childhood where her mother discovered she could sing, and then fast forwarding to 2005, when Charice performed on Little Big Star, which is a show in the Philippines very similar to American Idol. Charice was only 13 at the time but she made it to the final and ultimately finished third overall. In October of 2007 Charice performed on a show called Star King. Her performance of ai???And I Am Telling Youai??? was posted on YouTube by a Korean fan and seen by Ellen DeGeneres. The rest is history in the making. After performing on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah instantly became one of Charice’s biggest fans. Winfrey is quoted as saying, ai???You are a force to be reckoned with. That voice comes from something bigger than yourselfai???. According to Life Story, ai???Based on what music industry professionals are saying, it sounds like Charice is going to be around for many years to come. Astonishingly, she has never had any formal vocal training, aside from the informal lessons she received from her mom, and her pure, natural voice has caught the attention of some of the most respected people in the music business. Ryan Murphy, executive producer of Glee, has said, ‘When that girl opens her mouth, angels fly out’.ai??? By Terynn Boulton,

29 Responses to “Charice: A Big Little Star!”

  1. peakarach says:
    Charice is the next MJ.

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  2. artemis gibran says:

    Love you my WONDER GIRL!

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  3. chengna2010 says:
    she shines forever like sunshine!!! and her story becomes not only a legend but a classical one – timeless.

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  4. nonieboy says:
    It doesnt matter how they say it, even if they allign you with the superstars, you still shine the brightest !!! anytime, anywhere!!!

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  5. ArrVee says:
    @jvfulge – that is so true:

    she is all-natural, without the artificial ingredients of electronic auto-tuning …

    she is the real thing, no flash-in-the-pan, with her genuine talent that will endure over time …

    she has no airs about her, no fancy gimmickry, yet exudes undeniable charm …

    and she earned all these the old-fashioned way – through hard work, sacrifice and perseverance

    but far from natural are her effects on the audience, especially if they are hearing her for the first time – with grown-ups gasping, screaming, with tears in their eyes and standing up with arms raised in wild applause … and then to cause them to hunt down her videos everyday and listen to them into the wee hours of the morning, over and over again … then spend time and money, and spend endless hours on the road just to hear her sing live …

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  6. chatterboxcharlie says:
    you have come a long way since your LBS days Charice. i’m truly happy for you. some people have milestones in their lives but yours dear is what i prefer to call a miracle. you are truly God sent. celebrities and other artist should learn from you. no matter how big a star you have become, you always come down to touch us. God bless you charice.

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  7. saudi_charistic says:
    we love you charice and we love you more about your story

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  8. noysmaykr says:
    Wow, love the title of this article so much. Aptly said. Once from “little big star” to now BIG little star!

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  9. EBJohns11 says:
    More writer on CM! Thank you admin =) You’re always brilliant.

    On the other hand, Thats why , first time i saw Charice – i was glued and was in love with her belting voice.. up to now.

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  10. jersey_26 says:
    Oh yes nothing can stop her now! Go charice! we love you.

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  11. ArrVee says:
    the article says:
    “what sets Charice apart from the crowd of talented ladies making music these days is shock value – and not of the Lady Gaga variety. At 5′1”, with her sweet baby face, the last thing you’d expect to hear from this 18-year-old’s mouth is a rich, soaring, ten-decibel voice”.

    what *REALLY* sets her apart is that once you get over the initial shock of that blast of power coming from that petite frame and innocuous looks, the awe endures, and actually grows with each performance, as she demonstrates the many facets of her vocal prowess with different songs, and as her voice matures and gains more power and control. It seems that her performances never cease to amaze us, even those of us who have followed her from the beginning.

    when she enters the stage after other singers, we immediately recalibrate our ears and minds to her level of performance. Even then, the sheer beauty of her voice, the emotion that she pours into each song, and the perfection of her delivery never fail to touch us deeply, even if she sings the same song over and over again.

    and even off-stage, her “performance” continues, what with the inexplicable charm she exudes, beneath that unassuming, bubbly and cheerful demeanor, that make us instinctively want to hug her.

    she is a Little Big Star, only in the sense that that you don’t see her coming until it’s too late, when you get sucked into her powerful gravity …

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  12. jvfulge says:
    Charice is 100% natural, what you see is what you get, no more no less. This is one reason why me personally is so facinated by this little one. Check it out.

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  13. lord-king-leader says:
    shes small but she got big voice

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  14. Portia says:
    Little star is now “BIG” that is how Charice singing career was stated. From little star in which only few validates her talent way back in her joining of so many contests and now that Ellen, Oprah, David, Ryan Murphy and many others who put their mark of approval of Charice’s greatness in her God-given talent we will be witnessing more of Charice for a long long time for great talent do not fade it keeps on soaring.

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  15. Percy says:
    I’ve run out of superlatives to describe Charice, so from here on I will just relax and enjoy the music from this Godsend.

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  16. osuna says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  17. anitako says:
    whatever terms they wanted to coin for charice,missed termed like they say 10 decibel-its just a saying i thing-but means big.seems writers and non-writers,commentors, running out of magic words to describe the power of lungs/vocal cords of charice. i can just say, i’m glued watching her videos on You Tube,news from diff. TV Networks Phils or U.S.A.or asia,Eur., her appearances on episodes of season2-GLEE,all these news reports combined all goes to CHARICEMANIA.COM where all charice’s fans update their news and chat 24/7 about charice..where i am glued there too..the only place to find out the new gig of charice,where u will chat w/ usernames UCLA_USA, webscribes,angelia,MaryAnne,atefe,te55,camo,rjN,Marilyn,Ten prod fron sweden;tweetybird,cutiesinger-11y/o,emsing 13y/o ,theres 1 more 14y/o kid, they are very smart kids to chat w/ us adults.lots more in that CM site chats 24/7 some dont sleep coz they enjoy chatting w/ co-chasters like a family-just all because of charice.Maybe they dozed off once in awhile in the chatrm, hehe. i do. or just lurk and read articles on charice.

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  18. flor from texas says:
    Charice is the supernova, the new brightest star in the galaxy that has exploded, although this one is not going to go away but to stay for the rest of humanity to see with awe, admiration, and respect.

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  19. Mica says:
    Charice is not just A Big Little Star… She’s also like A Big Planet that is capable of doing a gravitational pull through her angelic voice to her thousands (and soon to be millions) of followers… and i’m very proud to say that i’m one of them. :)

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  20. me says:
    whoever coined “10 decibel voice” obviously don’t know what they’re talking about since 10 dB=whisper.

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    • me says:
      * Near total silence – 0 dB
      * A whisper – 15 dB
      * Normal conversation – 60 dB
      * A lawnmower – 90 dB
      * A car horn – 110 dB
      * A rock concert or a jet engine – 120 dB
      * A gunshot or firecracker – 140 dB

      Charice’s voice would be more like 100+ dBs

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  21. chastify68 says:
    charice is all over the place…keep it up , girl! : )

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  22. denb3ar says:
    two thumbs up! and counting….c”,)

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  23. Princess Serena says:
    Charice is not just a Big LIttle Star…She is the galaxy!!!!

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  24. kenshin says:
    the last sentence speaks volume!! wooo

    ..there’s no doubt she’s making a name for herself as Charice – and there’s no one quite like her!!

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  25. scoobydoo says:
    third! at last.
    Charice is now a BIG *STAR*
    Stay grounded.

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  26. rabbit says:
    Expect more writeups!

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