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Charice Talks about NBC Christmas Special, Glee and her Short Vacation

Charice Talks about NBC Christmas Special, Glee and her Short Vacation

(MANILA) Charice, Asia’s Concert Princess, is currently on a one-week vacation. In two separate local TV interviews, Charice was asked to tell us about what she’s been doing in the past few days. She then went on to talk about her upcoming singing engagements.

Charice on Vacation (at last!)

Charice was seen playing the piano when the reporters met her.

Back in the Philippines after a very successful concert tour, Charice said that it’s been a very long while since she had a long break from work. She said she cherished her free time with family and friends in Cavite, a Manila suburb.

She said she ate all her favorite Filipino dishes like Paksiw na Isda (fish cooked with vinegar, garlic and salt) and Pancit (stir-fried noodles with vegetable and meat toppings). The authentic ingredients are very hard to find overseas, let alone someone who knows how to cook them right.

“On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… we did nothing but sing karaoke. I missed that.”

NBC Event with Mariah Carey et. Al.

Charice was asked about her scheduled appearance at an upcoming event.

“I fell off my chair as soon as I’ve heard about it. What a powerhouse lineup! I got disconcerted and I told myself, like, ‘Wait a second, I would need one heck of a killer song for this one,” Charice laughingly said, “because they’re big names who sing big songs! It’s truly a blessing [to perform with them]. Thank you!

Charice added, “It’s really good news. I’m just on vacation and more good things still happen.”

Charice will be performing at NBC’s “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” Special in New York City. She will sing alongside big names such as Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, and Annie Lennox. The show will be held on November 30 at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Asked about her song choice for the said event, Charice said, “Actually, we are still discussing that. One of those we’re considering is the ‘Christmas Song.”

Charice went on and sang a part of it, “…chestnuts roasting on a open fire…”

Next Glee Appearance

Charice is also preparing for her GLEE comeback.

“It’s gonna be a big surprise, but Sunshine Corazon with definitely be back! However, I’m not gonna say what will happen to her or exactly when she’ll appear again.”

Charice added, “We wouldn’t know if Sunshine will have a boyfriend, or whether she’ll be best friends with Rachel or not, we don’t know.”

However, after researching the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) site, Charice’s name showed up in the guest list for GLEE episode 6: “Never Been Kissed” and episode 7: “The Substitute.”

Charice will leave the country for the US on Sunday to resume taping for GLEE, to perform in several Holiday events and to record a new album.

On a final note, let’s have another look at that “Christmas Song”.

“The Christmas Song”

David Foster and Charice perform the Christmas classic, “The Christmas Song” on CBC’s The Early Show, 12/26/2009.

By RJ Nieto,

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  1. jj says:
    this is kinda out of the subject discuss here but i wud just like to say that charice is really superb in singing! for me, she is PERFECT.
    i have watched so many videos of other singers. I always compare their official videos from their live performances. and u know what, they are just good in music videos but in live….( u know what i mean) the likes of jason d. avril l. kesha and many more. I wonder how did they ever get in music business? hehehe well, Auto- Tune
    singers are everywhere…but not Charice!

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  2. J.B. says:
    Very cool to hear!

    I wish Charice also do a classic Christmas song revision. Her vocals at lower register is too angelic.

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  3. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:
    Here is Charice singing Reset on ASAP today. Enjoy and cheers to all!

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  4. nautilus_stone says:
    I always loved the way Charice sings, so full of emotions… very moving.

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  5. justme says:
    The main reason of the event for lighting up the three is to give praise to the birth of a baby boy Jesus not about Santa Clause. Check out Alicia Keys in Rockefeller Center. Thats a power for her and her new born baby. I praise her for the song she chose…

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  6. BermudaFan says:
    Do you guys remember that boy, Christian Imparato? that wonderful italian boy that Charice shared the stage when they sang “Adagio”.
    He is singing most of Charice’s song now.. and I can say that he is making Charice proud… he is doing a wonderful job.
    watch this:

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    • mm says:

      That boy is good! He’s obviously a big fan of Charice for the reason that even the hand gestures of Charice while performing was perfectly copied (that makes him look like But overall, it’s hair raising! Well done dude!lmao

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