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Nikki Yanofsky is All Praises for Chariceai??i??s Glee Stint

Nikki Yanofsky is All Praises for Chariceai??i??s Glee Stint

In a recent interview by Just Jared Jr., Nikki Yanofsky said that sheai??i??s really proud of Charice bagging a part in the second season of Glee. She also revealed that if given the chance, she would love to have a role in the very popular show.

If youai??i??re a bit unfamiliar with Nikki, you would love to know that, like Charice, sheai??i??s also a young artist with an amazing voice. Sheai??i??s a sixteen year old jazz sensation from Canada who has debuted in Carnegie Hall when she was just thirteen. She started off her singing career with a performance in the Montreal International Jazz Festival of 2006. Sheai??i??s the youngest singer ever to be featured in that festival.

The jazz scene paid more attention to Nikki upon hearing her version of Ella Fitzgeraldai??i??s ai???Airmail Specialai??? on the album, ai???We All Love Ella: The First Lady of Songai??? form Verve Records. Other contributors to that album included big names like Diana Krall and Michael Buble. NIkki is also the youngest artist to have ever recorded for Verve Records.

Just this year, Nikki sang, ai???O, Canadaai???, the national anthem of Canada, in both the opening and closing programs of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. She was also the chosen singer of songwriters Alan Frew and Stephan Moccio to record the broadcast theme, ai???I Believeai???, of the Winter Olympics.

As talented as she is, Nikki has nothing but good things to say about Charice in the Just Jared Jr. interview, especially about Charice being Sunshine Corazon. Nikki revealed that Glee is her favorite show and she has actually watched Chariceai??i??s performances in the pilot episode. She also thinks that Reviews on generic maxalt Charice is ai???doing great!ai??? on Glee. ai???It was just really cool to see her up on the [television] screen and she totally deserves this. Itai??i??s so neat that they [the creators] based a character on her and Iai??i??m just so happy to see her on it,ai??? she added.

Charice and Nikki are actually good friends. They first met in the famous New York Cityai??i??s Canal Room. A few months ago, they both attended the 41st Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Award Show, where they even posed together on the red carpet for the photographers and press. Both of them performed during the program. Charice was also there to honor songwriter David Foster who was inducted for his numerous achievements, including 44 Grammy nominations and penning a great number of unforgettable songs.

Charice and Nikki Yanofsky Nikki Yanofsky is All Praises for Chariceai??i??s Glee Stint

And itai??i??s not only Charice who has worked with the amazing David Foster. Nikki also shared the stage with Foster, Ruben Studdard, Charice, and Joshua Page at the 63rd Annual Horatio Alger Awards in Washington D.C. The Horatio Alger Award is given to people from disadvantaged situations who become successful through perseverance while maintaining their moral principles.

It is indeed true that birds of the same feather flock together in Chariceai??i??s and Nikkiai??i??s case. Both are young and talented artists who bring a positive attitude to the usually crazy world of music. Hopefully, their friendship would still continue throughout their long careers.

By Sofia Carrera,

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  1. lance says:

    Thanks Nikki for supporting our petite powerhouse Charice. You both deserve a big break in your careers.

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  2. Manuel Olaer says:

    Charice already had a wide range of talents in vocal projection, body language and stage presence. Charice touched our hearts and She will be Cherished by Million of supporters and viewers around the world for years to come. Charice is a gift from GOD! Praise Allah!

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  3. Gina pacquiao says:
    God speed charice n nikki both r star factor I’m proud to both of them I’m also proud to be filipina /Australian when I talked about charice.go girl well done n god bless

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  4. LuckyRain0rig says:
    Someone or some people are not agreeing with you guys that “they” are giving you guys thumbs down- someone crabby who is has a wicked ( really bad ) heart!

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  5. snoscal says:
    Oh God, please let me know which one is the right website where to vote Pyramid..Thanks..

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  6. lord-king-leader says:
    dont even really know who she is, but shes hot

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  7. Philmor says:

    Nikki is a great singer but I’m not really a fan of Jazz music… I still go for Charice…

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  8. yusuf says:
    @saudi_charistic.. hi this is yusuf i am also in saudi arabia.. in jeddah, maybe we can meet up and set up a Chasters KSA… fans club… aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. i am sure there are many more here who are living in the land of yearlong sunshine…. Saudi Arabia… i am actually from Philippines..

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  9. saudi_charistic says:
    I love an appreciate those people who appreciate others. Some people can’t do that because he or she will feel that he or she might be overpower his or her talent. But i am so proud of nikki doing like that and saying some good words to her co-singers.

    I love you nikki same as our charice. Hoping that both of you reach your final destiny, to be one of super bightest stars in the this planet!!!

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  10. hermiemel says:
    I can’t help falling in love to Charice & Nikki…

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  11. Percy says:
    Charice and Nikki are two young WHOLESOME and really talented singers of today!

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  12. ArrVee says:
    her co-artists naturally have a better appreciation than others of her talent, because they know all too well how difficult it is to do what she does, especially with someone as young as her, and this generates great professional respect. But when they meet Charice personally, get to know her and get won over by her charm and humility, they can’t help cheering for her, like Nikki does.

    still, that is so big-hearted of Nikki to speak publicly this way of Charice – more power to her!

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  13. Bella says:
    After the Olympics in Vancouver, everyone in Canada knows Nikki Yanofsky’s name. She’s a talented jazz singer. Charice’s friendship with Nikki will no doubt strengthen Charice’s fan base here in Canada.

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  14. jimfan155 says:
    Now, this is how I like it. Performers supporting each other. Thanks Nikki for being so classy and supporting Charice. No jealousy as there’s room for everyone who has a dream.

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  15. chatterboxcharlie says:
    charice is the epitome of humility. charice makes friends everywhere she goes. her humble and loving personality attracts everyone around her. its great to see other artist bonding with her. she truly is inspirational. God bless you charice.

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  16. Portia says:
    I have read somewhere that Niki is also half-filipino, please correct me if I am wrong. It was to hear positive comments from Charice’s friend and colleague, just affirmed that she is great

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    • gnode says:
      I was searching about Nikki’s ethnicity . . . i do not find any that says she is half-filipino. what i found out is that she is Jewish.

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      • Hall says:
        She’s not half but 1/8th Filipina according to her My Space Page, Yes her official Myspace page

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  17. Portia says:
    Yes, I agree, those “Billboard Top Songs” that are posted some are not legitimate, for I noticed that when I voted, it stated below on that site that you can copy it for your own poll.

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  18. dale says:

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    • Chucky says:
      Just FYI…this is not a real website.

      Here is the twit from Billboard -

      It refers to this twit from @TheRealKimmerz –

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    • yusuf says:

      the top 100 Billboard song voting is not LEGIT… come on guys, you have to be better than that… its frustrating, we are fans i know but you don’t have to go down low like that… if its your personal poll then say it, and not deceive other fans, or flagirise a legitimate industry brand like Billboard

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  19. dale says:
    TOP 100 SONGS: VOTE! – MUSIC BILLBOARD… please vote (pyramid – charice) :) on the top baby

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  20. chasterdad says:
    Aha!…first to comment and contribute. Anyway, good for Nikki and Charice to get to know each other as both are indeed birds of the same feather. In this present state of the entertainment industry and especially in te USA or even the Philippines, many talents are manufactured either as pretentious or gimmicky. These two are the real deal, pure,decent and full of untapped talent and potentials. They can make a big difference and change the existing music world scenario by making it cleaner, wholesome and truthful. Hopefully singers who can’t sing except in auto-tune, those that can’t even provide a decent note or those that dress up sluttily to compensate would be a thing of the past and fans would be more discerning and intelligently appreciative of their choices of whom to support and appreciate. Role models these two are as Yoda would say. To people like these, my full support and admiration. Hope our world gets better from special individuals like Charice and Nikki. Time to right expectations and what better people to do this except those young, idealistic and talented!

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