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Charice Graces Cover of Toronto Sun Television

Charice Graces Cover of Toronto Sun Television

77 Responses to “Charice Graces Cover of Toronto Sun Television”

  1. ruby says:

    heartfelt gratitude to both falsevoice and coolsmurf.

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  2. ruby says:

    i just too really love this pic of charice… attracted !

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  3. ruby says:

    i had a very much similar thoughts with gunrunner….. exActly !

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  4. anitako says:

    for me, there will be no false voice nor coolsmurff if theres no MOMMY RAQUEL. no one can post any videos if not for the persuasion strong motivation of a mother who saw a talent in her child & tried up to build a confidence on charice that a singing contest is just like a boxing fight,one lose and one wins,and has to accept the outcome. specially day1 in that LBS singing contest cha was eliminated on her 1 world crashed on her head,and here comes the mother roll of Mommy and LBS req for her come back to the show as a “wild card” and charice started,she beats some contestants on those honor weeks but on the final round she landed on 3rd placer-we can see and feel her facial look-how losing meant. but Mommy knew there’s nothing bad on trying to come back to that show being a wild card player. and if not for this comeback kid on the show, FALSE VOICE got nothing to show on You Tube to compare charice vs bianca ryan of AGT-u.s.a. and there all things start rolling. yes thanks to mommy raquel,FVoice,coolsmurff,and all the chasters around the world who really supported charice,love charice,chase charice like Lantao Island username, Ucla_usa,Angelia,christinedl-these are the chasers,some had started to chase too fly from state to state to watch charice-chaddicted as termed.some who cant fly they are glued to CM site w/c is 24/7 chatters.

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  5. hyu says:

    this links is somehow part of my admiration to our idol,
    it proves that in GODS EXISTENCE everything is possible…
    love you charice

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  6. hyu says:

    her existence for everyone of us makes believe that everyone is deserving to take one of many chances to uplift our lives as a person with pride and dignity….even how worst is our life, like what she had, because of her faith and actions Gods return her deserving spot for the stardom she have at this moment.
    we love you all charice,,,

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  7. gunrunner says:
    Verses For my Princess Charice

    If in the hands of lifes painful grip
    My heart shall find solace in your voice
    Perhaps no sorrow my life couldnt take
    As long as your songs in my heart i keep

    Like a gentle petal nestled on a cliff
    You beckon my strength with your charm and grace
    Like a sweet wine touching my lips
    Your voice inebriate my heart and spirit

    Like a precious pearl or gleaming stones
    Your beauty and grace my life adorn
    Is it the reason my life’s sojourn
    Finds only beauty when you i’ve known

    My soul shall don the butterfly wings
    To fly with grace with your gentle hymns
    Or glide with eagles soaring in the wind
    To feel the highest note you sing

    My heart shall wear in the evening sky
    The thousand glitters of the myriad stars
    At dawn I’steal the morning star
    To make you my only STAR

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  8. gunrunner says:

    how old is she when this was taken. i want to pinch her cute cute cute face with matching pouting lips so innocent and her gaze so deep scaling the horizon of her dreams

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  9. tonz says:
    Eve, doubting the one and only DF, after all the care and love she had bestowed on our princess is not being kind. Peace

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    • eve says:

      that’s why I wrote “I have confidence that they’re making the right decisions for Charice’s long-term career”

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  10. minbeauty8 says:
    Charice photos are great…I love her eyes, nose and lips that tells the truth and give justice to her whole personality…what a real deal they have on our princess!

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  11. justcharrie says:
    Charice’s tale is the most inspiring story I’ve seen so far and her story of success although it seems that she has reached the top, it isn’t over yet. The ending is still being written and while hers is like a fairytale, all the fairytales I know always had a happy ending.

    All the happiness in this world, you very well deserve Charice.

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  12. saudi_charistic says:
    i can relate the life of charice. we both have no father but we survived!!!

    mabuhay ka charice …
    your the symbol now of like us!!!
    you’re such a good example for those people who are losing hope!!!

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  13. charice fan says:
    im seeing her in L.A. (citadel) this nov 20!!! i hope to hear her sing a christmas song live. until now, i have only heard her angelic voice from videos. amazing talents like her don’t come very often. i have to see her at least once!

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  14. saudi_charistic says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • agno says:
      hmmm.. i think her mother is the one who help her to join in all singing contest not her grandmother…

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  15. Luisa says:
    COOLSMURFF? that is the first time I heard of him/her. Anyway thank you so much for being charice fan.

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  16. here2support says:
    Canadians are one of the most supportive fan bases that Charice has. I wouldn’t be surprised if she graces any award type if shows in Canada in the near future. Great job Maple Leafers.

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    • here2support says:
      TYPO: type OF not type IF

      Charice has a great smile btw. I can’t help but stare at that picture of her on that..couch?

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    • ebjohns11 says:
      I can tell. Canadians really loves Charice! Remember in Toronto? What a huge crowd. How cant you love her. Shes also working with few Canadians around here. Like David F. , Celine Dion, Canadian Tenors. But we all know, the world loves her!

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  17. ArrVee says:
    her story is indeed still being written, and as an inspiration to as with how she deals with her hurdles and detractors, we can expect these challenges to come her way, because in this way, she will continue to inspire others.

    the essence of her story is not really “rags to riches” per se, at least not only material riches, but mostly the wealth of goodwill that she has amassed through the multitudes of people she has inspired and endeared herself to, and this is growing by leaps and bounds. And that is something that money cannot buy.

    that’s a great photo of her with her arms resting on the sofa(?) and with that charming smile …

    Toronto Sun gets some Sunshine …

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  18. camo says:
    charice’s glee appearances will put her in mainstream america . we all know she can do ballads and she has the older audiences already.her management is trying for her to conquer the teen market in the us amd in order to do that its ranb pop and catchy singles.charice is not a one dimensional artist and people needs to be patient with what her team does.they are not grooming her for a one hit wonder and you cant rush greatness.catchy songs are whats in and thats what they are trying to do so folks just be patient and enjoy the the saying goes, THE RACE IS NOT FOR THE SWIFT NOR THE BATTLE FOR THE STRONG ,ITS WHO CAN ENDURE TO THE END.need i say more rock on kid.

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  19. flor from texas says:
    Cool stuff: Charice in the cover of a magazine in Toronto. This is conspicuous. Keep on planting the seeds of success here and everywhere, and you will continue to reap the joy from it.

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  20. WattsCooler says:
    @Terynn Boulton, Thank you for this great article. It’s really hard keeping track of the good news Charice is getting these days. Wish her the best in all her undertakings. Can’t wait for her next appearance in Glee.

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  21. yusuf says:
    coolsmurf? no offense meant but i thought it was falsevoice? i am lost in translation.. can someone enlighten me please

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    • WebScribes says:
      Yes, we should recognize CoolSmurf more often. FalseVoice started the YouTube ball rolling with uploads of videos of Charice’s performances on LBS and CoolSmurf uploaded that supercharged StarKing video that got the attention of the producers for Ellen, Oprah, WB, DF’s sister and Paul O’Grady in London.
      FalseVoice & CoolSmurf deserve great praise from us Chasters!

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      • Jianee says:
        I guess the reason why False Voice is getting credit more often is because he started the ball rolling. If he hadnt uploaded Charice’s Little Big Star videos initially, Star King wouldnt have noticed Charice and she wouldnt have been invited to the show at all. Thus, no chance for Coolsmurf to upload her video coz there would be none to speak of.

        Nevertheless, they both deserve praise for their efforts in uploading videos!

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    • Gleekster says:
      It was Coolsmurf’s Star King video upload that went viral and thus caught the attention of Ellen (and then Oprah). One could say that if this video was never uploaded, history could have been different for Charice. She could not have met Ellen nor Oprah. Thus, no Charice today.

      It’s true that despite this magnitude of a contribution, Coolsmurf got to see Charice in person only once and it was just under 60 seconds. Really sad.

      Anyways, THANK YOU COOLSMURF !!!

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    • saudi_charistic says:
      we should thank both of them. Our charice became known and popular because of this things.

      we love you both FALSEVOICE AND COOLSMURFF!!! Mabuhay kayong dalawa…

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    • TRue-Angelface says:
      FalseVoice had not been in South Korea at the time Charice guested there. It was really coolsmurf video that displayed the awesomeness of Charice in stage (No stage fright at all). That one plus FalseVoice’s really catapulted viewership of Charice’s performances in YouTube. Which one caught Ellen’s and Oprah’s attention? – I have no idea. Let’s call it destiny. Charice deserves everything happening for her now.

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