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Charice, Mariah, Susan Boyle, Kylie on November NBC Christmas Special

Charice, Mariah, Susan Boyle, Kylie on November NBC Christmas Special

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353 Responses to “Charice, Mariah, Susan Boyle, Kylie on November NBC Christmas Special”

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  5. GLEEfan says:

    i just love jingle bells rocks with david foster, so cute! i thought charice sounds awesome!! is charice still in NYC for the KISS bash thing?

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  6. Ate Lina says:
    Charice you stole the show last nite! Lots of write ups about it in the net. Glitch or no glitch you are fantastic. You & David handled the akward moment like a real trooper. Lots of exposure to our Charice! Yeheeey!!

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  7. robin says:
    waaaah! i almost cry while reading all the reviews about charice! huhuhu. We love you more Charice!!!

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  8. juerry says:
    Oh my God! Best performance! thank you david F. for always being there, charice rocks the Rockefeller, Go girl,,, Love you charice, ur the best,,,

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  9. Joel says:
    I am so happy for Charice. Hey Chasters, kinda out of topic here but I just started my internet radio station. I thought to myself, I wanted to play music that most of my peers grew up with. It’s mainly 90’s R&B/POP, 90’s HIP HOP and current songs. Also I always want to meet Charice, so maybe one day if my station get’s big enough that I could interview Charice personally. In support of her I also am playing Pyramid. How does that support her aside from people listening to her song? Well it’s a real radio station and royalties are paid to the artist. So the more people actually listen to her song Pyramid or hew newer singles when it comes out, the more she makes.

    If it’s ok with you, I invite you to take a listen. While your at work, at your desk or even on your mobile device. It’s free to listen.

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    • chardcruz says:
      good job charice…we’re so proud of you…
      “pyramid of charice is i rank number 4 in most irresistible lyrics in 2010″.

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  10. Yobhtron says:
    As of today Dec 2, Charice is still on Yahoo Primetime TV on Yahoo front page with the caption “Singer rebounds from glitch on live TV”. Awesome performance from Charice and DF.

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  11. cubbie says:
    WOW!! Finally got to see multiple videos of Charice @ Rockefeller…

    Natalie Morales (after GUCL): “Charice, you are a star!” Indeed….

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  12. ChariceFan says:
    Don’t worry guys the Engineer got chewed up pretty well..JUST KIDDING. Guys have some fun with this video

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  13. starbuck245 says:
    hey chasters! primetime in no time online show had a short clip of the jbr glitch. the online host confirmed she sang live and was amazing

    i know is localized, but her face was on yahoo home page at around 10 am her in los angeles.

    i think it was a positive snippet, imho. so i think the glitch turned into a positive because yahoo still reaches millions of people will clik on vid of her face with caption, Singer rebounds from glitch on live tv. this was a Latest vid pic on yahoo home
    page…thix is a big deal becauxe os the positve exposure… cha looked so adorable !!!.

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  14. ebug says:
    The glitch was nerve wracking indeed! I was at the edge of my seat and almost hiding behind the couch like a little girl seeing her first horror film and never knowing when it will end. I was laughing hard thinking about it after. Thanks to DF for saving the moment. Charice was awesome!!!

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  15. fef says:
    OH! Dearest I don’t know how many times I watched these parts even my husband was amazed, hers’ was uplifting and joyous. Love u girl u make us so proud of ur great achievements. Look so cute w/ her new haircut, probably getting ready for her concert in Japan. Wow Japan will have a treat, just wondering how many songs will she able to sing to satisfy their thirst/hunger of her talent. GOD BLESS US.

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  16. muzikluvr says:
    Hi Chasters :) Guys, go to so u can view the 1st episode of 30 days with charice.. enjoy :)

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  17. LALA_007 says:

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  18. justcharrie says:
    I thought I’m done commenting on her performances but I couldn’t help it she’s just soooo good! Both songs were perfectly sang (no bias) though there had been a technical glitch before she performs JBR, it didn’t hinder her from delivering an awesome as usual performance.

    Charice is gorgeous!

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  19. lovecha says:
    Anyone heard of this “30 Days with Charice” documentary? I saw in youtube but can’t find in suppose to air today.

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  20. TonyVernsky says:
    Another spellbinding performance by Charice as she rocked the Rockefeller Center last night.

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  21. Joel says:
    I watched the show as well and was jammin’ lol. I turned on my surround sound system and cranked it up and felt like I was there.

    Then the doorbell rang hahahaha, it was the pizza I ordered. So I ran and RUSHED to get the pizza, tipped the guy and practically just threw the pizza on the couch and cranked up Charice even more lol.

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  22. ChariceFan says:
    Grown-up Christmas list 2010 HD The same as earlier post, but ONLY for the purpose of distributing the server load evenly. The link below is coming from youtube, while this one is from the’s server.

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  23. jimfan155 says:
    Just got home from Rockefeller Center. First the bad news.

    Got there 4 hours before it aired at 7:00pm and it was drizzling for an hour or 2. Stopped completely for the 2 hour telecast. This had to be my worst experience as no one could see the stage unless you were a vip guest and got to view the stage close up. From my vantage point all I could see were peoples heads and 2 large monitors that would show the acts. Watched Charice on the screen for her first song Grown-up Christmas List (perfection, btw) but when she came back for her second song, Jingle Bell Rock they cued the wrong music and showed DF on the monitors saying it would be corrected shortly. When the correct music was played I could hear Charice, but the monitors were showing a Merry Christmas sign for the entire performance – no Charice at all. A real bummer for a full fledged Chaster. Can’t help but think the majority of the audience could not see her during this upbeat song. After a coulple other acts I left in disgust, but knowing my wife taped the entire show. Got home and the show was taped but “NO SOUND!!!”. (Not my wife’s fault as this machine has done this before, on rare occassions.)

    Now the good news.
    Charice sang 2 songs.
    Charice sounded the best out of everyone (truth, even though you know I’m biased).
    Jingle Bell Rock put some life into the crowd, even though we couldn’t see it.
    On NBC news Charice was mentioned numerous times, and was shown the most, I believe. They even mentioned the music glitch. So even though she was not mentioned in the promos, she got her due in the end. (Save the best for last).
    Got to see the HD videos through links on CM so I’m happy now.

    In a nut shell, Charice was stellar and I hope was able to touch many of the estimated 500,000 people in attendance. Hope some other Chasters had a better experience than I.

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    • palaginghuli says:
      Charice ALWAYS sounds the best. All other people who brave singing next to her run the risk of always being the one wanting. I watched the show in my new Samsung LED HDTV, and it was sooooo awesome! Unfortunately here in the West Coast they only showed JBR. Thankfully there were people who posted really good quality videos of Grown Up Christmas List. I think she floored Al Roker and the other female host.

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  24. ChariceFan says:
    Here is the HD video of the Charice’s Grown-up Christmas list

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  25. zen58 says:
    WOW!!! Cha, It was a nerve wracking performance.Again,Charice rocks!Happy Holidays every one. God bless always!

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  26. 2die4 says:
    By the way,I have heard comments that Charice lipsynch her JBR


    LIVE and only LIVE!

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    • yusuf germino says:
      i can’t believe that dumb people are able to use the internet and even able to comment… what the heck ? lipsync-ing in your dreams… can’t you people hear the inconsistency in the volume when she pushes it a bit away from her angelic mouth? how about the breathing, how about the timing? these ‘illegal critics’ are just showing their lack of intelligence….. anyone suggesting about this lipsync issue should be BANNED! their comments deleted! unfounded and senseless.

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      • ChariceFan says:

        Don’t worry guys, I will be fixing the -0.4 micro seconds delay on the HD videos. She was not lipsync-ing, but rather it was the MP4 codec’s fault. This is common if the video has been transcoded from one format to another, it will cause the video/audio out of sync, BUT it is NOT Lipsync-ing in Charice Part.

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  27. 2die4 says:
    Charice’s performance was the best one! I enjoyed it the most! She was the prettiest too- too cute,what an Asian doll! Love the look!!!

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  28. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:
    It was a nerve wracking experience (technical glitch at the beginning!), but Charice pulled it through. She was as always awesome! Here is the video from Rockefeller event. Cheers!

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