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Charice is J-14 Magazine’s Icon of Tomorrow!

Charice is J-14 Magazine’s Icon of Tomorrow!

The Votes are in…Charice is J-14 Magazine’s Icon of Tomorrow!

Thank you and congratulations CIA (Charice Internet Army), you have done it again! Charice is the winner of J-14 magazine’s Icon of Tomorrow Award! Yes, you heard correctly ai??i?? she won, she won, she won! We asked you to vote and you responded. You responded just as you had when we asked you to vote for her to win the ai???Best Oprah Show Musical Performanceai??? award! Last December, teen singing sensation Charice thanked her fan base Chasters after she edged global singing stars in the ‘Best Oprah Show Musical Performace’ award. Charice beat Whitney Houston, James Taylor, Michael BublAi??, Journey, and the Black Eyed Peas in the online poll on, receiving 70% of the votes for her ‘Note to God’ performance. The Black Eyed Peas received only 9% of the votes. They clearly do not have an Internet Army like Charice does.

J-14 Magazine is the #1 teen celebrity magazine and our Charice is pictured in the December issue several times. The December issue is now available so make sure to get your copy today! The winners of all of the J-14 Teen Icon 2010 Awards are featured, including Charice, the Icon of Tomorrow! Glee, which features our Charice as Sunshine Corazon, won as Iconic TV Show. There is also a feature on the College Class of 2010 which asks the young stars what they would be doing if they were actually attending their freshman year of college right now. The magazine states that Charice is taking online classes working towards her bachelor’s degree in communications. Charice is also featured in the piece ai???14 Seconds With Generic for micronase the Starsai??? where they were asked to name the best gift they have ever given. Charice replied with, ai???I gave a laptop to the fan who first posted my videos on

J 14 teen icon12 Charice is J 14 Magazines Icon of Tomorrow!

J 14 teen icon23 Charice is J 14 Magazines Icon of Tomorrow!

J 14 teen icon32 Charice is J 14 Magazines Icon of Tomorrow!

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There is only one more outstanding favor we had asked of you and that was to vote to win Charice an official spot as a top five nominee for the 2011 People’s Choice Awards as Breakout Music Artist of the Year. We also asked you to vote for her in other categories – Favorite Pop Artist, Female Artist, Web Celeb, and Favorite Song (Pyramid). Voting has ended so all we can do is wait. The official nominees in all categories will be named on November 9th. We will find out then if the Charice Internet Army can maintain their perfect voting record. Let’s hope so!

By Terynn Boulton,

111 Responses to “Charice is J-14 Magazine’s Icon of Tomorrow!”

  1. Silangan says:

    All the blessings to you and your family. We are praying for your success..

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  2. chebozz says:
    “Charice You Make Us Proud” by Megumi(a.k.a Chebozz)

    You make us proud
    And I’m gonna say it out loud
    With only hope in your hand
    You left the Philippine island
    Bravely went to a foreign land
    Guided by the LORD helping hand

    Even though you went through difficult times
    With nothing to eat sometimes
    Yet you never doubt even once
    That the LORD will give you a chance

    GOD gave you amazing talent
    That everyone wish they have it
    GOD has already planned your destiny
    That is to bring peace and harmony
    To create such melody
    That comes from that small body

    To give hope to us whenever we feel like giving up
    To show us no matter how many times we fall we should stand up
    To work hard to reach our dreams
    ‘Cause there’s no such impossible dream

    CHARICE for all that you’ve done to us
    You earn our respect and trust
    You deserve our support and love
    We’ll gonna help you to reach the top

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  3. chebozz says:
    lets keep on supporting CHARICE,chyeea!!!

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  4. julius says:
    Congratulations CHARICE you make us PROUD!

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  5. krazyforyou says:
    HEY CHASTERS! I have infront of me a copy of a limited USweekly special edition magazine for Glee fans! It’s out already. I am inviting you to buy your copy wherever available (9.99 in the US)till May 2011. Charice is at the very last. She looks like Sunshine. Cute!God bless Charice!

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  6. Armando says:
    You are proof that dreams and possibilities are endless when you believe in yourself. Celebrating success! Celebrating YOU! Congratulations Charice!!!

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  7. TonyVernsky says:
    This article prompted me to write another short poem for Charice. Sorry for any errors and omissions. Here it is:

    Is Charice An Icon Of Tomorrow?

    People all over the world are now beginning to witness
    The singing prowess of our little princess
    After having shows and performing in different places
    They gave her nothing but accolades and praises

    Once the ‘New York Post’ called her a vocal prodigy
    For singing those ‘big songs’ flawlessly
    And even the producer of the hit U.S. television show, “Glee”
    Had admired her angelic voice to a great degree

    Charice had received awards and recognitions
    From huge shows, events, and well-known organizations
    Those memorable and best performances she had done and shown there
    Will remain in our hearts and minds now and forever

    There are so many great things I could say about her
    But these are some of the facts that I have to remember
    To declare Charice today as a glowing and shining star
    Then tomorrow she will be an icon and a superstar.

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  8. saudi_charistic says:
    congrats charice…

    hope more awards to come!!!
    god bless u and your family…

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  9. rotciv says:
    Go go shines Charice, we love u! we are in your side!

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  10. ebjohns11 says:
    woot! congratulations!! Charice has really Solid/ very strong Fan all over the world! thank you for your time voting!!

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