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Charice “Sings Like Angels”

Charice “Sings Like Angels”

Claudine Grant of Fox5 interviewed Charice, the 18 year old singing sensation who was discovered by Canadian music mogul, David Foster, and Oprah Winfrey, before her performance with David Foster and friends in Mandalay Bay on October 15, 2010. Ms. Grant questioned Charice about her career, her part on the hit show, Glee, and rumored Botox injection. On stage, Charice is a little girl with a commanding presence and booming voice. Off stage, Charice is a little girl who is sweet, charming and modest. Two very different personas but still the same Charice we have all come to love.

“This lady has taken the music world by storm, giving Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and all the big names a run for their money,” Ms. Grant started by saying as a modest Charice stood by giggling shyly. “I’m telling you,” continued Grant, “this is Charice and when this woman sings, she sings like angels.” At this point she turns to Charice, who is still giggling modestly and says, “You are amazing, Charice.”

Our sweet, charming Charice answers with, “Thank you. I don’t know what to say but thank you.” And what does one say to such a mighty compliment, one that she has heard many times before and one that she continues to prove true?

The interview continues with Grant asking Charice what it is like to be billed in such a star-studded event, to which Charice replies, “It’s really an honor, you know? Being part of this big concert is like always new to me, I feel real excited, I feel really blessed, you know, that’s why… it’s such a blessing working with David Foster, he’s a really nice person.”

Foster and Charice have been working together for three years now and he speaks very highly of Charice. He was once quoted as saying that “with Charice instructions need only be said once and she gets it precisely and accurately, just like a laser beam.”

When asked about her role on the hit show, Glee, Charice admitted that Glee is the coolest thing that happened to her life. She says it is a perfect show for her and her role as “Sunshine Corazon” is so Charice.

Claudine Grant takes the interview in a slightly new direction when she questions Charice about the rumor that she had Botox injections before she began performing on Glee. To these accusations Charice responds, “No, that is so ridiculous. I mean when I found out that news I was like I don’t need Botox. First of all, I am young. Second, I love my face. It’s God’s gift and I’m not gonna change it.”

Speaking of God’s gifts, besides her face, God blessed Charice with another gift, and that is her voice! At this point Grant asks Charice if she would be putting her on the spot by asking her to sing. Without skipping a beat Charice answers not at all and asks what Grant would like her to sing. Charice loves to sing any chance she gets! Grant could not come up with a request so Charice broke out into a verse of All By Myself, which according to Celine Dion herself, is a ridiculously hard song to sing. Not for our Charice! She sang the verse angelically, giving Ms. Grant goosebumps.

When asked what Charice wanted to say to Fox5 viewers to close out the interview, Ms. Grant could not have said it any better herself, “Thank you for watching.”

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By Terynn Boulton,

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  1. anniefound says:
    If this website is called Charicemania, let it all be about Charice. Let all the Chasters be of Charice, for Charice and! be all out for Charice!

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  2. lord-king-leader says:
    looks like some ppl like to click on dislike even though the comment is good compared to other ppl who said bad things about her

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  3. Percy says:
    It looks like somebody goes to this site and just hit the thumbs down across the board. He/she even did it on the first one who just said ‘Charice oh Charice’. Go somewhere else man!

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  4. Manuel Olaer says:

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    • deepblue says:
      I think she looks ok. Justin T. also wears a nerdy-looking type of glasses.

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    • ebjohns11 says:
      you cant tell her what to do. its just her gleek look. you are so harsh, manuel. just be nice. if you dont like it – just dont say anything. i know u r giving criticism but dont like how the way u said it.

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      • Manuel Olaer says:

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        • lancecobi says:
          Yap, I agree with you. I like the version where there is an accompaniment in the end, the one she performed live on Oprah, it sounds better, it has a more dramatic ending than the one in the CD that sounds like a siren, and I need to put down the volume of my car stereo when it comes to that part. But all in all, I love all the songs in her album and I love her voice very much, and I love that song “Note To God” so much, and I believe that a song as beautiful as that needs a dramatic ending. With Charice’s high sustained voice accompanied by drums, orchestra and back-up choir is exactly the best way of ending that song. I love Charice, she’s a one of a kind singer.

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    Even the high notes comes so natural !

    FEARLESS …..nothing compares today !

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  6. Winston says:
    I hope that we should stop comparing Charice to other singers, we should just do our part in supporting her, she’s great, but the attitudes that we have in comparing her to other singers seems crab-like. I mean, let’s just be happy for those singers who made it in a particular music industry, yes, Charice can sing live, there’s no doubt about it, but the most importang things is that we are blessed to have her and we see in our eyes that she resembles pure talent and not hype. So quit the bashing, let’s focus more on only HER TALENT.

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    • dmadman77 says:
      I completely agree with you. Charice (and Arnel P.) has been put on the spot on several occassions by interviewers asking her to compare herself with other singers. And always she will respond with only positive comments or praises for the other artist. The girl has a humble heart. This is perhaps why her fans love her and perhaps one reason why her fanbase continues to grow. So if you are a follower, Charice would probably want you to do the same. Stop comparing and just be thankful that she’s able to share her God-given gift.

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  7. joseph says:
    i dont understand why aiza seguera is on that clip.someone inserted that clip of aiza comparing to charice.aiza has a talent in composing songs but not in singing.she even hardly open her mouth when she sings.for the expert that kind of singing is unacceptable.they would laugh at you.for those filipinos who are envious of charice should think deeper.foster wont allow himself to be embarrased by promoting charice if she has no talent.she is a musical doubt about it.many expert here in states agreed to that.otherwise they would drop her like a hot potato if she posses ordinary talent.she has an extraordinary talent in singing.

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  8. green-planet says:

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    • eve says:
      Interviewers don’t really want explanations in a 20-second sound bite, notice how quickly they moved on to the next question, as if the producer just said “ask this, we don’t care what the answer is” lol. Really, the question is not even worth asking months later. People have knee-jerk reactions to the word, so kudos to Charice for keeping it short and sweet – no explanations necessary to listeners who don’t care about the context anyway. We can all move on to what’s important – her killer voice. Goosebumps, just like the lady said, and Ryan Murphy before her… “when that girl opens her mouth, angels fly out!”

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  9. avian08 says:
    “Charice” is now synonymous to all things beautiful. There is no denying that she is heaven-sent.

    The Chasters love her very much!!!

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  10. minbeauty8 says:
    Let us enjoy all the good things Charice is giving us. She is real. Her voice can easily heals a broken heart. Her natural beauty glows on and off the camera. She is sweet and a true reflection of a decent Filipina girl. May she continue to be our pride. Way to go Charice!

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    • scoobydoo says:
      yes… i like it when you said ” reflection of a decent Filipina girl”..

      she’s really a darling of US media now.

      amazing Charice!

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  11. chatterboxcharlie says:
    those notes coming from her just seem so effortless. i just love her confidence, not being fazed even being put on the spot. i must say her performances are always “spot on”, amazing as always! God bless you charice.

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  12. kingkong98270 says:
    It doesn’t look like there are lens in thoses frames!!!lol

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  13. ArrVee says:
    while that interviewer asked if she would be putting Charice on the spot to ask her to sing, she put Charice on the spot by asking about the sensitive B issue, something that Charice is trying to put behind her.

    and if she got goosebumps and had to hug Charice after that rendition of AllByMyself, then she definitely ain’t seen nuthin’ yet …

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    • Percy says:
      It’s better for her to answer the B question all the time, she just have to be consistent- after a while they will get tired of it and forget it for it will become old news. You cannot sweep this under the rug, hollywood loves negative things and they will dig and dig until you slip again- that is the nature of the beast. The interviewer did a good job and she is now a fan, how can she not be? Charice blows everybody away- hearing her is the closest thing to heaven!

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  14. anitako says:
    yes, charice the only singer u can put on the spot to sing, nobody else,coz others can only sing w/ the cd to lipsynching,not this little charice w/ a great voice, no taming on our charice. on the B issue, the question thrown was not clear why it was done, of course not for wrinkles,coz shes not aging yet,nor nose job, nor lips fattening, so no was the answer for unclear query, no need to elaborate,coz that issue was closed case! i was there at the oct.15,2010 mandalay bay events center,i flew fr houston texas to vegas same day and home the next day,i didnt go to hotel to sleep i was excited after that concert, but i stayed and played those slots machines. charice congrats wonderful concert w/ DF&F, that videographer told me,”that little girl name charice she has great voice,and in amazement he was shaking his head.

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  15. jay-o says:
    Why she said No? She had botox but for medical procedure and not cosmetic.

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    • rabbit says:
      She was referring to the reported procedure to change her face and everyone was calling it botox so she she said she did not have botox.

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  16. hermiemel says:
    Charice is always an excellent interview because she has this amazing “voice” that interviewer(s) wants to hear close-up. She is like the sweetest red delicious organic apple in the grocery…yummy..

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  17. Ate Lina says:
    Yes, Charice has a dual personality. lol jk only. Both personality are extreme. She can be fierce while performing. No signs of nervousness although she confessed she gets always nervous before performing but once she gets on stage she is all powerful like she owns it. One observation from one Star King celebrity audience was that Charice when she sings, the stage becomes so small for her. She exudes a different aura radiating from her personality while performing a song. Off stage she is just an typical, sweet, soft spoken, giggling 18 year old girl. That is her charm people that is why Chaster like me is pulled YOHER like a magnet by such charming personality. I hope she gets her well deserved R & R in PI. I’ll be waiting her appearance in Glee. I will watch every episode so that if she pops out so suddenly, I will not miss SUNSHINE CORAZON.

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  18. Justcharrie says:
    Nice interview! Was it shown just today? Lol, Charice on the spot? You’ll be the one who’d be put on the spot with jaw dropped and wide -opened mouth!

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  19. jn says:
    Putting Charice on the spot to sing????She always reply? What do you want me to sing? Gosh, that is a brave remark. I’ve heard and read a number of times that she is like a walking “jukebox.” and that she easily can memorize songs… Our Charice is one artist who is fearless when you talk about singing. At 18, she is still that sweet, innocent girl….More power and God bless you… Charice!!!

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  20. jimfan155 says:
    This little interview that happened over 2 weeks ago has me teary eyed. Why? Why? Why? I don’t understand the spell Charice has over me. But you know, I don’t have to understand – just have to accept “it is what it is”. Just gonna sit back and enjoy.

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  21. Daniel says:
    CHAMAZING!! She never disappoint anyone by putting her on the spot to sing acapella. She’s one of the few artist I know who the interviewer always asked to sing on the spot to see and to hear is to believe. I hope she’s enjoying her one week rest in PI before coming back to US for another gruelling apperances and Glee taping.

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  22. Portia says:
    Yup, that is our Charice, when she goes to perform she is Charice the great fierce singer that emotes all that is in the song and when not performing, she goes back to her old sef, shy and lovable wtth her childlike innocence that I love most of her.

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  23. chit says:
    Yes, Charice’s amazing! There’s no putting her on the spot when asked to sing. She can do it anytime, anywhere without hesitation. She’s real! And she has gotten very good at her interviews!
    Thanks, CM, for this post.

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  24. j0zh1986 says:
    charice oh charice!

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