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Charice Now a Role Model for Aspiring Singers

Charice Now a Role Model for Aspiring Singers

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  1. nada says:

    Charice, I like your Rosary necklace. Stay God-centered, because when you are, everything else that is good follows, being humble, charitable, patient, hardworking… This being good is not the enemy of the great but rather a Godly good.

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  2. sunshine says:
    All I can say is ” I love you Charice”.. That’s why you’re superloved by all your fans because of your superdown to earth character.. Though your now a SUPERSTAR, with all the fame and riches the world is offering you, it has never gotten into your head..The more that I fall in love with you everyday!!!

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  3. Yeoh Ho says:
    Not to belittle our local “talents” , they sing good, but they don’t have “it” – the soulfulness, the emotion, being the music itself. First time I heard this girl Charice from a forwarded email sometime 4 years ago, I was simply floored and thought this is it. She is the difference.
    I do indulge in music myself (quite heavily at that) but cannot claim to be a good critic, however I guess Phil singers should learn more if they want to compete and be recognized in the global music scene.
    Adding to this sorry situation in the Phils are the local producers and promoters (radio and TV networks included) who are so gullible they can shove the so-called talents to the masses,( without being ashamed of themselves) thus further lowering the standards instead of educating their audiences. TV shows are worse. Anyone living outside the Phils watching these on TFC or other providers can easily realize how backward these shows are.

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  4. zen58 says:

    Same here, Jimfan and Chasterdad kudos that was a well stated comment,that is why I dont watch their shows except for tv patrol and if charice is featured,also thinking to cancel our TFC Channel.

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  5. ebjohns11 says:
    what a beautiful, inspiring message from Charice. I love it ” Stay humble and people will love you” That is exactly what shes doing to us. Very down to earth!! And the ladies just luv and adore her.

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  6. This is my first time posting here coz i cannot take it anymore…just wondering why The Buzz and SNN does not even mention DF and Charice concert in PI. Boy Abunda is supposed to be one of the Godfathers of our dear Charice but eversince the ist day of the concert and till now, there was not even a word for charice in his talk show.

    Aside from being a no-show on the said concert, not a single note of congratulations from him to his inaanak. There is something wrong somewhere….

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  7. SuperCoolCritic says:
    “Charice after being thown out of local stage competition, the world is all her stage now.”

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    • aaalo says:
      fact check:She was the third.nobody throw her out. you are making story here

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      • gunrunner says:
        thats tantamount to being “thrown out” considering the quality of decision rendered by the judges. its showbiz politics at its worst. no offense to abs cbn, its pure business i guess no morality involved. profit without conscience.

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      • antonjuan says:

        I think it was meant to be a hyperbolic metaphor, a figure of speech, and not to be taken literally. I got her point anyway.

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  8. ABS-CBN should recognize these comments . Correct them , they must and quickly. Crab is our history , eliminate it in a quick , mighty way.

    ABS_CBN is a giant….Charice is but one person , a mismatch really.

    But they are in a crossroad too.

    CHANNEL 5 has the talents and muscle to challenge thier dominance.

    Re-engeneering anyone ?

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  9. ArrVee says:
    there is a bigger picture in this entire Charice phenomenon, and it is laden with moral lessons.

    one of these is to challenge our notions of beauty and one’s place in society. With her Great Gift that cannot be denied, and with the power and beauty of her voice that leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind where it came from, all framed within an innocuous-looking and humble young girl, one cannot help coming to the conclusion that real beauty comes from within, as you give of yourself and make the most of your God-given talents.

    while we are astounded by the vocal power emanating from such a petite frame, we are likewise caught off-guard by the undeniable charm she exudes wherever she goes, radiating even across YouTube. As we learn more about her, we discover a solid character steeped in solid core values, all hidden beneath that humble, respectful and cheerful demeanor. All these further challenge our notions of where true beauty lies, hopefully to make the mental leap to likewise look more deeply into others, beyond their physical attributes and social standing, into the unique and natural beauty in each of us.

    and this also encourages each of us to pursue our dreams, even if we do not fit the traditional mold for such roles as imposed on us by society.

    we have many ills in our society that perpetuate these societal biases and prejudices, and these are social windmills that we cannot charge into head-on in an effort to fix overnight, or even in one generation.

    but like this young lady from Laguna shows us, we can do it one person at a time, starting with ourselves, by lighting our own candle and pulling our own weight, with whatever gifts we were endowed with.

    she is a role model [full stop]

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    • gunrunner says:
      arvee that was masterful incisive erudition i love the way to craft your analysis. you are right charice is living argument against all our notions of beauty, talent, everything that the entertainment industry thrashed upon us. the world is taking lessons from this humble preacher.

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    • deepblue says:
      Yes, she is a role model for many people not just singers. Also for many age groups.

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    • bld9696 says:
      Once again, the subject of how Charice looks comes up. All I can say is this; I am a 52 year old male who has been fortunate enough to date several beautiful women in my life (alas, never married). I can definitely say that, if I were around 20 yrs. old and saw Charice sitting across the famous “crowded room”, I would be immediately drawn to her beauty. Not only is she outwardly pretty, but her amazing inner beauty shines through every time she dazzles you with that world-famous smile. The truth is, Charice is really a pretty girl, past and present. Anyone who doesn’t see this is probably more uncomfortable with what they see in the mirror, not what they see when they look at Charice’s pretty face. You are right, Arrvee. Charice is beautiful.

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    • rick says:

      ArrVee .. you cannot say it any better than that. I am a retired US resident here in California of Fil ancestry. It hurts me as a Fil to read some of the comments that tend to put Charice down…. instead of pushing her up. No wonder, Fil in the US are at the bottom of the ladder in all facet of life among asians …

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  10. artemis gibran says:
    CHARICE is the VOICE of the WORLD!

    Am I right or am I right? Agree or AGREE?

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  11. webmarketer says:

    I thought that this Charicemania article about “Charice as a role model” should also apply to this post.

    This is an excerpt of an article about Charice’s food poisoning in Singapore, the day she was to attend an inspirational meeting with disadvantaged kids.


    Charice hits the high notes
    By Juliana June Rasul

    MORE than 50 disadvantaged children were gathered in a ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton on Saturday afternoon, awaiting teen singing sensation Charice Pempengco from the Philippines.

    The young guests – from the Singapore Children’s Society, Asian Women’s Welfare Association and The Little Arts Academy – had been invited to listen to her sing and talk about how she overcame adversity to become the first Asian artiste to make it to the top 10 in the Billboard 200 albums chart.

    But the 18-year-old Glee star never showed up.

    Pempengco was in town over the weekend to perform as part of the sold-out David Foster And Friends concert, held on Friday and Saturday night as part of the Singapore Sun Festival 2010.

    Though she had performed without a hitch on Friday night, she was reportedly stricken with food poisoning on Saturday.

    Her mother, Mrs Raquel Pempengco, told Filipino news site ABS-CBN that her daughter had been rushed to hospital because she was vomiting.

    The report said “the culprit was a sushi meal she had in the morning” with some other stars from her concert line-up, including music producer Foster himself and singer Natalie Cole.

    A Singapore Sun Festival representative told The New Paper that Pempengco had chosen to skip the afternoon session with the children to rest her voice for her performance that night.

    The announcement that she would not be appearing was met with gasps of disappointment from the audience…


    I am glad that Charice is okay and that she performed great that night.

    I am just wondering if Charice did a follow-up on this particular event that she missed although Ruben Studdard and Canadian singer Clifton Murray, a member of the Canadian Tenors, represented her.

    Now that she is getting recognized as a global phenom and knowing her interest in charity, would it not have been good PR if she made later contact with the organizers of the event for the disadvantaged kids? A donation or a rain check perhaps?

    Maybe she did, maybe not. Just wondering.

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    • gunrunner says:
      hi web, i guess charice has no choice, shes too weak due to food poisoning her young age and immune sytem might have really downed her and she needs that precious rest. charice never turned down charity works that for sure. her sked might not have allowed her to make a follow up on the event. as to the rain check we may never know as charity are never broadcast normally.

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    • tsuki says:
      @webmarketer, Charice will not pass any event specially to needy kids if healthy. In addition, Charice has no control of her schedule when on the road. Her management takes care all of her schedules. We for one flew from Okinawa, Japan to Tokyo just to have a chance to get her autograph but failed. Whoever the organizers of the event should immediately contact Charice’s management for next opportunity to see her or request any video from Charice.

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    • webmarketer says:

      @gunrunner and tsuki

      Thank you for responding. I do understand that Charice needed to rest and that things happen beyond her control. No question there.

      I just put it out here knowing Charice’s previous efforts on this age segment. These are not a bunch of matured individuals. What I’m saying is, a kid’s disappointment is different from a grown-up. Since the disadvantaged kids were excited to meet and hear Charice, I just wondered if anybody in the know can provide us with info after the fact.

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  12. ..da best!!very well said chasterdad,, kudos to all of charice’s efforts,, not just for her personal gain but for all the people not only in the philippines but the whole asia for asian artist to be recognized worldwide,,,poor abs,,, they always push themselves to the limelight jst to take credit on charice’s achievements,, wherein the first place, they’re the one’s who put her down,,, thats karma back at you

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  13. luvkcha09 says:
    I have written this before and i will repeat myself, Charice is the best ambassador of the Philippines. I watched interviews where Charice said “Filipinos are musical geniuses”. Charice showed David Foster videos of Sarah G and other singers in Phils. , she was so proud of them. Charice is never selfish and she want to share her good fortune that is why she brought David Foster to the Philippines. I believe that it was Charice who influenced David Foster to visit the Philippines in the first place. He was excited about the music scene there because of Charice and what she had said about her own country.
    This is why I love Charice so much.
    Yes, there are good and bad in every nation, even “crabs” exists everywhere, they just aren’t called crabs.:) People are people, so let us stop labeling entire gorups of people as such.
    Charice is where she is because of all the collective experiences she went through and she learned from them. So my dear fellowmen, let us stop getting “historical” and quit arguing about the past. The past is only important now, only when we learned the lessons from it and so we don’t repeat the same mistakes. Other than that, let’s move on as well to new things……

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    • Winston says:
      That’s exactly I would’ve said if it weren’t for someone in here who I won’t be mentioning, who kept on saying that the Philippines is the CRAB CAPITAL of the WORLD.

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      • Nikiya says:
        Right Winston. I thought I’m the only one who noticed it…Sometimes I skip reading comments here because some people just can’t move on and see the past as something of a blessing in disguise…It’s getting old :(

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    • ceedum says:
      Hear! Hear! True that! Wise words indeed! Thank you lukcha09!

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  14. Winston says:
    Let them do what they want to do, at the end of the day, Charice is still at the top, that’s what really matters now, nothing else, if we put too much negative spotlight on them, they would bite into it so for them to get noticed. I guess it is much better if we ignore them, because, it’s much easier if we don’t level ourselves to them. Charice is great and continues to be great. At the top baby!

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  15. Joel says:
    Let’s move on Chasters! Charice is and will be just fine. We are just exhausting our own emotions and efforts talking about a station that no longer needs mentioning. Take that step forward just like our Charice and move on.

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  16. Joel says:
    You know what? Who cares about that station whether they are recognizing Charice or not. Charice does not need them. She doesn’t need any negativity. She will DO JUST FINE without them. If that’s how they want to be, so be it. There are far more other stations that will gladly expose and honor Charice. ABS CBN is, dead to me. Charice will move on to bigger and better things. To more positive things and people. Let’s please drop the whole ABS CBN thing because the way that the are acting, is not worth Charice’s headache. Yea they gave her a “stage” but that is just a small stage. As you already know she was discovered on youtube by Ellen, Oprah and so on. ABS CBN had nothing to do with that. She doesn’t need them and WE DON’T NEED THEM.

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  17. osuna says:

    Everyone have a different interpretation what a “talent” means.
    Here is one classic example, that this individual will never, never, never, never make it in the Philippines, I kinda believed that she is better than Susan Boyle, maybe ?

    Anyhow….like I said, there is no tomorrow for this lady, but she can “belt” like every good and talented young singer in P.I.

    She is an outsider in the community of Philippine Entertainment. PEACE

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    • luvkcha09 says:

      yeah, whatever happened to this lady Josephine Aton. To me she did a wonderful if not finer rendition of “I dreamed a Dream” , comparable to Susan Boyle. Hmmmm.

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    • chit says:

      This lady sings very well, I agree. But let’s hope that what Charice had achieved despite what people had said about her looks will open people’s mind to what TALENT means. Let’s wish Jennifer Good Luck!

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  18. JABUAN says:
    Why did Toni, Sarah, and that other chick sing Pyramid on ASAP last week? Anyone know? Its wonderful if they were paying respect or acknowledgement to Charice. Its pitiful if they were out to outshine Charice. None of the 3 women have anywhere near Charice’s tone, pitch, timbre, rythem, or that “wow factor”.

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    • aaalo says:

      If the song is good,Singers all over the world like to cover it,even in Filipine.That is all. do not guess too much. Imitation is a form of flatery.

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  19. muzikluvr says:
    chasterdad…BRAVO!!! Very well said. Saktong sakto. I truly think that charice is doing things right. I am pretty sure that she sees & hear the what nots of abscbn astist are saying but am just glad that she ignores it & just keep doing what she’s doing coz like you said they are attention grabber & those type of people they’re never happy. Not worth of charice’s time. It’s sad but not uncommon to human beings and pretty rampant in PI.

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  20. jimfan155 says:
    I have always given ABS CBN the benefit of the doubt and Charice has given back (whether it be contractually or not) in the past. And I do thank the station for at least giving Charice an outlet to get her “foot in the door” where FV could see her and post her videos that helped bring her to this point in time.

    But the circumstancial evidence is overwhelming to me in that:

    1- None of the singers that you always see on ASAP were in attendance, except Arnel.
    2- There was no buzz at all before or after the concert about Charice.
    3- Martin’s “we don’t need any youtube sensations here”.

    I’m perturbed because they don’t realize that Charice is opening doors for other Filipinos and Asians. But nothing will be handed to them. Do they have the talent and magnetism to make it outsde the box? Two weeks has past since the concert, but has anything been said about Charice from the station? (Please correct me if any of my “facts” are in error.)

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    • gunrunner says:
      you dont have to be sherlock holmes to crack the case. charice will obliterate their station talents whom they have invested so much. they have no holds on charice nor any return of investments for that matter. it makes business sense… protect your ass first he he he. thats how intimidating the power of charice. she could break down a network to pieces. who knows charice management might have turned down some invitations prior to the concerts and it their way of getting back he he he pure cold blooded revenge where the victim is their own rating because all chasters around the globe will bash abs/tfc and its cohorts of slimy crabs. ha ha ha you cant win over chasters – we are the undeniable force behind charice.

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  21. osuna says:
    To add on Chasterdad comments, few die hard will be against Chasterdad comments, few that I read, “lets not compare Charice to local talents, because it will alienate them further more”.

    Alienation of local talents is not a factor or excuse anymore nowadays, if you are talented , they will find you, classic example is Arnel Pineda, all this local talents have the same opportunities like Charice, the magic of YOUTUBE helped a lot and I bet, this locals did the same thing and posted themselves to no avail.

    Speaking of “alienation”, as far as I know, Charice was the first victim of “alienation” in the Philippines, she don’t have that “mestiza” looks that Chasterdad mentioned, the old saying “itsa pwera”… the question is, why even give attention to this local talents, its a simple process….”if you have it , you got it”…so lets stop bellyaching about this other excellent local talent from the Philippines, nobody is saying they are not good, they are all good, but not great enough to be discovered….

    I mentioned before, we should stop comparing Charice from others once and for all. Its a waste of your time……YOU TUBE will do it for them if they are really that good. PEACE.

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  22. tnt says:
    Before, DF said when he met Charice that she would be known by her first name Charice..sing with Celine ..etc. and everything happened…He was only talking to Charice that time ….after 3 years DF is now talking to all Filipinos and already said some encouragement….to find beautiful voices are very much possible to find but the laser beam thing like Charice, i doubt if they can find another :) luv you Charice!!!

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  23. jersey_26 says:
    I totally agree with you chasterdad. Its very true.

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  24. Sting says:
    @Chasterdad, I hope those concern people could read your pointy edge comment so that it will inculcate the minds of those who do not know what the talent really is especially those crab minded who keeps on bashing the people they don’t like because of their physical appearance. I just want to remind them that lots of talented people in western are not lucky to have both talent and pleasing personality just like blind Stevie Wonder, Dionnie Warwick,the late Michael jackson and a lot more. They are black Americans but they were respected and accepted very well.
    Susan boyle was also misjudge by the audience at the beginning because of her appearance and she is old enough but what now? She got her own album and now she is rich.

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  25. chasterdad says:
    When you have stayed long enough outside the PI, try coming back and live there even for a few months and observe how people go about their daily grind. If you were a crabcatcher, most probably you would have a harvestload of crustaceans galore! Not all though are like that but ther is a lot and I really mean a lot! As the saying goes, “bato, bato sa langit tamaan hwag magagalit!” or losely transalted, rock thrown randomly skywards, when it falls on anyone please don’t get mad. These ABS-CBN stars are a spoilt lot. They are attention grabbers which solely strives mostly on tha bakya crowd and the gullibles. Most are half-breed mestizos and mestizas who think that talent amounts to being western looking and the ones whom have the most genes to show are above the rest. Nevermind mediocricity on true talent, just as long as you are attractive, this setback can be covered-up! They believe themselve to be above the rest like domestic royalties wherein the whole PI revolves around their world. Reason why I don’t watch the boobtube at all while I was at the PI as I get nauseated by this trend. Charice is the anti-thesis of all this shenanigan happening in the PI and she dispproved this trend and she did it bigtime. With her DFF concert she took away the attention and the glory away from the local smogasboard so no surprise that a brouhaha like this would ensue. Now lately, DF has just stated that come Charice’s next solo concerts in Asia, while at the PI, he would be scouting and auditioning local talents. They should be thankful to Charice for opening the global door to them to show their wares and true potentials. So now, here is their chance to prove to DF that they have the star quality and talent to be chosen and follow the footsteps of Charice. Question is, would they rise to the occassion? Would they be special enough? Would they get the attention of DF? Or…..would they forever be just a domestic fare for local tastes? I challenge the ABS-CBN stars to audition and see where and how you fare. Perhaps all these boils up to just plain jealousy of wanting to be where Charice is now but can only dream of being there. Now the chance is there…….I dare you guys to prove yourselves or just plain shut-up!

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    • tnt says:
      Charice is the antidote of that Phl showbiz illness

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    • TOPGUN says:
      You are a straight shooter chasterdad. Sometimes, the truth hurts. But, one must accept the reality of the current entertainment malady in PI to be able to find a cure.

      Talent is talent…pure and simple. It is not the “look” nor it is “inherited”…like some of the actors and actresses in PI who think that it is their God-given right to ram to the throats of the viewing public their offsprings to be so-called celebrities although lacking in talent.

      Perhaps, this is a wake up call to all those who betray the gullible viewing public the true essence of the art of entertainment. As David Foster said and I quote…” good is the enemy of great”. And Charice is the epitome of that great talent. Charice rules !!

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    • Portia says:
      @Chasterdad, that was a well-stated comment, I concur with you and that is the reason why I don’t watch their shows even though we have a TFC Channel, just get a glimpse if Charice is being featured.

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    • bryskired says:
      very well said chasterdad,, kudos to all of charice’s efforts,, not just for her personal gain but for all the people not only in the philippines but the whole asia for asian artist to be recognized worldwide,,,poor abs,,, they always push themselves to the limelight jst to take credit on charice’s achievements,, wherein the first place, they’re the one’s who put her down,,, thats karma back at you,

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    • sunshine says:

      Well said chasterdad.. Have you seen the network’s station ID this christmas? Charice isn’t there….(sigh) I wonder why they didn’t include her there..

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      • dmadman77 says:

        Hey Sunshine. For the businessmen in the network they’re probably in a Catch-22 situation. Damn if they do, damn if they don’t. They would be bashed either way. Labeled as opportunists if they did get her in the station ID knowing she now has a huge international fanbase. Or (and that’s a big OR) these ‘miser’ businessmen can no longer afford or wouldn’t like to pay Chaz’ talent fee. The fee would most likely eat up on their bottom line or profit. But having read a lot of comments and writeups on how humble and big-hearted the little girl is (and of course without the go-between businessmen involved), she would have probably appeared in the station ID gratis out of gratitude for the opportunity the station had given her in the past.

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    • dmadman77 says:

      Chasterdad sounds very ‘dad’-like for what these businessmen did to his very talended Chaz. Networks are in the business to make money. When they see a talent, the first question they ask themselves is whether they will make money out of this talent. Businessmen are not artists. To them it’s all about marketability or commercial viability. Nowadays everyone in the corporate world is measured by only two things…….revenue and profit. Everything else comes a poor third. So even if Charice has this undeniably great talent (someone said she was born to sing), the businessmen in the network didn’t think she would ’sell’ and they would have difficulty ‘packaging’ her as she looks very Asian. And especially in the music industry, looks can make or break a career. It’s not only the face, you would have to be fair-skinned or black, tall and sexy. Some artists even go to the extent of showing more skin to compensate for their lack of talent. Real artists are those who create art out of sheer joy in creating art and are more than glad to share their art or talent. Many of the great painters were virtual unknowns and were in hiding when they created their greatest works. Some died penniless. To these real artists the monetary reward is far from their mind (only when they get hungry and there’s nothing on the table). Let’s be thankful for this ‘little girl’ who now doesn’t have to sing because her family would go hungry but who now can sing (always from her heart) just out of pure joy. Let’s just thank God for not only giving Charice this talent but for letting her share this talent to those who believe in her. Let’s also pray that God gives her the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength she needs.
      To Charice: Keep your feet grounded. Stay humble. Everybody loves to see the ‘underdog’ become the ‘topdog’. Salamat po.

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