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Charice Week in Review October 25-31

Charice Week in Review October 25-31

Charice’s Week in Review is a Weekly Series on CM to help you follow Charice’s hectic schedule. Each Monday, we will post a concise review of the past week’s events. We realize many Chasters: have limited time, or may miss something good with so many Charice events to follow. Think of this as medicine for Chadiction.
 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Charice Tantalizes Twelve Thousand Thrilled Thais! – They instantly went nuts when Charice made a grand entrance at Bangkokai??i??s Impact Arena.Ai?? The audience sang along while listening to Chariceai??i??s heavenly renditions. fans went out of their way just toAi??give personalized tokens to Charice. See photos, videos &Ai??More>>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Charice’s David Foster & Friends Japan Performances Draw Acclaim from The Mitamon Show - The three hosts were amazed with Chariceai??i??s ai???scarily goodai??? versions of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston songs.Ai?? See the video of their show complete with English subtitles and More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Jakarta: Charice David Foster and Friends Rewrite Indonesian Entertainment History – TheyAi??performed in front of a sold-out crowd in what was dubbed as the priciest concert tickets of all all time in Indonesia. Ticket were as much as $2,800us and were sold-out over a month before the concert.Ai?? More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Nominate Charice Now! for People’s Choice Awards 2011 - Nomination voting ended 29 October.Ai??Chasters mounted a big Tweeter campaign and People’s Choice website voting for Charice in several categories with the main focus being “Breakout Artist.” Be prepared for more voting once nominations are announced More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Charice Solo Concert in Japan, February 22-23 – Her ai???Chariceai??? album is certified gold in Japan, after only two months showing the popularity of Charice there. So, its makes sense Charice’s 2011 Solo Tour should be booked there first. Read the full article and see her Solo Tour Poster and More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31The Other Side of Winning, The Chaster’s Way - The lovely Artemis shares her personal experience and the loving generousity Ai??ofAi?? several dedicated Chasters to allow others to take their place so they could meet Charice.Ai?? It is a heart warming story; a must read . . . More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Charice’s Christmas Shows: First there is LA’s Citadel Outlets 9th annual Christmas Tree Lighting Show on 20 November; then the Kissmas Bash in Buffilo, NY on 4 December; and the WNCI 97.9 Jingle Ball in Columbus, Ohio 7 December.Ai?? See the Charice poster and take the Charice Christmas song poll and More >>

Flomax cost comparison  Charice Week in Review October 25 31 Charice Stuns Indonesia in Sold-out David Foster and Friends Concert! - Charice, relatively unknown in Indonesia, made an indelible mark among the members of the local music industry after receiving half of all the standing ovations given. . . More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31GleeCap: “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” - The out-there mature themes were certainly expected as the inspiration for this episode is the 1975Ai??ai???The Rocky Horror Picture Showai??? ai??i?? the film version of the play.Ai??Ai?? This CM article reviews the episode and you can watch the FULL show . . .Ai?? More >>

XLai??i??ent Xmas 2010 Featuring Charice Train and Maroon 5 Charice Week in Review October 25 31XLai??i??ent Xmas 2010 -Ai??Charice will be performing in XL 106.7ai??i??s 2010 XLai??i??ent Xmas Show on December 13 at the House of Blues Orlando, 1490 E. Buena Vista Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL Tickets are only $65 with part of the proceeds from the Xlai??i??ent Xmas Show ticket sales will be donated to the Baby DJ Fund. More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Sunshine Sings in Similarly Sold-out Sunny Singapore!Ai??- Charice and the other performers in the David Foster & Friends Asian Tour, has just reached another historic milestone, a day before their first concert in thisAi??tiny but incredibly prosperous island nation the entire tour sold-out.Ai??Nice photos and More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Charice’s “Power of Love” Uplifts Indonesian Spirit - Our hearts go out to the Indonesian families who suffered in the recent natural disasters.Ai?? DF&F brought with them a power-packed, feel-good message in the language of music.Ai??Ai??Our darling Charice elicited two standing ovations for her performances and More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Sunshine Graces the Evening: Charice Mesmerizes Singapore at David Foster and Friends Concert - Charice the tiny-but-talented girl surprised every single person in the tiny-but-elegant stadium of this tiny-but-affluent island nation. The final leg of the tour. Article, Videos andAi?? More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight! - Charice and possibly other members of the tour group went to the hospital because of indigestion after eating sushi at a local restaurant. Charice was given some medication andAi??sang beautifully that night . . .Ai?? More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31Charice Charades with Guest Star Iyaz - BBCai??i??s The 5:19 Show gave us three rounds of Charice Charades with Chariceai??i??s guest star, Iyaz. After playful introductions and a taste of their singing, the dynamic pair got started on the game.Ai??Watch the fun video of Charice & Iyaz having a great time on UK TV and More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 25 31FanTalk – October 29 episode #28 teamed DJ Drake and Eve for an hour of discussion of the David Foster & Friends Asian Tour. Eve shared her personal experiences as didAi??several more concert attendingAi??ChastersAi??who called. Listen to the full episode below.


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  1. TrentReznor says:

    Very helpful Web. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. You rock!

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  2. charicefollower says:

    Asian tour All By Myself compilation video

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  3. Moira_Inori says:

    Thank you again, WebScribes! ^_^

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  4. saudi_charistic says:

    specking of chatroom cueA, i cannot log in into that chatroom. i am so stupid that even logging in is so much difficult for me..
    kindly response this message and tell here how i can mingle to other chasters…

    we thank those people who give an extra effort to update us chasters!!! we really really appreciate this things…

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    • cueA says:

      Just got back so here it is:
      Type in your username in the top left box, then
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  5. chatterboxcharlie says:
    we live in a generation where autotune is being standardized and widely used as a tool in the music industry. computer altered vocals are often showcased more than the natural unadulterated talent of what should be the true essence of a real performer. the industry has become superficial as well, looks and swatches of skin overshadow the artists’ main objective to inspire the audience through song. charice is one of the very few who keep music entertaining, dignified and “artfull” the way it should be.charice to me is the defintion of a “true artist” body, mind and soul. thank you charice, thank you for breathing life back to music. todays music industry desperately needs talented people like you. god bless you.

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  6. WebScribes says:
    . If I could only sing :-)
    Thanks for the feedback. My wish is for everyone to be able to read the new articles as they are posted and never need to read the reviews at all. For Chasters and people in the process of becoming new fans that don’t or can’t, I hope my Weekly Reviews serve a good purpose. These are busy times for Charice; my recent reviews are more than twice as long as my first few. The more I need to type, the happier I am for our Cha!

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    • Qrius51 says:
      WebS! Thanks for your weekly Charice reviews. I thoroughly enjoy reading them and find them very helpful.

      Lately, I haven’be been able to log in to as often as I have in the past so I rely on your week in review articles to stay abreast on Charice news.

      You are one of the hardworking Chasters I know and I THANK YOU for all the work you do.

      Good day.

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  7. cueA says:
    Hi Web. You asked in the chatroom whether we find this weekly review helpful? Well for most of us, we follow the articles/news almost daily and therefore don’t really need to read the review article. It may be helpful to others, though. Speaking for myself I’ve gone thru it just once since it started. Let me say this: we all know that you are one of the great chasters AND if you could only sing you’d be another Charice!!…that’s OK though, you’re still better than GOOD (the enemy of you-know-what). Thank you, sincerely!!

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