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No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight!

No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight!


Charice’s Ai??Mommy Raqz said, “Yes, she sings tonight and she’s in good health now.”

Mommy Raqz said that from now on, she will not allow Charice to eat just anywhere.

“[I will tell Charice to eat] Ai??just the food that I’ve prepared. No [more] sushi. ” said Mommy Raqz.

She added, “We need to thank the Lord for always [being] there behind Charice’s back.”

Mommy Raqz earlier announced that Charice had a minor indigestion after consuming sushi at a Singaporean restaurant.


sushi culprit No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight!(SINGAPORE, 1604 hrs) UPDATE: Ai??THE SINGAPORE CONCERT IS NOT CANCELLED.

Charice’s mother Raquel Pineda, better known as Mommy Raqz,Ai??posted a twitter update at 4:03 PM (GMT+8).

She tweeted, “Don’t worry chasters. Charice is OK now. She had a slight stomachache due to the sushi that she ate…”

Mommy Raqz added all of the members of the David Foster and Friends Asian Tour staff were also worried by the incident. She said that she is thankful that nothing seriously tragic happened.

Charice’s Philippine talent Manager Grace Mendoza also said that it was a relatively minor case of food poisoning.


hooray No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight!(SINGAPORE, 1500 hrs) Corroborating twitter updates indicate that Charice was rushed into a hospital today, the morning after her appearance in first edition of the David Foster and Friends Concert in Singapore.

At 2:35 PM (GMT +8), Singaporean Childrenai??i??s Book author David Seow tweeted , ai???Just saw singer Charice being rushed out of her hotel in Singapore in a wheelchair. Hope she is ok. Pray 4 herai???

At the time, Seow was near the lobby of the hotel where Charice was staying.

At about the same time, another Singaporean member of the Twitterverse, Joyce Sim, posted , ai???I was just hanging around waiting for her (Charice). Next thing i know, one bunch of them rushed out. Then [there was]

Chariceai??i??s management has officially cancelled her press conference this afternoon, along with her scheduled appearance in tonightai??i??s David Foster and Friends Concert.

Multiple tweets from various users reveal that a large group escorted Charice, who was reportedly on a wheelchair.

Charicemania attempted to contact both Chariceai??i??s management and her mom, but they were not available to comment as of press time.

Charice is currently in Singapore as a performer in the five-city David Foster and Friends Asian Concert Tour.

Singapore is the tourai??i??s fifth and final leg, after a non-stop whirlwind of performances that started in Tokyo, Japan on October 19, 2010.

Chariceai??i??s schedule since then has become very hectic, as shown by less frequent personal tweets and updates from the young star.

On October 28th,Ai??her latest tweet showed, Ai??”Thank you so much Jakarta!!! icon smile No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight! This is it! LAST STOP! SINGAPORE!!!!” will update this report to reflect succeeding developments.

By RJ Nieto,

200 Responses to “No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight!”

  1. khatman says:

    It has been said Filipinos have cast iron stomachs. Not surprising since food in markets esp open air is not refridgerated.

  2. peter de guia says:

    Charice never eat uncooked (raw) Sushi. Eat California or Spider rolls which are cooked and yummy, too.

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  3. hermiemel says:
    Charice, please eat other food. Sushi is an acquired taste.
    Thanks God you are safe and able to performed flawlessly at the concert.

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  4. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:
    I am not sure if this old news, but here is Charice arriving in the Phil. on T.V. Patrol News tonight. Cheers to all!

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  5. Lolo JP says:

    You are one of the prisms here in Charicemania who provides color and warmth—thank you.
    My contemporary Rodbelt and I will forever stay young at heart because we love music and are inspired. We allow our feelings play and move through our adventure to satiate our spiritual desires.
    AGING? We’ll age gracefully, continue on with our longing and yearning with a heart!

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    • RodBelt says:
      Thank you so much, Lolo JP for thinking about me and including me as you praise Charice with your expressive thoughts. It is true that music is my life, I can live for weeks without TV but not a day without music. Thanks for the Ipod technology I can listen to my music collections from Sinatra, Elvis, to MJ and of course, Charice on most of my activities, whether working, cleaning, washing the car, waiting in line, etc., etc., etc. making me forget the doldrums of the day-to-day living of being alone. Aging is just a state of mind. To quote a phrase from a poem: With music, I can “Take the counsel of the years gracefully surrendering the things of youth”.

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  6. LAfan says:
    Hope everyone had a great CHAlloween! (don’t know if the rest of the world outside the U.S. celebrates Halloween, but I’m sure there were several Chasters dressed as Sunshine Corazon this year).

    @Lolo JP and Rodbelt: Don’t worry about experiencing any CHA-withdrawals in the coming weeks… after 9 LONG weeks, we get to look forward to the return of SUNSHINE to Glee on Episode 7, and we keep hearing she’s gonna sing a Celine Dion song probably on Episode 8. So we’ve got A LOT more of Charice to look forward to on the small-screen this fall.

    And don’t forget about the Christmas shows she’s slated for in November and December. The LA Chasters will be out in full force for the November 20 Christmas-tree lighting show and we’ll of course have a full report and videos for all. I know there will be large groups of Chasters at the shows in Buffalo and Ohio, so don’t worry, MANY more videos/reports are on their way in the coming weeks!

    This winter’s NOT going to be a cold one! There’s gonna be PLENTY OF SUNSHINE throughout this winter season! I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that Charice will be debuting her new dance single sometime in November as well, which would lead to many more television appearances to promote the new single. It’s gonna be a truly joyous end to this unbelievably amazing year we’ve had as Chasters! And let’s not even begin to imagine what 2011 will have in store for Charice and her global Chaster family! :)

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  7. BENTOT says:

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  8. Lolo JP says:
    I sincerely feel your devotion to Charice while reading all of your shared comments on this thread.
    Your generous words of admiration and support simply got me carried away to sail along alkaline-rich words that expels anger and malice out of my mind. Moments that I frequently yearn for wishing to leave my mind lie at anchor and afford me to drift in that moment of bliss, a place of trust– to firmly hold me to enjoy it a minute more…”my Charice moment.”

    Rodbelt said it right: “that we are on the quite painful withdrawal stage after 2 weeks of relentlessly following Charice’s journey as she conquered the musical world of Asia, all I do now is watch the videos over and over again.

    Autumn is near and I can already feel it. It’s going to be windy and cold as we await the promise of spring. February may be a long wait for the young pepped up Chasters, but, as for me, I’ll feel content viewing videos and reading your comments while I sip my bold cup of joe. To watch the red, green and sand colored leaves being playfully blown by the wind…a sign of joy and fairness…a sign of truth–life!

    Keep your focus and turn on your heart’s GPS! There is so much of goodness to talk about…I salute all the classic supportive Chasters.

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  9. Constructive criticism on her outfit ?

    Let me tell you , I found Charice clothes to be perfect ,leaning on the conservative . Her gestures too. Sometimes I found it weird that she sometimes do not acknowledge the accolades. Truly the humble one.

    Outfits, clothers , get -ups ?
    Try Lady Gaga, Madonna, and lately Miley Cyrus !

    She does not have to do all these. Shes pure talent.

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  10. tnt says:
    Anyone who has an access with ABSCBN news Comments please…I noticed everytime there is Charice news, somebody is assigned there (I think from other Camp) just to avoid Chasters to put good comments because you will be irritated by those comments given by that “Animal” ( idont know…im not sure, im confused )…because his purpose is to make it messy…please check it now..anyone

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  11. krazyforyou says:
    Salamat ng maraming marami to all our chasters! You made all our requests come true. We saw videos of news, preconcert interviews and all the angles we wanted of Charice during concert nights from Las Vegas, Nevada to Singapore, thanks to all of you! Salamat for all the hard work chasters! Thank you Charice and friends for an excellent Asian tour! Thank God you are okay now. God bless you and we love you Charice! I am looking forward to seeing you on Glee and our USWeekly special issue of Glee. God bless you more!

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  12. RodBelt says:
    Now that we are on the quite painful withdrawal stage after 2 weeks of relentlessly following Charice journey as she conquered the musical world of Asia, all I do now is watch the videos over and over again. As I reminisced the events of her triumphant tour, I had the interesting observation that there are 2 sides of Charice as an accomplished performer:

    In the Manila concert, it was Charice – the woman. Appearing in that strikingly beautiful fuchsia dress, she exuded the embodiment of a fully grown lady as she teasingly hummed the ending part of BGM with a slight hint of her sex appeal. But in the second leg of the Singapore concert, it was Charice – the girl. Dressed in that comfortable outfit of jeans and flats she playfully worked the audience with her unrehearsed moves and gestures showing that she still so much of a kid at heart, the consummate performer that she is. Are we starting to see the revelation of the still talents of Charice – like the making of a female MJ? Just wait. It may not be too long when we will see Charice perform some choreographed song and dance numbers.

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    • cueA says:
      MommyRacq was in the chatroom yesterday apologizing for the outfit that Charice wore on the last day of the tour. Seems like they were short of time and had to make a quick-do on her appearance. I think that it had to do with Charice being ill from the night before…just my guess, though. In any event she did a jump turn-around at the end of one song that was so cute and funny I had to replay it a number of times…couldn’t have done that with high heels. I thought her hair-do was interesting and fabulous…would make ONE regular chaster here happy to see that.

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      • RodBelt says:
        Mommy Racqz need not apologize at all. In fact, I consider it as kind of a blessing because had Charice been “attired properly” with heels and all, she would not have been able to express her child-like spirit with those spontaneous moves and gestures that had the crowd captive on a string. As Jimfan said, just wait when Charice has her OWN SOLO CONCERT, when she will have the opportunity to change outfits during the show, then we will see the dawning of the new Charice revealing her still hidden talent as a dancer. Hey, just an idea, maybe she can collaborate with Harry Shum, Jr. who is a dancer/choreographer.

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    • gunrunner says:
      i cannot count the times i replayed that playful scene when charice did the moonwalk that david was so amused and jokingly warned that she could be arrested in singapore. she was the charice i long to see – the playful, the carefree, the light-hearted, the gleeful, the innocent, the angelic. we are losing these moments slowly and we are losing our little baby. she is becoming lady day by day, a graceful, beautiful and charming lady. like a father bringing her daughter to the center aisle, it pains me to think those days are slowly coming

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  13. osuna says:
    Folks , correct me if I am wrong, did I hear DF say that , there is only 3 individual who can do those “BIG NOTES”, what is he talking about ? I did not catch it real good.

    I am sure if he is talking about ABM….that 3 person could have been, Whitney, Celine and Charice….if it is, I can only say WOW, coming from DF mouth…its got to be a very credible comment.

    Comparing Charice from other Philippine excellent performers is a waste of time from now on…my 2 cents. PEACE

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    • RodBelt says:
      David said 2 or 3. The 2 are obviously Charice and Celine. He did not mention the 3rd one. It could have been Whitney during her prime but she did not sing ABM in my recollection. Whitney will not be able to do it anymore as she said in one of her last appearances that the ‘girl (meaning her) cannot do it anymore.

      By the way, with all due respect as you, like me, is an avid supporter of Charice, please refrain from condescendingly referring to other Filipino singers, as it does nothing but alienate others. Other Filipino entertainers have their talents in their own right and we all know where Charice stands among them.

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      • euse clerigo says:
        another 100% agreed……we should not alienate others no matter…what colors or race… big or small… short or tall for we are all created equally…with individual differences and personality………….

        LOVE……PEACE…..ON EARTH…..

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    • Jaiho says:
      Hi Osuna, yes ur right David Foster was referring to those big singers like Celine and Whitney. Because those were the two whom he work for big and powerful songs like ALL BY MY SELF and Bodyguard. Mariah also sang that song but it was way out compare to Celine. David Foster made the song he knows the correct notes so even if the other singers will sing it and they have high notes also it is not 100% sure if he will appreciate it because he knows the notes. But for our princess Charice he was amazed because He said she got it just once. That’s why he called her the Laser Beam. ummm Charice is really great.

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  14. bld9696 says:
    All I saw was Charice, beautiful as always, once again proving that she is the greatest singer on God’s Green Earth. What did everyone else see?

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    • ArrVee says:
      i see raw talent that defies measurement against our conventional benchmarks, a vocal prodigy belting out power ballads of the established divas like they were made for her, yet rocking to the beat of her own drum …

      as a young lady singing ballads written before she was born, I see a bridge between musical generations, as she breathes new life into each song and makes them new again … and in the process making us young again …

      in between songs, I see a shy young lady, almost uncomfortable in the spotlight, but once the music starts, transforms into a fearless performer who was born to sing, an old soul who has been here before …

      and last but not least, I see a brilliant flame of inspiration and hope, a beacon for the rest of us …

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      • RodBelt says:
        The songs – ABM, TLYM, POL, and BGM, Whitney and Celine popularized them and then here comes Charice who immortalizes them.

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      • Bote says:
        Yes. Kinda like what Michael Bubble is doing with old standard songs. Charice could fill the gap. But most likely music moguls would hesitate since times now change the atmosphere to what tweens like. Still wishing here though somehow they change their minds and use her talent to do those magnificent power ballads Hollywood style.

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  15. Portia says:
    @Ka Roger, tnanks for the link, that was a great sigh of relief knowing that Charice is ‘OKAY” and right now in the arms of Mommyraqz. So good to see her back bouncing in ood health and be in her oldself.

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  16. ArrVee says:
    a million thanks as usual to LantaoIslands for these high-quality videos of Charice’s performances – this guy deserves an award:

    power of love:

    to love you more:
    - here, David mentions that she had a stomach problem just before this performance and was planning to remove this song to not stress Charice too much, but Charice had other plans – if David removed 4 bars of ABM before, she was not letting him remove an entire song, something that is special to her :-)


    all by myself:

    earth song:

    when she is in flats, she is more in her element, dancing along to the beat with something that her body seems hard-wired to do, in a very natural and fluid way – this reminds me of the videos of her rehearsals, where she is very relaxed, just being herself, and freely dancing around.

    while some are criticizing her for her non-formal attire, what that says to me is that there is more to her than the divas she covers, showing some edge as she moves to the beat and the natural rhythm inside her.

    her top has 3 stripes coming down from her neck, which for me represent the vocal power and quality of Celine, Whitney and Beyonce, all wonderfully blended together and wrapped tidily in one cute and endearing ball of Asian energy that can hardly contain her Sunshine …

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      I concur with you Arvee, Charice adds dance/body moves and jumps to her performances when she is wearing non-formal outfit and shoes, which is enjoyable to watch.

      People who are looking for “faults” always find one or can manufacture one..

      A positive person always highlights the positive in people. I’ve noticed that in great people, like David Foster and Charice and all the artists in this tour. David Foster, knew how to highlight the best talent of his friends, and he did – who knew that Ruben Studdard can compose songs impromptu?
      Another example, Charice went to visit the 20 finalist of Sharons Talent pop search and she shared her insight to stardom and said that she has no right to give advise because she is just another singer like them— such humility she displayed over and over again… these as the “beautiful clothing” that I see in these great people. Did David Foster wear Armani suit? who cares…he wasn’t naked…and so with the others and Charice.(just putting things in perspective).

      Another beautiful thing I saw in this Asian tour, were the people: although I only watched it on youtube, I fell in love with the audience singing along in Araneta, and all the appreciative people in Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore. For a moment we were we all awed and lifted by something utterly beautiful that we all recognize as a gift from above and we celebrated collectively and for this,I am grateful.

      P.S. not to forget the unselfish deeds of fans who filmed the videos to share with us who can’t be there, thank you:)

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    • RodBelt says:
      Charice is THE BEST singer. LantaoIslands is THE BEST videographer. Kudos to both of them!

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      • jimfan155 says:
        I applaud all the videographers who bring us to the concerts with them, for your courage and persistence and sharing of your videos. Lantaoislands is the most consistent one of them all, but I need you all. Thanks girls and guys.

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  17. ykk says:
    I am on Cloud 9 after two continuous nights of hearing our Angel sing.Never had so many goosebumps in my life before.I was also present at the meet and greet after the show.I had brought along my entire collection of Charice’s CDs to be autographed. We were however told that there would be no autograph signing.As we were ushered into the room for the meet and photo taking, I seized a moment to ask Charice if she could autograph on one of the CD. She obliged without any hesitation.Thanks Charice for making my day. You showed though the little gestures what an exceptional person you are.I will always treasure this short but precious moment I had with you.

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  18. Mica says:
    if you’ve not yet voted, please vote charice’s pyramid… we’re now in the top 3… here’s the link again… news

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  19. euse clerigo says:
    let us always pray and hope for the best for this angel that GOD sent… with a trumpet sending a message with angelic voice…….that HURRICANE…TYPOON….FLOOD…VULCANIC ERUPTION…POISON…no one can stop her…………….for those people who are full of jealuosy….envy…….judgemental…..the message is clear…..go and repent……….for HE is the only one can do the judgement……………………………………..

    PEACE………..LOVE……….ON EARTH…………….

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  20. nonieboy says:
    Hi Charice, I’m an avid fan of yours. If cutiesinger and angelia are the benchmark of being a chaster, I’m stil miles away of being one (lol). I just want you to know that I am one of the thousands if not millions around the world who love and adore you unconditionally and follow you everyday, 24/7. I am one of those who cry, smile, and laugh with you while watching your videos thanks to your very dedicated and courageous chasters.I have been playing your CD in my car since I first bought it and no plans of changing it until it wears out. I hope someday i can be able to see you in person as getting near you will become almost impossible as you become more and more famous. Everyday, on my way to work,i’m always imagining and wishing that one day i will see your name prominently flashing on the LCD screens of the Adelaide Entertainment Center where Michael Buble’s name is at the moment. I thanked the Lord for looking after you. Please take care of yourself for us, will you? Lastly, Congratulations on your very successful DFF Asian tour and have a very well deserved rest! To the top baby!!!

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  21. peter de guia says:
    Eating raw (uncooked) sushi can be dangerous to your health.

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    • ArrVee says:
      especially if it is crab … :-)

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    • blubughaw says:
      Oh, Peter! And the 17 others who seem to like your comment. You break my heart. Eating sushi (or anything uncooked) is a spiritual experience! Feeling the sinews and texture of raw nature dissolve in your mouth connects you to your deep primal humanity. By making a trip to the sushi bar, you once again allow Mother Nature to be the direct provider of your physical and spiritual sustenance. A hot sushi chef on duty is just an added bonus.

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  22. Anna139 says:
    I heard from my friend, to never seafood sushi when your stomach is empty. It does happen.
    She said at least have something first before eating any seafood sushi.

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  23. chasterforlife says:
    vote for charice
    pyramid is in top 5 now lets make it number 1
    heres the link …spread the news

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  24. Teepee says:
    Congratulations to the whole DFF ensemble for a spectacular performance in Asia. DF and his Friends delivered indeed and proved why they deserved all the accolades. To Charicemania, Admin,et al, to all the uploaders and writers and contributors to everything DF/Charice, who provided us with non-stop entertainment these past two weeks, our deepest gratitude. More of your kindness.

    To those who are unhappy on Charice’ attire, make up and hair-do (there are complaints from the Japan show (not enough face and legs showing)to the Philippines (too much make-up, big hair, what’s up with that dress etc., to Thailand and Indonesia (not as bad)and the worst…..the last day in Singapore (is this a dry run? am so disappointed)…Oh my!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

    A lot of critics are hiding under the guise of constructive criticism and I can understand that. But did it ever occur to you that what you perceive as ugly and inappropriate could be so beautiful and exactly appropriate to another person? And do you honestly believe that your taste is way better than the next person or for that matter, Charice? The last show in Singapore proved to be the litmus test for Charice’ fans. There are those who are worried, prayed, cried, kept vigil and showed genuine concern both serious and comical. And then there are the disappointed ones because she did not dress up “to their expectation”. To the latter, please consider this. Charice was said to be vomiting because of food poisoning and was rushed to the hospital. Timeline is 2:30 pm. That she’s back in time for the show is not only a miracle but showed her true character . That she has gumption and a trouper is perhaps an understatement here. Did you ever consider the logistical problems of DF if they cancelled the concert at the last minute? Charice is aware of that and most probably have to dragged herself to the concert. If you have been sick of food poisoning (I have)you just want to at least be comfortable, no high heels or ill-fitting clothes. Besides, you may not want the way she looks but she never cheated you with even a single note. Everything is delivered flawlessly. That she even dance and jump a little is a bonus that she was only able to deliver because of her easy attire. Also, let’s not forget that she’s a teenager and can therefore get away with most things she wear. For this writer… sometimes, irreverence to the status quo can be a breath of fresh air.

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  25. Chajenmer says:
    Our dear Charice was so very humble & she’s very cute!!! I love her. She’s so down to earth from the Meet & Greet session..I was in cloud nine!! And she gave me a huggggggg!!! I’m shaking & very cold..i can’t say anything to her..She’s like an angel…thanks to all & also to jen(preggy cahster from M&G). I haven’t seen our pics yet…Labyo Charice!! Labyo Chasters!! God bless!!!

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  26. gunrunner says:
    great sigh of relief knowing shes well and amazing still despite the unfortunate incident. i would suggest that dff team to eat crabs from the philippines to wipe out their population ha ha ha ha (joke po ) labyo labyo

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    • euse clerigo says:
      let us hope and PRAY for the best of CHARICE, let those crabs crawl and look for a new fray they are created by GOD and add spice too… but i hope they realize HURICANE…TYPHOON…FLOOD… EARTHQUAKE…VULCANIC ERUPTION…….POISON…no one can stop her…an ANGEL sent by GOD down with a trumphet sending a message to the sinner to repent for HE is the only one………can do the judgement…..

      LOVE…………PEACE……………ON EARTH…………

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  27. CHArmed says:
    Inday Charice please take care of your health and always take heed of Mom Raqz’s orders. Ephesians 6:1 says; “Children obey your parents and the Lord, for this is right. Honor thy parents for this is the first commandment with promise.” Mama knows best so be sure to listen to her all the time. I wonder how your fairy-godmom Oprah reacted when she heard about this horrible news. Anyhow, we all prayed for your quick recovery. And thank God for the answered prayers. Please take care of your health all the time. WE LOVE YOU, Indhay Charice. *smirk*

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