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Charice’s “Power of Love” Uplifts Indonesian Spirit

Charice’s “Power of Love” Uplifts Indonesian Spirit

Our hearts go out to the Indonesian families who suffered in the recent natural disasters. The sold-out concert could not have been more poignant or uplifting. David Foster and Friends brought with them a power-packed, feel-good message in the language of music. And our darling Charice elicited two standing ovations for her performances, one of which was the Celine classic, “Power of Love.”

With a tone of concern, David Foster told one reporter, “You think we in America do not know about all this disaster? In fact, we know it.” In fact, David is reported to have created a special song for the Jakarta concert dedicated to the disaster victims.

This was a smaller audience with only 2900 seats, but the room was crammed with enthusiastic music lovers who had grabbed their tickets early, selling out the performance back in September—a full month before the show. This is made all the more amazing when you look at the mind-numbing prices charged for the tickets—ranging from $112 to $2800 (US dollars). Now, that’s a lotta love for music!

You gotta love it when Charice sings Celine Dion’s “Power of Love.” She added to her performance a number of other great songs, including the Bodyguard Medley, “To Love You More” and “All by Myself,” another favorite made famous by Celine.

And Chasters, I thought we would have no videos of the performance. Security for the intimate crowd was intense! Camcorders were explicitly prohibited. But I just found out about a vid that did sneak through—Charice giving us the “Power of Love.”

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Video upload by nshinnosuke1 a.k.a Richie Rich icon smile Charices Power of Love Uplifts Indonesian Spirit

We also snagged an exclusive interview with David Foster, and I think I heard Charice singing in the background. Love it!

David said he was glad to be back in Jakarta after 18 years. He regretted not making the recent jazz festival, having missed it narrowly, but he vowed to make next year’s festival in Jakarta. Why Jakarta? David explained that the city is alive with music and that the citizens love their music. With the show selling out a month in advance, we can see that.

Having fun with the audience, David likes to pull some of the listeners up on stage to participate. And David did not forget to mention all of the great talent he has seen in Indonesia. He offered words of encouragement, that the world is becoming so small that an Indonesian musician has just as much chance as anyone else in the world. Yep! Look how fast Charice rocketed to stardom. Talent, hard work and determination pay off.

Charice and the rest of the DFF gang have now moved on to Singapore—the last leg of their Asian tour—then it’s back to the States. Charice needs to record some new songs, and, of course, she has her role on “Glee,” Fox television’s hit series.

By Carl Martin,

18 Responses to “Charice’s “Power of Love” Uplifts Indonesian Spirit”

  1. timcanlash says:
    Watching Charice’s videos online and being updated on any news about her thru charicemania is a daily habit..

    Cast your votes for PYRAMID- Charice:

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    ¸„ø¤º°¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ ¸„ø¤º º¤ø„¸ From Accra, Ghana, (West of Africa)

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  2. chasterforlife says:

    vote for charice– pyramid is in top 5 now lets make it number 1
    help us
    here the link vote vote vote as many times as possible

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  3. anniefound says:
    To tonyvernsky, beautiful poem!

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  4. TonyVernsky says:
    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for updating us about the DFF concert and the recent events that happened in Indonesia. First, our hearts and prayers to those affected by the terrible 2 earthquakes that hit Mentawai Islands areat west of Sumatra, killing more than 400 people & left others missing. Also, I’m glad that the Philippines president had already gave intstruction to extend any form of assistance to those affected by these calamaties.

    Carl, the title of your srticle here prompted me to write another short poem. Sorry if there are errors and omissions:

    Can Charice Uplift Once’s Spirit?

    Charice is always prepared to share
    Those melodious songs that you’ll hear
    Like words of comfort in your ear
    That will readily vanishes you fear

    Once Charice opens her mouth to sing
    Angels come out to help you bring
    To the safest place in your life
    Not filled with struggle and strife

    Her angelic voice so sweet and clear
    Delighting the mind or senses so dear
    Then helps motivate and uplift one’s spirit
    And give you the encouragement that you need

    Once your worries are on a string
    It will bring you peace and happy feeling
    Not even the loud thunder and lightning
    Can stop you from celebrating.

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  5. Sam49 says:
    To all Indonesian

    Terima Kasih Banyak untuk memperlakukan Charice sebagai anak Indonesia sendiri. Kita sebagai Chaster memohon Tuhan untuk melindungi semua masyarakat yang terhantam bencana bumi di Indonesia, Mentaway atau di Gunung Merapi, we as a Chaster always pray for you.
    Terima Kasih

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  6. Luisa says:
    Thank you for the vids from Jakarta. Hopefully they will book another concert that they ordinary chasters will have a chance to hear and enjoy charice performance. I mean affordable tickets. charice have a very big heart, this is what she like for everyone to enjoy her music. that is why she give the orphanage a mini concert because she said she was happy to do that because she said she knows that they donn’t have a chance to see her show.

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  7. jn says:
    The Bodyguard Medley used to be my best song sang by Charice (on the classic category…you know what I mean) but now it is the “All by Myself.” Best rendition of Charice….wow

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  8. artemis gibran says:

    CHARICE brings comfort in her songs.

    Our prayers go with SUMATRA.

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  9. she really is a gift of god to us !!!!

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  10. Portia says:
    @Carl Martin and @Richie Rich thanks for this wonderful article and video upload, as always, Charice is the main attraction of the show, it is proven time and again how superb she is.

    BTW, how can we rally David Foster to re-record all his popular ballad songs to be sang and secorded by Charice. I guess that would be a huge market, ie, Celine Dion’s IWALY, Whitney’s BGM, Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart, and many others.

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    • Perry pc says:
      I have ask myself the same question. I believe that Charice version is what people are humming now, not the original artists. I truly believe that this is a big market that D.F. should seriously look into it and make a recording of Charice’s version and many people will buy it including myself. I like the all songs that she sang at her concerts, One Moment in Time she sang at Dr. Phil’s 60th birthday, Run To You, all the rest. The should also produce videos of all of Charice;s songs.

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  11. joms says:
    sold-out tickets!!.. hope they gave donations..

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    • Anna139 says:
      Yes. They did I. I read in one of the articles someone from here added the link. Just scroll down and look for that.

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  12. J.B. says:
    Finally a video! Thanks. I was following up the DF & Friends and it seems videos are scant.

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  13. bigkuya says:
    :) Mr. Nshinnosuke1 expressed that he didn’t really know or wasn’t aware of any tight security restrictions – he just had a phone camera and used it… lucky guy!… and still a fortunate incident… coz without it! we’d have no videos of charice’s performance in Indonesia…

    I’ve read above that security was intense… camcorders explicitly prohibited… hahah!

    Well… just too good for our Indonesian friend that he was in the VIP section… where security he said would not dare intimidate the guests or attendees in the front rows…

    man!!! those in the front rows were probably royalty and government officials and the who’s who in mainstream Indonesia… imagine tickets tagged at more than a thousand dollars… whew!

    That gives our ninja paparazzi chasters a big tip on how to get cool coverage of any upcoming event… GET A PREMIUM front seat TICKET – A Sponsor ticket… and Voila!
    You just might get a No HOLDS BARRED video coverage… LOL

    Of course that worked previously in Jakarta recently… I just don’t know if that would also be the case anywhere…

    but I think Chaster Ninjas should also purchase those James Bond type Spy spectacles ( i mean eyeglasses ) or those pen type spy cameras ( I saw some other gadgets on TV that looked like a hat or a book… ) so that whenever and wherever they’d have an opportunity to get close to Charice on or off stage then they can get some coverage… :)

    Well I can’t wait to know what will be the outcome of the DFF Singapore leg… I’ve heard Singapore in general has stern and tough rules, but i’m sure ninjas will be out there! >_<
    happy video hunting! Best of luck guys and galz!

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  14. Marvic says:
    An Evening with David Foster & Friends: Live in Concert Jakarta

    “Charice sang 4 songs, The power of love, I have nothing, I will always love you, and All by myself. Those four songs received four standing applause as we all know that this young girl is pretty something. Whatta-voice! I thought her main performance and could do best for Whitney Houston, apparently she could do Celine Dion’s as well!! If you thought I have nothing was her best performance then you’re false. All by myself was her best best best performance. Her voice made me shivered thousand times even until today, soooo astonishing!”

    Read the rest of the article by Kleopas Danang:

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  15. ebjohns11 says:
    I had been waiting for Indonesia video, finally someone recorded it =) yay. Its so hard if security is so strict about it. When i went to Las Vegas in 2009 watching DFF, i got caught 3x recording the show. They amost confiscated my Camera LOL.

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  16. florz says:
    wow!my favorite song!!!!thanks for singing it charice…

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