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Sunshine Graces the Evening: Charice Mesmerizes Singapore at David Foster and Friends Concert

Sunshine Graces the Evening: Charice Mesmerizes Singapore at David Foster and Friends Concert

(SINGAPORE) Last night, Charice the tiny-but-talented girl surprised every single person in the tiny-but-elegant stadium of this tiny-but-affluent island nation.

Charice performed as part of the David Foster and Friends Asian Tour, which is now in Singapore ai??i?? its fifth and final leg. This sold-out installment coincides with the Singapore Sun Festival, a month-long national event.

Mild applause ensued after her first number, ai???Power of Loveai???, something that can be at best described as a gesture of kindness from the very poised pack.

The audienceai??i??s response gathered some momentum when Charice sang a new arrangement of Celine Dionai??i??s ai???To Love You Moreai???.

Afterwards, as she was singing the Bodyguard Medley, the initially stoic audience realized that what they were seeing was pure, heavenly talent.

A person so small could so exquisitely sing so big a song!

The Singaporeans in the lovely Esplanade Theatres were petrified in disbelief.

But then, it was Chariceai??i??s moving rendition of the Celine Dion Hit ai???All by Myselfai??? that sealed the deal for the diacritical Singaporean public.

The Singaporean audience ai??i?? the last piece of the Asian puzzle ai??i?? deemed her worthy of a spontaneous, heartfelt and scream-laden standing ovation. Charice can now be officially declared as Asiaai??i??s new superstar.

Earlier, Charice also received standing ovations for her performances in Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta ai??i?? the first four installments of David Foster and Friends Asian tour.

Just before the concert, the lingering question was whether the Lion Dissertation City will love her too ai??i?? and that standing ovation gave the definitive answer.

Video Playlist: David Foster & Friends Singapore, October 29, 2010

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Video upload by beemerboy79

The Sun Shone Twice

Looking back at history, this is her second time to grace the financial capital.

In December 2009, she was a guest performer at the Grand Finals of Singapore Idol, the local version of Simon Cowellai??i??s American Idol at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, where fans and critics gave raving reviews of her unforgettable performance.

However, this is her first time to perform in front of a very diverse audience that represents all age groups. She did not disappoint them at all.

The David Foster and Friends Asian Tour

Spearheaded by 15-time Grammy winner David Foster, the other performers are Natalie Cole, Peter Cetera, Ruben Studdard and the Canadian Tenors.

The group will be performing in the same venue one last time on October 30 (Saturday), to conclude the immensely successful David Foster and Friends Concert Tour.

Charice, David Foster and the other performers never got to see a single empty seat as concert tickets in all the city venues were all sold out.

After Singapore, Charice will fly back to the US to record new songs and to resume taping for the FOX hit show GLEE where she is a guest star who portrays the role of a Filipina foreign exchange student named Sunshine Corazon. She will reappear on the showai??i??s 6th and 7th episodes.

Charice will come back to Asia in 2011, kicking off her solo tour with aAi??solo concert in Japan on February 22-23.

RJ Nieto,


Author’s Note: Credits to Mr. Andy Tian for providing very helpful information that made writing this article possible.

48 Responses to “Sunshine Graces the Evening: Charice Mesmerizes Singapore at David Foster and Friends Concert”

  1. peter de guia says:
    Please post videos took by Lantao (2nd night in Singapore) … HD and good audio, too.

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  2. charicefollower says:
    Guys, I think I just got lucky…I sent the kid programmer a twitter message, asking him if he can write something like a Charice Video Album, and this is what he come up with, BRILLIANT . Thanks very much to poorboyvidi from twitter, for the video album. I wish I can buy you a cup of coffee someday. :)

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    • chit says:
      Charicefollower, this posting is a GOLD MINE! I enjoyed the videos tremendously, many of them I haven’t seen. Thank you very much and to the programmer, too. God bless you both and of course, Charice.

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  3. euse clerigo says:
    100% agreed with you RodBelt…….since i saw her at OPRAH show…i followed her through YOU TUBE…when her album was release the cashier at WALMART wonder why i bought so many…when they came to VACOUVER i make sure i got the ticket and encourage my friends to watch too……..

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  4. chasterforlife says:
    vote for charice
    pyramid is in top 5 now lets make it number 1
    heres the link …spread the news

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    • rob47 says:
      By the way, below are two links to Charice’s songs at the Araneta Colisuem. They are all taken by lantaoislands. I believe that these are the best video coverage of the entire DFF asian tour. You will definitely enjoy Charice’s songs more because of the clarity of the videos. And I am sure that you will have a better appreciation of Charice’s outfit during the Manila performance. She was so gorgeous on that pink dress. She looked very confident. I am pretty sure she knew how astonishingly beautiful she was that night with that dress. It makes her more special than she already is.

      Thank you so much lantaoislands for the coverage.

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      • jimfan155 says:
        Agreed. Lantaoislands is a great Chaster who may be second to Charice in frequent flyer miles. The man is everywhere and is able to provide great videos all of the time. Good for us.

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      • J.B. says:
        Thanks for this. HD quality really captures power of Charice’s vocals on live performance.

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  5. timcanlash says:
    Watching Charice’s videos online and being updated on any news about her thru charicemania is a daily habit…
    a daily dosage of Charice will make my day…

    ø¤º°¨„ø¤º°¨°º¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ º¤ø„¸

    ¨°º¤ø„ …¸I’M A CHASTER!!!… :) º¤ø„¸

    ¸„ø¤º°¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ ¸„ø¤º º¤ø„¸ From Accra, Ghana, (West of Africa)

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  6. artemis gibran says:
    That is our AMAZING WONDER GIRL.

    KUDOS to you my child…may you always be a child FOREVER ( I know it’s a wishful thinking)…at least in your CORAZON (Heart).

    Stay as SWEET and HUMBLE as you are.

    Remember that I love you always…and I always pray for you…


    tita artemis

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  7. Syaiful says:
    Yes One of the Singapore that stands for her is me… =) i was there and she was superb and i am waiting for her solo concert in singapore.

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  8. flor from texas says:
    Thank you all for the nice postings of David Foster and Friends Asian Concert. I really appreciate all of it. I am able to see this videos even before the official CD/DVD is released. This enables me to enjoy watching Charice perform no matter where and when it happens. This new technology is really amazing. Nice work, Chasters.

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  9. Luisa says:
    after the food poisoning last night, I hope and pray that charice will get through this last concert Ok. she is really making asians and the world very proud of her. I’m one of them, now it’s time for next round of concerts for her to have some sophisticated clothes fit for a princes, please don’t get me wrong, I love her the way she is now, but we have to admit that people are also noticing what she wears from her clothes all the way to her shoes. Being an entertainer I guess you can expect that. people are funny, they not only want to see a perfect performance, but they also expect to see a lovely outfit every venue.

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  10. RodBelt says:
    As DF&F has winded the very successful Asian tour, I unhesitatingly state that Charice has firmly claimed her position as the premiere diva of Asia and will be ingrained as THE ONE in the musical annals of the continent for many generations to come.

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  11. Portia says:
    I am not surprised of all the adulations that Charice got, she deserves it all. We are all captives of her talent.

    BTW, Charice’s repertoire of BGM, Power of Love and two added songs “To Love You More and All By Myself” and Group’s Earth Song are now the “IT” of David Foster’s ballad songs. It is now reviving as they toured Asia and I hope David Foster will consider recording those songs plus “Unbreak My Heart” just in one album by Charice, that would be a hit, don’t you agree guys?

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  12. RodBelt says:
    For 2 weeks now, I have done practically nothing with my spare time (and also some of my supposedly work time) but to follow THE PRINCESS in her journey as she conquers the musical world of Asia. I even had to ask for a dispensation from my boss to allow me to sneak peak at CM just to check the news about Charice on a daily basis as the personal use of the net is a no-no at work. (Yes, this crazed AARP Chaster still work part time out of necessity)! She accommodated my request when I found out that that her daughter is a big fan of Charice and was even thankful when I told her of the CM website for the benefit of her daughter.

    As Charice has just ended her triumphant tour of the 5 major Asian cities, I cannot help but wonder in awe, imagining how the poor little girl from Gulod who blossomed to international super stardom, has mesmerized thousands and got them on a string through the magic of her God-given gift. Call me a sentimental old fool if you may, but I still having a hard time finding the reasons why in spite of untiringly watching the same videos of Charice singing the same songs over and over again, there are still times when tears well in my eyes as Charice’s voice soars in the air penetrating the minute fabrics of my being.

    Charice, I cannot find anymore words how to thank you for the joy that you brought to the myriad of people that have been touched by the beauty of your music and personality making many set aside and forget the sham and drudgery of daily living.

    And to David: Thank you for nurturing THE PRINCESS – God’s gift to all of us.

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    • TonyVernsky says:
      Well said, RodBelt, and to you all Chasters. We’re having this same feeling of extreme admiration for Charice. Aside from singing, our little princess’s whole persona had improved tremendously. Thanks to Maestro David Foster. Further, inspite of the success she’s having right now, Charice still remain simple, humble, and modest.

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  13. AngelAngelAngel says:
    Guess what… Filipinos in general especially artists; the likes of Ryan Cayabyab, Louie Ocampo and PLEASE all pinoy HOST / Emcee should learn from this TOUR not to talk TOO MUCH. You can see that David Foster’s spiel are the same everywhere they go. It can be monotonous, however, it is not ANNOYING like most of our local HOST who talks too much; trying too hard or just “full of themselves”.

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  14. joseph says:
    that comment of rob47 concerning the dress that charice wore in manila dff concert is the best attire. she looks superbly beautiful and elegant.the style was really cool.she should have different colors but the same design just what rob47 doubt charice is the first asian international recording artist.she is now a superstar .as what david foster said no one in the world right now that can sing whitney celine songs with no difficulty but charice only. those high notes were difficult to deliver specially the ending part of the song all by myself.even the original artist who sing that song brought the ending note to a lower pitch.God bless you Charice.dont forget to give thanks always to our creator who blessed you with that wonderful talent of yours that made many music lovers happy.

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  15. chasterdad says:
    I have noticed that Charice dresses adopting to the country where she performs. Like a chameleon she can look Japanese, Thai, Korean.etc…. Now in Singapore she dressed like an Ah Lian ditto a chic one. I guess those familiar with Singapore would know what I’m talking about. But whatever, she dresses to adopt to the local flavor superbly. Kudos to the Charice team for being sensitive to this small but important detail.

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    • ArrVee says:
      in her younger years, she has been put down because she did not have that Western or Mestiza look so glamorized in the Philippine entertainment industry, but ironically, this is what makes her convincingly look like a Japanese, Korean, Thai, or any other Asian, making these countries embrace her like one of their own.

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  16. ebjohns11 says:
    Here comes Singapore Video! Thank you Youtube! Shes really good singing “all by myself, to love you more, power of love”. Her voice is so beautiful and the words are so clear! Any meet n greet pics? i heard she got sick from eating sushi.

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  17. Percy says:
    This ‘All by myself’ version is the best I have heard in this tour- and it’s the last leg already! this girl is a miracle!

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    • rob47 says:
      CHARICE must have a “SIGNATURE DRESS” like Celine. The dress that Celine wore for example, during her duet with Charice at Madison Square Garden, was the same dress she wore in her European tour and some of her Las Vegas performances. I think that she did it because it looks good on her.

      Out of all Charice’s performances during the DFF’s Asian tour this October of 2010 (Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore), I think that her dress in Manila was the BEST! She just looked gorgeous in that outfit! A nice dress helps a lot during special performances like this Asian tour, if only to give more confidence to our little princess.

      Maybe, she could have the same type of dress in different colors (yellow, blue, black, purple & white).

      Just a thought….

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      • rose says:
        I agree with you – she looked gorgeous in that fuchsia dress. It made her look slim and taller and it accentuated her shapely figure and legs. I loved her hair too. Her attire that evening gave her a more mature look which was in keeping with the mature songs she sang.

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      • jimfan155 says:
        Her signature voice is good enough for me. As you could see from the videos her confidence is not lacking even if she is not wearing a dress. If anything she looks more playful and comfortable (jumping around – can’t do that in high heels, I guess).

        But I do see your point. It brings the whole package together. But the “food poisoning” thing could have had something to do with it. Perhaps attire changes when she has her own concert will allow her the variety to mix and match different styles to cater to everyone. That being said, I still enjoy her first video “Listen” in pj’s. I know that wasn’t in a concert setting, but I’m just saying it’s the magical voice that stirs the emotions.

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  18. Amazed says:
    Amazed that this fella could capture such a good video from up there.
    Thanks and great job.

    The concert was amazing!

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  19. hermeimel says:
    Charice blistering rendition of All By Myself…wow.
    Close your eyes when Charice covers Celine and Whitney songs. She is so good that you can say that she is a “younger version” of them…
    Thanks Singapore for giving “love” to Charice…

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  20. charicefollower says:
    to love you more :)

    Honestly, I am beginning to really love this popwild site, because I don’t have to deal with the negative comments on youtube, while watching the same video :).

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  21. charicefollower says:
    The power of love

    This site is really fast in parsing all youtube uploaded videos, because it is the same programmer who wrote most of the FREE plugins that is using on their wordpress plugins. Including the easy youtube play on url just like below.

    He is a 19 yo Half Filipino/Irish kid currently attending in Princeton University.

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  22. Cotton says:
    Hi Admin,

    I found a better (clear version) of DFF Concert in Singapore. You may want to include these in the playlist. Video courtesy of jo2wong.

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  23. AmazingCP says:
    Here is the video : All by myself

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  24. AmazingCP says:
    Charice & David Foster – ‘All By Myself’ (Esplanade Concert Hall 29 October 2010) woot woot…

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  25. charicefollower says:
    The Earth Song in HD

    I am hoping this site will be able to grab the rest of Charice’s performance of the night in HD.

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  26. charicefollower says:

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  27. Jianee says:
    Correction. The Faith concert where Charice was supposed to sing did not push through. Pls edit.

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  28. green-planet says:
    2nd time daw po sa singapore! sabi mismo sa video

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    • Pisces23 says:
      That’s correct. First as a guest singer on Singapore Idol. 12/26/2009 and this concert is her second time.

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    • eve says:
      welcome to Charicemania green-planet. Please make a note that CM has an English only policy so that all Charice’s international fans can understand. Thank you. ~Eve

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      • starbuck245 says:
        Ooops! Sorry, Eve. I thought that policy was only in the chat room. I posted somewhere else (Indonesia?) encouraging readers not to let poor English be a barrier to posting and encouraged readers to post in any language because I like the international flavor or CM and Cha’s fans.

        Again, my apologies. I thought the English only applied to chat.

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        • eve says:
          no problem starbuck, poor English should not be a barrier to posting, I agree, but at least we can still understand what they wanna say. I don’t ever recall a comment that was berated for poor English skills… only Charice’s interviews lol. Some are overly critical of her (but that’s another topic). Comments in the Filipino language are discouraged because everyone already knows Charice is Filipino and we want to encourage other nationalities to comment and feel welcome here, not be intimidated or turned off by the “Filipino only” flavor of the comments.

          I love it when chasters identify themselves from another country like Mexico, Norway, Germany, Brazil, Italy – but the policy is still “English.” Frankly, I don’t feel that we are international enough. Where are our French, Italian, and British chasters? I suppose they have their own Charice sites in their own languages, like the Koreans and Chinese chasters. CM is based in North America where English is the spoken language. Thanks for understanding.

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  29. green-planet says:
    first! great story

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