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GleeCap: ai???The Rocky Horror Glee Showai??? Episode 5, Season 2

GleeCap: ai???The Rocky Horror Glee Showai??? Episode 5, Season 2

This weekai??i??s Glee delivered another tribute episode which was highly entertaining. The out-there mature themes were certainly expected as the inspiration for this episode is the ai???The Rocky Horror Picture Showai??? ai??i?? the film version of the play, ai???The Rocky Horror Showai???.

If youai??i??re not familiar with either of the two, hereai??i??s a short background: The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released in 1975 but only gained a huge cult following in 1976 when it was shown as a midnight movie in New York. The plot revolves around eight characters. Janet and Brad are a couple who got lost while driving and are offered shelter from the rain by Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite. He created a creature named Rocky using different body parts. A portion of its brain is from Eddie, a delivery boy, who was later killed by Frank. Other characters are Riff Raff – Frankai??i??s Ai??handyman, Magenta – his sister, Columbia ai??i?? Eddieai??i??s lover, and Dr. Scott ai??i?? Brad and Janetai??i??s old teacher and Eddieai??i??s uncle. Most scenes occur inside Frankai??i??s castle, where seductions and murder happen. The film ends with Rocky, Dr. Frank, and Columbia being murdered by Riff Raff and Magenta; while Janet, Brad, and Scott are released. Riff Raff and Magenta then take off to planet Transsexual in the Transylvania galaxy.

A Quick Recap

The episode begins with the original filmai??i??s trademark singing red lips. Those lips were Santanaai??i??s and she sings the opening song, ai???Science Fiction/Double Featureai???. Most of the episode is actually a flashback of Will when he wondered how the Rocky Horror production became his horror, after Carl tells him to stop trying in winning back Emma.

Will decided to stage the musical when he learns that Emma loves Rocky Horror and tried to impress her. But thereai??i??s a problem as the showai??i??s risquAi?? topics makes it unacceptable for a high school stage. Sue, with the hidden agenda of doing an ai???Emmy award winningai??? expose on the Rocky Horror production, tells Will that she wants to join in and is given the role of Scott.

Rehearsals start and talks about the issue of the physical appearance and sexuality of boys are the main topics. Mercedes also performed the amazing ai???Sweet Transvestiteai??? as Frank. Buy skunk seeds with paypal More conflict in between the love triangle of Carl, Emma, and Will are generated when Carl joins the play as Frank. Will, trying to match Carl, assigns himself the role of Rocky. Emma helps Will rehearse and they end up performing an intense ai???Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Meai???.

After the flashback, Will discovers Sueai??i??s real plans and calls-off the production. He then confesses to Emma the real reason why he decided to stage Rocky Horror. The episode then ends with the whole club doing ai???Time Warpai???, not for the school but for their own recognition of themselves being misfits like the characters in ai???The Rocky Horror Picture Showai???.

Watch the full episode here:

For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only.

Charice-on-Glee Updates

The web has been buzzing with news about Gleeai??i??s episode 6, ai???Never Been Kissedai???. Charice, as Sunshine Corazon, will be back on this episode which will be airing on November 9. Other new appearances for that episode are of Darren Kriss as Blaine (Kurtai??i??s new love inerest), and rival glee club Vocal Adrenalineai??i??s coach, Cheyenne Jackson. Old characters returning with Charice are Coach Beastie and Puck.

With all those fresh faces appearing in the next episode, ai???Never Been Kissedai??? is certainly a must-watch! Of course, all Chasters will be watching ai??i?? and excitedly waiting for another amazing and stirring number from Charice. Am I right?

By Sofia Carrera,


Welcome Glee Fans!

Charice Glee Fans 75x75 GleeCap: ai???The Rocky Horror Glee Showai??? Episode 5, Season 2You were most likely blown away by Chariceai??i??s debut on Glee which is why you are here. Welcome to the best Charice fansite there is! If you are looking for more outstanding Charice performances, look no further. We have compiled the very best of Charice in the best quality that we could find! From her perfectly controlled rendition of ai???One Moment In Timeai??? to the fun ai???Babyai??? (hey, she can rap!), if you are not yet a big fan, youai??i??ll surely become one after hearing her very best. >> continue reading


18 Responses to “GleeCap: ai???The Rocky Horror Glee Showai??? Episode 5, Season 2”

  1. touchie says:

    Charice not appear in glee season 2 of episode 6… Very awfull!!!!

    I wait her to appear she’s not… maybe, she’s not actually appear in episode 6….

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  2. sunshine says:

    Yeah you’re right Sofia…I can’t wait to watch her again on Glee… Go Charice.. Go Chasters!! Let’s support her in every way!!

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  3. saudi_charistic says:

    hey guys, let us support charice for every episode she is on!!!
    i want see more about her acting!!!
    hope she will do good in her acting!!! knowing that she is not acting before like this!!!
    go go charice!!!

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  4. vicky says:

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  5. rommel says:

    Finally Sunshine will be back and definitely i will wait for it and watch.I missed some episodes but anyway Sunshine was not there, honestly i am just excited to watch Glee because of Charice. Good luck Charice and more power!

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  6. marie says:

    Charice back on episode 6 and seven ?

    “It’s been reported that Paltrow’s role will try to win back Sunshine from Vocal Adrenaline. Will she succeed? Bet all of you are just itching to see this episode already.”

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  7. bluedanube says:

    I would love to see Charice as Magenta! :)
    Then piloting the castle-spaceship, with her Glee glasses.

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  8. TrentReznor says:
    Hmm.. I though that Sunshine would be in the 7th.. This is good news though if it’s true.. Can’t wait..

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  9. dande says:
    @lurkspur, thanks for the info. Can’t wait to see Charice again in episode 6 just 12 days to go.

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  10. nautilus_stone says:
    Rocky Horror Show is a very sexy and hilarious episode of Glee.

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  11. Portia says:
    I will be looking forward for that “Never been kissed” episode of Charice’s return from the first episode of Glee. I hope the kiss will only be in the forehead, LOL.

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  12. dande says:
    I am a little bit confused about episode #6 that is said to be airing on Nov. 9 when Charice will reappear on the show – correct me if I’m wrong – Episode #1 started on Sept. 21, 2010 and since this is a weekly show – last Tuesday, Oct. 26 was episode #6 and in two weeks, on Nov. 9 will be episode #8 already. Did I count it correctly?

    So this means Charice won’t be in on episode #7 for next week yet. I just want to get this straight because I don’t want to miss watching a show when Charice is on. Even though I am recording every weekly episode I would only watch the episodes that Charice is on.

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    • MADZ says:
      Oct 19th was re run from Season one.. as well as Nov 2nd..
      Here are the list of Glee episodes.

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    • larkspur says:
      Dande,here’s the info i got….Sept 21(1st episode) “Audition”; Sept 28(2nd episode) “Britney/Britanny”; Oct 5(3rd episode)”Cheesus something”; Oct 12(4th episode)”Duets”; Oct 19 repeat of “Duets”(4th episode) and Oct 26(5th episode)”Rocky Horror”……Im not sure with the Nov 2(they might rerun again the “rocky horror”) thats why 6th episode will be Nov.9th….

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    • rufupufu says:

      The first four episodes were weekly, the 5th episode was premiered 2 weeks after episode 4 premiered. It’s gonna be the same with episode 6, it will be premiered 2 weeks after the 5th episode which is Rocky Horror.

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  13. Maria Jane says:
    Thjanks Sofia and admin for posting GleeCap. I look forward to the Nov 9 episode with Charice on it! I can’t watch Glee on tv coz we haev cable visiona nd Fox news cancelled their rights to show it.sthey are till in negotiations ..

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  14. J.B. says:
    Another thing to watch for is how the rival team storyline would be. Can’t wait to see it.

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  15. jimfan155 says:
    Can’t wait for Sunshine’s return. Only thing that bothered me is that the coming attractions did not show her. Anyway, even one minute of airtime will give me immense pleasure of seeing her on national tv.

    Go Charice.

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