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Charice Stuns Indonesia in Sold-out David Foster and Friends Concert!

Charice Stuns Indonesia in Sold-out David Foster and Friends Concert!

(JAKARTA: 0200 hrs)

Charice, relatively unknown in Indonesia, made an indelible mark among the members of the local music industry after receiving half of all the standing ovations given tonight in the sold-out Jakarta leg of the David Foster and Friends Asian Tour.

In the next several days, Charice might just have 238 million more Indonesian fans. She stunned the audience as they gasped in awe. Overwhelmed, they gave her a heartfelt standing ovation.

This is Chariceai??i??s second chance to perform for Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. Compared the rest of Southeast Asia, this country is where Charice is least known. The first wasAi??in a private party held last February 2010.

Charice sang covers of Celine Dionai??i??s ai???Power of Loveai??? and followed it by various hits including ai???To Love You Moreai???, the Bodyguard Medley and another Celine Classic, ai???All by Myselfai???.

Charice smoothly and seamlessly sang ai???All by Myselfai???, flawlessly hitting all the nerve-wrecking notes. The audience, composed mainly of the prominent figures in the Indonesian society, were absolutely stupefied.

Local Independent Producer, Composer and Songwriter Willy Aviantara raved about Charice when he tweeted, ai???Dan momen termegah itu datang, ketika Charice menghantam not tertinggi di lagu All By Myself dgn mulus tanpa cacat sbynk 3x! (And the grandest moment came when Charice hit the highest notes in the song, ai???All by Myselfai??i??, smoothly and seamlessly! More! More! More!)ai???

Aviatara added, ai???Total standing ovation yg terjadi adalah 4x. 2 adalah milik Charice, 1 untuk Ruben atas “lagu baru”nya, 1 lg penutup konser. (In total, there were four standing ovations. One for Ruben [Studdard], Charice owned two, and one more after the concert ended.)ai???

The show started with a speech Remeron cost walmart from Indonesian Singer Yovie Widianto, introducing David Foster. The show started rolling with a number from the Canadian Tenors, followed by performances from Ruben Studdard, Peter Cetera and Natalie Cole. Studdard also received a standing ovation for his stellar performance.

Charice Indonesia Concert Charice Stuns Indonesia in Sold out David Foster and Friends Concert!

Prior to Jakarta, Charice also performed inAi??Tokyo, Manila, and Bangkok, also as part of the David Foster and Friends Asian Concert Tour.

Charice left each of the four cities with more than just a few smiles. She received multiple spontaneous standing ovations in each of her concert appearances, leaving local media buzzing for days after the concerts ended.

In Japan, she was also given a gold record award for the impressive sales performance of her international debut single, ai???Chariceai???.

The audience gave very positive reactions to each of the concert performers, unmindful of the astronomically priced Jakarta tickets.

After Jakarta, Charice and the rest of the performers will fly to Singapore for the last instalment of the said concert tour. They will be performing on two separate nights at Singaporeai??i??s Esplanade Concert Theatres on October 28th and 29th.

After Singapore, she will fly back to the US where she will be recording new songs and resume taping for the FOX hit show ai???Gleeai???.

Charice will be back in Asia for a solo concert tour on February 2011.

By RJ Nieto,

(29 Oct) Update: Aviantara contacted the author and said,”Charice performance was outstanding! She hit All By Myself highest note (on Celine Dion’s recording key) 3 times without slip!”

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    Sunshine back on Glee – this news has made my day.

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  2. TonyVernsky says:
    Hi luvkcha09, thanks for your nice & kind words. Yes, it’s a bit personal and it came from my heart. Again, thanks & regards.

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    South Korea should be next to Japan’s 2011 concert.

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