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Chariceai??i??s David Foster & Friends Japan Performances Draw Acclaim from The Mitamon Show

Chariceai??i??s David Foster & Friends Japan Performances Draw Acclaim from The Mitamon Show

The three hosts of Mezmashi TVai??i??s entertainment news segment, The Mitamon Show, were all praises for the performers in the Japan leg of the David Foster and Friends Asian Tour. The two-night talent showcase were filled with powerful and heartfelt singing from Natalie Cole, Ruben Studdard, the Canadian Tenors, Peter Cetera, and of course, Charice.

The Mitamon Show hosts were amazed with Chariceai??i??s ai???scarily goodai??? versions of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston songs. They were even more impressed when they learned that sheai??i??s only 18 years old. The full clip can be found below. Though itai??i??s all in Japanese, donai??i??t fret as Charicemania’s Japan Bureau Chief, Moofin :)Ai?? kindheartedly provided us with an English translation.

Hereai??i??s Moofinai??i??s translation with the video embedded below:


An evening steeped in David Foster’s gem-like hits.

Music producer David Foster who is in Japan now conducted his last concert in Japan last night with a lavish line-up of guest vocalists.


Please enjoy my show. Sorry for my terrible Japanese.

Narrator: First up was the Canadian Tenors, an indie group of 4 tenors.

They asked David, who has won 15 Grammy awards, this question.

Next up was Natalie Cole. Chicago’s former lead vocalist Peter Cetera also performed classic hits one after the other.

Last to perform in the concert was 18 year old Charice from the Philippines. She slayed the audience singing Celine Dion’s and Whitney Houston’s hits produced by David.


Mr. Otsuka: Charice is scarily good.

Man: Charice is 18! Mr. Otsuka, do you remember she sang at Mezamashii Live? Even then we were amazed and she earned great praise for her great singing prowess. She is a Filipina, and can perform Whitney’s and Celine’s hits extremely well. It was a night of hits one after the other…Natalie Cole was good too right? Otsuka: She’s already 60 (years old) now right?

Man: Yes, she is. And yesterday, following Misia the day before, Seiko Matsuda was there representing Japan. She sang and bid farewell but came back in the end to sing Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” with everyone. Up next…

Were those clips of Charice above not enough to satisfy you? No need to worry! Generous Chasters risked being kicked-out from the concert just Ashwagandha price in pakistan to record Chariceai??i??s wonderful performances and share them to us.

The Tokyo show was a complete success, with Charice receiving a very rare Japanese standing ovation. For videos and firsthand accounts, have a look at this article: In the Land of the Rising Sun, Glee Star Charice Shines.

By Sofia Carrera,

34 Responses to “Chariceai??i??s David Foster & Friends Japan Performances Draw Acclaim from The Mitamon Show”

  1. peter de guia says:

    Another amazing performance of Charice … Two Thumbs UP… Way UP …

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  2. ronealika says:

    Here’s the link for Charice@DFF concert in Japan, Day 2. It was a memorable night for me.

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  3. Justcharrie says:
    Oh Japan is raving so much for our princess Charice, deserving to be the host of her first solo tour. We are also lucky to have moofin who can perfectly translate Japanese for us. Me included cuz there are still lots of Nihonggo to learn. Thanks “senpai”!

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  4. Luisa says:
    Have you guys read the latest article in US Chronicle, New York Post, Asian Magazine. They just crowned charice the Asian pop artist of concerts in Asia. I hope you guys voted already for people choice award. GO CHARICE. YOU ARE ALMOST THERE AT THE TOP. YOU HAVE TO CONQUER ASIA ON YOUR SOLO CONCERT. THEN THE WORLD!!!!

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  5. euse clerigo says:


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  6. abby says:
    hi chasters..i’m really enjoying the articles that posted in this website..yeah like all of you, i love charice as just so proud of her..i’m really hoping that she’ll be (more) super successful in all her undertakings..

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  7. chit says:

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  8. Jet_Cowboy says:
    Just a personal observation.. Charice’s album skyrocketed in Japan and is now Gold even after a late release.. What makes it different from the rest of her albums worldwide? The Album’s “COVER”.. Charice is in her best looks in the Japan cover and is very presentable.. Admit it or not people can be shallow sometimes when walking on a music store get’s attracted by the albums cover even without hearing the songs first..
    I hope they do better in her next album cover we already know she’s a prodigy, I hope the become more tactful in marketing her talent next time please..

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  9. Luisa says:
    How come no video when she was reacieving gold award in Japan?

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    • josie says:
      i think they do not allow video-taking except their own professional videotakers and photographers. Just like the concert where no videos are available up to now

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  10. Portia says:
    AMAZING!!! As always superb performance.

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  11. Portia says:
    Just shows that Japan peeps got Charice fever, watchout it will last forever.

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  12. EBJohns11 says:
    I like that ” Charice is Scarily GOOD” .
    yes she is freaking good. Better than any other artist i heard.

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  13. EBJohns11 says:
    Moofin, tnx for the translation =) Japan loves Charice!!

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    • mooffin says:

      you’re welcome =). just doing what i can to share what the japanese are saying about her =).

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  14. madzee says:
    Gone are the days when Filipinas were being looked down as “mere entertainer, or japayukis.” now Japan has high regard to Filipinas because of what charice has done succesfully. Thank u charice!

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  15. zen58 says:
    Charice,Amaxing,every performance is GREAT.Thank you Japan and all CHASTERS in tha whole world for the love and support to our Princess Charice.

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  16. Percy says:
    Wow! those guys don’t know what hit them!

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  17. Mico says:
    Thank you Japan chasters for all your love to Charice…you guys are amazing!

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  18. J.B. says:
    The crowds are huge! It obvious how the japanese adores Charice.

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  19. mima says:
    Moofin otsukaresama desu ;)

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  20. Moira_Inori says:
    Sharisu o daisuki! Nihon o daisuki! Arigatou gozaimasu, Moofin-san! ^_^ (I love Charice! I love Japan! Thank you very much, Moofin-san!)

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  21. Marvic says:
    Those guys from Mitamon show were talking about abilidades(justcharrie) of CM because she has the only videos taken from the Japan concert. This girl got guts. I called her before and I call her again – Fearless Chaster.

    I lifted justcharrie comments in another article because her videos are being taken down. “Guys, my videos in Japan concert were taken down due to copyright claim by Kyodo Tokyo. Only “To Love You More” was spared. I’m going to re-uplod all with a different title to prevent from being take down again. Thanks everyone!”

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  22. ncube says:
    LOL! I didn’t know we have a CNN bureau chief in Japan…that is, CNN for Charice News Network! Thanks for the translation Moofin.

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  23. 1604-bg says:
    Warner Music Japan has announced that Cha will have Japan tour next Feburuary at Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, in 3 major cities in Japan on their official sight,. Advance ticket for Tokyo concert already started to sell at the venue of DF&F concert on 19th and 20th this month. Many Japanese bought these advance tickets at venue after concert as Moofin already reported.
    21st.Feb at ZEPP Nagoya
    22rd.Feb ZEPP Tokyo
    25th.Feb ZEPP Osaka
    I think this is the beginning of Cha`s solo concert in Asia and her first Asian Tours out of Filipine and USA

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    • 1604-bg says:

      Cha wii have the solo concert in Tokyo two times.
      21st and 22nd of Feb.2011 at ZEPP tokyo.
      Warner recognized indeed one concert is not enough for japanese chasters in Tokyo.

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  24. nautilus_stone says:
    Konichiwa!!! Charice is always amazing.

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