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Charice Tantalizes Twelve Thousand Thrilled Thais!

Charice Tantalizes Twelve Thousand Thrilled Thais!


112 Responses to “Charice Tantalizes Twelve Thousand Thrilled Thais!”

  1. saudi_charistic says:
    everyday, i am always listening to charice music even i am going to my work!!!

    my day is not complete without hearing her voice!!!
    i love you charice from the top baby of my heart hehehe!!!

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  2. chit says:

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  3. gunrunner says:
    i composed this poem for charice. like the rest of chasters all over, im consumed by my passion for this lovely soul. for lack of title, im inviting chasters to put a title to this poem.


    …when in the face of a moonlit night
    i paint the traces of smile…
    i knew my thoughts in restless flight
    has found a haven in your charm.

    …when in the soft murmur of the evening breeze
    i long to catch the echoes of your songs
    i knew no voice or poem composed
    shall i find comfort..but your sweet voice

    …when every passage of a dying sun
    leaves no gloom when you’re around
    i knew the nights in velvet slumber
    has lost its darkness because of Sunshine

    …when in the midst of life’s tribulations
    i found elation with your songs…
    i knew Charice has chained my reason
    ..and my longing soul shall only want
    to hear a song from you my Corazon

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    • saudi_charistic says:
      hey gunrunner, your poem is so nice, maybe as nice as you are!!!

      try to make a song for her hahaha!!! maybe she will record it. who knows hehehe!!!

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      • gunrunner says:

        thanks saudi_charistic. im not really good at music stuff but maybe i can supply the lyrics he he he.

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  4. letty says:
    awesome CHARICE gogogogo girl. labyo

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  5. chasterdad says:
    When was the last time that Asians were complimenting fellow Asians?Where there was a feeling of mutual goodwill and camaraderie among each other? Well we’re witnessing it just about right now! I hope Filipinos will finally stop saying “proud to be a Filipino” everytime they feel elated with a Charice performance. Rather say “proud to be an Asian”….oops, that would’nt even be proper now would it? “Proud to be a Chaster” seems to be more appropriate as the world now seems to have been taken and have adopted Charice as one of their own anywhere she goes!I’m a Filipino and I’m proud of Charice that all nationalities are united in their happiness and admiration for all things Charice.

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    • AngelAngelAngel says:
      Atta Boy chasterdad… this man is also a pinoy, I have no clue about other Filipinos saying that “crap” every time make a headway in her career. They want to ride with her popularity… typical pinoy traits. Let’s just say “We are happy” for her.

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    • saudi_charistic says:

      good morning saudi arabia!!!

      i second the motion chasterdad…
      i am also a pinoy, a big,old, forever fan of charice.
      from saudi arabia, we love u charice!!!

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  6. all of the comments written here are just testimonies of how all of us are touched by charice-her simple yet lovable ways, her God-given talent. I haven’t been a fan like how i am now with charice. my husband and 2 boys understand now why i fell in love with her. please don’t ever, ever change charice. you are blessed by God because you are a good-natured person. and that’s also the reason why everyone loves you so much-not to mention of corz, ur enormous talent. keep it up, my dear.

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  7. ziodenz says:
    what more can i say…im overwhelmed…charice not only inspires and unites us all but is also spreading good will among asians and non asians through her music and angelic voice…truly an angel with a mission…an instrument of peace…a blessing and gift from GOD.

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  8. greatcha says:
    @TonyVernsky wow what a nice poem you’ve got… speaking of poems why don’t DJ POET write some song for Charice, it sure be a hit. DJ POET is actually a Fil-AM and a two time Grammy Nominee, his the person behind black eyed peas….heard boom boom pow?

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  9. greatcha says:
    @TonyVernsky wow what a nice poem you’ve got… speaking of poems why don’t DJ POET write some song for Charice, it sure be a hit. DJ POET is actually a Fil-AM and a two time Grammy Nominee, his the person behind black eyed peas….heard boom boom pow?

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  10. TonyVernsky says:
    Here’s a short poem that I just did today. Sorry if there are any errors and omissions:

    Is Charice God’s Gift to Mankind?

    Here’s a gift that’s sure to please
    Her name is no other than Charice
    She’s more precious than a glittering gold
    For she gives happiness from the young to the old

    She traveled far and wide
    From the east to the west side
    And sings beautifully here and there
    With a voice like an angel up there

    I was stressed and feeling down yesterday
    So I watched and listened to Charice’s videos that day
    And all the stress and tensions have gone away
    And that makes me feel happy and gay.

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    • tnt says:
      so many good writers here in CM…class A

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    • gunrunner says:
      hi tnt, im a poet too. have published some works. i appreciate your poem for charice because poems always springs from the heart. thank you for your lavish appreciation and praise for our princess. i hope to compose one too. i stopped writing long ago due to bz skeds and my job.

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      • tnt says:
        just like DF…i think before he found Charice he had another plan in his life….remember he got a fresh beautiful GF :)…just kidding

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    • Ka Roger says:
      Hey toney,
      “And makes me feel happy and gay”….hehehehehe…you are ridikulous! But frankly you are not alone…i am a man…i am a man-woman…i am a woman-man…Charice is the only one who can melt our heart and write posts here at CM ie, i love u, take care, God Bless you…goodness gracious! Charice melts my heart out because she is indeed a “God’s Gift to Mankind”…Amen!

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      • lola-elrem says:
        you are funny, gay means happy, jolly, gleeful — look it up sweetie. anyways, ALL THE BEST from your grandma from far away toronto!

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        • ncube says:
          Hahaha! The meaning of the word has shifted from it’s original meaning over the years and decades. The original definition of “gay,” according to its etymology, is “full of joy or mirth.” So Lola you’re spot on.

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  11. hermiemel says:
    After Oprah stopped that plane and David Foster took and guided Charice with his wisdom in the music industry three years ago, Charice has been transformed by David from his beloved “student” to his biggest “Friend” in the DF&F Asia tour.

    The whole continent of Asia loves Charice. Just like the Thais, it seems that everybody in Asia can’t get enought of Charice. It seems that everything in Asia is converging toward her popularity.

    Because she is a musical prodigy and a “laser beam” per David Foster, she now probably possesses an incredible amount of musical knowledge like a seasoned veteran. By now as a singer she has “dipped her feet” in the big swimming pool of the music industry. She has an album, toured, all sort of shows and charities in different part of the world, Movie & Glee, on Oprah again & again and all this at the age of 18. And as a person she has blossom into a beautiful lady complete with good ethical qualities.

    It is exciting to be a witness to this story. I say that when Charice turns 20 that all the elements of what a “diva” is will all come together for her. Thanks Oprah for stopping that plane.

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  12. chit says:
    To you, Jangy, and all other Chasters from around the world: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT TO CHARICE. She is now the world’s singer and daughter. More power to you all!!

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  13. benj says:
    Since I started watching Charice from the time I knew she was the little girl I saw in Philippine tv. and now was grown I became a silent solid fan of her, I admired those peoples around her and to all chasters giving comments, encouragements even nega. to those dertactors I’m always following where Charice though I can’t give comment only just now, Anyway thank you to all Chasters around the world that we have a real down to earth friend and humble Charice who will inspire and will give some inspiration thru her songs. God bless to all and thanks for the videos.

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  14. David says:
    i was there and i have to say, CHARICE ROCKS! full on pro and a gentle soul.

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  15. SuperCoolCritic says:
    “Charice, a non-stop entertainment”

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  16. Kanagawalocal says:
    Charice represents hope and she inspires many in this day and age when there is so little of it. She makes us very proud! Some in the Philippines have such narrow minds thus made her lose in Little Big Star (they have a certain criteria to follow- in looks not talent). Thankfully, it happened for the best. She sure is better off where she is now! I do believe the reason why she is so loved is her humility, her love of her family, respect for those around her no matter what background and her boundless talent. For such a young girl, she beat the odds. God surely blessed her! She sure is worthy of all the blessings! Wishing you even more blessings, Charice!!!

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    • tsuki says:
      @kanagawalocal, let’s just be thankful Charice lost at Little Big Star. If not, she will not be where she is. Its God’s will.

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    • apayagamin says:
      yeah lets stop being bitter about abs.. there are always positive things that will happen out of the negative things.. as you see , she has now a story to tell to the world how she fight for her dreams despite the obstacles.. not winning the competition, being bullied by others and all that.. that i think makes her story thats currently being shared to the world..

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  17. Jangy says:
    Hi I’m Jangy ^-^

    Actually I’m not the one who gave a special gift for Charice. My Chaster friends also gave thier gift to her too like Buab ( disign the Thai chaster T-shirt that we wore at the airport for greeting Charice and when she saw it she smiled and siad “Give me one!” Actually Buab prepared it to give to Charice and her mom before Charice asked already. Another one is Noognig ( heard that Charice mentioned about Tuk Tuk (tricycle motorbike in Thailand) during her interview at siam discovery last July.So noognig made the clock with Charice ride on Tuk Tuk configuration and gave it to Charice. Charice said she like it. She was super nice with us!:D

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    • RJ Nieto says:

      Oh! Hi Jangy!!!

      I’ll edit it tomorrow. :D

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      • Jangy says:
        Thank you for your mentioned. Thank you for all the compliments about Thai chasters. Actually this is our honor to support the real talent and such a great soul person like Charice… Yes she made me feel so special everytime I met her in person so humble and down to earth even though I’m nobody. I really love the way she treat people around her…I can say that ‘I’m chasters forever’ just like I put this words on the left and right foot of the teddy bear :D

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        • starbuck245 says:
          jangy, i love ur comments and story of meeting cha. please dont think u r nobody…maybe u mean ur an average normal person, not a celebrity? also now u r a super chaster to all of us and im sure cha thinks the same…most definitely not a nobody!!! :)

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        • RodBelt says:
          @Jangy: You are NOT A NOBODY!!! You and your friends are BIG in the eyes of Charice and all the Chasters. The fact that you took all the time and efforts to shower Charice with those special gifts are sincere expressions of your love for OUR PRINCESS. To you, your friends and all the Thai Chasters: Thank you so much for being a BIG PART OF THE WORLDWIDE CHASTER FAMILY!

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        • Chasters says:
          We Love You Jangy!!!!

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        • Aida says:
          Peace & Goodwill to you. Jangy, you mean only you’re nobody; But “IN HEAVEN” you’re somebody cuz you’re kind-hearted one.
          Bless you 4ever.

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      • RodBelt says:
        @RJ; Please leave Jangy’s comments as they are. It is her sincere way of expressing her feelings for Charice and it is coming from her heart.

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        • RJ Nieto says:

          Uh, if you’re referring to the nobody thing, I got in touch with about 30 chasters and they said different versions of it. So i think its appropriate to pluralize it.

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          • Jangy says:
            Oh sorry about the nobody thing. I just wanna explain how I feel on my own like I’m among all of her fan who felt that. It’s not only me who said that.My english is not that good it’s easy to make people misunderstanding! I have to apologize about this.Please make it right. Thank you so much.

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            • luvkcha09 says:
              Hi JANGY,
              NO don’t apologize, what you said about is so true. Charice does treat each person like somebody special. Your words have been quoted at the chatroom – you hit the mark. I do love Charice because of what you had just said that she (Charice) “makes us – nobodies feel like somebody”. I haven’t met Charice, but I have watched everything that has been posted about her on YT and TV, and she is for real. She inspires me to be a better person an I am glad she inspires you too! I have visited Thailand once and your people are nice and gentle and friendly. And I love Thai food!

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    • Viola says:
      Hi JANGY,

      YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON and Thank you for all the efforts and time you’re giving to CHARICE. Let’s pray for Charice’s health and for wisdom how to use her fame for the GLORY of God and to give inspiration to everyone in this world… rich or poor…somebody or nobody. We love Thailand and esp THAI Food.

      Regards to your Friends and take care,
      From CANADA with LOVE

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    • sunshine says:
      Hi Jangy, I really love the quote you’ve posted here.. Thank you so much for the support you’re giving to our princess… I think you mean a nobody compared to what Charice had accomplished, but look, you aren’t a NOBODY but a SOMEBODY in the world of Chasters…you really matter!!! YOU ROCK!!!

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  18. krazyforyou says:
    Congratulations!!! DFF did it again. Thanks to Bangkok fans! Charice solo concerts in the future should be at par or better than the DFF series in Asia! No less! Nothing is impossible! God bless Charice and friends! We love you Charice!

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  19. EBJohns11 says:
    wow nice entrance ! I love it! and the light effect too!! Geez goosebumps. My hubby said im crazy why i listen her song over and over LOL. What can i say Im just a die hard fan!

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  20. Seems a lot of teenagers in Bangkok streets are wearing the signature Eye Glasses of Sunshine Charice

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  21. camo says:
    charice is now a citizen of the world and is now being embraced by other cultures.charice has now proved she has now arrived and holding her own with the rest of the past divas.all of asia ia now proud to call her their own.david foster proves once again he is a genius with that entrance of charice in thailand.the thai chaster more than prove their love for charice by showing up at the airport making her gifts and showing her how special she is ,and charice in turn left them in tears and wanting more.princess you are now a bonified superstar and all the doubting thomas and non believers bow down to the princess.right now its her world and we are just living in it.princess always remember this ,LOVE DOESN’T MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND,LOVE MAKES THE RIDE WORTHWHILE. love you kid rock on.

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  22. suedsee says:
    The more I’m convinced that Charice is now ready for a solo concert tour – at least, in Asia. I know she will have one in Japan next year and I’m thrilled about that, but why not in other countries, too, where she has large following, like Thailand and, I believe, Singapore? Just a question.

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  23. gnode says:
    I had seen almost all the videos of Charice in Youtube, and with some of her performances I got goosebumps BUT . . . man, this is the only video of Charice that had made me choking in tears with her grand entrance as she goes up the stage singing the “Power of Love.”

    I felt like I was his proud uncle/daddy while she is divinely singing that song and seeing how very lovingly the audience accepted her in Thailand.

    I love Charice.. I love Thai Chasters.. I love you ALL CHASTERS out there.

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  24. karen sales says:
    she definitely deserves all the fame..coz she is CHARICE!.,can I ask something?,,why they did not include s. korea in their asian tour?..

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    • madzee says:
      Yeah… Why not soutg korea. Koreans love charice too… And she was first seem in star king right?

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      most probably or due to time constraint. she has to do more tapings for the glee episode, record new songs and other commitments for month of november/holidays. there will be another asia/n tour in february 2011 for sure korea (where her stardom begun)won’t be missed.

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    • eenez says:
      why they did’nt have DFF in Hong Kong and Seoul,Korea? She is Unbelievable. We love you Charice from IRELAND.

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  25. peter de guia says:
    Where’s the video ???

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    • LJC4Charice says:
      I normally watch Charice videos at . One chaster posted this url on one of the articles at examiner. The site pretty much got all of the charice videos (most of the concerts). I like it because I don’t have to do the search.

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  26. Mico says:
    I say I’m impressed with Thai chasters…You guys technically outnumbered Manila’s 10k…Thanks for all your love and support to our princess. I bursted into tears watching her performance in Thailand. We are all united by our love for Charice…that’s what truly matters…

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  27. J.B. says:
    Commanding tens of thousands per show is a strong solid proof Charice has finally overrun the Asia.

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