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Charice Week in Review October 18-24

Charice Week in Review October 18-24

Charice’s Week in Review is a Weekly Series on CM to help you follow Charice’s hectic schedule. Each Monday, we will post a concise review of the past week’s events. We realize many Chasters: have limited time, or may miss something good with so many Charice events to follow. Think of this as medicine for Chadiction.
 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Charice: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World -  Judging by Charice’s recent performance in the Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends concert last Friday in Las Vegas, it can be said that she is now a full-grown artist, technically, creatively, and physically. So beautiful and More>>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24David Foster: “Good is the Enemy of Great” - LaFan shares his personal experiences at the Vegas Concert.  “It was truly AWE-INSPIRING to see D. Foster, in all his majesty, pulling off song after song, with so little practice time with the artists, and coming off with virtually FLAWLESS” except for  More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Charice Gears up for Tokyo Concert Extravaganza – Charice, and David Foster took to the airwaves on Fuji TV networks’ morning TV program “Tokudane” to promote the Tokyo concert. Video of the show with English translation. The video includes Charice’s live performance of “In This Song”  and More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Tokyo Concert Reports from Mooffin and Justcharrie - They share every detail of their experiences among the 5,000 plus crowd. Excellent videos of the October 19th concert are included. Then Moofin shares the experience of the second night’s concert. Tokyo was a giant success and More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Charice outdid Beyonce’s original version of “Listen” when her cover of the same song charted higher in the Billboard Hot 100 reaching #38!   Charice’s “Telephone” duet with Glee co-star, Lea Michele, charted at #23. Charice and Glee are both benefiting as they set new trends together and   More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Charice featured on Oprah for the 9th time on 19 Oct.  That includes reruns and this show was a video of clips of Charice’s early life in The Philippines and her astonishing experiences these past three years. Charice’s debut album reaching the top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart and More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Charice’s Christmas Shows: First there is LA’s Citadel Outlets 9th annual Christmas Tree Lighting Show on 20 November; then the Kissmas Bash in Buffilo, NY on 4 December;  and the WNCI 97.9 Jingle Ball in Columbus, Ohio 7 December. Waiting to confirm another December show in Florida and  More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Sunshine Arrives in Manila - From ABS-CBN television in the Philippines, we get the skinny on Charice’s arrival in her home country with a translation of the Filipino and transcript of the news video.  The tour proceeds to Thailand (October 25), Indonesia (October 27), and Singapore (October 29 and 30).  More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Life is Wow - Don’t you sometimes wish you could take a peek behind the scenes and see your favorite stars when they let down their hair and just be themselves? A recent upload to YouTube shows Charice rehearsing for an ad and she is just being her lovable and laid back self and More >>

XL’ent Xmas 2010 Featuring Charice Train and Maroon 5 Charice Week in Review October 18 24XL’ent Xmas 2010 – Now, it’s confirmed that Charice will  be performing in XL 106.7’s 2010 XL’ent Xmas Show on December 13 at the House of Blues Orlando, 1490 E. Buena Vista Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL  Tickets are only $65 with part of the proceeds from the Xl’ent Xmas Show ticket sales will be donated to the Baby DJ Fund. More >>

Charice in Sold out Manila Concert Tonight Talks About Glee Charice Week in Review October 18 24Charice in Sold-out Manila Concert – This pre-concert article describes the buzz about Charice, the Filipina GLEE star who will perform in the Sold-Out Philippine leg of the One and Only David Foster and Friends Concert Tour. Charice answered some questions about her experiences on the set of Glee and More >>

Charice Gets Extraordinary Standing O’s in Sold Out David Foster Concert Charice Week in Review October 18 24Charice Gets Standing O’s - Singing superstar Charice rocked Manila, after performing as the top bill in the sold-out Philippine installment of the David Foster and Friends Concert. She received multiple standing ovations from the typically hard-to-please Filipino audience. Glow sticks a big success. Videos of the concert and More >>

Oops Charice Does it Again Charice Week in Review October 18 24Oops, Charice Does it Again - This video of Charice on a UK TV show called Freshly Squeezed is a must see. Chrice has the host cracking-up with her dead-on imitaions especially the surprise ending. I thought the host would fall off her seat laughing uncontralably. Charice’s release of a mini “Pyramid Album”  More >>

Thailand Welcomes Charice David Foster Friends Awed at RP Concert 1 Charice Week in Review October 18 24Thailand Welcomes Charice - I included this article in this week’s review because it contains Charice’s comments about her experience doing the Manila DF&F Concert in addition to a report on her warm arrival in Thailand.  Charice said, “Of all the times that I performed here in the Philippines, More >>

David Foster Friends Singapore Sun Festival 2010 Charice Week in Review October 18 24David Foster and Friends Singapore Sun Festival 2010 - There will be a scheduled Meet and Greet (30 Chasters) with Charice in Singapore. Email your names and copies of tickets to (Amazing CP) and (Wyip). Goodluck! More >>

 Charice Week in Review October 18 24FanTalk – October 22 episode #27 teamed DJ Drake and Eve for an hour of discussion of the David Foster & Friends Vegas concert and upcoming Asian Tour. Eve having been directly involed in Vegas shared her personal experiences in addition to several more who called.  Listen to the full episode below.


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    Since I moved from Madrid, Spain to join my husband at Gin Gin, Queensland, Australia, we used only our Optus wireless broadband and we are also busy doing our farming works and feeding our animals with this newly acquired acres, but with this weekly recap, it made us easy to capture latest updated news and enjoying our moments with our Princess…thanks Chaster web. Life is not complete with us without seeing Charice.

    Our prayers for good health always to Charice and her family and to great Charicemania team and all Chasters!!!!

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    Just wanted to let you know that you guys are great. Appreciate what you are doing. You guys ROCK!

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    Thanks Webby, i was on vacation for 5 days… and i have to much to read but i enjoyed it. Its just the time…

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    Thank you so much, Webscribes, for this. Chasters really have to jog a bit to keep up with our beloved Charice. Well, that’s good in my case, as I do need to get in shape. ^_^

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    this weekly review for sure is greatly appreciated by your intended viewers (chasters with limited time and new charice fans). Since I visit CM everyday, I seldom click on your review anymore.

    However, pls. continue doing this page as it really serve its purpose and intentions. You are truly the most dedicated Chaster.

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