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Oops, Charice Does it Again

Oops, Charice Does it Again

No, she doesn’t need an Exorcism. She’s not possessed by the spirits of Bieber, Spears, Rihanna, Gaga and the Chipmunks. But it sure sounds that way. Is she in legal trouble for “stealing” their acts? Hardly! This is Charice at her playful, lovable best. And she recently showed off her zany skills on a British morning talk show.

Freshly Squeezed is a breakfast chat show on Channel 4 in the UK. Lady era price Their specialty is everything music ai??i?? videos, behind-the-scenes exclusives, celebrity interviews and live performances. With Charice promoting the recent release of “Pyramid” in Great Britain, you can bet they wanted to “squeeze” Charice into their morning show.

Just when you thought Charice couldn’t be any more wonderful, “Oops!” she did it again. The show’s hostess swings the door wide open, letting our darling do her thing, even telling her at one point to do whatever she needs to do to get the job done.

Charice catches all the nuances of Rihanna. Wow! Is she good! Like JJ of New York’s Z100 radio station said, if anything ever happens to Rihanna, we have a ready replacement in Charice.

Channeling Lady Gaga, Charice belts out the nasal notes better than the original. And as a Britney sound-alike, she did her, “Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know?” with a style every bit as good as the former Mouseketeer. When done with her few notes, her “Thank you so much,” sounded so much like Ms. Spears, I had to do a double-take. Double wow!

When the hostess leaned back and gestured to Charice, “Okay, go. Give me the Bieber,” I thought Charice had been transformed into a guy. The voice deepened, faux Justin introduced himself in his hesitant, polite way, slurring his words, then singing Baby, Oh! a cappella. And Charice-Justin grabbed the laughs, too, interjecting “where’s the beat box,” without missing a beat.

Charice insists that her best impressions are Alvin and the Chipmunks. Okay, so she starts out with Simon the smart one, and ends with the adorable Theodore ai??i?? squeaky cute! For an encore, Charice laughs like a chipmunk and the show’s hostess can’t contain her delight.

Finally, we get a taste of Charice’s own, powerful singing voice, followed by her thanking her hostess while still in chipmunk persona.

Surreal? You bet it is! But Charice is only showing a range of talent as big as we can only imagine. I’m still having a hard time seeing Charice as a lawyer ai??i?? what she wants to do when she grows up. But if Reese Witherspoon can be Legally Blonde, Charice can be legally brunette and sing to the judge and jury.

Oops, Charice is guilty of being super talented. Court is adjourned.

By Carl Martin,

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18 Responses to “Oops, Charice Does it Again”

  1. wildflower says:
    wow im amazed that she’s becoming known in the middle east as she is truly conquering the world..God Bless Charice

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  2. eve says:
    LOL just watching this AGAIN… for the umpteenth time. wuhuh-huh-huh-ha < << Woody Woodpecker laugh :D

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  • Marie says:
    Charice what else you can’t do? You’re one in a trillion…

    I’m looking forward to see DFF concert in any major cities of Europe. Hmmmm… starting with London, next Rome/Milan, Paris/Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm/Copenhagen, Madrid & Moscow.

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  • mouse says:
    lol! that laugh aint chipmunk.. its the old warner bros’ woodywood pecker laugh.. ^_^

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  • yoly says:
    What a talent, unbelievable.

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  • EBJohns11 says:
    I was Glued on this interview. I guess my son and hubby were talking to me and they told me i was like Paralyzed, and deaf and didnt hear them while watching this.LOL.

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  • flor from texas says:
    Charice, you are super talented, very funny, and very cute. All in one package. And, very whimsical, indeed. I’m truly ecstatic watching you. You are one of a kind.

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  • mathew says:
    cha… is very talented

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  • fitycenty0 says:
    Ive been shot more than 7 times with Charice astonishing you-tube sensational talent, since the airwave of the Pyramid in the Philippines. Currently now I must say Im still feeling high like Im on ecstasy, and yet and yet and yet, to be blasted away just thinking about how high she will still soar. And I think she said many times also that she is still feel like dreaming like none stop all the time. Well Charice keep them all feeling high, Im sure they are all too, also (without doing drugs of course). They are all with you all the time. I guess… gotta to keep pushing Charice ha ha…

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  • gnode says:
    yahoooooooooo!!!!! finally, i saw Charice in the front page magazine here in UAE, she is featured in e+ dated 21 October 2010. She is beginning to make waves here in UAE (also in Qatar where i have heard here songs played in FM stations, I am yet to hear her songs here in UAE, I am relatively a newcomer in this part of middle east, barely a week since i arrived.

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  • spindoctor says:
    Until now, or Even Now (Barry Manilows), I dont think Charice has realized it yet, if she really wants to be legally blond. She is talented cute being brunette…

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  • RodBelt says:
    Charice is so versatile. Just wait when she performs choreographed sing and dance number. My gut feeling is that there still so much talent in Charice that the world has yet to see.

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  • ArrVee says:
    “I’m still having a hard time seeing Charice as a lawyer …”

    you can, with a slightly different wording to one of her songs:

    “I’m just trying, to find, find *your* Fingerprint …”


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    • casssie019 says:

      Fingerprint and Breathe You Out are 2 of my favorite tracks from her, too bad those are both not in the album. :(

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  • fdjohan says:
    I like that Britney and Bieber. So cool.

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  • chit says:
    Remember that even before Bocelli, Celine, Glee and others, she was at the Paul O’Grady show and there she stunned the Brits with her vocal prowess. This is just the continuation of what has been started. And may this bring her more success and love from UK.

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  • ham says:
    whoa!! charice guilty of being super-talented!!! i wanna be in prison with her and all prison inmates will rejoice!!!

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  • here2support says:
    Charice is TOO GOOD. The Brits are warming up to her. Hopefully she makes another trip to Europe again, soon.

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