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Charice in Sold-out Manila Concert Tonight, Talks About Glee

Charice in Sold-out Manila Concert Tonight, Talks About Glee

(MANILA) Everyone is abuzz about Charice, the Filipina GLEE star who will perform in the Philippine leg of the One and Only David Foster and Friends Concert Tour .

Charice, along with Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, American Idolai??i??s Ruben Studdard, and the Canadian tenors, will be singing tonight at the 16,000-seater Araneta Coliseum.

As of press time, tickets for the concert have been sold out, much to the dismay of avid fans. Avid Fan Abilidades tweeted, ai???Sad for those who couldn’t get tickets anymore for the David Foster-Charice concert @ Araneta tonight. You missed big

Fans from all over the continent are also flooding the social networking site twitter, requesting Charice to visit their home countries and perform there too. In online discussion boards, an increasing number of fans are petitioning for her guest appearance in the US version of the hit TV show ai???American Idolai???.

Charice arrived in Manila last October 21st, fresh from the DFF concert in Japan where she delivered stirring renditions of Celine Dionai??i??s ai???All by Myselfai??? and ai???To Love You Moreai???, both of which received spontaneous standing ovations from the jam-packed Japanese crowd.

Just a day earlier, she was also given a Gold Record Award after her self-titled debut album Charice sold more than 100,000 copies in Japan, the second-largest market for international music.

Glee fans, called Gleeks, were also asking about when she will show up again in Glee, where she was cast in a recurrent role. Charice earlier said that she would be back in the succeeding Glee episodes, which was why she was still in the US right before she flew to Asia.

Charice Topamax- schizoaffective disorder was asked if the Glee Castai??i??s reaction during her first Glee episode appearance was authentic. In that episode, she sang a jaw-dropping version of Beyonceai??i??s ai???Listenai??? as her audition piece, which made left her fellow stars stupefied.

Charice said, ai???It was natural. The director told them (the Glee cast) to take their positions and react in whatever way they want. They werenai??i??t given any specific directions. I mean, except for Lea Michelle, who needed to react negatively because it was in the

After the Philippine leg, Charice will have three more stopovers in Bangkok (October 25th), Jakarta (October 27th), and Singapore (October 29th and 30th), before going back to the US to resume tapings for Glee.

By RJ Nieto,

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  1. casssie019 says:
    :) :) :) :) :)

    Calling all Chasters in Manila:

    Reset is currently being played by local radio station, Magic 89.9 and Monster Radio RX 93.1. Let us join forces and take it to the top by requesting for the song. Reset is currently at the 10th spot on Magic 89.9, it only started airplay on RX this week.

    You can request by:
    Magic899 sent to 2948
    RX sent to 2299

    Or post the message on their facebook wall, just search for Magic 89.99 and Monster Radio RX93.1

    To the TOP, baby! :) :) :)

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  2. fef says:
    WOW! I’m loss of words to describe what I feel from reading all this comments & experiences from chasters all over the world. I can’t wait for my turn someday. I’m really glad that Davids’ concert were sold out & I could see that those real gifted unthreatened singers/artists were among those who attended the show, like Pilita C. & Arnel P. I guess Charice knows who her real supporters that is why she was so satisfied w/ the result. GOD Bless U girl,ur family, so are David & Oprah,& of course the Chasters who are blindly, but intelligently support/follow throughout her carreer, probably entirely all her life n return of the extraordinary phenomenon that she brought to our lives. Congratulation Charise and thank you, endearing Chasters.

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    • tnt says:

      yes unthreatened artists hehehehe..but wait how about those ninongs ninangs ? i think most of them did not come to concert…esp J Babao, K Davila & Kris…what happened to them? anyone knows? no complementary tickets? lol ahhhhhhh never mind them

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  3. lord-king-leader says:
    getting excited to watch more charice concert in youtube

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  4. lola-elrem says:
    why filipinos not stand up in ovation even after a good performance? simple answer: we were trained to remain behaved when we are out of our own homes. our parents or elders would pinch us at the littlest of our earlobes if we don’t…. and that hurts bigtime! HEHEHE!

    try standing up and the audience behind you would shout you down — HOY UPO! NAGBABAYAD DIN KAMI! (hey sitdown! we also paid to see the show!) and that would cause a little commotion HAHA! and people around you would give you that NASTY LOOK as if you have committed a crime.

    for pinoys, it is enough to clap your hands loud in full appreciation of such a great show.

    PINOY CULTURE ! lol!

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    • tnt says:
      just want to add one more thing… Filipinos do not do SO because that is the rule in ABSCBN ..managers say dont watch Charice if they dont want trouble

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    • 1604-bg says:
      Regarding the SO you Filipino and japanese has same regulation. We japanese are also trained to behave yourself. We don`t need to rise up and clap as Americans do, we can express our admires to Cha on our ways. Cha is form Filipine, so she can understand us.She is our princes indeed.

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      • tnt says:

        Dont worry..its not only Charice but most of Filipino Professionals know Japanese when it comes to ‘Quality’

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    • saudi_charistic says:

      yah u are right!!!
      and i believe that standing ovation is given for amazing shoW!!!
      charice made her performance quite amazing!!!
      you are amazing charice…

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  5. SuperCoolCritic says:
    “Standing Ovation is Un-Filipino & it’s understandable” Did you ever ask yourself – Why it’s not easy for a Filipino to offer standing ovation ? You were in a live concert like this. After a great performance – Did’nt you felt kinda like shy or ignorant to do it? Well it’s because it is not culturally & traditionally made to acknowledge a good rendition. Filpinos were not really hard to please. In fact good is just enough to satisfy them instead of great.”

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  6. jimfan155 says:
    Great write-up Bote. I’m sure as a former lurker, there are a lot more emotions and thoughts that are just bursting to come out. I was just like you at the beginning, but once you start and you might not stop. And most will enjoy your feelings about Charice.

    So keep them coming – not only you but all lurkers because everyone has something to say.

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  7. Jelzai_zai says:
    wow! till now, i cant get over on what happen last nyt, my golywow, am not an a avid fun of charice when she starded as charice here in Philippines, but guess what, charice is on the top, top of my mind! she’s really awesome! she sang very well, she sang the way she fell it! and she sang not b’cos of anything or bcos she is an artist/singer but she sang b’cos she love to sing and bcos of what she really is i saw i girl that probably i can say that a girl that has a fantastic power in singing, a girl that u can proudly tell to anyone that she is, she rock! and she rock my world! hahaha. lol! i dont know, i never felt this felling before, but yah. now am a avid fun of charice! the experience on the araneta, and ofcource the experience with my fellow chaster is the moment that i cant forget and it can be cherisfull as the time goes bye. u’re top! and ur one of the rare, tallest, huge, kind generous person i’ve met. CHARICE IS totally Freaking me out! more Blessings to you Charice! we labyou!



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  8. hyu says:
    the scene was incredibly magnificent, i was not there but to know that every Filipino was now supporting our very own Charice,this would be a grace of all mercy to be exactly done for a real superstar of our generation, this young lady is now turn into her way for her deserving spot , it would be undeniably force to be with for some kind of talent, Specially DF genuineness of choosing talent, a real talent, and the talent that never be ignored, The showcase of her talent emphasized how every root of a plant should stands out even though the leaf is unidentified…. means in any race Blood is thicker than water…

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  9. Stockpicker says:
    The Bible said “the stone that the builders rejected has become the corner stone”. As God wills it, Charice is now building a pyramid. May our love for her never leave us!

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  10. bitzes says:
    i went to this concert last night with my mom.. it was fantastic! i had the priviledge to witness one of the most amazing concert in the century.. lool.. it’s really awesome!! my mom was really happy bcuz she’a a big fan of David Foster and Peter Cetera..and of course we wanted to watch Charice fisrt and foremost.. we had soo much fun! and DF is funny.. ^^ and i love the crowd..they(we) were all very appreciative of the talents performing, singing along with their songs..i really felt the warm welcome of the Filipinos with these great artists..i’ve watched almost all DFF concert in YT but ive never heard the audience sing along with them.. it’s such a gratifying experience to witness this amazing concert! and what can i say, Charice is incredible!! my first time to hear her sing live, i was really awed! =) one of the funny part was when Chasters started giving the audience the glowstick intended to use when Charice come out, it didn’t happen cuz they used it as soon as DF came out and throughout the concert i saw the crowd using it, swaying it while singing along with the mom also actually did it..hehehe..i looked on the Upper B area and saw sme chasters spelled CHA using the glowstick, it’s really cute! im glad that Charice got 2 standing ovations from the very hard to please Filipino audience..and when the concert ended, the crowd seemed hesitant to leave the coliseum esp. those who were in the upper A,B & GA area..when all of them took a bow and left the stage, i thought that was it but suddenly Charice & DF went back once more and took a bow.. we were shouting for more, more!! hoping that Charice will get back on the stage for the third time but it didn’t really glad that i went to the concert! it was worth it! i love it!!! =)

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  11. Bote, thank you so much for the wonderful article about the DF&F concert there in Manila. Yeah, I agree w/ you that finally Charice got the respect & recognition of her own people. I’m so happy for our incredible bulilit. I saw her in person after their concert here in Japan. I even had the chance to touch her, and so does Carl. Seeing her realy close was such a special moment, and I’m looking forward to her series of concerts here in Japan in Feb. next year.

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  12. nencur says:
    Sir Bote
    I forgot to tell you .
    I am from Curacao

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    • Bote says:
      Wow Nencur! If my geography serves me right, your place is in South America! Hello to you out there and thanks so much for the compliment.

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  13. nencur says:
    Hi princess Charice !
    You are awesome !! ,.I saw you on youtube.
    I like your pink dress very much.

    I am glad that they have gave you the respect !!!
    By the way, a standing ovation for Sir Bote too. hehehe
    Eventhough , I was not in that concert personally .
    You write up has explain almost everything about the concert.

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  14. Maria Jane says:
    Thanks Bote. That was a wonderful, detailed account. I think the Pinoy audience were silent because they were just amazed at Charice’ voice and her singing and wanted to focus and listen. That’s what happened to me when I watched the DF show in Madison-WAMU Theater NY.The audience really clapped right after the first few ntoes -tehn of course the SOs.
    Its really worth hearing her sing live -I liked her more after I heard her sing live-it was nto even accompanied by an orchestar but a minus one only but she delivered greatly(June 2008 in NY-Phil Independence Day). I was afraid the sound boxes would burst out because of the sheer power of her voice.

    I am just sad that my nieces & my sister there missed this show. I wanted to buy them a ticket but then our father was hospitalized before the show and he needed 24/7 watch after release from hospital so I told them not to go. But if that Valkentine’s show is really going thru, I’ll make sure to send them to watch it. I will send the money for the tickets. If ticketnet only allow online purchase it’s easier.

    Thank you for sharing and more psots from you. I am a lurker too.but i post from time to time but most of the time I watch the videos and read posts of regular chasters.

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    • lola-elrem says:

      you were at WAMU concert, too? did you come to the chasters’ meet and greet before the show at the LOCAL CAFE across the madison square garden? if you plan to come to her buffalo KISSMAS BASH, please contact us, we are from toronto and we will come to watch charice. contact me at elrem27


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  15. gunrunner says:
    omg u just pulled off a tear jerker ha ha ha i was crying cant figure out.

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  16. ruby says:
    a heartfelt thanks to Bote…..i really was moved by ur comments.

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  17. joeboi says:


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  18. kayitangan says:
    wow sold out!! yaayyyyy lucky them see all ds great singers^_^

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  19. bubble says:
    Thank you Bote for your personal account of the concert..I guess you are right about your perception why the audience did not react so much to Charice at first. When I went to DFF concert in Florida, I want to savor the moment of hearing Charice sing live that I didn’t really clap so much until the end. It was a strange experience, I felt numb even holding my breath at times and just transfixed while she was singing.

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  20. jessegarcia says:
    The concert last night is unforgettable..I never thought Charice is better live than her youtube videos.I felt so proud for her!

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  21. josie says:
    Thanks to David Foster for mentoring and nurturing Charice’s talent and to other artists who are secure enough in their stature in the music industry and did feel threatened by Charice at all.

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  22. kakawati1000 says:
    Mr. Bote, I do not know your nationality, but Filipinos should
    give you a honorary citizenship !

    Such outstanding narrative !

    Welcome to the Philippines !

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  23. vicky says:

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  24. chit says:
    Bote, thank you very, very much for taking us there as well by your detailed account of the magical night. I felt goosebumps and was crying too to know how much Charice is now accepted by her people, my people, too. It’s a redemption of her early struggles and trials. I am very happy for her and her family, esp. her mother. Let’s pray that she stays grounded and humble. Charice is going a lloonngg, lloonngg way. Good luck to her! My thanks too to the uploaders of the wonderful videos I am enjoying now. And congratulations to all who made THAT NIGHT magical and memorable for Charice (Tintol and the glowsticks). (I wonder what David and company thought about the whole thing? He must be awed!)God bless you all.

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  25. Gloria says:
    To Bote,

    Thank you for the detailed account of your DF concert esp re: Charice. I enjoyed your write up so much that I read it over and over… pls do more write ups on Charice and I can’t thank you enough for it.


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  26. Bote says:
    First of all I would like to congratulate Tintol and the rest of the gang who made the glowstick project possible. It was a job very very well done!

    I have been a lurker here and in other Charice’s fansites and this is just my second time to write my thoughts about Charice. (too shy)

    I was at the meeting place at Max’s for the glowstick but I was too shy to go in at the Maximo room because I saw that I was the only white haired guy there. I just felt too old! He he he. I became a live lurker! I just sat at the table right across the door of the Maximo room and watched Chasters come and register and took pictures of their groups. I was there since 2:30 in the afternoon and left at around five to lineup at the gate.I don’t know if anyone had noticed that one Chaster really look liked lantao Island. I kept looking at his name tag if it was really him but my poor eyesight failed me.

    At the red gate, the line was fairly long when I got there. And it was a cool 3 hours before the concert starts! I was afraid my knees would give in for standing too long before I could get in. But I’d risk anything for Charice. While lining up, I met these two young women who were obviously Chasters as I heard them talking about her. I couldn’t resist joining in their conversation because of what I was hearing from them. At first I was a bit apprehensive because I could clearly be their grandpa age wise. But the two were really nice kids and we immediately got in the groove of things Charice. We talked about everything about her and I found out to their delight that I knew more about Charice than they did. And we enjoyed the repartee immensely as we waited for the gate to open.

    The security personnel kept announcing as we waited that cameras were not allowed inside and gave advice that if any they should be deposited with the guards. The girls i was talking with sorta panicked because they were carrying cams. One of them thought of putting the cams inside their boots. It was a brilliant idea coz the guards didn’t check anything else with the women but the bags. Men they frisked. And so in we went. Cams safely tucked in. Ninjas those women were!

    We were at upper box b.As the crowd pored in, we could see that the GA and Upper Box B were the first ones to be filled up slowly. The more pricey seats were virtually empty at 7 pm.For a while there I was worried about the attendance. But my fear was instantly wiped out when I recalled that passing by the ticket booth, I saw the signs that said the pricey sections were still open but SRO. Wow! I told myself. What a crowd it would be being a sold out concert.

    As the minutes inched by, the crowd became impatient and started to hoot when the time hit 8:30. It happened several times and I could really feel the anxiety of the crowd. Some people around me were saying that maybe the organizers were waiting for the VIP seats to be filled up before beginning the event. And maybe there was some truth to it as I noticed when the pricey seats were about filled up, the lights went off and in came David Foster and some other people behind him in suits. The crowd burst into frenzy and gave David a rousing welcome applause!

    He sat behind the piano and began his signature opening song, “St. Elmo’s Fire”. As the first bars of the song hit the dome, the crowd roared, loudly as a sign of approval and delight. And as the song went on David was given some more woos’ and applause by the very appreciative crowd. I said to myself, wow! If this is how they greeted David Foster, I wonder how much more they would give our dear Charice.

    After his number, David introduced the Canadian Tenors. He told the ladies in the crowd to beware as these guys were ultra attractive. The crowd gave them a rousing welcome too. But sad to say although their opening number in a foreign language, I could only guess Italian, was given by the crowd some applause, it was mild. And so was their second number. Maybe it was just less familiar with the crowd because when they sang The Prayer, it was met with a very warm applause. But I wished Charice sang with them.

    Then it was Natalie Cole’s time on stage. The crowd was ecstatic and sang with her in most of the songs she sang. Natalie’s voice was crisp but lilting in her rendition of Unforgettable. That was an old technology but it still was marvelous to hear and see father and daughter singing together after the father was gone. It was so amazing for me hearing the crowd like that. I got to admit that I very seldom attend concerts like this. And in my mind it stuck that Filipino’s are very hard to please and yet here they were swaying, clapping to the beat and singing along with her upbeat songs. My apprehensions came back a little bit. I wondered, would they be giving our very own Charice the same response when it’s her time on stage? What if they lose steam and just be too tired when it’s her time? I was at that point in needles and pins! And my ears were ringing because the young women around me were shouting and screaming all night long!

    Ruben Studdard… what can I say? Haven’t heard much of him before but his rendition of those songs he sung were just fantastic. His voice was so smooth. It has power when power is needed. He was simply amazing and the crowed awarded him with some of the warmest applause of the night. And they sang with him very enthusiastically.Then David told the crowd about Ruben’s incredible talent of making a song out of any line the audience could give, any line at all and he proved himself right. He asked two women who were called George and Georgia and Ruben made amazing songs out of the lines they gave. Then David made a joke about the woman being single but her hubby was right beside her and David said, “Oh he’s a big guy”. He was beyond himself tonight. He was utterly great in making the audience entertained to the hilt. All of us I am positive felt the ticket prices were a bargain considering the amount of talent that was on stage tonight. And David was in the middle of it all. Natalie and Ruben performed a duet and the audience was transported to romance land as they swooned to the lovely tune emanating from the lips of the two wonderfully brilliant singers on stage.

    Then David started pulling people from the audience for his 30 second “audition”. First a girl named Maria sang and it was great. Wonder if it was really random picking. Then 3 young girls sang Pyramid beautifully and David asked how old they were…15 and 17′s! He must have thought we really start them young huh? The next one he chose made the audience roar. I didn’t recognize who it was until the girl beside me mentioned Randy. And randy performed on stage magnificently, “Wildflower” which if I am not mistaken was David’s band’s first hit. Then he looked around some more while saying he would look for someone who could be better than Randy. At that moment I really thought that the whole thing was planned because he chose Arnel next. Arnel rose to the occasion as he sang a Chicago song, I think. That’s when Peter Cetera came out and had a banter with Arnel who reacted as if he saw his idol of long ago kneeling in front of Peter. It was rather touchy but somewhat a little offbeat for me. But that’s just me. Oh I forgot. I maybe too sleepy now but I think Pilita’s Dahil Sayo came first before Arnels song. Pardon me. Pilita let David sit on her chair while she serenaded him with that Tagalog classic to the warm delight of the crowd who sang with her the chorus. Goosebumbs galore I believe. David also saw Vicky Belo and asked if she could sing. I almost spilled my coke!

    It was Peter’s turn.
    His songs, the audience knew by heart. Each time a few bars were done by David, it seemed like the game “Name that tune” as the crowd roared in approval followed by singing along with him. he turned to David after one of his songs and said”You should come back here David.” To which he replied “In Valentine’s day”. Wow, another mind boggling event to look forward to. Don’t you think? And then later on Peter said to David, “See I told you they sing along to all the songs out here.” And David in one of his intro’s said that it was his first time to experience such with an audience in his entire music career. Never did he see anything like it anywhere. And the crowd loved him for that comment.

    At last! The long wait was over. All was silent when David took the mic and said 18 years ago a woman here named Raquel bore a wonderful child. then another roar fro the crowd. But I noticed it was weaker than all the previous ones. I told myself, could this be what I was afraid of all night? Could it be that the crowd really was exhausted due to the overly warm reception for the previous talents that came up? I prayed to the Lord, please don’t let it be so! Then David introduce falseVoice. And the applause was again mild. Then he gave Charice to the audience. A short roar and applause followed. I was cringing in my seat! This could be it, I said. Why oh why were the applause not as loud and as warm as the previous ones? Oh my God!

    All the 3 songs Charice first sang received short and mild applause to my surprise and disappointment. What was happening? I was at the edge of my seat. To me as this was the first time I heard her sing live, it was all spectacular. All worthy of standing ovation and yet the crowd seemed adamant. Until IWALY came up. At this point my mind was racing against time to find a reason , any reason at all to explain what was to my observation a lackluster response to Charice’s performance at that point. Then alas! I realized that the crowd was probably too immersed and mesmerized bt Charice’s singing that perhaps they prefered to just applaud shorter and then listen intently to every syllable of the song she was singing. To savor each and every note of her song sang so magnificently. To be awed endlessly by her voice’s tremendous power. And in so doing the crowd was lost in it’s own appreciation of her excellence. Until they were awakened by the thundering climactic portion of IWALY. After which simultaneously unless I was failed by my eyes in seeing a crowd standing in unison, yes i saw nary a person who stood up late as I stood up to give her the first ever full house standing ovation in the history of Philippine entertainment. It was not a goosebump moment. But rather a hair raising one as I believe each and every person in that dome had his hair raised all over his body. And it was accompanied by at least a minute, if I am not mistaken, of applause. I know for sure some had tears in their eyes at that particular moment. Manila lived up to the expectations! At long last her hometown gave her the recognition and respect she was denied many years ago. Our hometown girl has come home.

    Thank you my friends for reading.

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    • casssie018 says:
      Thank you for the article, sir.
      It made me cry, we are one in the sentiment that her hometown has denied her of recognition and respect. Finally, the time has arrived. :)

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    • Portia says:
      @Bote, what a wonderful article you wrote. You brought me along with you into that particular moment of where you were on Oct. 23rd in Manila. I felt like I was with you all the way, your recount of the event was so vivid which start from the Meet & greet and to your going into the Araneta Coliseum and to what was happening inside the dome complete with the reactions of everybody who were there to witness the history making of a great entertainer. Wow, I’ve got tears and goosebumps while i was reading you own reactions, apprehensions and what not. You are a great writer, don’t you know that, I love to read more of your work. Thank you so much.

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    • lyzander says:
      it was the same feeling i had when i watched it in Tokyo . same question what if japanese dont appreciate her but all my worries were gone the moment she step out of stage there was a loup roar and the longest applause . when she sarted singing everyone was silent my eyes was roaming around to see thier reaction. I sam people wipe their tears after each song . Very emotional night ! I cant wait for February for her next concert in Tokyo. Thanks Bote !

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    • josie says:
      Bote, you forgot Pyramid!!! ha ha ha for a white-haired middle-aged(charice lurker) you are commendable in observing and sponge-like taking it all the memory of last night’s concert. We are on the same section. It is really an unforgettable experience to be savored and in memory store and reminisce about it every once in a while in this lifetime.


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    • leanza1992 says:
      thank you very much sir for this wonderful story. i smell lolo lando here hi hi aka.

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      • Bote says:
        I assure you I’m not lolo Lando. But it’s an honor to be thought of as him coz he writes greatly. I read some of his writings and they were amazing. Thank you for the compliment. God bless you.

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    • TOPGUN says:
      Splendid recollection from an `òld guy`… Mr. Bote. Charice is really something and I can attest to that.

      This more than warm reception…and finally, a long awaited standing ovation from none other than the Pinoys… is a vendication to all the heartaches and hardships this young talent endured during the early years of her singing career in PI. Finally…Charice has arrived….warmly welcomed and embraced by her fellow kababayans.

      Soar higher my little angel Charice and show them all what youve got. They have not seen nothing yet.

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    • Stockpicker says:
      @Bote, Thank you very much for the article. Its a good read! The day after the concert, I scanned the entertainment section of the four major newspapers in Manila but I couldn’t find any write up about the concert. Perhaps it will come Monday morning or not at all. Well, I don’t need them anymore! For me, you have covered the event much more sufficiently than any broadsheet can do because yours came from the heart. A chaster’s heart!

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    • tcfromva says:
      Thank you ever so much for the wonderful, very vivid narrative of the events that evening. It was the next best thing to being there. I can only wish to be blessed enough to witness Charice’s awesome God-given talent topped with oodles of charm and warmth.
      Please share with us details of comments from the audience and “Sir” David Foster. We never get tired listening to complements for dear Charice just as we don’t get tired listening to her music.
      Sadly that Charice’s talent was ignored by her “kababayans” before, it is a great testimony to Charice’s character that she did not hold grudges but rather she strives for perfection in her craft with the help and guidance of course from David Foster.
      Again thanks and our Princess is so lucky to have you in her court. God bless!

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    • airegin10 says:
      Mr Bote, i never expected this, but i just teared up right here at my desk. “…Until they were awakened by the thundering climactic portion of IWALY… (i was apprehensive as you because i really wanted the audience to give her a roaring rousing welcome home standing ovation the moment she appeared on stage)

      Thank you for this story, it’s great of you. All is well like always with Charice!

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    • darice!!ddy 0 says:
      Bote – You can write a book about Charice!! u are good!!

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    • ham says:
      bote, your write-up deserves to be one of the lead articles in cm, perhaps simply titled, ‘a night to remember from a white-haired guy’. the philippines and the whole world need to read this and what it is like to experience charice.

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    • justcharrie says:
      Thank you Sir Bote for your wonderful account. You should have let them know your presence there at Maximo cuz I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to welcome you as one head of the Family of Chasters. We are all in celebration for this wonderful turn of events in Charice’s career regarding the Filipinos’ recognition of her extra-ordinary talent. Charice has worked so hard to be finally well-embraced by her own.

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      • Bote says:

        Thank you very much JustCharrie. I was tempted many times to present myself at Maximo room especially when I saw how friendly Chasters were. But I guess a sad experience along the same category of age difference in one photography group that I joined traumatized me so much that I really could not even if I wanted to immensely. Thanks again.

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        • Narita says:
          Hi Bote- I think I saw you! Were you the guy seated alone in this table right in front of the registration desk? This guy had wavy salt-and-pepper hair, kinda Spanish mestizo-looking and did nothing but stare at us Chasters!

          I usually approached arriving guests asking them if they came for the Chasters gathering but when I saw you, I actually stared thinking that you’d probably acknowledge my “stare” invite with a smile but when you didnt budge I thought you had wanted to be alone.

          So, was that you? The reclusive terrific writer?

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          • Bote says:
            Guilty as charged Narita! You got me! Lol!

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            • Narita says:
              I knew it- I know the look of a Chaster! There was a point in the afternoon that I had to go out of Max’s to make a call and from all those entering the resto, the Chasters had this look- then I would approach and say that the function room was straight ahead.

              The Chaster look is that of unbridled excitement- visible even under a hesitant stance, and you had that Bote!

              But we have favorite Lolos and Lolas even among Philippine Chasters- and some of them I’m sure have comparable if not more unbelievable backgrounds than yours. So join us in the next event please- being a lurker, you’re missing the other significant half of your life!

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              • bote says:
                LOL! For some reason I feel that you might be somebody who would be much more persuasive about me leaving the lurking realm and join Chasters next time. I wish I could remember who you were among those that I saw at Max’s. And judging by the way you write I could tell that you have a very sunny outlook in life. Thank you and God bless.

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                • noellen says:

                  woot,, I believe… i saw you too,, hahhaha,,, love love love,, bote,,

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                • Narita says:

                  Yes, if Noellen and I see you next time, we will make sure you finally end your lurking life hahaha!

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  27. osuna says:
    MOM RAQ, Thank you for bringing out Charice to this world, our generation , we are enjoying everything she does, I must say, it will take a long time for anyone to match her accomplishment, and we know why, she is humble, down to earth and very repectful to her elder and very accomodating to her fans, no matter what the situation is, she is there to wave back and none of those ” I am somebody now “…attitude, we love you MING.

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