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Charice Gets Extraordinary Standing Oai??i??s in Sold-Out David Foster Concert

Charice Gets Extraordinary Standing Oai??i??s in Sold-Out David Foster Concert

(MANILA) Singing superstar Charice Buy trazodone 50 mg rocked Manila, after performing as the top bill in the sold-out Philippine installment of the David Foster and Friends Concert. She received multiple standing ovations from the typically hard-to-please Filipino audience.

The 10,000-seater Araneta Coliseum turned neon blue when the capacity crowd lit thousands of glow sticks as soon as Charice went up on stage for her turn to shine. Charice sported a picturesque look with curly hair, a classy pink dress, and her signature Sennheiser Swarovski crystal-studded bling-bling mic.

Christmas came early for the people in the Big Dome.

Charice started with a heart-rending, pitch-perfect version of Celine Dionai??i??s ai???Power of Loveai??? that made the audience go wild. She followed it with another Celine Classic, ai???To Love You Moreai??? and then her own Billboard hit single, ai???Pyramidai???.

Next, she sang another Celine Dion Classic, ai???All by Myselfai???, where she hit the mind-boggling high F note that, as David Foster himself said, was the same thing that irked Celine when the latter first knew about the song.

The crowd went crazy, giving the young artist a heartfelt, scream-filled standing O. She received yet another standing O after singing her trademark song, the Bodyguard Medley.

Filipino audiences rarely give standing ovations to artists. Most of todayai??i??s biggest international stars start and end their concerts in the Araneta without getting a single one. Even most local singers do not elicit such a reaction.

Earlier in the show, Charice and David Foster spared a few minutes to personally thank Dave Duenas, a.k.a. Youtubeai??i??s False Voice, who was instrumental in introducing the Pop Princess to the international community,

David Foster also invited random members of the audience to sing for half a minute. Some local celebrities like Randy Santiago and Pilita Corales each received a 30-second opportunity, much to the audienceai??i??s delight.

Incidentally, David Foster spotted Journey Lead Singer Arnel Pineda, and requested him to sing on-stage. Pineda sang Chicagoai??i??s ai???Hard Habit to Breakai???.

Right before the last note, ace balladeer Peter Cetera walked onto the stage, and the crowd burst into thunderous applause.

The crowd cheered and sang with Peter Ceteraai??i??s ai???Youai??i??re the Inspirationai???, ai???If You Leave Me Nowai???, and the all-time favorite, ai???Glory of Loveai??? from the original 1984 installment of the classic blockbuster movie, ai???The Karate Kidai???.

Other performers in the excitement-filled three-hour concert were the Canadian Tenors; Natalie Cole (ai???Hallelujahai??? and ai???The Prayerai???) and American Idolai??i??s Ruben Studdard (I Swear).

Video Playlist: David Foster & Friends Manila, October 23, 2010

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Video upload by manette153

After this concert, Charice and the rest of the performers will have three more stopovers: Bangkok (October 25th), Jakarta (October 27th), and Singapore (October 29th and 30th). After Singapore, she will fly back to the US where sheai??i??ll record new songs and resume taping for the FOX hit show ai???Gleeai???. will post video clips, pictures, and other updates about the said concert as soon as they become available.

By RJ Nieto,

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  1. anniefound says:

    correction guys, Araneta Coliseum’s seating capacitcy is 16,000:)

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  2. rey nicolas says:

    among Charice”s best performances it”s one of the best.Just look @ the reaction of the crowds and it”s impact.I can say that it”s beyond human imagination and she really prove that she”s a GIFT OF GOD.Thanks alot to all chasters worlwide for their undying sopport and love to our international star CHARICE!!!!

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  3. ruby says:
    all i can say is charice looks really gorgeous in pinK !

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  4. gunrunner says:
    charice is the final link in this incredible design. consider these:
    1. a guy was looking for a subject to gain hits for his utube videos
    has chosen the incredible talent of charice
    2. oprah ran a series on Worlds MOst Talented Kids and was looking
    for one.
    3. DF was looking for somebody to fill the gap vacated by Whitney
    to give life to his opus.
    4. the world is tired of artificial and autotuned talents
    5. a mother prayed so hard and god took notice
    6. BOOM – the BIG BANG started and like protein molecules linking
    and binding to create the building blocks of life, the isolated
    events bonded up and give rise to this phenomenon of nature – a
    combination of beauty, grace power, talent creation has never
    seen – a magnificent combination of molecules with sequence that
    is known as C H A R I C E.

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  5. Winniesol says:
    Just want to share this from Peter Cetera’s Site:
    “Just arrived in BANGKOK!..First off, thanks to everyone in MANILA for an amazing show last night..Since I was just here over a year ago, the level of crowd participation and overall excitement didn’t surprise me, but everyone else on the show was floored last night ..It’s gonna be hard to top it anywhere on this tour..For that matter, anywhere period! seeya pC.”
    The concert indeed is fun to watch judging by the YT videos uploaded by Chasters. The love of Filipinos to music stand out. Thanks for all the chasters who uploaded the video.

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  6. J.B. says:
    Though the performance was great, there is one curious note I would say and that is there might be some effects the circulation on the net that pinoys seldom give standing ovation and to those audiences who are aware of this might have acted in difference to unusual practice.

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  7. anniefound says:
    who would have thought, the girl who’s talent was taken for granted, snobbed and belittled, will be the one to open the door for someone as big as DFF to come to the Philippines and fill the big dome to its capacity, so the world can finally recognize the outpouring of talents and the love for music of the people in the Philippines.

    Charice, what a heart you have! God bless you in all your endeavors. We are with you in prayers. We are proud of you.

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    • tnt says:
      Anne, i beleive those people responsible to Charice past are still there (although they are minority as of now)and just waiting for their chance to attack again…they can easily change their skin …watch them in February next year:)

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        Charice is a gift from God. sooner or later they will be touched and appreciate this gift all in His time.

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  8. Marie says:
    OMG! OMG! OMG! I’ve been waiting this moment since the posting of this videos to watch (slow connections, and had frequent headaches or losing temper because I can’t get it through)and I stick on the chair for hours and hours since I woke up @ 4am because this is the day that our 30 gigs will reset again.

    While watching the videos, I can’t help pity for myself for I’m one of the unlucky Chasters who have not seen Charice concert in person.

    This DFF concert in Manila was the best Charice’ achievement to show the Filipinos & the world that God will bless the one who has a pure heart & true talent. No wonder many celebrities regrets for not watching the said show.

    Thanks a bunch Charice for bringing DFF to Manila and for opening the gateway to stardom for those who deserving to be like you.

    Thank you so much David Foster for believing on Charice… Now everybody wants you to be their foster father.

    God bless you more and more and more…

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  9. casssie019 says:
    calling all Chasters in Manila:

    Reset is currently being played by local radio station, Magic 89.9 and Monster Radio RX 93.1. Let us join forces and take it to the top by requesting for the song. Reset is currently at the 10th spot on Magic 89.9, it only started airplay on RX this week.

    You can request by:
    Magic899 sent to 2948
    RX sent to 2299

    Or post the message on their facebook wall, just search for Magic 89.99 and Monster Radio RX93.1

    To the TOP, baby! :)

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  10. lord-king-leader says:
    i think this one is on a different angle

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  11. Adrianne says:
    hey question, i think that the video in here of peter cetera was last year in manila, coz i saw a different one in youtube. sort it out plz, ta. =P

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  12. nc says:
    just a quick post:

    I have a theory that if lantao’s camera gets confiscated or gets broken, chasters all over the world will help and unit to give lantao the best HD videocam and not just one, but 10 videocams…

    Anybody who agrees?

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  13. ArrVee says:
    after viewing those talent search “auditions” conducted by David as he was cruising through the audience, a thought occurred to me:

    what if Charice was not discovered through YouTube, DFF came to town, then David asked her to give a 30-second sample of what she can do? I can already imagine a number of songs she will sing, like the power refrain of IWALY. Imagine her blowing away everyone in that 30-second chance of a lifetime, and what David will do after that …

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    • tnt says:
      Nice imagination…but who will bring DF in the Philippines? hehehe peace we are on the same side…
      There is only one Charice in this World…on February 2011 they can find somebody but not the same caliber of Cha…

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