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XL’ent Xmas 2010 Featuring Charice, Train and Maroon 5

XL’ent Xmas 2010 Featuring Charice, Train and Maroon 5

Charice’s schedule this Christmas season is getting really busy. As early as November, she will be performing at the Citadel Outlets Christmas Tree Lighting Show. She’s also a part of the Kiss 98.5 Kissmas Bash 2010 lineup on December 4. And just three days later, she will hit the stage again for the 2010 WNCI 97.9 Jingle Ball. Now, it’s confirmed that she will also be performing in XL 106.7’s 2010 XL’ent Xmas Show on December 13. Charice is indeed becoming in demand!

Train, who’s also performing in the Jingle Ball, will again be part of the same lineup with Charice in the 2010 XL’ent Xmas Show. Also, Maroon 5 and Charice are top billing for the Kissmas Bash and both will be performing on the same stage again for the XL’ent Xmas Show. The Script and Hot Chelle Rae round up the five-act roster of the show.

Not so familiar with Train? Checkout this article for more details on Train, Charice, and the 2010 Jingle Ball. If it’s Maroon 5 you’re not sure about, then this page will tell you more about the Kissmas Bash 2010 featuring Charice and Maroon 5. If it’s The Script that kind of sound unfamiliar to you, then you only need to know that they’re a band from Dublin who won the Best Selling Irish Act Award at the 2008 World Music Awards. Their songs include “The Man that Can’t Be Moved” and the famous “Live Like We’re Dying” which Kris Allen covered. Hot Chelle Rae is also a band with a “newer dancier sound,” according to Wikipedia. They have opened shows and toured with bands like Third Eye Blind, Owl City and Boys Like Girls. They have released two singles to date, “I Like to Dance” and “Bleed”.

XL 106.7’s XLent Xmas Show has been spreading the holiday cheer for a number of years now. And it’s not only concert goers who get entertained. The less fortunate children of South Florida also get some joy from the toys collected by XL 106.7 and the Baby DJ Fund. Part of the proceeds from the Xl’ent Xmas Show ticket sales will be donated to the Baby DJ Fund.

The Xl’ent Xmas Show is actually a three-day event. The first show on December 12 will feature Paramore, Hey Monday, Paper Tongues, and A Rocket to the Moon. Tickets cost $40. The second show on December 13 is the one Charice is in. Tickets are $65. The third show on December 14 will feature Enrique Iglesias, Bruno Mars, Jay Sean and B.O.B. Tickets cost $55. All three shows will be held at the House of Blues Orlando, 1490 E. Buena Vista Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL. For more info, visit the XL’ent Xmas 2010 page.

Click here to buy tickets for the Charice show. This is your chance to support Charice and see her perform live. Plus, Christmas season is the time to do good deeds, and just by buying a ticket, you’ll help south Florida children have a happy holiday that they usually don’t have. I’m sure Charice would really love that!

By Sofia Carrera,

Grown-Up Christmas List EP is Now Available on Amazon

  1. Grown-Up Christmas List – Originally released in 1990 by Natalie Cole and composed by non other than Charice’s mentor David Foster. Charice new rendition is deeply soul searching. Her voice brings a fresh life to one of the most underrated holiday classics in recent years.
  2. Jingle Bell Rock – Charice has recorded 5 holiday songs. So far, “Jingle Bell Rock” has the liveliest beat, appropriately expressing Charice’s natural cheerful and playful self in this own rendition.
  3. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – Charice has grown leap in bounds in the past 3 years. Her voice is getting lovelier and lovelier each day. She sound more confident and relaxed in this John Lennon’s Chritmas classic.

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  1. rob47 says:
    I encourage all CHASTERS to read LAfan’s article on “Operation White Elephant”. It is an excellent article and I believe it will work!

    Thank you again LAfan! It will definitely help CHARICE to the TOP!

    More power to CHARICE and CHASTERS like YOU!

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  2. PHIL BOY says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Nikki says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • mdsjr says:

        Hi Nikki and Philboy
        I love also the other songs like “The Truth Is”. Nobody seems to request them on radio stations in the US and Charice is not very popular yet in many states. If you want to see Charice sing these other songs and can afford to travel, go to her 1st solo concerts in Japan. The 4 concerts, Nagoya (Feb 21), Tokyo (Feb 22 & 23) and Osaka (Feb 25), all seating tickets are sold out. Only standing tickets are available. Info are from Mooffin and Justcharrie. The Japanese people love her and her music so much.

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  3. Monkeydoggie says:
    Wondering why the second show has the most expensive ticket? The third show has big names! Well. Break a leg my princess. Mwaah!

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    • starbuck245 says:
      “Tickets cost $40. The second show on December 13 is the one Charice is in. Tickets are $65. The third show on December 14 will feature Enrique Iglesias, Bruno Mars, Jay Sean and B.O.B. Tickets cost $55.”

      I don’t know the complete lineups for each show but we should get used to paying more to see Cha in the future, Chasters. As Cha’s dream and our dreams of her success come true, ticket prices, venue sizes, and number of personal appearances will change dramatically. The first two going up, the last going down.

      I’m still wondering if I was dreaming seeing Cha for my first time singing only about 30 or 40 feet away from me at the Citadel a few weeks ago. It was a free event. I think in the near future the closest I’ll get is the rafters at the Staples Center.

      All chasters would be advised to go out of their way to see her while she still plays small venues, even for just a few songs. I will attest that hearing her live is fantastic; it was an experience I will not forget. I look forward to hearing her sing at Mandalay Bay in LV or Staples Center in Los Angeles in the near future.

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  4. eva says:
    congrats for all your achievements, saw you on the cover of TORONTO SUN tv guide here in TORONTO. my co-employee shows it to me, way to go CHA. you’ve been in diffirent magazines now, always put your feet on the ground ok. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS AND YOUR FAMILY. LABYO, LABYO, LABYO!!!!

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  5. Daniel says:
    CHA IS BUSY AS A BEE!! Her schedule is sooooo hectic even chasters have a hard time following her every move. Between Glee and her gigs
    I hope she have enough time to rest and save those angelic voice for years to come. @ANgelia- Happy B’day. I was walking with you going down the stairs after the M & G at Mandalay Bay. Even chasters are getting busier trying to see every appearances Charice is performing….Hope she get invited at Dick Clark’s New Years Eve celebration…. WOHOOO!!

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    • Angelia says:

      Thanks for the birthday wish! =) But, sorry I don’t remember half the people I met that day at the Mandalay Bay, so much Chasters and it was a quick M&G! Hope to see you again at future events. =)

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  6. chatterboxcharlie says:
    charice my darling, christmas will be full of cheer because of your voice. just remember to bundle up coz its cold where those venues are at. love ya

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  7. Angelia says:
    This event is 3 days before my birthday!! Haha…But, I’m planning to attend other events… hehe =P Chasters, if you attend this event, have fun! & Take pics and vids to share with us! =) Charice’s schedule is really busy this holiday season, I hope she will get some time to rest. =)

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  8. mpasig52 says:
    Charice, enjoy your work but rest in between. Always take your beauty sleep. We love you so!

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  9. trevor25 says:
    busy gal instead. More Power Charice!

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