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Charice: Consummate Performer, Laid Back and Lovable

Charice: Consummate Performer, Laid Back and Lovable

Don’t you sometimes wish you could take a peek behind the scenes and see your favorite stars when they let down their hair and just be themselves? The obvious risk is that the star might not be as lovable as they are on stage or in the public eye. But how could you ever think that of Charice? It just ain’t so. Charice is too much of a kid at heart, enough to make us all smile.

Take rehearsals, for instance ai??i?? no fancy makeup or dress. It’s just Charice performing the same thing over and over again with a bunch of technicians and assistants standing around watching.

A recent upload to YouTube shows Charice rehearsing for an ad and she is just being her lovable and laid back self. Never mind that you may never have heard of the merchandise. It’s all about a product called WOW Videoke, or video karaoke and quite popular in Asia. But isn’t Charice an international star? Wow! You gotta love her doing her thing.

Even with the mundane business of producing an ad, those silky notes coming from that angelic face are pure heaven to these senses.

Before a take, Charice practices her vocals and playfully chides one of the onlookers to use English ai??i?? but she sings her rebuke. How thoroughly Charice! And of course everyone laughs. Then they get down to business. Charice gets her cue and slides right into her performance. With nearly every note she moves and gestures, digging deep for the feeling that propels her voice forward. You can tell she’s enjoying this. She was born for this. And how sweet is that ai??i?? to get paid for something you love doing? You go, girl!

Video upload by tdo888

When Oprah Winfrey declared Charice to be “the Most Talented Girl in the World,” you can bet more doors opened for our favorite Charice. But we have to remember that this superstar is still only 18 years old. And not too many years ago, she was struggling to help her family Twitter spy, How to hack messages in iphone. and single mother make ends meet by joining singing contests. From her humble roots, Charice is taking fame and success with the self-confidence and composure we would expect from a superstar.

Now, can somebody get me on the set of Glee for the next episode to include Charice? Wouldn’t that be nice!

Could anyone ever really get enough of her innocent charm, playful good humor and consummate professionalism? Having Charice in our world is a blessing, and we want to see her every step of the way.

By Carl Martin,

44 Responses to “Charice: Consummate Performer, Laid Back and Lovable”

  1. EBJohns11 says:

    I saw Charice behind the scene, doing rehearsal and in the hotel room and shes just amazing, natural. nice, down to earth! I love it!!

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  2. We know WOW is for a commercial !

    What everyone is saying is that it has a nice tempo that it can be elevated to a nice piece for Charice next single

    I Happen to agree 100%

    Catchy, can this be a candidate for the ” fast , Catchy song ,” David is looking for ?

    Life is full of surprises….Can somebody please endorse the tune to Daviod ?

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  3. nodoubt says:
    here2support’s comments should have been posted in reply to rod belts comments ‘I wouldn’t doubt that it can hit Billboard’s Dance/Club Songs Top 25′ then here2 has a valid point. Some chasters jumped on here2 case because they thought he was directly commenting on the article above. No where in the article mentioned about the song being released as a single to be in Top 40 or the Billboard dance/club chart. The article is about Charice doing what she loves best and that is singing and getting paid for it. The song is a jingle for WOW mic karaoke system not only geared for younger generation but for people who love to sing.

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  4. camo says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. artgee says:

    here2support comment is like a main stream media that take snippets of WOW and make like a big issue w/out tooking at the whole thing. Commercial or not she still more than a “WOW” “AMAZING”.

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  6. Anna139 says:
    That’s why I don’t want her to do any kissing scene yet bec. We might loose that childlikeness & innocence that we love in her. Hehe. I know a lot of Chasters Are not ready YET. It might happen but please more later. Hehe. Just my 10cenrs thoughts.

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  7. TonyVernsky says:
    Thank you Carl for sharing the story and thank you Ted or tdo888 for sharing to us the video. tdo888 is our Chaster friend from the Philippines who’s been continuously supporting our little princess, Charice. For me, “Life is Wow”, is a good song. I like the simple lyrics and the beat. I know its for the young generation but I can’t help myself listening to it. It makes me feel like dancing, and most of all, it makes me feel young, too. Who knows, if this will be included in Charice’s next album, it might land again in the Top 10 of the Billboard Dance Chart.

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  8. CutieSinger23 says:
    I Love LIFE IS WOW! :) :) :)

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  9. here2support says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Vanessa says:
      What do you mean no EDGE?? I find it a very catchy song that makes you want to dance! The chorus is not flat and seriously i have had it stuck in my head for DAYS! I sent it to some of my friends and the next day at school i caught them singing small verses of it! The song is not whack. It has a great title too. Life is wow. It’s better than Charice singing about “oh life sucks i hate it… blah blah blah…” She seems grateful for her life and shes obviously not taking it for granted with a title like “Life is wow.” Life IS wow. And i’m glad Charice is able to portray that in one of her songs. I don’t know what you are talking about saying she is not that popular with the “younger generation.” I am obviously a part of the younger generation and Charice is doing absolutely spectacular within the group of younger Chasters.

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    • Lolo Menehune says:
      Aloha, please read article before making comments. This is a taping for a commercial. Your comments seems to assume that this is a song for her. The article was all about how she enjoys her job of singing for her supper. Imagine getting paid to do what you love.

      Aloha Chasters,

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    • scoobydoo says:
      hello… this is for commercial. what billboard top 40 you’re talking about !

      wake up wacko critic !

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      • here2support says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • kenshin says:
          It’s for commercial, are you nuts??

          “Life is WOW” pertains to the product “WOW Magic Sing”

          this song is not for release or anything, just for the product endorsement

          “Honestly, you think kids in the US are gonna sing a song like that? Its bad English grammar.” ?????

          honestly… you’re such a funny person.. LMAO

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        • Jarhead says:
          Ummmmm dude. Life is wow IS a jingle. They wrote it as a jingle. Wow karaoke IS the product. That’s why she keeps repeating the word WOW. It’s product reinforcement. This was not intended for mainstream music. Also this is not directed to the American consumers. So more than likely you’ll never see this comercial in the u.s. U gotta admit this is pretty good compare to other jingles out there.

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    • Robert says:
      here2support, the first thing you should do is to learn how to understand “Writings/Articles” before you unload you magnificent IDEAS! so that you can comment more RELEVANT to the topic discussed. ‘Life is WOW’ song is not intended to compete with Lady Gaga, Beyonce and other international singers’ SONGS for Billboard Ranking! THIS IS A LOCAL COMMERCIAL/ADVERTISEMENT SONGS!!!!

      WAKE UP!!!! Meron ka pang pa-Flat flat dyan at TOP 40, Don’t impress us with your technicalities… wrong tree for barking…. sayang yung mga hi-tech analysis mo…

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      • here2support says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • here2support says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Poor here2support…I give you props for saying what’s on ur mind and in all of your posts that I’ve read, u make good points and are respectful in your opinions.

      Chasters need you and others who post reasonable and honest opinions to keep us grounded in our enthusiasm and defense of Cha. I believe you care about Cha’s happiness and well being as much as any other Chaster who have been following her life these past few years.

      As far as the song, Life is Wow…well, I’m agreement with here2…it’s not good enuf to make it in a big way with the top 40 in America. I liked it a lot when I first heard it but it soon became old. It’s too simple and what can u expect for a product jingle. The lyrics are too blah to really stick deep and stay with you the way a top 10 song should. Afterall, it’s a song/jingle for a karaoke machine…you can’t expect much.

      Does anyone remember the song, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing, for a Coke commercial that became a big hit? Those lyrics were definitely whack at the time and it was an amazing song that you couldn’t get out of your head. The song fit the time, too. (Commercialism at its insidious best) I’m not sure Life is Wow fits our times…in case you haven’t noticed, the world has some big problems.

      What hooked me initially about the Wow video was Cha’s enthusiasm and performance singing it, but I could watch and listen to her sing the telephone book all day long.

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with here2 that it is not hit material, but I doubt they really intended for it to be one anyway.

      Hey, here2, u watch my back for the eggs and I’ll watch urs. LOL

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      • Gleekster says:

        Cheers to you two!

        First heard of this jingle audio only. Had to say I cut it short. However when I watched the video, I was able to enjoy it until the end. Haven’t switched back though listening to the jingle with audio only. But I think I would be able to play until the end since I would be visualizing the scenes on this video LOL

        I for one would prefer reading straight, thiught out opinions. Sadly so far there’s just a few I always see and most of them I have to exert an extra click just to see it LOL

        I understand that the THUMBERS have different maturity as a fan — from open-minded to extremely shut (lmao) or just maybe just TOO CLOSE to see a bigger picture.

        Keep on expressing you two LOL

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        • here2support says:

          Guess I made 2 new buddies. Thanks for the support @Gleekster & @starbuck25. For those of you that thumb down my opinion, I understand, it’s not what you’re used to . You’re used to reading nothing but praise and love for Charice…as it should be. You have to remember that criticism rather than praise isn’t always a bad thing. Charice will always be #1 to me, but shes only human and everything she does isn’t always a “hit”. There’s always room for improvement. According to some Chasters here, they think when you critique somebody, you have no right since you’re not some professional. It’s called opinion “one-sided” Chasters. I won’t apologize for saying that this song is cheesy or whack. I pointed out the first verse had potential and the beat sounded great. It was the chorus that I wasn’t digging. I expected more, but who am I say criticize this song, I’m only one potentional customer that could possibly be persuaded to buy this karaoke machine or purchase Charice’s music (being sarcastic btw). I appreciate that some Chasters do have common sense like my new friends star & Gleek. Being a fan that has an opinion is better than one that just blindly supports. I’m a faithful Chaster through and through, but that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna “dig” everything Charice endorses or sings. Here’s a quick example, since Charice is 18 now, what if she endorsed a company and sang a jingle about birth control pills? You’d say, “I love the song, etc.” First of all, you’d ask if Charice’s team had to be desperate to take this endorsement and probably have an opinion. So many Chasters have oppressed by the so-called die-hard fans that they refrain from posting for fear of the whole backlash. Thumb my comments down anytime, but it won’t matter to me, I can stay on the sidelines supporting Charice.

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          • spindoctor says:
            Youve got to accept the fact that you were knoock down because your irrelevant off topic looking for, finding it ranking it or what not on Top 40 song or on a No. 1 billboard dance/club song. Trying to pursuade the die hard Charice fans(you claim also) to make a comparison like they are the ones that are stupid to take your order. So just accept the fact that you did not do your reseach first before you made your first comment. Then again trying to make a recovery from a knockdown with your opinion perse and still trying to convince these people because you think they are so stupid that even that smart ones will take your order and then pay for an investigations. If you want your opinions to be taken youve got to accept the facts that you were knock down at least twice. Other than these facts I couldnt agree with you more with all of your opinions.

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            • here2support says:

              Never claimed thesepeople were “stupid”. Those are your words. Again, read. If you look at the comments made before me, someone said this song could be in the Top 25 of the Billboard Dance/Club charts, hence my comment about how it most likely wouldn’t. I did my research, buddy. I don’t bring up irrelevant topics. I don’t have a short attention span. Here’s the bottom line, I posted my comment, forewarned everyone it would most likely get thumbed down by many. I’ve seen rabid fans here. They go after anybody who doesn’t post a positive comment. Shoot, if someone said, “how much is a karaoke machine? I don’t think I can afford this one even if Charice endorses it.” I can bet you rabid fans will come out full force saying “Charice is definitely worth it. You obviously aren’t a fan…” yadda yadda yadda. You know what, why don’t I just end all us hostility towards me by many and join in on the “fun”….. WOW, LIFE IS WOW! I love this song soooo much. Charice can make millions. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna hear, life is wow wow wow..over and over? Top 40 mainstream ain’t got nothing on LIFE IS WOW. I’m sorry if I’m off topic, even though there’s a video of Charice’s LIFE IS WOW recording posted on here. I realize this is about Charice’s personality, but I just love this song sooo much I count resist commenting about it. It’s just one of those jams that could turn platinum. CHARICE, I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU MAKE LIFE SO WOW! Yes ladies and gentlemen, LIFE IS WOW!

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  10. RodBelt says:
    Can anybody show me how to download it into a CD even if it appears that I pirated it? LOL. I will readily buy it if it were available on Itunes. It is well worth it even for 5 bucks!

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  11. jimfan155 says:
    I have to chuckle at myself. I’m sitting here listening to a commercial, toetapping to the beat and bobbing my head. Jimfan, this is a COMMERCIAL. “I know, but I can’t help it”.

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  12. kingkong98270 says:
    I was excited when I first heard this! I thought maybe it was going to be her next single, and I love it. So sad to learn it’s for a commercial. I think it would be big for her!!

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  13. RodBelt says:
    And that music is a commercial for a videoke product???? All I can say is WOW!!!!!! The beat is contagiously catchy it is a crime that it cannot be released as a single by Charice. If it can be, I wouldn’t doubt that it can hit Billboard’s Dance/Club Songs Top 25. To watch Charice wholeheartedly get into it in spite of just being a rehearsal goes to show that as the title of the article says: Charice is truly a consummate performer. Oh, I’m so jealous of the insiders who can watch her in those events.

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  14. idolming says:
    From morning when i woke up till night and even on my dreams, Charice is always there!!!!lol…i dunno whats this happening to me!!!!

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    • spindoctor says:

      Even in your dreams Charice is always there? I think you need to go to Church cuz I think youre beginning to be overly possesed. I can give you more advice and try to snap you out your fantasy cuz maybe you keep looking at your picture 24/7 and you think youre Charice. WAKE UP!!! AND GO TO SLEEP..GUGUGAGA…

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  15. Portia says:
    Charice’s life is really a “WOW”, she is an ultimate entertainer even if it is only a rehearsal she is so lovable and wholesomely entertaining.

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  16. Lorenz says:
    Check the final cut of ” Life is Wow” here!

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  17. Percy says:
    Charice’s rehearsal may well be the show itself. The quality of the product is the same! simply amazing!

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  18. luvkcha09 says:
    WOW the rehearsals are as much fun to watch as the finished product! Charice life to me is a beautiful reality show – Why not just record every single minute of her life for all the world to watch? She is so funny and delightful and interesting and charming and so talented!!! She brings out the child in me:).

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  19. chatterboxcharlie says:
    stay sweet charice. the world needs more genuinely nice people like you. you are an inspiration to me and to others as well. God bless you and your family.

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  20. Daniel says:
    WOW!! na WOW!! Charice will be the biggest endorser of product related to music ( videoke, mic, music sheet, etc.) Happy to see her success catapulted to the top of the Pyramid. Despite her fame and success, she remain gounded and true to herself. As a matter of fact, if you know Charice three years ago before her success and you went into a coma for three years and just woke up today and meet Charice again, you can’t tell any difference in her demeanor and personality that she’s one Big Asian Superstar. Her unpretentious, humble, lovable and laid back character is what most chasters love and we can’t get enough of…..Good luck on your concert at Araneta Coliseum!!

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  21. krazyforyou says:
    @tdo888 your recent videos of Charice are fantastic and fabulous!!!! Thank you for the hard work and vigilance. God bless you. Charice!!! I love you Charice! Wow na Wow kang talaga!

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  22. jimfan155 says:
    Thanks for this article Carl. The video is wonderful and Charice is always prepared. Just to let her be accessible to us all the time separates her from the rest. I truly adore her and for those who don’t yet know about her, it’s too bad because you have missed nearly 3 glorious years. Hope the whole world knows about you real soon because talent like this needs to be shared worldwide. You represent a needed positive role model. Please stay humble and respectful, with your feet planted squarely on the ground.

    To you and your family, be safe, be well.

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  23. b0neDaddy says:
    wats dis song title? any1 can tel me plz

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  24. trevor25 says:
    Find something in your life that you really wanna do; that you enjoy most, and you will be successful. This is what all successful people are saying. I am too!. I love Charice and I am so happy seeing her blossoms.

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  25. Bej says:
    To get paid for something you love doing is wonderful..This woman has a lot of talent to offer for the world go go go Charice..

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