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Sunshine Arrives in Manila

Sunshine Arrives in Manila


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  1. Rem says:

    Charice doesn’t need fake kapamilyas

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  2. bigkuya says:

    who’s martin?

    is he that singer who’s been in the philippines for several decades already, but still cannot speak fluent tagalog… just askin? jejeje… :)

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  3. jimfan155 says:
    Looks like Martin better do some damage control. When you say “youtube sensation” you have to think of Charice and/or Arnel. The tone he used was actually harsh. Plus I’m reading not a word from ABS CBN about the concert appears to show “sour grapes” on their part. It’s too bad, but if this is their true colors then I’m happy that Charice has severed ties and gone on to greener pastures. Don’t look back Charice, full steam ahead. First time I’ve said this about that station but if that is their attitude toward Charice, then to _ _ll with them.

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  4. ricric says:
    you know martin im your big fan eversince & to the fact that i have lots of your tapes & cds in my cabinet but when i saw your comment in u tube on asap im really mad at you coz i didnt think you can say that to a lovely person charice what happen to you is this kind of envy?what a shame on you martin i thought your different from the others i respesct you for being a good singer before but now you lost it you lost an avid fan of yours

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    • lola-elrem says:
      lol! where is that martin nievera tape? am i missing something here????

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    • dhappy says:

      What did Martin say?

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      • xavierk1015 says:
        it’s on youtube. he said that on ASAP “we don’t need youtube sensations because the ASAP sensation is all we need” then Anne Curtis replies “Taammaaaa!!”

        then later Martin defended himself on twitter saying that he was just reading the cue cards.

        well even if it is just written on the cue cards there is something called professional courtesy.

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  5. felybatangas says:
    what martin nievera’s comment is not out of context, he said what he said. He is a singer unable to reach the achievement of our idol charice. It’s a dream of every singers in the PI what charice is now. And to martin you have to accept in your heart that charice success is for all of us. Our own Philippines’pride. And be supportive of your peers. Peace to all

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  6. Anna139 says:
    By the way, I saw Martin nieverra goes to David Fosters concert to support Charice. Maybe that moment when he said about you tube sensation was taken out of context.

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  7. Anna139 says:
    None of the above . Though I love Gary V. Very much & in every way,, I would prefer JED MADELA. He’s young, have a great voice, stage presence, funny or have a sense of humor, great family background. I think he has the whole package to make it internationally. I think we need a guy now for a change. I think David Foster will be blown away.:)

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  8. Chuck says:
    Here is a real treat for all of you – “the show prior to the show”:

    The uncut and full length press conference videos, recorded by a chaster other than the news channel! I wish you will find that these videos are both informative and entertaining! The videos are originals authored by youtuber “tdo888″. Feel free to spread the goods by sharing the youtube links:

    part 1: v=dgY3CLkI9t8

    part 2: v=J3nkatGGVrA

    part 3: v=5zdZ4kPvpow

    part 4: v=XHJTiJMlLc0

    Yours Chuck,

    A Chinese chaster

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  9. Chuck says:
    Why did I say you were being distracted? If not, how come the full-length videos of the press conference are not posted here? Many fans or bystanders may have been too busy with gossips or even arguing, so much so some really great stuff was over looked.

    Let us all just sit back and enjoy the show and all the other fun stuff.

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  10. Chuck says:
    Hi, Boys & Girls:

    Are you being distracted by “side shows”? I personally don’t have energy or stomach for negative things or controversies. I would only spend my precious spare time with world class artists. DF and all of those singers on this tour are that type of show people.

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  11. Rick0825 says:
    Whoever you tube sensation martin nievera is referring to his comment is unnecessary. Charice will be more bless.

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  12. Nsanitee says:
    agree with you, bonpo777. are we so insecure that we have to be divisive, them vs us? why can’t we reflect the values that charice embraces which are humility, inclusiveness, brotherhood/sisterhood, camaraderie, etc. i think this is what she wants her fans to be, don’t you think? hope i am right, but i could be wrong. hope not.

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  13. bonpo777 says:
    im a little bit disappointed with what i’m reading here. let me get this right, if a person says something negative about our charice, they’re labelled a crab? so what does that make you who’s saying negatives about the other person, i.e., Martin or Sarah or anyone else? what if Martin or Sarah fans who also loves Charice visited this site? wouldn’t they feel annoyed by some of the comments here and maybe never come back? this is suppose to be a “safe” site, a non-combative site where we can appreciate not only charice’s immense talent but all the talents (local and international) that she works and collaborates with as well.

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  14. yoly says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  15. peter deguia says:
    To hell with Martin Nievera … who is he anyway … boycott ABS-CBN ..

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  16. kakawati1000 says:



    YOU Have a Performer from PLUTO masquerading as a Filipino !


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  17. Portia says:
    OMG, just could not believe my eyes when I saw the panel of “International Famous Singing Artists” press conference and one among them is Charice, so proud of you, you finally made it and you are “IT”!!!!

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  18. J.B. says:
    I reckon the reception must be a lot warmer this time not only because this will be Charice first concert with big names but first time since she became quite popular in her Glee debut.

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  19. Marvic says:
    I don’t think any of the singers mentioned above will sing in DFF Concert unless they audition for 30 secs. David said these (lifted from Pinoy Cinderella): “I told the press upon arrival at the airport, that why don’t you ask your singers to go to our (Araneta) show and sing. You have 30 seconds to impress me. And I will do that. If there’s a singer out there on Saturday night, I’ll find him.”

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  20. DownASAP says:
    I hope they wouldn’t visit ASAP I hate the show more than ever now…. Love you Charice mwahhhhhhh!!!!!! We will always support no matter what.. even if some of your countrymen puts you down… especially plastic ASAP

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    • Marvic says:
      There will never be a singer from ABS-CBN to sing in DFF Concert as Martin Nievera said: They don’t need those youtube sensations in their show. Let me help you with the link…

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      • bryskired says:
        Cha,, doesnt need those kind of people,, crabs! Soar high! at the top baby!

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        • nona says:
          I bet this people whose giving you guys a thumbsdown are from the camp of ABSCBN or Asap talent or “WRITERS”, tsk tsk tsk Shame Shame on you! next time be careful of saying or reading inappropriate words, specially this show is being televised internationally. It will painfully bite you back. Good Luck!

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      • jimfan155 says:
        Can someone explain the entire interview that prompted Martin Nievera to say what he said. I only know him from the early videos with Charice – and at one time, at least he seemed to support her, even stating he would carry her bags.

        This 15 second video appears to show he detests someone and we can associate youtube to Charice, but things can be taken out of context. That is why I would like to see or know about the entire video before jumping to conclusions. Thank you in advance to anyone who can explain what happened here.

        I know you may think I’m naive, but I like to know the whole story in order to make an informed opinion.

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        • kabayan01 says:
          You are not naive Jim, I myself would like to see the whole video before I make my comment.

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          • kumforme says:

            I think it was taken out of context. This is my point of view from what I watched and remembered. Before that spiel they had a production number which was a “tribute” to the dancing youtube sensations, i.e., the flight attendants dancing in plane, ( who hit more than 9 million views now.

            I think they were pertaining to these youtube sensations. But then again, I think their mistake was that they were not careful with their words.

            So when the issue came out here in charicemania, I brushed it off because this is how I saw and interpreted it. This issue is no big deal for me because I just concentrate on how blessed Charice is right now. She keeps on soaring high to all Chasters’ delight. :)

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        • SaTrinomaNagkita says:

          Here is the complete video watch?v=laxh3dgJ6q8. Here’s an older video watch?v=ku-WKIB6pss that confirms everything.

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      • CharisseToo says:
        It really doesn’t matter anymore what Martin may have said (though it was probably taken out of context) or this thing going on with ASAP. Charice is beyond their league. She is in another realm of stardom. As we see in this presscon she is now seated in the side of the music movers of this century while other artist can only keep dreaming…

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      • Teejoe18 says:
        What Martin said there was probably the most unprofessional and most insensitive statement one could say to a fellow artist. HE jus lost all my respect for him right there. He may be a good singer but his attitude SUCKS!!! Obviously Martin and ABS-CBN were just sour graping because Charice had severed her ties with the station and is not with ABS-CBN anymore. I don’t think anyone would argue with me if I say that everyone there at ASAP including Martin would be dying to be in Charice’s shoes right now.

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    • bonpo777 says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Teejoe18 says:
        ” We don’t need those YT sensation here….” is like saying he don’t need you here. That’s a direct insult my friend, no doubt about that. Btw Martin is a Fil-Am and is very fluent in English so it would be highly unlikely that he misphrased his words there.

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