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Charice Featured on Oprah for the 9th Time

Charice Featured on Oprah for the 9th Time


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  1. lola-elrem says:
    very proud of CHA! thank you foremost to GOD for creating in mommyraqz the best motherhood and for her delivering CHARICE into this world. thank you GOD for sending ‘O’ and DF to handle charice’s career. thank you ninang ‘O’ for nurturing our princess with the help of ninong DF. thank you WORLD for loving and supporting charice!!!! AT THE TOP BABY!

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    • Anthony says:

      Hi Lola! We missed you here at CM! Where have you been hiding? Hope to chat with you soon! Take care!

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  2. J.B. says:
    It’s good to hear this sort of news. Before Oprah’s eventual plan of retiring she could give Charice re-exposure along with her sting in Glee.

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  3. jessica86s says:
    Now is the revelation of truths while DFF and Charice are in Manila. The Philippines shall show the international entertainment industry the Filipinos’ appreciation (or lack of it) for genuine true to life Grammy Award winning talent. This shall tell David Foster and Oprah whether Charice’s patriotism and love for her country and people are a justified obsession or a pathetic illusion like a broken hearted girl chasing a lover who could care less for her.

    Are you people prepared for this? CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Let’s start out with host Martin Nievera’s ASAP XV “HOORAH” on the latest episode,”…we don’t need no ‘YOUTUBE SENSATION’…” That’s representative of the producer, scriptwriter, director, all the way to the top including Pres. Ms Charo Santos and Chairman Mr Gabby Lopez and the whole ABS-CBN institution if you ask me. If they could do something about that certain Mr Revillame and don’t do anything, even at least come up with a public apology from the whole station, I think I’ll cancel my TFC subscription and suggest all Chasters boycott ABS-CBN. Charice and Mommy Raquel were hurt but responded very civilly as educated Christian people. I don’t think Chasters and the “CIA” need to hear the command to charge in full force.

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  4. we are thanking GOD! the instrument?mom Oprah and dad David F. for the success of our very own Chaarice.but education first of all start from the parents (mom Raq.)from shows from d character of Charice and Carl how they are so close to each other.God bless u more who in one way or the other helping Charice.Fairy Godmother and Fairy Godfather! we love u all!!! and we thank you very much!!!!

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  5. hermiemel says:
    Oprah & DF are probably beside Mom Raqz & Brod Carl loves Charice more than anybody in show biz.

    Over the past several years, Oprah & DF as “teachers” and Charice as “student” works the trenches of show biz in blistering way.

    Charice has graduated with the highest possible grade. Oprah & DF can do without the recognition that they had a hand in molding Charice. But the “happiness” is evidence in their faces when they talk about our princess.

    Charice being so talented, lovable and adorable, her teachers, Oprah & David were probably transformed into the biggest “chasters” of all.

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  6. lord-king-leader says:
    any chaster gonna be on oprah show

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  7. artemis gibran says:
    She is the WONDER GIRL in the WORLD!

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  8. Marvic says:
    Oprah is Charice agent. David Foster himself said so in one of Oprah’s show with Charice.

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    • mingsfan says:
      He was joking. It was his reply to Oprah’s comment that when she got David F. to agree to feature Charice on the first David Foster & Friends concert, she told him, “And you better pay her, too!”

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      • Marvic says:
        It is not a joke. Read the article in the Yes Magazine. I think there is a copy here in CM.

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      • Marvic says:
        From the Inquirer dated Sep. 16, 2008 and quote:
        “Oprah Winfrey, considered the queen of US daytime TV talk shows, has agreed to manage Pempengco’s US career, according to Nixon Sy, audio marketing unit head of the young singer’s Philippine label Star Records”

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        • mrsharbort says:
          Oprah is Charice’s advisor not agent. Her manager is Marc Johnston, who also manages Oprah, David and Andrea. Oprah is her adviser. Her agency, cannot remember the name, is one of the biggest talent agencies in the US

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  9. ebug says:
    Charice’s biggest fan is no other than Oprah =)

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  10. einna says:
    You are record breaking for the most featured episode in OPRAH… (that was just according to me..) haha.. LABYO CHA..

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  11. Viola says:
    CHARICE deserves OPRAH to be her FAIRY GOD MOTHER because she always listen to her and her mother, and NOT trying to do her own ways like what other teenagers are doing now. She is a good model to the young generation, spreading this message not in her owns words but I could see it in her ACTIONs.. in her WAYS…

    “To All TEENAGERS, let’s enjoy our childhood, stay away from any drugs and early sex. Let’s not think, we’re smarter than our parents and those elderly people around us. Give them love and respect.”

    CHARICE, remain humble and be healthy. We Love YOU.

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  12. ABCD says:
    Wow.. Charice.. Again in Oprah Show for the 9th Time.. Wow.. It just confirming that Oprah is the biggest Chaster of all time.. Amazing.. Right indeed that Oprah is also the godmother of Sunshine Corazon..

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  13. cafegodot says:
    love and support for charice only from a true fairy godmother!

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