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In the Land of the Rising Sun, Glee Star Charice Shines

In the Land of the Rising Sun, Glee Star Charice Shines

Oct. 20 Update: Concert Reports from Mooffin and Justcharrie

Last night’s Tokyo extravaganza won the hearts of Japanese music fans and Charice led the way, accompanied on piano by her mentor, David Foster, eliciting the most applause and garnering a standing ovation. And I had heard Japanese audiences were a tough crowd. Charice melted their hearts.

Tokyo International Forum Hall A was packed with an estimated 5000+ crowd, and if the applause did not set off an earthquake of enthusiasm, the cheering certainly did.

With Charice, the show included a star-studded line of performances, including Natalie Cole, daughter of the famed Nat King Cole, and a star in her own right. American Idol, Ruben Studdard, plus the Canadian Tenors and the incomparable Peter Cetera gave the audience something to cheer about. The concert also included local sensation, Misia. David Foster likes to invite local artists from each country he visits in Asia to perform with him, and knowing David, he picks only the best.

First off, Charice sang “Power of Love,” a song with which Celine Dion topped the charts. And with her powerful, silky voice, Charice took the audience into the stratosphere. Charice continued with a song David wrote for Celine Dion, “To Love You More” ai??i?? a song produced for a popular TV drama series here in Japan called, “My Dear Lover.” And we all felt the love with this one.

Our lovely Charice practiced her Japanese to the warm appreciation of her audience. Then, as if things couldn’t get any better, Charice left the stratosphere behind with Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself,” based on a Rachmaninoff classic. When done, David couldn’t contain his gratitude and gave Charice a heartfelt hug.

To wrap things up, Charice sang a medley from Whitney Houston’s “The Bodyguard” movie soundtrack. Like a mellow cruise in orbit, nothing could be better except to have the crowd clamor for more,ai??i?? and get it!

As an encore, Charice performed Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song,” a tune David originally helped produce. Joining her in the song, were the rest of the tour performers. And yes, a standing ovation! Wow!

Fans Have Their Say

“Charice at David Foster & Friends Japan Tour. Charice performed in front of a sold-out crowd at Tokyo International Forum Hall A, which holds more than 5 thousand people. The Japanese audience screamed so loud for Charice ai??i?? the most applauded performer of the night.”

“Charice, the main attraction, closes the show!”

“I just arrived, watching the first leg of David Foster’s Asian tour ai??i?? this concert in Tokyo, and I witnessed how my sunshine shines in this Land of the Rising Sun. She was the star of the night, with the longest applause. She managed to have some give her a standing ovation, and you know how hard the Japanese audience is to please. Kudos to you David for a wonderful concert. It brought back memories!”

Video Playlist: David Foster & Friends Japan, October 19, 2010


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Video upload by flipninjashadow

That’s a Wrap!

What a concert! More Charice to come, including videos, photos and more news from Japan. We will add these to this page as they become available, so stay tunedai??i??

By Carl Martin,


October 20 Report

By Moofin,

(Note: It is now the morning of the 21st in Japan. I posted this in the comments section last night and some of the moderators asked me to post it up here so here it is. I just wanted to add, most of you may not have noticed but Schoen mentioned in one of the comments that abilidades is our very own justcharrie. Thank you so much justcharrie for being so brave and selfless! As I write this there are still no videos of the concert last night so thank you, thank you, thank you!)

I just got back from the concert and as it is, I donai??i??t know how to begin. It was my first time to see and hear Charice live, and as many have mentioned before, however amazing the youtube videos are, nothing compares to hearing her live. If there is anyone who can even exceed vocal perfection, Charice is it.

I was not able to take any videos because security was tight, and they did mention before the concert that anyone caught would be asked to leave so please forgive me for not risking getting thrown out. So I truly commend abilidades for her selflessness in sharing her videos. Thank you so much!

The concert began 10 minutes late but once it began, I did not even notice the time. I enjoyed the other performers but I was of course waiting for Charice. When at last David said ai???I first met her as a 15 year old,ai??? there were already cheers and clapping from the audience. She began with the Power of Love, and I think there was a technical issue with her mic, since the volume was low but it got better after a while. By the way, she was using her signature crystal-studded mic. =). The audience clapped so long that if David didnai??i??t begin talking, the clapping would probably have gone on longer.

Looking around me, I would say the audience was 99% Japanese. After her first song, I looked behind me and saw their stupefied faces, as if not believing what they have just heard. I donai??i??t remember it exactly now but during one of the intervals, David asked charice to speak, and Charice introduced herself and greeted everyone in Japanese to the audienceai??i??s delight. Then David said it must be nice for her to be back in Asia and in Japan and Charice mentioned that she loves Japan and asked her manager if she could go back to Kiddyland (the famous Tokyo toy store) since she is a big anime fan. Giggling like her usual bubbly self, she told the audience that she could even sing the Doraemon theme but ai???not When David asked her to sing the next song she responded with ai???hai!ai??? which delighted the audience. With that simple ai???yes,ai??? she charmed the Japanese even more!

She was wearing the same outfit and she sang the same songs in the same order as in the videos and with each song, the audience clapped longer and harder. By her last solo, she was the only one who got a partial standing ovation, which is really a big deal since Japanese audiences donai??i??t really do that.

After the concert, I could hear many of the Japanese talking about her. There were people who have not heard of her, and I could hear some telling her story to others. One mentioned she was deeply moved, another said she was just amazing.

When I got to the lobby, I saw a truly heartwarming sight ai??i?? there was a crowd gathered to buy advance tickets to her solo show here in Japan next year!

Things are still a bit fuzzy in my mind (and I think coming back to Tokyo after a 13 hour flight yesterday doesnai??i??t help my memory). Each performer sang only 4 songs (except the Canadian Tenors who sang 3) and it just happened so fast that I cannot wait for a full concert of just Charice. The countdown to February 2011 begins!


Report from Justcharrie (Abilidades)

When I learned that David Foster and Friends will come to Japan, I believe I was the first one who celebrated with that big news. It was announced, I think at least 4 mos before the concert day. The concert venue was in Tokyo but I live in Fukuoka, around 700 miles away. Not too far away anyway but still I need to fly to get there or take a bullet train which will take a much longer hours. But it is my all time wish to see Charice and hear her amazing voice LIVE so how can I afford to miss it? Decision made: Iai??i??ll go!

I was hesitant to announce to my siblings that Iai??i??m going to watch Charice in Tokyo cuz theyai??i??ve been noticing how Iai??i??ve been spending most of my time on Charice stuff and I assumed that theyai??i??d tease me. But donai??i??t misunderstand, they too, love Charice. Everyone in the family loves Charice. They are fans but not to the degree that Iai??i??m in. So yes I told them, got teased a bit but later on, they too have decided to watch. Another reason to celebrate.

By August, everything was set.

Plane ticket (a?i??)
Hotel accomodation (a?i??) and of course,
DFF ticket (a?i??)

On the day of the concert, I read a twit from a Chaster named Jocelyn saying that sheai??i??d want us to meet. She twitted her seat no. (33-57) and to my surprise, itai??i??s exactly the seat next to mine (33-58). What a co-incidence! With more than 5 thousand seats to chance, that happening really amazed me. She then DMd her cellphone number. I called her up and learned that sheai??i??ll be coming from Kanagawa Ken, almost 2 hr. train ride. Me and my siblings decided to go early so we roamed around the venue where the Tokyo International Forum is located and at around 4:30 PM, we stayed just outside the venue. After a few minutes, we entered the building and saw a line of people. We thought it was a line for the DFF show as there were some Filipinos as well so we joined the line but got curious afterwards as we realized that the line doesnai??i??t lead to Hall A. We left the line when we learned that those people are waiting for the booth to open to claim their DFF tickets.

There were only few people inside so we decided to take a snack at a Bagel shop just right beside the hall and we sat outside so we could still see whatai??i??s happening inside. The line for the ticket claim increases slowly and we just continued to watch them. At around 5:30, few people started to stand in wait in front of the lobby where the entry to Hall A will begin. We finished our snack and joined the group. We increase as the people who got their ticket from the booth started to join us and people who already got their tickets started coming in.

The Concert Doors Open

We got to know two very nice Chasters named Joyce and Lani who live nearby who come to watch Charice. The scheduled DOOR OPEN was 6:00 and it was almost 6 but thereai??i??s still not a decent number of people so I began to worry. But then I remember I read a twit that the tickets are already SOLD OUT so I tried to relax. I began twitting when there was finally a good crowd. We were warned not to take cams and videos or itai??i??ll be confiscated. I donai??i??t exactly remember what time they allowed us to go upstairs but it was a bit delayed. Some DFF stuff were being sold at the lobby including a very nice ai???Programai??? that has each performerai??i??s profile including those of the band members. The excitement of seeing Charice LIVE was making me feel unusual. I was feeling so tense the whole time that I had to go to the restroom a lot of times. My hands were literally cold and shakingai??i?? and I got teased again by my sisters.

Going to the next level floor, I found Mr. Ogura (host of Tokudane) in front of me. I suddenly remembered him having Charice in his program a day before so that connection made me feel the urge to ask him for a picture and he kindly obliged. Proceeding to find our section, I overheard a group of young Japanese girls walking ahead of us talking about Charice PEMPENGCO. Thatai??i??s right. They knew her full name and I was amazed cuz they said her last name in a perfectly clear pronunciation. Of course what I heard from them would reveal that they are fans. Going to the door that leads to the section where we could find our seat, I noticed a lady was looking at me and I got the feeling that it was Jocelyn, the lady who twitted me and who happened to be my seatmate, and my guess was right. We all confined to our seat. The hall was almost full and there are still lots of people outside. I smiled ai??i?? itai??i??s a sold out concert. The audience comprised of 95% Japanese and 5% Filipinos and other nationalities. That was my estimate.

The concert started a bit delayed than scheduled. David opened the show with his signature St. Elmos Fire followed by Ms. Natalie Cole. After Natalieai??i??s number, David mentioned that she will be back. Next was The Canadian Tenors. Their harmony was really good. Their last song was Adagio which they said will be released in Japan soon. That moment I wished it was Charice whoai??i??s gonna sing it. The Tenors sang it in Italian and English. After Reubenai??i??s fourth song, David called back Natalie for a duet with Reuben.

Undercover Videocam

At this portion, I suddenly remembered Henri_V who mentioned that he likes Natalie but is gonna miss the show in PI for some religious matter so I tried to video the duet for him. While doing so, Jocelyn also tried to take a video and not long after, the security came to us and ordered us to stop. But that didnai??i??t make me think of not taking videos of Charice. I then suggested to Jocelyn that Iai??i??d take a video alone to lessen the risk of being caught and she agreed and told me that sheai??i??s gonna cover me.

I again started to feel the tension knowing that Charice is gonna come soon. I readied the video and waited for the right timing to push the record button. When David began introducing Charice, the clapping and screaming was so intense and some were shouting her name. I felt proud again knowing that the audience were predominantly Japanese.

Then it was finally Chariceai??i??s turn. My heart was beating so fast. I was already recording and I felt my arms were shaking so I rested my elbow on the armchair to control the shaking. I put my left palm on the LCD monitor of the video recorder so as to cover the light coming from the monitor while I peeped through the small opening on my fingers. I became unconscious of the people around me, my concentration was on the camera while I peeked on Charice from time to time.

Charice was singing songs Iai??i??ve been listening on YouTube and I couldnai??i??t believe I was hearing it LIVE. She was magnificent! Then Jocelyn opened her cellphone. I got worried so I blurted out ai???Baka Mahuli Tayoai??? (We might get caught) thinking that the beam of light from the cellphone might betray us. Jocelyn was telling me that the guard was actually watching Charice. Haha she might have forgotten her job upon hearing Chariceai??i??s mesmerizing voice. Chariceai??i??s charm actually made this video recording possible as everyone including the guards were glued to her.

Charice would receive tremendous applause every time she hits Betnovate n price those crazy difficult notes. She had 4 solos and each had received the most thunderous applause of approval. She then proceeded with an encore/finale song with the cast and her final high note of the word ai???usai??? signalled the end of the show and the audience of more than five thousand began to stand in ovation with continuous applause. I focused on watching Charice until she disappeared on the stage.

Meeting Charice!

After the concert, we met some Chasters down the lobby. A mix of Japanese and Filipinos were hoping that Charice might show up and give an instant M&G. We patiently waited though unsure of Chaai??i??s appearance. After like 30 mins, we saw DF, Peter, Reuben and others coming down the stairs but the security was quick on blocking us and prevented us from taking vids and cams. Then come surprise of all surprises, the much-awaited little princess coming down the stair with Carl on her left. There was a commotion as everyone wanted to reach Charice but there’s the security again blocking us.

Charice smiled on us and not sure of who said it but someone said Charice will be back. A lady mentioned ai???We have a train to catch!ai??? and so Charice stopped walking. I couldnai??i??t believe it but I found myself so near Charice and Carl but I was out of myself I didnai??i??t know what to do! Charice is more beautiful in person. She definitely has an aura of a superstar. I was so starstrucked.

Charice asked if someone has a pentel pen cuz sheai??i??s gonna start signing CDs so I took my selected album covers out of my bag and gave it to Carl who in turn passed it on to Charice. I saw Charice signing my Hitman album cover when I suddenly remembered my iPod that I wanted to get signed. I had a hard time finding it in my bag and I got worried that Charice might leave soon.

I was caught between the thought of collecting back my signed album covers and finding the iPod to get it signed. I asked Carl about the 5 album covers and he said Mark has it, if my recollection was right. I then asked Mark and he said someone took it. I just uttered OMG OMG! On the other hand, Carl was holding a white card-like stuff and was asking of who might be the owner of it. I didnai??i??t pay attention to it. But Carl still kept on asking for the owner of the card and when I caught the site of it and read ai???The Imperial Hotel,ai??? I realized that it was my hotel card key. OMG again, thanks for Carlai??i??s persistence.

Later I realized it wasnai??i??t 5 album covers that I lost but 6. I lost QVC Edition, DeLuxe, Japan Edition, UK Edition, Charice PI debut, and DFai??i??s Hitman. I wonder who got it. Upon learning what happened to my CD covers, Jocelyn gave me one of hers. She got 3 CD covers signed. Thank you Jocelyn! Anyway, Charice had my iPod signed and this is my prized possession now.

After all that had happened, I got sad because I failed to say a word to Charice. I failed to say to her ai???Thank you!ai??? or ai???I Love You!ai??? or even ai???Congratulations!ai???. Until now I couldnai??i??t get that out of my head. I failed to say those important words and I felt so sorry on that part.

Charice, let me say Thank You, Congratulations and I Love You here. I will always be a Chaster.

See you again on February! — Justcharrie


David Foster and Friends in Japan 2010, October 19 and 20

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  1. ronealika says:

    Here’s a link for Charice@DFF concert in Japan. It was a memorable night for me.

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  2. justcharrie says:
    The removed videos can be watched here in my new YouTube channel:

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    • 1604-bg says:
      Thank you very much justcharrie for uploading of videos, again WOW!
      I was very sad when your videos were taken down due to copyright claim.
      It is very keenly prohibited to take videos on any concert.
      You will have Cha at Osaka concert next Feb.
      The venue, ZEPP Osaka is not big, with capacity around 2,700 eats, so it`s recommendable to you and every chasters in Osaka or near there to buy or reserve hastily a ticket.
      you could this time at that concert enjoy yourself listening Cha`s incredible powerfull,stunning renditions without any videocam just for your soul.

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      • justcharrie says:

        Thank you 1604, since the venue is smaller than the previous, the chances of taking videos got even slimmer. The sales of ticket I believe will begin on November 27. Can’t really wait.

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  3. Moira_Inori says:
    Oh man, I love this. Sharisu wa honto ni sugoi desu! Thank you so much, Moofin, justcharrie, & Carl.

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  4. justcharrie says:
    Can’t see my post….

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  5. justcharrie says:
    Guys, my videos in Japan concert were taken down due to copyright claim by Kyodo Tokyo. Only “To Love You More” was spared. I’m going to re-uplod all with a different title to prevent from being take down again. Thanks everyone!

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    • justcharrie says:

      Heard changing title wouldn’t prevent videos from being taken down again, wath out for twitvid…

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  6. 1604-bg says:
    Warner Music Japan has announced that Cha will have Japan tour next Feburuary at Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, in 3 major cities in Japan on their official sight,. Advance ticket for Tokyo concert already started to sell at the venue of DF&F concert on 19th and 20th this month. Many Japanese bought these advance tickets at venue after concert as Moofin already reported.
    21st.Feb at ZEPP Nagoya
    22rd.Feb ZEPP Tokyo
    25th.Feb ZEPP Osaka
    I think this is the beginning of Cha`s solo concert in Asia and her first Asian Tours out of Filipine and USA

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  7. peter deguia says:
    Help … help … help … can’t stop watching these videos … thanks to Abilidades

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  8. Manuel Olaer says:
    The first time I saw Charice was at Las Vegas Paris Tower Surveillance camera overlooking the crowd on Las Vegas Blvd. I was working the eye at cat walk during that time and I noticed a photographer pointing their camera at the tower. I zoomed my camera and I saw Charice!! I issued a priority Surveillance on those people around Charice and our Security was running outside to see whats going on. It’s only for protections just in case something happens. Albeit that’s funny, one of my 300 lbs security guards rushing to the door slip & fall on his tummy. lol

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  9. RodBelt says:
    @:Justcharrie: It is so selfless of you to take the risk of taking those videos considering the possibility of being thrown out for the sake of the thousands of Chasters who are enjoying them now. It is a very commendable effort that I’m sure all the Chasters are grateful for. Thank you so much.

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  10. gunrunner says:
    moof n jz thanks for great works of love for our princess u just made our day

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  11. tsuki says:
    @Justcharrie & @mooffin, thank you very much for videos & update. We went to the DFF concert on 20 Oct 2010 and came back to Okinawa (2.5hrs flight from Tokyo) on 21 Oct. This is just to add details of DFF concert. Yes, the security was very tight and we got censured “POLITELY” for taking our own photos. Attendees were mostly Japanese, a few Caucasian & some Asian chasters.

    After BGM, Charice & DF got a standing ovation that lasted for several minutes. After Earth song, the crowd gave another standing ovation and started clapping. After the performers gave a vow and went out, the crowd were still standing and clapping. Performers came back, vowed and went out again but the ovation just won’t stop as if waiting for an anchor. DF had to come back and vowed for the 3rd time as the ovation continued. The ovation only stopped when the lights were turned on and the security started barking “POLITELY” the show was over.

    After the hall was cleared, hundred people waited outside the main gate and waited for Charice and DF. Only DF came out and greeted the fans. Charice was nowhere and we could not even take a picture of her. Charice will have a solo concert in Tokyo on 22 & 23 Feb 2010 at ZEPP Tokyo and only 23 minutes train ride from Tokyo International Forum.

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  12. minbeauty8 says:
    I just forgot to say thank you too to Moofin for all the reports and videos together with Justcharrie in Japan!

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  13. minbeauty8 says:
    We couldn’t ask for more from Charice…delighting to watch her and the thoughts of her performance stays and lingers in our mind!

    What a great job justcharrie did on the videos…thank you so much but feeling sorry with the lost of her valuable cds…Charice will for sure remember everything you are doing for the Chasters!!

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  14. NARS says:
    I could imagine how lucky these people are who attended the 2-day concert in Japan.. I was at Mandalay concert here in the US.. As usual, perfection is the least I could say.. plus, those people behind the success of the concert, especially the fans and followers..

    I thank you so much justcharrie and mooffin for the dedication, hardwork, love and passion of what you guys do.. Charice will forever be grateful to you guys, and to all the Chasters around the world, congratulations for a job perfectly done!!! I love you all!!!

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  15. 1604-bg says:
    DF`s album [ Love Again] reach to Top of category as best seller album in Amazon .co.JP
    And his other album [you are the Inspiration-Hitman D/F] at 9th place, but this album is TOP 100 in 447 days!
    Cha`s first album in Japan was till a few weeks ago at 1st best seller album in and now at 4th place. This album is top 100 in 158 days just after relesed in Japan.
    I really expect Cha can reach to Top again after concert of DF&F.

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  16. wanderlust says:
    hi i found this video of charice in japan after the dff concert….

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  17. mima says:
    ookini ;) thank you so much justcharrie…u are one brave ninja chaster,kudos to you…maybe next time i can meet u too in person…How i wish they will schedule a weekend show so i can see Charice too :(

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  18. fef says:
    Thanks to Moofin & Justcharrie for everything from the bottom of our hearts,you did a great risks,so everyone like me get the chance to see the wonderful performances of Charice in Japan. GOD Bless Us Always.

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  19. Maria Jane says:
    Thanks, Moofin for sharing your Charice expereince. I could hear you saying” baka mahuli tayo” in the video uploaded by justcharrie. Thanks Justcharrie for the vids. you sewre so brave. Indeed, you were lucky the gurads got mesmerized by Charice they forgot to watch out for people taking videos like you.
    Moofin, just curious. Where did you come from and you have to fly 13 hrs? it seems you came from the US coz that’s how long the flight is.

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    • mooffin says:
      that was actually josie with justcharrie. they went to the concert on the 19th and i went to the one on the 20th. =).

      yup, just got back from a vacation in the US =).

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  20. ArrVee says:
    @JustCharrie, thanks for sharing your experience at the concert, and of course, the high-quality video. It’s amazing what you said, that you were able to take those video because Charice commanded the attention of the guards.

    this is yet another illustration of how she connects with everyone at a deep and primal level, deep enough to override our logical trains of thought. And our reactions are correspondingly primal – hairs standing, chills down our spine, tears in our eyes, and primal screams …

    and it takes a seasoned war correspondent like JustCharrie to concentrate on tending to the video shoot for the benefit of the rest of us …

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  21. Joel says:
    I wish David let her sing one of her songs. I mean I know it’s “his” show but she’s the show stopper, the main voice of this whole concert. I just think showcasing one of her own songs would be great, so people can remember her for more than just the girl that can sing Davids old songs. She was amazing regardless but you would think she would do more of hers like “In This Song”, or even “Crescent Moon”.

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