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Glee Setting the Trend: Charice Fans be Gleeful!

Glee Setting the Trend: Charice Fans be Gleeful!

Three weeks ago, Charice outdid Beyonceai??i??s original version of ai???Listenai??? when her cover of the same song charted higher in the Billboard Hot 100. Itai??i??s a good thing Glee decided to release her amazing performance as a single immediately after the episodeai??i??s airing since this is actually Chariceai??i??s highest charting solo entry to the Billboard Hot 100 chart at no. 38 (her hit, ai???Pyramidai??? peaked at no.1 in the Billboard Dance chart); while her ai???Telephoneai??? duet with Glee co-star, Lea Michele, charted at no. 23.


To the people behind Glee, Chariceai??i??s ai???Listenai??? is just one of the many song covers that the Glee stars have already done that took the charts by storm. Last October 7, 2010, BBC reported that Glee has already knocked down the Beatlesai??i?? record of 71 placements in the Hot 100 chart. Overall, Gleeai??i??s in third place behind Elvis Presley with 108 and James Brown with 91. If the current trend of at least 2 Glee covers charting in Billboard per episode continues, then Elvisai??i?? record of 108 might just be beaten by next year.

And itai??i??s not only single sales that Glee is dominating in. The five compilation albums that Glee has released have already achieved over 1.8 million sales. Jo Piazza from puts this into perspective by emphasizing that on the average, only four albums a year goes over the million copies mark. Add to this the fact that a Glee album is cheaper to produce than an original album of a famous artist, even if Glee needs to pay for the license of the song and the artistai??i??s royalty fees.

Plus, Keith Caulfield perfectly says it, ai???the complete album package is irresistible to ‘Glee’ fans because it is nothing but hitsai??i??so you know you will like the album as opposed to buying a new album where the consumer is taking a chance with their dollar on something they might not entirely


Surprisingly, Glee has not yet lost steam after a massively successful first season, when just a while back, critics were unsure that Glee would even last for a full first season. Leave it to the people at Fox for a never before seen marketing campaign, as detailed here in CNN. After a sneak peak of the pilot episode Fox had to work hard to maintain interest for four months until the seriesai??i?? premiere. ai???To help maintain the buzz, it delved into social networking, maintained a strong online presence, dispatched the show’s actors to malls across the country and held a fan contest,ai??? CNNai??i??s Lisa Respers said.

Gleeai??i??s risky marketing strategy coupled with its new TV formula of musical, dark comedy, and drama, is really paying off, even now in its second season. It had just scored its highest audience rating yet with the Britney Spears tribute, the second episode of season two.

Charice and Glee

With Chariceai??i??s casting as the exchange student, Sunshine Corazon, Gleeai??i??s rabid fans and large audience share might just be the thing to help propel Charice into mainstream Americaai??i??s radar. Gleeks all over the world will definitely hear more from Charice as she returns in episode six, as part of the rival glee club, Vocal Adrenaline.

Hopefully, Charice benefits from the huge popularity of Glee just as her singing adds something new and incredible to this wonderfully fresh show. So Chasters, are Order carbozyne review you gleeful that Charice is part of this trendsetting show? Are you newly converted Gleeks? Or are you still waiting for Glee to live up to all the hype? Tell us what you think! Just leave a comment below.

By Sofia Carrera,


Welcome Glee Fans!

Charice Glee Fans 75x75 Glee Setting the Trend: Charice Fans be Gleeful!You were most likely blown away by Chariceai??i??s debut on Glee which is why you are here. Welcome to the best Charice fansite there is! If you are looking for more outstanding Charice performances, look no further. We have compiled the very best of Charice in the best quality that we could find! From her perfectly controlled rendition of ai???One Moment In Timeai??? to the fun ai???Babyai??? (hey, she can rap!), if you are not yet a big fan, youai??i??ll surely become one after hearing her very best. >> continue reading


42 Responses to “Glee Setting the Trend: Charice Fans be Gleeful!”

  1. gabe says:

    Well, the next question is when will Charice really re-appear in Glee. All web sources including this article got wired and busted in announcing Ep6 as her next appearance. What seems to be the reason why there’s a news black out involving from the Glee management? Did she recorded some episodes when she returned to USA after her Asian Tour with DF? She claimed this before but surprisingly, she returned to Manila for an unscheduled one-week vacation. No clear cut news after that…..

    Any scoops and spoilers for this matter?….anyone.

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  2. saudi_charistic says:

    guys, all of u are right!!!

    this is the fact, glee is a popular tv show but not for all. i heard that show but i was not interested to watch. but when charice got in, i am so crazily looking for the way how can i watch this tv program which we dont have like this channel here in saudi arabia. i am just searching youtube if there i anyone who post every episode. i love charice the way she sings…
    so, i will support her in anyway…

    so this is what it looks like. glee is a huge tv program, but they need charice to make a better show. i mean their concept as of now is to find rival of the main cast (lea) so, she is perfect to the role. for charice, she really needs this show to make here more popular!!!

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  3. Mmarcialfinfanatic says:

    Glee is fun. can’t wait for the ep 6. wheww!

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  4. jimfan155 says:
    Glee was a hit before Charice, and will be a bigger hit with her. She is part of the cast now, so to support Glee is supporting Charice. I do understand how some fans who love Charice and didn’t watch Glee last season would say they would only watch when Charice was on, but thinking about the big picture, it is only alienating Glee fans, and that is not we want to do. In order to gather new fans for Charice we have to embrace Glee fans and support the entire cast as well. These are all talented performers and we shouldn’t pit one against another. Think before you comment and if it doesn’t put Charice in a positive position then do you really want to make that comment? No one can tell you what to do, but I think if it in anyway puts Charice in a compromising way, then it shouldn’t be done. Sometimes “discretion is the better part of valor”.

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  5. Daryl says:
    I’m so excited for the episode6. are you?

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  6. chocoborbon says:
    i think charice had also contributed a lot for glee. imagine this, glee viewers has increased (am not actually sure how much) and it is a fact that most of this viewers added were chasters (charice’s fans). although, yeah, i agree, glee is also a good thing for charice. but i think that glee also need charice, they will not hire her as the lead actress’ (lea michele) rival singer if they were not amazed by her huge pipes anyway. naah, just accept it people, glee and charice need each other. :D

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  7. bld9696 says:
    I think one thing we keep forgetting is that, for many people out there, Charice is still fairly new to them. Just because most of us here have been her fans for several years does not mean that everyone else have been. Glee is a great opportunity for Charice to be seen and appreciated by a huge, whole new audience seperate from Oprah. Plus, I think we all love her covers of the great ballads, which we should see more of on Glee. Her career is still in its infancy. But when it takes off, which I think will be very soon, she will truly be a megastar. I do agree that they should be promoting more songs like “Thank You”, “All That I Need to Survive”, and “In This Song” on the talk show circuit. These are her “wowwers” off the album. These songs make people of all ages stand up and take notice.

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  8. hypenning says:
    Yeah right imagine Justine Beiber, Celine Deon, Justine Timberlake Mmariah Carey, Beyonce all agrred to be on this very popular show. Of caurse they will come if they can afford their prides with or without Charice. But where and how is the Sunshine story gonna come in? And where will it go with or without the Sunshine…

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  9. Maureen says:
    well… I, for one, loved charice first.. and gLee second..
    but definitely in love with them both! :D

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  10. wilma says:
    Max is right. don’t say any negative if you have nothing to say about glee. Glee is a big tv program at it added to Charice popularity. I love charice iam a big fan

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  11. Theo says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • imAgleek says:
      shes still promoting her songs. and i know for a fact that she just finish new song , a collaboration again, just like pyramid.

      FYI glee is known for covering great songs.

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    • Teejoe says:
      Well Theo you shouldn’t be annoyed. Being casted on GLEE is probably one of the highlights of Charice’s young but very fruitful career. The fact is as one of the top TV series in the US, GLEE would definitely make Charice a household name in the shortest possible time. Of course she’ll be singing covers as everyone does in that show. I don;t think she’ll be known as a walking karaoke just becasue of that as Lea Michelle and the others have never been accused of that either. Look, to be a great singer doesn’t mean you need to be singing original songs all the time. In fact being versatile and being able to sing different kinds of songs(genre)is a hallmark of a great singer. this is why the American audience is so amazed at her because unlike other singers out there Charice has the talent to sing almost anything.

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    • Gleekster says:

      By ‘walking KARAOKE’ did you mean:
      A) she still sings a lot of COVER SONGS
      B) she just sings whatever song she’s told in any given gig where she was brought to and after she’s handed the mic, waits for music then execute. Then, leaves the stage after being done.
      C) BOTH A & B

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  12. flowjam21 says:
    As we all know that Glee is a huged show of todays trend in Television.But still i believe,with the guess appearance of Charice on Glee is another share audience for the show(GLEE).In respect of the Glee Show,we thankful that Charice was in there.In my point of view,there’s no argueing between the popularity between Glee N Charice.They’re both popular with their own audience.Can we just say vise versa,ok.honestly,im not really familiar to the Glee show before,but when Charice was being part of the Glee.i was really get interested to that show’ maybe,without Charice on Glee.I can not say that Show is a huged.

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  13. markgelo says:
    Charice is here in philippines ;D she is so cute..

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  14. RANDY B. says:

    Why people can’t accept the fact that Glee doesn’t need Charice, but Charice needs Glee. Even she will not join Glee still the show is huge. Proof is 19 Emmy nominations. There are lots of more popular actors out there who will come and grace the show. Can you imagine if Justin Timberlake, Celine Dione, Mariah Carey and other so-called Superstars agreed to guest on this very popular show. And they can sing too! Charice’s career has just started (it’s a fact), so no need to brag about not watching Glee if Charice wasn’t there.

    Let’s just be grateful and thankful to the Glee creators who gave her this rare chance to show to the whole world her amazing talent.

    Hope my english is OK.


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    • J.B. says:
      Agree to this one. In fact, Glee has given Charice a big shot in the arm to showcase more what she got. And perhaps, much better exposure that would translate to superstardom in the the near future.

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  15. hypenning says:
    Youre right with the questions? Glee is a hype and it needs Charice to live up and to insure its trendseting. This show is just a stepping stone for all the casts and they all know it, and it will also boasts Charice popularity in the us mainstream. Its been the goal of fox network to be on top for the past four years. And I just cant help wondering if they did not have their eyes on Charing even before this show was just on starting point last year.

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  16. bld9696 says:
    I am one of those people who never watched Glee until Charice became a cast member. But after watching the season 2 premier and losing my Glee virginity, I can now say I am a fan. I have watched the following 2 shows and thoroughly them. While I will certainly enjoy Glee more when Charice is on (as all true Chasters will), she will definitely not be the only reason I tune in.

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  17. chit says:
    Everyone is right: We cannot put Charice up by putting someone else down. Let’s be polite and respectful to everyone. We’ll gain more this way than through narrow-mindedness and immaturity. Glee did not get to where it is for nothing; it has had these great actors from the start. Let’s just support Charice and all others who can help her gain exposure in the American mainstream and world audiences.

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  18. nautilus_stone says:
    Thoroughly G L E E F U L!!!

    G L E E F U L Yes I am !!!

    G L E E F U L for Charice !!!

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  19. kakawati1000 says:
    The manager of Glee and Charice are brilliant.

    Both will benefit from each other.

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  20. camo says:
    some of these people commenting are so far into the forest they cant see the trees.thye dont realise that glee does not need charice .but charice needs glee.glee is a hit show with or without charice,having said that charice brings some thing to the show and with her massive fan base more ratings for glee,so if you dont watch when charice is on fine but keep it to people are not helping charice by putting down the show and its cast,charice is a cast member whether recurring or guest so people just be nice .thank you and keep watching glee as the princess asked.

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    • FanOne says:
      @camo…I admire and share your stand on this. It’s unfortunate that some Charice fans try to put down others, in the misguided belief that it will bring up Charice higher. Please continue to bring reality to these fans who are blinded by their fervor for Charice.

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    • Lisbon says:
      I agree with Camo. gLee is already a trendsetter with or without Charice. Let us be happy Chasters that Charice is now part of these very popular show. With gLee, our princess is now gaining exposures that she truly deserves.

      I can still remember when we stormed Jojo’s Top9of9 show just to help Charice to be on the No.1 spot and we succeeded! We promoted Charice on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube because we love her and we want the world to recognize her incredible talent. That’s what the real Chasters do. Our princess knew how it feels being embarassed and being turned down. For sure, she wouldn’t allow us to hurt other artists/performers.

      She’s now a gLee star! Let’s welcome gLeeKs-turned-new-Chasters!

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  21. Daniel says:
    I watch GLEE and enjoy all the cast member. Of course when Charice is there, it’s a double treat. This is a popular series and the show will catapult Charice career to another level.

    Another subject, just found out Charice will be performing in Los Angeles area for FREE at the Citadel Outlets in the City of Commerce
    with Cody Simpson at 5 pm. on Saturday Nov. 20, 2010. This is the link to Citadel Outlet page:

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  22. Syuryu says:
    Sorry to say this, but just wanna b factual. Never heard of glee before cha appeared n neither do any of my friends n students do. this is japan n they’re lovers of Hollywood/American tv series as almost every household has a cable tv. So there r places where cha brings new fans/viewers to glee. The producers know this, so yeah, it’s surely win-win.

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    • Jessikai says:
      Well, I live in California and I can attest to it’s huge popularity, especially among teens. And that’s the demographic that Charice needs to work on, so I think Glee is really good for her. But yeah, you’re right, it’s a win-win situation.

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    • Perry pc says:
      I’m the same way, never heard of Glee until Charice was in it, and I live in USA.

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  23. Portia says:
    I will be looking forward for the 6th Glee Episode to watch my ultimate singing idol.

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  24. Percy says:
    Don’t put down anybody or any show because in your mind it benifits Charice. On the contrary it upsets other people who would be future fans that may be put off by bad comments to other artists that you post here . Guys, she does not need this- she’s just so f…ing talented. Let the whole world enjoy this gift from God, this angel, and just..Listen!

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  25. J.B. says:
    Here in Australia, the TV programming for episode 2 will start this week or end of this month. So that further delay the long wait for Cha next appearance..Hayay…Glad there is youtube…but good to watch it in full HD.

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  26. Salin says:
    I watched Glee once last year, never did again until Charice came in to the picture this 2nd season. Honestly, I hope Ryan Murphy will give Charice more scenes like, he is giving to Lea Michele and Chord Overstreet nowadays. I think it will lift Charice career and it´ll help her to be a household name in the US. But not only for that reason, I think Glee will be a kind of training ground for her acting career, she´ll gain friends and meet a lot of people in this business plus she may learn more about broadway. Other than that once she experiences those things, I hope she´ll get out in her own terms out of the show. I´m convinced her talent is beyond this show and Glees popularity will not be forever, that´s the reality.

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  27. Gail says:
    I’ve been a Glee fan since its first episode. Charice’s presence in Glee will certainly help her popularity by being exposed more to the younger generation in the U.S. At the same time, Glee will also be exposed more to potential fan in foreign countries. All in all, this is a win-win situation for both Glee and Charice.

    I can’t wait to see episode 6 when Charice returns.

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  28. Max says:
    Here we go again. Why can’t people understand that if they have nothing positive to say about Glee, please don’t say anything. Charicemania is busting its butt trying to recruit new fans for Charice. Guess where most of those new fans are going to come from? I can tell you that Glee is bringing new fans here and to Charice’s other fan sites wanting to know more about this new star.

    Many people in my part of the world (South Central U.S.)do not know Charice yet, I can assure you. However, I have yet to find someone who is not familiar with Glee. Add it up, if I am a Glee fan wanting to know more about Charice, here is where I come. Can Chasters say the same about Glee? How many have visited Glee’s fan sites to learn about Fox’s No. 1 ranked show?

    Chasters MUST recognize that you cannot say something derogatory without hurting Charice’s popularity with a nationwide audience of 15 million people.

    And to say “I am not watching Glee unless Charice is on” is derogatory toward Glee… two cents.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      You are right Max! Glee + Charice is Win-Win situation!

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    • Tipenski says:
      So right and well said, Max. Couldn’t agree more.

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    • FanOne says:
      A very convincing case, Max. But we know in the Chasters family, there are some we wish they would act like most Chasters do, with humility and respect for other artists and points of view.

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    • Iam Nottey says:

      @ Max – How did you know that many people in your part of USA do not know Charice? Did you conduct some sort of house to house verification as to whether or not they know Charice? The mere fact that you come from the same area and know Charice only disproves your statement. I agree with you though that GLEE as we all know is a very popular TV show in America. As such, Charice addition to the show, even only on a recurring role, certainly provides Charice greater exposure to GLEE viewership as far as USA is concerned. But we have to admit that to some extent Charice’s appearance on GLEE also brought additional viewership for GLEE. It might interest you to know that Yahoo! reported a phenomenal surge of Yahoo searches for GLEE to over 500% on and after the day of the showing of the first episode of season 2 where Charice first appeared. Common sense would dictate that these searches emanated from the CIA (Charice Internet Army) outside of USA. Take note that GLEE is not well known outside of America. Btw, Charicemania is not busting its butt trying to recruit new fans for Charice. Charice herself auditioned for GLEE and Mr. Murphy, GLEE’s creator smelled the star on her and got her for a GLEE role. What followed next is history.

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  29. Jaju says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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