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Charice Gears up for Tokyo Concert Extravaganza

Charice Gears up for Tokyo Concert Extravaganza

Every time Charice sings, it’s like angels have touched down on stage. When every note is sculpted so perfectly, it takes your breath away,Ai?? you know a superstar is in your midst. Today was no exception when Charice and David Foster took to the airwaves on Fuji TV networks’ morning TV program “Tokudane” to promote tonight’s Tokyo concert. With them was famed singer, Peter Cetera.

Pop music is a hot ticket in Japan. Though this country has less than half the population of the United States, it ranks second only to America in worldwide pop sales. The commotion in Tokyo is building to a frenzy. It might just set off an earthquake!

YouTube is carrying this morning’s program. What follows is a rough translation:

HOST: The Philippines’ produced songbird Charice, she will sing for us today. Please come over Charice.

HOSTESS: …she’s cute!

HOST: We also introduced Charice in our program. [to Charice:] How did you feel the first time you met him? [David Foster]

CHARICE: David is not only a great producer-songwriter, but he’s a real person. That’s why I understand he’s very successful.

ai??i?? and then Charice sings “In this Song” with David on accompanying on the piano.

HOST: Amazing! Wow, Amazing! ….Stunning!

HOSTESS: I got goosebump.

DAVID FOSTER: That voice! You know, I think that Charice is making all of Asia proud all over the world. She is truly a superstar all over the world.

HOST:Sukiyaki” (song title) was a hit 57 years ago and we couldn’t believe that we now have an Asian singer who actually has an album made it to Top 10, and that was a David produced album.

HOSTESS: It’s like the studio will shake.

HOST: Charice please come join us here.

HOST: It’s great. I still can’t believe David is in the studio. But this is real, isn’t it? David Foster will have a live show tomorrow and the following day at Tokyo International Forum Hall A. It is a two day show.

HOST: It was 16 years ago when you had a show in Japan, this 2 days show is very special.

DAVID FOSTER: It’s such a great pleasure to know that you are such a music fan and that you appreciate what we do. And also I wanted to say “hi” to Mr. Amatatsu. Is he out there?

Well, there you go. And you can probably guess where I want to be Cost of hydrochlorothiazide tonight. Anyone have a spare plane ticket?

By Carl Martin,

David Foster and Friends in Japan 2010, October 19 and 20

Charice David Foster Japan 75x75 Charice Gears up for Tokyo Concert ExtravaganzaDavid Foster, hitmaker during the golden age of the adult-oriented rock genre from the 80s to the early 90s will come back to Japan for concerts on October 19 and 20 at Hall A of the Tokyo International Forum. The last time he was in Japan to perform was 16 years ago at the ai???JT Super Producers 94ai??? concert at the Budokan in 1994.

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57 Responses to “Charice Gears up for Tokyo Concert Extravaganza”

  1. cora says:

    why this song is not played in radio stations in the philippines. only pyramid is played. I have to go to the internet just to listen to this song.

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  2. cool_babe says:

    ive listened to this song a hundred times and yet it still makes me shiver everytime charice sings it…amazing!!!!

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  3. bitzes says:
    has anyone had seen this? David Foster & Friends Concert in Japan was featured in the news…

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  4. eva says:
    you guys are lucky to see her concert, shes really reAlly great. thank you so much for all those, who shares there videeo to us. god bless to all of yoy.

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  5. 1604-bg says:
    OMC! Thank you abilidades for uploading.
    Great videos of Charice at Tokyo last night.
    She sang three Dion`s songs and MJ`s
    Power of love.
    To love you More(very popular in japan, bcz of TV soap )
    All By Myself(the best rendention ever)
    and ending song, The earth song with other artists.

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  6. 1604-bg says:
    Thank you very much nautilus_stone. You have done great job.
    Clear videos and quality sounds.
    Cha nailed again this difficult song [All by Myself], even better than Vegas.
    Everybody should go to this videos by nautilus_stone on 19.10.

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  7. rotcic says:
    Charice keep it up…….

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  8. hannalene says:

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