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David Foster: “Being Good is the Enemy of Being Great”

David Foster: “Being Good is the Enemy of Being Great”

Hey Chasters! Thanks for all the nice comments. Honestly, being there in person for the event was really a privilege, so I truly felt an obligation to provide you guys as full of an account of actually being there in person with us from start to finish.

I want to make one point about this whole ai???DFF mistakeai??? issue. Like in all my previous comments Iai??i??ve written before, I think the KEY thing to always take into account whenever we see or read anything on the t.v. or internet is CONTEXT. Without proper context, one quote or short video sequence can come off to appear completely differeng than what actually happened. That is why I felt the need to include as much detail as possible in the two reports to give you guys the ai???full pictureai??i?? of what went down vs. the short snippets here and there found elsewhere.

So putting this issue into context, we have to remember a few things:

1. This show was being recorded for a PBS T.V/DVD/CD release. I donai??i??t know how long D. Foster had to prepare for the first Hitman concert in 2008, but D. Foster said during Friday nightai??i??s show that he only had two months to really prepare for this one. I donai??i??t know how many artists will actually make it to the final 2 hour or so official recording for the show, but keep in mind, this concert went for over 4 hours!

So there WILL be a tremendous amount of editing done for the official release. There seemed to be SO many artists performing on Friday night, that I canai??i??t imagine how D. Foster could have had sufficient time to really practice the sets with all the artists. In fact, D. Foster shared that he only got 2 days or so to practice with some of the artists before the show, and honestly, one artist (Fabian) flew directly from Moscow to be there for the show so I know he didnai??i??t even have one opportunity to practice with her during any of the rehearsals.

If you guys could have been there, it was truly AWE-INSPIRING to see D. Foster, in all his majesty, pulling off song after song, with so little practice time with the artists, and coming off with virtually FLAWLESS performances! In a NORMAL concert, NONE of the ai???mistakesai??i?? would have even been noticed! In fact, each time D. Foster stopped the artists during the songs, I didnai??i??t even know why he did that because I clearly didnai??i??t hear any mistakes.

But thatai??i??s what makes D. Foster who he is, striving for nothing short of PERFECTION each and every time he does something. Remember what D. Foster told Charice, that just being good is the enemy of being great. For a regular concert, you obviously just go with ONE take for each song, but here, b/c this was going to be recorded for distribution, he felt an obligation to do several re-takes to make sure each song would be ai???perfectai??i?? for the recording.

2. This brings me to the so-called ai???mistakeai??i?? that some seem to be worried about during Chariceai??i??s set. Again, taking things into CONTEXT, remember, by the time Charice came on set, it was almost 11:30pm, and D. Foster had been playing for over 3.5 hours. By that point, there had been several re-takes/breaks because of technical issues with the stage direction/etc. Amazingly, NONE of the mistakes originated with the artists themselves, it was usually a wrong key being played by the musicians, or some issue with the feedback/etc. The artists were amazing, each and every one of them.

 David Foster: Being Good is the Enemy of Being GreatAnd Charice, what can we say? Even when D. Foster stopped her the first time of ai???All by Myselfai??? because he had played in a wrong key, honestly, I DIDNai??i??T even notice that, because Charice was SPOT-ON, catching whatever wrong key was being played, and adjusting her tone perfectly to adapt to the situation. In a normal concert, NOBODY in the arena would have noticed that, and D. Foster would have just continued playing, and no one would be talking about it even once. However, because of the concert being recorded, D. Foster stopped her, and they started over.

The important thing about context also is NOT trying to ai???re-writeai??i?? history either. I did spend a lot of time deliberating how much detail I would put in about the whole Buy cefadroxil antibiotic ai???missing four barsai??i?? incident at the end of ai???All by Myselfai???. I asked several Chasters at the post-dinner what they thought about that. A few Chasters thought it would be best to completely leave that whole thing out. But the vast majority of my fellow Chasters felt it was important to accurately report what actually happenend, because in this day and age of computers/internet, things can be taken so OUT of context, and the true story can be completely distorted.

So I decided, in order to keep the integrity of this report, and to provide the true full picture behind what would eventually be released in snippets on-line in youtube clips, I would recount what ACTUALLY happened, from someone who was literally about 15 rows from the stage on the floor witnessing it firsthand.

The ai???missing barsai??i?? thing at the end was NOT a planned thing guys. Honestly, we may feel like these artists and musical geniuses can never make a mistake, ever, and that is actually a short-sided mindset. These are some of the most gifted and talented musicians ever on the planet, but they do make mistakes sometimes. In the studio, it is easily fixed with another retake. In most live concerts, no one notices since they keep playing on.

During this show, EVERY single mistake earlier had been re-done with the artists. HOWEVER, because it was almost midnight, D. Foster asked someone near the stage whether they could do another take of ai???All by Myselfai???Ai??to ai???fixai??i?? the missing four bars at the end of the song. However, he was told that there wasnai??i??t enough time to do so (I think they have a certain time they need to finish by to meet contractual obligations with the venue and the production companies. So, that was that.

Like I shared earlier, had D. Foster not said anything to Charice and the audience about leaving out the last four bars and forgetting to tell Charice about that change before the show, Iai??i??m certain MOST people would have not had ONE clue that there was any mistake. Yes, it was a bit confusing seeing Charice look back at D. Foster at the end of the song when there was that pauseai??i?? however, I thought maybe that was part of the dramatic effect of finishing the song.

I think some artists would have just stopped singing there, but D. Foster knew what Charice was capable of, and so he gave her one simple instruction to hit the high note. And as the videos show, that she did, that she did. How many artists out there could hit that high note, on perfect key/pitch, without being led up to it by the preceding missing four bars??? Honestly, that high note was out of this world, and the crowd erupted to its feet after the song.

So it could have easily been disregarded by D. Foster, and no one would have known any better, but D. Foster being who he is, Mr. Perfection, thought they should do one more take to make sure he and Charice were on the same page for take 2. However, there just wasnai??i??t enough time, hence the somewhat anticlimactic way that Charice left the stage at that moment after D. Foster was told they couldnai??i??t re-do the song.

Do I think that may have been why Charice seemed more ai???subduedai??i?? when she came back on stage during the final bows? I donai??i??t know. Honestly, she must have been exhausted, just like the rest of us who were simply sitting down in our seats for those 4+ hours. But did Charice sulk and decide to cancel the meet and greet afterwards with her fans? Of course not, as you know, she exuded so much SUNSHINE during the meet/greet as recounted in Part 2.

So there it is Chasters, the full story, so we can stop trying to make up other reasons for what happened. Mistakes happen to even the best, but thereai??i??s no need to harbor on it over and over. Charice was FLAWLESS that night, as were virtually all the artists. Imagine playing the piano and hosting and directing the show for just ONE artist, let alone 15 different artists all with different key ranges and singing styles.
Could ANYONE else but D. Foster pull off what he did that night? Canai??i??t think of anyone that comes to mind. D. Foster is a musical genius, legend, and Charice is so blessed to have him in her life. I am confident the official DVD/CD release of the event is going to be SPECTACULAR. I truly do hope that ai???all by myselfai??? makes it to the CD. The performance was stunning, powerful, and unforgettable. Thank you to both D. Foster and Charice for giving us a night that we will cherish forever!

By LAfan,

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  1. J.B. says:

    I remember a scene in MasterChef that the presenter told the participants that during the most pressured hours it bring upthe great stuff they’re really made of, if they have one.

    Charice showed how well she adjusted to that so-called ‘mistake’.

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  2. soon says:
    THANK YOU pbs, cnn, fox and soon own too… THANK YOU

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