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Charice: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Charice: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

We had witnessed her as “Sunshine Corazon”, dressed very casually, so soft-spoken, somewhat still shy, being so nice and respectful to her adoring, much older fans! Yet when she appeared on stage with Ne-Yo, she had undergone a transformation into Charice, the most beautiful girl in the world, with a FIERCE voice and attitude which exuded confidence and strength; same girl, yet two very different

With a description as passionate and as detailed as the one above, itai??i??s impossible to not notice the devotion of Chasters have for their idol. Itai??i??s no mystery that so many people consider themselves touched or amazed in some way by Chariceai??i??s voice and singing. Just by Chariceai??i??s recent performance in the Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends concert last Friday in Las Vegas, it can be said that she is now a full-grown artist, technically, creatively, and physically.


As we hear Charice belt out the two Celine Dion classics, ai???All By Myselfai??? and ai???To Love You Moreai??? ai??i?? youai??i??ll feel the difference from the way she controls her voice that she has indeed improved vocally from her days as a young child competing in small-town competitions. In the concert, even when David Foster missed some notes on the piano at the end of a song, Charice still nailed the final high note, which is incredibly hard to do. And as LAfan said in his article here, ai???Celine Dion had told Fosterai??? that ai???All by Myselfai??? is a ai???ridiculously difficult song to But Charice still sang it incredibly.


On Chariceai??i??s performance with Ne-yo, we can see her letting loose and doing something different. Instead of the usual Celine and Whitney songs, we now see her grooving and singing RnB songs. Itai??i??s apparent that Chariceai??i??s creative taste in music has indeed grown. From the fast beat of her hit single ai???Pyramidai???, to her in-the-works dance song with Jim Beanz, itai??i??s really good to see Charice expanding her repertoire. As an artist, itai??i??s never a mistake to have a wide creative range of music that you can sing and appreciate Purchase lady era pills at the same time.


Just as the quote above describes Charice as the most beautiful girl in the world, Iai??i??m sure everyone will agree that she has come a long way from the young girl dresses she wore in Little Big Star and the cute tween outfit with pigtails look she had in Star King. Now, Charice has wavy, big hair, fit for a young diva. And as everyone saw in the Hitman Returns concert, she was wearing a beautiful black top with a shiny, black miniskirt and black high-heels to match. Her physical beauty might just be from all the inner goodness sheai??i??s feeling which is manifested on the outside.

Though Chariceai??i??s performance is not as fast as that of the famed phone booth transformation of Clark Kent to Superman, it is still surely equal in wonder. Donai??i??t you agree?

Watch the video, that inspired the poignant quote at the start of the article, below:

By Sofia Carrera,

57 Responses to “Charice: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”

  1. Ana says:
    sim ela é mesmo linda e tem uma grande voz. Mas ela já deu quantos lives a solo?e quantas pessoas vão aos concertos dela?ela játem milhões como fortuna?

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  2. Demi says:
    Beautiful written!
    And you’re so true!

    Love you Charice! x

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  3. chriomuz says:
    Charice has a very unique look.
    She has a very beautiful, fierce and strong look about her but when she starts to talk and move she starts to look more sweet and pretty.

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  4. mathew says:
    cha…. love u… xe..xe..xe… ^_^

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  5. colmijez says:
    aawwwww… chasters fell head over heels in love once again with the princess! chasters’ love is soooooo sweeet!

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  6. jomari says:
    im going to watch her concert Here In Manila and you know what the remaining ticket available General Patronage 590 and uppper box b 1590 limited slot remain the other accomodation is sold out wow so i just got the 1590 me and my wife will wacth also my niece and sister will also watch

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  7. TonyVernsky says:
    “Not all that glitters is gold” is a popular saying derived from “All that glisters is gold” that was made famous in William Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” way back in 1596. It means not everything that looks beautiful is beautiful or something attractive and pretty is not always what it seems to be. It means also that appearances can be deceptive and things that look valuable can be worthless.

    There are some artists or singers who fall in this category but not Charice who, for me, exemplifies the real meaning of beauty. Charice is not only an amazing singer but most of all a beautiful person inside and out. We have witnessed how she answered questions in her past interviews. She’s so humble and polite and to the hard-to-please Filipinos in the Philippines, she always include those respectful words like “po, opo” and “hindi po”. She always work hard to improve herself and to please almost everyone as shown by her several performances. The latest of which was the DFF concert last October 15, 2010 at Mandaly Bay. We saw how incredibly amazing when she performed on the stage or even during her interviews when she did some impromptu singing. But the thing that touches me most was the so called “Meet and Greet Charice” event. Charice, although tired and sleepy and still scheduled to perform in Japan the next day, still was able to wave, smile, sign autographs, take pictures and chat with her fans even after midnight. That’s, for me, is a real beautiful and wonderful person.

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  8. SuperCoolCritic says:
    “Why did you fall in love with Charice & won’t last a day without her ? – In your eyes, she’s the Most Beautiful Girl In the World.”

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  9. b0neDaddy says:
    i lyk her cheeks wen she smyls… soooo cute… shes so humble and sweet to d people hu loves her…

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  10. Tucky-Tar chaster says:
    she so sweet and pretty…I love you.

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  11. nonieboy says:
    Yes she is indeed!!!

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  12. ebjohns11 says:
    She has it all !! Thats why we love her. Her outfit is so cute!

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  13. Maria Jane says:
    Thanks, Sofia for this wonderful video of lovely Chairce.. BTW, I am so sad I cannot watch Glee tomorrow on tv and who knows until when Cablevision and Newscorp will settle their differences I count on charicemania chasters to post clips her if ever Charice gets on the 5th episode and so on. myabe i can watch on
    thanks admin for always keepign updates posted abotu charice.

    I just wonder who will be the guest Fil. singer in the Manila show?

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