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Charice, Train, Mike Posner are Top Billing for 2010 WNCI 97.9 Jingle Ball

Charice, Train, Mike Posner are Top Billing for 2010 WNCI 97.9 Jingle Ball

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  1. Ripley says:

    Another great performance despite the injury. Poor thing had to walk all by herself! (While watching the vid, I was thinking that I wanted to rush up the stage to help her!) No diva air about her! So humble! Hope and pray she’s better now. God Bless you more Charice! You’re such an inspiration!

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  2. rob47 says:
    Are you a real Chaster? Have you bought her Mini Christmas album yet? If not, ask yourself again if you are a “Real Chaster”…..

    I suggest that you buy extra copies and give them as an early Christmas gift to friends and relatives so that they will also enjoy Charice’s Christmas Songs before the Christmas Season is over.

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    • rob47 says:
      The volume of sale of her Mini Christmas Album this year may trigger a Solo Christmas Concert next year…who knows, it may be in your state…

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  3. artemis gibran says:
    Ha ha ha…our CHARICE is KILLING songs again even in crutches.

    Go girl. ROCK the world. Have some rest as well.

    Remember that I love you always NINA HIJA.


    tita artemis

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  4. ebjohns11 says:
    omg – shes really good, despite her injury. she can sing anything, come on , no one can do that.

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  5. Portia says:
    That kind of performance showed her exuberant personality. Wow!!! I salute you my princess, you are really a real trouper. Any which way (sitting, standing, dancing, etc.) you nailed all the songs you delivered.

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  6. Lola Lily says:
    Charice, I’m sooo proud of you. You’re a real trooper and a great performer. Nothing can stop you. I hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself and God bless. Once again, thanks to Chasters for sharing the video.

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  7. 2die4- says:
    CHARICE just proved to us that she’s like a PYRAMID…built on a solid rock..

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  8. Joan says:
    She is really such a trooper. Charice, you deserve this Christmas vacation. You have done your mission for the season. We want to see you in good health. Please enjoy your break. Eat well and just chill.

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  9. fef says:
    Hope she will be fine,no sushi or fall can stop the determination of this kid to perform the best of her ability. We love u Charice just as u are, no frills.Please take extra care of yourself, we know a lot of people do care for u. GOD Bless Us Always.

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  10. jn says:
    My hats off to Charice…..A real trooper despite her injured leg…came and performed on this show……Where can you see that?….singing (big songs) while sitting…..Seldom..Right???
    Hope for your best Charice and an early recuperation…..

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  11. saudi_charistic says:
    what happen to charicw??

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    • cubbie says:
      According to her interview w/ Q102, she had some issues lower leg issues due to her Kissmas Bash performance in Buffalo, then aggravated it playing basketball the next day. She’s had to perform sitting on a stool her last two appearances, coming onto the stages on crutches…

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  12. mooffin says:
    charice, despite her injury was amazing as always! and equally amazing, what an awesome, awesome audience! they actually had their “pyramids up”! she is on the verge of making it big – i can feel it in my bones. with one hit song she is going to the stratosphere!

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